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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 38808 [Edit]
>And the people who make the porn are uncaring at best, and deliberately malignant at worst.
That's true of 3D, but I don't think it's true of h-doujin authors or independent artists? There's a lot of care put into some of them, and it's as much an art form as any other.
>> No. 38811 [Edit]
File 163483544967.jpg - (404.65KB , 720x960 , 93250527_p0.jpg )
I saw a car with a Darling in the Franxx sticker on it. My personal disgust with the series aside, it sent me down a weird rabbit hole of memories related to the internet.
I remember that was finally my breaking point to stop using 4/a/, I haven't had the same passion for anime since, nor been active with most other westerners about 2d in general either. I wonder how different my life would be if DitF never happened.
>> No. 38834 [Edit]
File 163513375873.jpg - (1.19MB , 1920x1588 , cool_sunglasses.jpg )
I did something stupid and ended up staring at a cloudy sky for ~10 minutes wearing those colored filter goggles (the 3d viewing kind) before realizing it's probably not a good idea since the sun is behind those clouds. I don't seem to have any visible after effects or visible artifacts, but I'm worried I damaged my vision, My eyes do feel a bit tired or strained but maybe that's just nocebo. I'm going to do a quick literature survey of the dangers of staring at the sun to appease the ocd-ish health anxiety and get back.
>> No. 38835 [Edit]
Hm there's an entire section on wikipedia about this [1] which is a good starting point but still not detailed enough. It's actually surprising how hard it is to find literature on why _exactly_ staring at the sun is bad for you (as in what causes the damage). Is it the intensity of visible light focused at a point? The thermal effects? The uv radiation? Why is the danger supposedly heightened during an eclipse? Here's the summary of my research.

The injury resulting from "looking at the sun" is called solar retinopathy, and there's a related condition caused by acute uv exposure called photokeratitis. Solar retinopathy is effectively caused by a photochemical process where the high intensity light damages the cells of the retina (that is, it is not primarily a heat mediated reaction like a magnifying class cooking an ant, but just due to intensity of focused light). Higher frequencies of light are more likely to cause damage here, with UV light of particular concern (but not necessarily the only cause, as upper end of visible frequency is also sufficient). The related condition photokeratitis "snow blindness" is similar in that exposure to UV light can be cause, but in this the damage is via indirect/unfocused exposure which affects only the cornea rather than the retina .

Interestingly, having a relatively high degree of myopia can actually helps protect against the damage from the focused light. And during an eclipse, the surrounding darkness can not only cause your pupils to dilate but also allow you to stare at the sun longer than you normally would before experiencing pay.


File 134575630513.jpg - (64.06KB , 336x447 , ponderings.jpg )
16448 No. 16448 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Ponderings general 2. Post things you've thought about.

Previous thread >>15685
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>> No. 38830 [Edit]
Filtered gelbooru has the most amount of stuff while maintaining the quality, the site used to almost be perfect until they relaxed their rules on game screenshots. Still, with filters it compliments pixiv pretty well.
Sankaku in my experience has the most westshit of the major boorus.
>> No. 38831 [Edit]
If you put an electric motor on a bicycle, shouldn't that make it a motorcycle??
>> No. 38832 [Edit]
I think electric bikes differ from electric motorbikes in that the former might have restrictions on horsepower and weight, while the latter doesn't.
>> No. 38833 [Edit]
There's still pedals a person can use to move the bike "manually". The motor on electric bikes is mostly to help with steep hills traditionally(gas based motors). Now, pedaling can actually charge the battery on some electric bikes.

Electric bikes are for people who want the same use case as a bike, but more advanced. Motorbikes are strictly a car alternative.

File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 38772 [Edit]
Sorry, I just don't play on-line. Too autistic.
>> No. 38824 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that. Can you play with irl family or friends?
>> No. 38827 [Edit]
I have no friends and the only family I keep in touch are my quite old parents so no.
>> No. 38829 [Edit]
Monster hunter world seemed like it tried to address this by slapping on a story mode for single player. As someone who also doesn't like multiplayer, I think it helped.

File 140275321441.png - (22.67KB , 900x1200 , 1339370571295.png )
24146 No. 24146 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Whats the oldest thing you remember from 4chan? (assuming most of us originally browsed that site) hopefully we can talk about 4chan without the thread going bad

For me I think it was either over 9000 spam or a hoax to put nuclear dirty bombs in football stadiums by some guy named Jake Brahm which led to the saying 'you don't mess with football'.

