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File 130188510975.jpg - (206.91KB , 1200x900 , 1301839780024.jpg )
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3 girls and up.
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>> No. 2705 [Edit]
File 13371792526.jpg - (294.85KB , 804x1200 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
>> No. 2716 [Edit]
File 133728202072.jpg - (269.14KB , 1565x1000 , nude girls celebrating sakura.jpg )
>> No. 2717 [Edit]
File 133728203691.jpg - (213.31KB , 800x600 , nude girls chilling inside.jpg )
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
File 133728341230.jpg - (93.86KB , 800x850 , lacus cagalli and meirin in bed.jpg )

File 131189918668.png - (393.32KB , 533x746 , f935d19ab98ec126e407e2657ea5a7ff.png )
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Where's my delicious thigh highs?
>> No. 2331 [Edit]
File 131190109374.jpg - (662.74KB , 719x1000 , d0b3028202337a1218f2adcc26eb134d.jpg )
>> No. 2702 [Edit]
File 133717878838.jpg - (396.59KB , 1200x1691 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )

File 130180248074.jpg - (228.23KB , 800x800 , 21c334b67439507314421c5c670ffa6c5cb33d0d.jpg )
1660 No. 1660 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A thread dedicated to ecchi anime maybe?

Don't know if many of us follow hentai releases, but I do. The reason is because it's so simple to keep up: studios only release like 5 shows every month. Using Getchu to search for April's releases:


The link stays the same, you only need to change year and month. Honestly, I watch most shows in raw the day they come out but sometimes having subs, even bad ones, makes things hotter because you pay extra attention to... the plot.
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>> No. 2379 [Edit]
It's out, and it's better, but not by much. It basically restarts the first episode only things play out a little differently this time like a hardcore endless 8 or something. Shoku still blows it out of the water by a mile
>> No. 2380 [Edit]
Are you kidding me. The animation quality was even worse than episode 1 and half of the scenes were repeated.

What a disappointment.
>> No. 2381 [Edit]
I consider it better solely because of Yamoto's demon dick stretching out the girls at the very end, which is better than anything in the first episode (and by extension, this episode). Etsu, both the game and these OVAs, are pretty bad and I hope the next Inyouchuu stuff that comes out will be better since it's my favorite series.
>> No. 2659 [Edit]
Anyone got a good list of h-anime subbers? I know of subdesu, erobeat, and fakku.

File 133319720759.jpg - (60.12KB , 640x480 , 20090122110911.jpg )
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File 133318396964.jpg - (81.77KB , 585x316 , papacock.jpg )
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File 129376406927.jpg - (57.26KB , 640x480 , 3d88d53cde60a34dc729fc1d2c41024d97620c91.jpg )
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<Tohno_>maybe we needs a cunnilingus thread...
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>> No. 802 [Edit]
File 129425171055.jpg - (248.63KB , 1133x1600 , aacc888714cf94d003c699754f5564b75b6a1f37.jpg )
>> No. 803 [Edit]
File 129431065754.jpg - (206.91KB , 850x1133 , 3a56561803d93dab40f1d04db5da3e02.jpg )
>> No. 2463 [Edit]
File 132145049192.jpg - (251.74KB , 933x1000 , Zsample8.jpg )
>> No. 2470 [Edit]
File 132181795421.jpg - (92.97KB , 980x1624 , f916ba95e06e14eaa520db59290b975f cunnilingus.jpg )

File 132896271825.jpg - (519.37KB , 914x1183 , ks extreme ad.jpg )
2615 No. 2615 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Could you please post the rest of this set?
>> No. 2616 [Edit]
Unfortunately, you asked this the day after I deleted them all. You'll have to hope someone else saved them.
>> No. 2641 [Edit]
Believe it or not, I found them! You can view them at http://iiichan.net/boards/req/res/2615.html . Please confirm whether this is all.
>> No. 2642 [Edit]
That's all of them, chief.

File 132927482440.jpg - (735.18KB , 852x2288 , 1329005859084.jpg )
2618 No. 2618 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can someone help me IDentify this doujin
pleaaaseee ?

File 129085866974.jpg - (58.53KB , 1000x800 , 5398702ebb4e03d0d3d8e0f23a2a068e176f7cca.jpg )
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>> No. 1757 [Edit]
File 130415397739.jpg - (310.19KB , 900x912 , 17459425.jpg )
>> No. 2461 [Edit]
File 132144357183.jpg - (319.32KB , 600x790 , Zsample-2a6fb27806bbf797dbaa2af5ac0068d8.jpg )
>> No. 2466 [Edit]
File 132153027041.jpg - (80.03KB , 612x1000 , zOMD_01.jpg )
>> No. 2613 [Edit]
File 132895801588.jpg - (68.34KB , 435x580 , zz.jpg )
nekomata naomi

File 13261687784.jpg - (878.67KB , 1024x768 , 1325009167851.jpg )
2532 No. 2532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are you solely attracted to lolis? Can you fap to anything besides loli, and if so what is it?
15 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2578 [Edit]
Why not? Everybody has their thing. It's just another body type and personality to be attracted too.
Though for me it's limited to 2d only. Does nothing within the realms of 3d.
>> No. 2579 [Edit]
>Though for me it's limited to 2d only. Does nothing within the realms of 3d.

That goes without saying
>> No. 2580 [Edit]
It's delicious.
>> No. 2589 [Edit]
Sena set me off on a slut fetish too...

I was really into lolis for a while, not so much anymore, but I still (mostly) prefer flat chests and such.

File 129650780614.jpg - (373.75KB , 1200x800 , 2cfb2e334cb0fd2305db1fcb390afe1e 3d.jpg )
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>> No. 1058 [Edit]
Dont cross your eyes. Look in the middle and try to look 'beyond' the image on your screen, youll see a blurred middle image, focus on that image and adjust your distance from the screen until its clear.
>> No. 1059 [Edit]
Maybe I'm just slightly mentally disabled, because I still can't do it.

Although >>1058 worked a little better.
>> No. 1060 [Edit]
I tried crossing my eyes and it gave me a wicked bad headache.
>> No. 2527 [Edit]
The problem is that these images are too large. Choose one that is orizontally short, open it in an image viewer, then zoom out (yes, make it smaller).Now look "through" the screen as if looking at something in the distance.
Basically all 3D imagery is based on showing your left and right eye a different image: 3D movies use glasses to make each eye blind to the image it is not meant to see.
Stereoscopic images instead show both images in a way that you "ignore" the part of image your eye do not need.
If you focus on the screen you just see the L and R parts of the image together, but if you focus on a different distance the images from your two eyes should "decouple" and you will see "double". If you look "far" your eyes diverge and the two images get more and more detached, until the L part of the image you see from your left eye matches the R part of the image you see with your right eye. The result is that you see 3 images: the side ones are "plain" and you are seeing each one of them with only one eye, and the middle is 3D, since it is actually 2 different images.
The problem is that the larger the images are horizontally, the more you have to diverge your eyes to actually match the L and R images. Some people can diverge eyes more than others, and the easiest way to mitigate the problem is to zoom out: the image become smaller and you can manage to "see" it more easily.

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