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File 147842741731.jpg - (93.39KB , 640x480 , hammybattle4t43g45.jpg )
1490 No. 1490 [Edit]
Lets see some battle stations guys!
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>> No. 1504 [Edit]
File 148469322653.jpg - (750.15KB , 1200x900 , SEYZFlF.jpg )
I'm thinking of adding some LED back lights and am still waiting on a new keyboard but this is my set up for the time being.
>> No. 2214 [Edit]
Tangentially related, but I was wondering what computer (/office) chair you guys use. Up until recently I'd just been sitting on my bed (leaning against the wall with a pillow) to use my laptop, but that's (unsurprisingly) been resulting in back pain lately.
>> No. 2215 [Edit]
I'm thinking about hanging something in the walls since there's so much emptiness and it feels opressive but I can't find anything with a good quality/price relation. I could get something printed I guess, but I've never tried that.
>> No. 2216 [Edit]
File 16159729841.jpg - (9.52KB , 450x450 , 51qFBoUkR+L__AC_SS450_.jpg )
I use an Ikea chair because it seemed the cheapest alternative (70€) to those super expensive desktop chairs, but I can't say if they are good or bad since most of my life I used the most atrocious shit to sit in front of the computer, so anything designed for it feels good to me.
Still, I end laying in bed most of the time, it's like a death drive manifestation that makes me end in bed doesn't matter the time of the day.
>> No. 2217 [Edit]
File 161598858524.jpg - (156.66KB , 619x938 , chair.jpg )
I use an ergonomic mesh chair I got on sale since my back's pretty bad. Got it for around $120 bucks after a nice deal along with a coupon — normally twice that. It looks quite uncomfortable but it's actually one of the comfiest chairs I've had.
>> No. 2218 [Edit]
My dad has that chair. It leans back too much for my taste. I like sitting closer to the edge of my seat, so that sloping feeling annoys me.

Post edited on 17th Mar 2021, 6:55am
>> No. 2220 [Edit]
(According to reverse image search that's Staples Hyken).
You can actually get the higher-end ones for quite cheap used. For instance, you can get Aerons for $250-$350 if you hunt around a bit. And considering that they last 20 years or so and are designed to be repairable it doesn't seem too outrageous. But I don't know if the Aerons are actually as comfortable as people say they are or they're just overhyped placebos.
There's probably a way to adjust recline tension
>> No. 2221 [Edit]
Yes, it's Staples Hyken. Sorry for not specifying that.
And yes, you can adjust the recline angle as well as "disable" it completely to allow for it to be similar to a rocking chair.
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