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File 161580064478.jpg - (75.71KB , 1280x960 , IDK.jpg )
2209 No. 2209 [Edit]
tfw I'm posting from an e90 communicator. idk how to update internet (I tried everyhing, trust me) and this chan is one of the few sites which my phone is able to surf.
>> No. 2210 [Edit]
This site is intentionally meant to be backwards compatible with old shit after all.
>> No. 2211 [Edit]
I don't know if that's intentional so much as just a glorious by-product of the fact that it's a mostly static site written in old-school php. And it's unfortunate that so much of the modern web is inaccessible from older devices because they use HTTPS. Gone are the days when you could just open up a socket, blit out your "HTTP GET" and receive back glorious ascii. Now you have to drag in openssl, and can't even query the time in Albania without needing to establish a secure tunnel and all that entails – and heaven forbid that your cipher suite is out of date or the root certs expired, no text for you. Of course I'm exaggerating a bit and TLS is crucial to a lot of uses of the web (and more generally having a standardized protocol for this is better than everyone rolling their own). But for plain-text static websites it really hurts older devices to require https.
>> No. 2212 [Edit]
What other notable sites work on it?
>> No. 2213 [Edit]
(Sorry if I'm posting now from the pc, but wtf my ugly nokia doesn't load the comments in this post)
Well, I tried only some boring blogspots, old pages of and, wtf also this and this
>> No. 2219 [Edit]
>> No. 2222 [Edit]
OP here again: I'm a dumb person with many projects but few results and trying to update this shit was a funny hobby in the quarantine, however my results are still zero. Any advice? I tried also to install DOSBox but it doesn't work
>> No. 2223 [Edit]
Get a better machine.
>> No. 2224 [Edit]
Lmao like? Old computers just for remaining in nostalgic vibes?

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