Man those were simpler times. Things were fresh, new and funny. Funnily enough, there were few 2D purists back then and most otaku were interested in 3D.
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>> No. 30143 [Edit]
I didn't go on 4chan until pretty late in the sites existence, but I think it was kind of a strange case where 4chan didn't really impact my life because I never had "a life" at any point in my childhood or late teens. I've been sitting inside alone since day one, I can't ever leave imageboards because I don't know anything else.
>> No. 30145 [Edit]
I still like /out/ and /toy/. /ck/ is pretty funny sometimes but makes me too hungry to browse.

oh and I'm a 2007 newfag shoop da whoop
>> No. 38825 [Edit]
4chan just turned 18. How time flies....
>> No. 38828 [Edit]
Everything that once had some relevance in my life happened, more or less, 20 years ago. Like if the period between 1998-2004 concentrated all.

File 150476062530.png - (192.63KB , 639x669 , 4f8895b26cb11eb4b54a67d838e11cadcf918218.png )
30486 No. 30486 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have anything you like to do as a form of self-therapy? Something that makes things a little easier for you?
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>> No. 37045 [Edit]
Coming home is self-therapy now that I live alone. I fill my house with bright colours such as white, pink, cream, light brown, and just a bit of blue.
>> No. 37368 [Edit]
Fyi they're running a promotion for another free Momoiro work. They even have english subtitles this time (hardsubbed only, sadly)
(My coupon said it expired in 2 days but I don't know how long they're running it for – It's even possible it's the same one you mentioned and I haven't noticed until now)

Post edited on 16th Jan 2021, 3:57pm
>> No. 37489 [Edit]
File 161198466010.jpg - (125.77KB , 690x488 , lev.jpg )
Talking & Walking solves a lot of little problems
>> No. 38826 [Edit]
File 163495474974.gif - (169.57KB , 250x361 , ak47.gif )
and writing

File 157040602334.jpg - (125.02KB , 1344x756 , 20191006.jpg )
33410 No. 33410 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I browse wiki to read interesting stuff:

News, mainly tech news:

I try to minimise reddit/youtube as I can get addicted to it.
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>> No. 38366 [Edit]
Reddit is still uneeded in your scenario. If you want to find "pink haired maids" go look up tags on a booru or pixiv (As you have said, you use gelbooru). And why do you care about recognition for your posts so much? Just like >>37443 said, if you post on a smaller imageboard, your posts will be more valued than somewhere like 4chan.
>> No. 38417 [Edit]
If you have to use reddit, use teddit as per >>37266
>> No. 38681 [Edit]
Removed still has good content but the auto-play videos and too much focus on nerdy pop-culture is slowly ruining it
>> No. 38823 [Edit]
I like tanks

File 160489070816.webm - (149.72KB , keyboard_typing.webm )
36618 No. 36618 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Given that many people here likely have a lot of spare time (and especially with recent circumstances, even those who attended uni or had fulltime jobs are probably in front of a computer as well), what do you spend your days doing? Is most of it spent in front of the screen, flitting between imageboards and anime-watching? Or do you prefer to engange in more physical hobbies?
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>> No. 38606 [Edit]
Outside of the already mentioned imageboards and anime I've been indulging in the wacky world of conspiracy theories and boy has it been quite a ride I just learned about the one about meat stations and how they're black markets for human meat in China and South America. It's the reason why some missing persons cases are never solved, allegedly of course.
>> No. 38607 [Edit]
Oh I should mention that I don't read into those to mock them it's just a means of insight for understanding how others view our reality. My post kinda came off like I was being mocking.
>> No. 38821 [Edit]
Me again. Still making coffee and watching YouTube, but I've been playing games more often lately.
Metroid Dread is very good.
>> No. 38822 [Edit]
Interactivity is healthier than just consuming.

File 160506324537.jpg - (130.81KB , 1023x600 , Blaking news.jpg )
36646 No. 36646 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Thread for otaku related news.
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>> No. 38810 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're doing OK.
>> No. 38812 [Edit]
Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down? Are they even actually dead?
>> No. 38814 [Edit]
If you haven't listened to her videos, that robot voice was the entire schtick (thankfully most videos has captions so you could just read the transcript). I guess it's not too different from the vtuber thing (not using your real voice + being personified by a figure).
>> No. 38815 [Edit]
I'm heartbroken by this too. I probably would give up on lerning japanese if not for her. She was so genuine. RIP
>I never understood the choice of the robotic voice (which I personally wasn't a fan of),
>Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down?
She never mentioned it but you can tell she's an old old lady. The way she talks and references she makes in her videos don't indicate a young person. She also had her book published by some weird press connected to 90's lesbian spanking cult (I won't be getting into details, but cure dolly lore is really deep)
She always larped as robot in her videos, must been big into RPG and fantasy in general. She definitely lived in her own world at least all her internet presence points so. Even on her private(?) channel (木の子チャンネル) she larps as a cgi fairy.
I believe person behind Dolly is either dead or in really bad condition. She went on hiatus on yt half year ago due to health issues that made her unable to make videos anymore and moved Cure Dolly project to text form on patreon (for free mind you).
>and given that the videos could usually be summarized in 1 or 2 sentences I think blog posts would have been a better medium. That said, the videos were still pretty helpful.
I personally find them charming, but at the same time I make summaries for every video and look up stuff in my notes instead if I need to refresh my memory. Also she sound better at 1.25x speed

