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File 161564054441.jpg - (323.83KB , 1270x854 , __original_drawn_by_niranom__b367d9b1b6d33792d1a05.jpg )
4818 No. 4818 [Edit]
Is there anyone else on here that plays non-VN eroges?
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>> No. 4819 [Edit]
Everytime I try to find a non-eroge VN I end up giving up and just reading some manga or LN instead. Do you have recommendations OP? It's ok if they're in Jp only.
>> No. 4820 [Edit]
File 161565063735.png - (822.44KB , 1024x576 , minaho.png )
Non-VN eroge is pretty confusing term to me, because I consider all eroge to be VNs in some way.
>> No. 4821 [Edit]
I'm afraid I can't help you with non-eroge VNs, I would think that your best bet would be console VNs but for consoles you are more likely to find adventure games than VNs.

Certainly eroge in general tend to have "VN" elements, even the likes of illusion's but I'm mostly referring to doujin games that you find on sites like dlsite and DMM. Maybe not so much of DMM because they are more well known for their browser games.
>> No. 4824 [Edit]
File 161566322541.jpg - (2.02MB , 2375x3493 , SAGAvfb012.jpg )
Ah, so that's what you meant. As for your original question, I haven't bothered to look for them, as they seem to be mostly on nukige side and my preference is more conventional 恋愛 eroge.
>> No. 4826 [Edit]
I'm not really sure what you mean. Do you mean things like side scrollers, and RPG Maker games? If so then I play a few but I also don't actually play VNs anyway, not unless they have some kind of gameplay element like Eiyuu Senki.

Would browser games not fall into this category too?

Post edited on 13th Mar 2021, 5:15pm
>> No. 4827 [Edit]
File 161570744682.gif - (1.17MB , 456x315 , sword01.gif )
Yeah, unfortunately those games are largely on the nukige side.

That's pretty much what I meant. You might be correct about browser games although I haven't played them myself but isn't the new Doukyuusei also a browser game? The older ones were dating sims which are technically VNs. I'm the same, I don't really read VNs anymore unless there are gameplay elements.
>> No. 4828 [Edit]
File 161571250993.jpg - (120.86KB , 560x420 , RJ203752_img_main[1].jpg )
Would you look at that, seems like someone decided to pick up the slack from Marvelous. A sequel to the River (wan)King series has been announced by BigWednesday, titled The Goddess of I(n)zu Peninsula.


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