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File 130180248074.jpg - (228.23KB , 800x800 , 21c334b67439507314421c5c670ffa6c5cb33d0d.jpg )
1660 No. 1660 [Edit]
A thread dedicated to ecchi anime maybe?

Don't know if many of us follow hentai releases, but I do. The reason is because it's so simple to keep up: studios only release like 5 shows every month. Using Getchu to search for April's releases:


The link stays the same, you only need to change year and month. Honestly, I watch most shows in raw the day they come out but sometimes having subs, even bad ones, makes things hotter because you pay extra attention to... the plot.
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>> No. 1661 [Edit]
The only one I'm looking forward to is Brain Jacker at the moment. Really I only collect shows with monsters and extreme gangbang stuff, and everything else is more "watch if I come across it" kind of things.
>> No. 1662 [Edit]
Also I agree about subs. It's hard to know what's going on inside the heroines' minds without them, and their mental states are half the fun!
>> No. 1663 [Edit]
File 130184584270.jpg - (30.03KB , 720x480 , レイZERO~episode02[2011_04_03_17_44_57].jpg )
I was interested in the drug use they made in episode one but there was no such thing in this episode, apart from this scene which was somewhat... disturbing. Injecting drugs through beauty marks, so it doesn't look like injection marks. I think they also lost some of the art style which made this somewhat unique. Otherwise, it's your run-of-the-mill Pixy gang bang scenes. 5/10
>> No. 1714 [Edit]
I hate things like drugging and hypnosis. I prefer the girl's mind breaks on its own
>> No. 1715 [Edit]
Inyouchuu Shoku (one of my favorites) has finally been subbed

>> No. 1716 [Edit]
Rewatching Shoku just made me more upset that Etsu turned out so terrible. What went wrong ;_;
>> No. 1717 [Edit]
File 130227329780.jpg - (49.22KB , 320x460 , d9f81eb32fa20e2b66b7a94e0771640a.jpg )
Etsu wasn't that terrible in my opinion. We just needed more of the prego and birthing stuff which got really rushed (well the poor abominations got killed), maybe a tentacle here and there. That first scene with the purple haired girl wasn't that interesting, I which they'd put more of Mikoto or Takeru instead. Anyway, I'm really pumped for the second OVA if there ever is one.

I'd like to know what your favorite ecchi anime is? For me it has to be Ikusa Otome Suvia. It has so many of my fetishes but at the same time it's really frustrating because I just can't get enough out of it. That episode where Sigurd gets broken by Furungurumi is something I had been waiting for awhile in anime, usually it's more of a doujinshi manga thing. Fyeah for aphrodisiac injections, growing clits and nipples. The final rape scene in episode 4 was also superb. Overall just a damn good hentai.

28th is ragefap day.
>> No. 1718 [Edit]
File 130231091415.jpg - (448.89KB , 1408x792 , Brain_Jacker.jpg )
What in the hell am I watching here.
>> No. 1719 [Edit]
I haven't watched it yet but it looks hot. I actually have a backlog of hentai stuff I need to watch so I don't know when I'll get to it.
>> No. 1720 [Edit]
File 130231312915.jpg - (547.91KB , 1408x792 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Character designs were simply ridiculous but yes, it was pretty hot. Be sure to watch it if you like bestiality and/or mind break.
>> No. 1721 [Edit]
OK, thanks to that top left pic I am definitely going to watch this and the Shoku subs next time I'm home alone (so I can enjoy them in peace).
>> No. 1722 [Edit]
Actually...it looks like subdesu is going to translate it so maybe I'll wait until then to watch it. Can't enjoy a good mindbreaking without knowing what's being said, after all
>> No. 1723 [Edit]
File 130231477956.jpg - (450.19KB , 1408x792 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 1726 [Edit]
Subdesu just released subs of that and Soul Eater
>> No. 1739 [Edit]
File 130333127526.jpg - (161.96KB , 800x538 , 04-15 山姫の花 - yama hime no hana (bootleg).jpg )
This is out but not really memorable. Pass. The next few days we should have some pretty good stuff coming out though.
>> No. 1783 [Edit]
File 130680108343.jpg - (349.66KB , 1698x953 , mafyuuuuuu.jpg )
Anyone watched the last Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo OVA?

It felt like they used a lot of scenes from the previous episode but the bath scene with Mafuyu was really something. Stupid sexy loli. That good night kiss was also cute.
>> No. 1813 [Edit]
Second episode of Etsu will be out in august. God I hope it's better
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
If you're a fan of traps, there is a poju anime coming next month

>> No. 1831 [Edit]
Mahou Shoujo Elena


It looks soooo good.
>> No. 1834 [Edit]
I only like drugging when the rapists lie about it. Like they tell the girl they gave her some sort of serum that turns her into a whore, so the girl gives in to the fucking while blaming the drug. Then the rapists reveal that they didn't drug her at all and the girl is just a shameful pervert on her own~
>> No. 1835 [Edit]
File 130997959628.jpg - (97.06KB , 750x515 , Trimax Inyochu 1.jpg )
Oh shit, Inyouchuu Shoku got licensed in Germany, which means it's uncensored monster rape time! Hopefully the group that subbed the censored version will do this too
>> No. 1836 [Edit]
It's out! Hongfire has a torrent:


Post edited on 7th Jul 2011, 6:58pm
>> No. 1837 [Edit]
File 131011335987.jpg - (101.02KB , 320x460 , c713604package.jpg )
I felt like I was watching one of those 90's tentacle hentai. Not very good imo except for the very last few seconds and the mind break.

Way more excited for this.
>> No. 1850 [Edit]
getchu has preview pics out now and it looks like it will be just as mediocre as the first episode. The worst thing for me is Mikoto's character design. she just isn't as hot as she was in shoku

>> No. 1851 [Edit]
it got subbed by shikkaku
>> No. 1888 [Edit]
mahou shoujo erena was a lot more light hearted than I thought it was going to be.
>> No. 2344 [Edit]
You dudes know of any good yuri? (and I don't mean stuff that just has a little yuri part or two in it.)
>> No. 2379 [Edit]
It's out, and it's better, but not by much. It basically restarts the first episode only things play out a little differently this time like a hardcore endless 8 or something. Shoku still blows it out of the water by a mile
>> No. 2380 [Edit]
Are you kidding me. The animation quality was even worse than episode 1 and half of the scenes were repeated.

What a disappointment.
>> No. 2381 [Edit]
I consider it better solely because of Yamoto's demon dick stretching out the girls at the very end, which is better than anything in the first episode (and by extension, this episode). Etsu, both the game and these OVAs, are pretty bad and I hope the next Inyouchuu stuff that comes out will be better since it's my favorite series.
>> No. 2659 [Edit]
Anyone got a good list of h-anime subbers? I know of subdesu, erobeat, and fakku.
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