File 151513228726.png - (74.55KB , 452x102 , dn2.png )
31259 No. 31259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
the link to the ever growing collection of TC banner images went away recently, so here it is again
anyone who wishes to add to the collection is probably welcome to present any entries in here, but don't push your luck
18 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35595 [Edit]
I like it; thank you for redoing it!
>> No. 38803 [Edit]
File 16345816049.png - (60.44KB , 452x102 , yuyuko banner capped.png )
I made this, tell me what you think.
Also, I'm pretty sure every banner in this thread with the exception of OP's has not been added.
>> No. 38804 [Edit]
Looks very nice. I'm not sure how you'd contact Tohno to get these added. I do remember seeing >>31300 in the banner rotation (and indeed one can manually verify this since the banner is chosen locally via client-side js). The bocchi one doesn't seem added though (perhaps that's befitting of bocchi).
>> No. 38809 [Edit]
My bad yo, I'll have them added by the end of the night.

File 151463055737.png - (531.18KB , 564x800 , 143656387370.png )
31157 No. 31157 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 38799 [Edit]
Is this thread's text unintelligible unicode nonsense to anyone else?
>> No. 38800 [Edit]
>> No. 38801 [Edit]
>> No. 38802 [Edit]
File 163458106836.jpg - (130.39KB , 652x1300 , mirco-cabbia-sciamano240-april-easter-1-3.jpg )
Also check out the doujin thread on /mp3/, it seems all japanese posts before a certain date have been affected.

File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
569 posts and 77 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38342 [Edit]
Do you wake up sweating?
>> No. 38345 [Edit]
A bit, why? I think that's more related to being in a single position for a long time.
>> No. 38349 [Edit]
Just curious, because I was/am experiencing a similar set of symptoms. There was a distinct correlation between how much I woke up sweating and the intensity/vividness of the dreams (which unfortunately tended more towards night terrors). Temperature is definitely a factor, because in my case things paradoxically got worse when it got colder – my hypothesis is that I wrap myself in the blanket more and thus end up heating up more than if it was warmer and I allow more airflow.
>> No. 38793 [Edit]
File 163448159046.png - (187.69KB , 1920x1080 , woods.png )
I had a dream where Richard Stallman had passed away. I enter Tohno-chan and saw that there was a new board, when /fb/ used to be. I had 48 in the name, but I can't really recall the exact name. I entered the board, and noticed that it was intended to be a board for people to post eulogies for Stallman. There were several posts already, a lot. The vast majority, almost every post actually, was a japanese haiku, and as a result I could not read them well, one of them had 食 in it. Save that I can't remember anything about the haikus. These posts were also nearly all of them pictureless. I saw then a big post written in english, with a picture of Richard Stallman with beard and long hair, wearing a red buttoned t-shirt. The picture was zoomed in on his face. The post was a excerpt from a biography on Stallman written by a friend of his, from the college years. It began by describing that they were attending a calculus lecture, Stallman had sat between this friend and another girl, who both of them had a crush on. This girl was blonde and had a ponytail, she wore a cyan blouse and a white skirt, I think. The book text was more or less as follows:
The teacher had wrote an integral on the board, but he had forgotten to write the dx part. Most people would have just assumed that the meant to write it, but not Stallman. No, he could not do it. His analytical nature precluded him from doing so. Then, Stallman turned to the girl, and said:
-Do you want to see something impressive?-He wanted to impress the girl
-Yes.She said.
He then said:
-I shall guess your chandelier's chandelier.
She smiled and said "Oh, yes please!".
He said that he would guess what she would eat next year.
She seemed excited and anxious to see it.
He said "You shall have a chicken's chicken and an appleling for your liking"
She was impressed.
The text had an additional portion where Stallman recited a bunch of things that did not appear to make much sense, and where all of them in spanish with the character 目 being pasted in-between the spanish stanzas.
I believe the point of this dream was that Stallman had tricked her with a cunning trick to believe he was going to guess somehing very hard, but he just said something very likely, and now to prove him wrong she had to incur the
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