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No. 1697 [Edit]
ITT: Vidya game music remixes.

Starting off with shameless self-posting on account of just finishing this and being all overly proud of it.
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>> No. 1698 [Edit]
PS. A VN is fine too. Same goes for animu. Or pretty much any remix to any soundtrack to anything, really.
>> No. 1699 [Edit]
Aaaaand, one just to say this wasn't for self-promotion's sake, I guess.
>> No. 1700 [Edit]
Ah what the hell, why not.
>> No. 1701 [Edit]
The Adventures of Bayou Billy 'Trippin' on Alligators' and Bubble Bobble 'Hillbilly Rodeo' are two remixes that I hold very near and dear to my heart (and headphones).
>> No. 1702 [Edit]
Overall, I've never really liked OC Remix that much. A lot of the time, I can barely decipher the source material even if it's a song I'm closely familiar with.

Gotta say though, they did a pretty good job on some of the Street Fighter 2 HD Remix stuff.
>> No. 1703 [Edit]
Also shameless self-post again, because needs more animu remixes.
>> No. 1704 [Edit]
I really liked the inQBation hard-tech mix of magia. Can't find it anymore though. So I'll settle with Morning, Thinker from an armored core ocremix album.
I feel about the same way most times.
>> No. 1705 [Edit]
Audio S.S.H. - Platinum Lucifer - (3.68MB - 142 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Platinum Lucifer.mp3 ) Length: 3:37

I really like SSH's remixes.

I found a page of his stuff a while ago, but I couldn't be bothered to sift through the entire wall of moonrunes to figure out which songs I liked or recognized, iirc.
>> No. 1706 [Edit]
Touhou arrangements would be a bit too easy, wouldn't it; do they even count as remixes?

I was wondering how soon this would get posted.

I don't feel much for OC Remix either.
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
I don't see why they wouldn't count, they're just overdone to hell. Though I did actually kind of hesitate to post this thread, thinking it'd end up full of nothing but Touhou.

Anyway, after a few searches, I think I may have uploaded the only remix of this song on all of youtube, at least from what I can find (Space Jam mashups notwithstanding).
>> No. 1708 [Edit]
Audio Soy-SOUTH - RELOADED - (3.30MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 04 - RELOADED.mp3 ) Length: 3:35

On that note, I'm not exactly sure if there's a difference between arrangement and remix in this context.
>> No. 1709 [Edit]
Audio Alfred - Snowman (Kuma + Iroha) - 9 A.M - (6.44MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 07 - 9 A_M.mp3 ) Length: 4:32

My idea has been that arrangements are more based on recreating music with an already established melody, while remixes mix and mash on the original source.

>they're just overdone to hell
What do you mean by this?

>I did actually kind of hesitate to post this thread, thinking it'd end up full of nothing but Touhou.
So I guess you're not really interested in doujin music for this thread, or is it just Touhou? Funny thing is that there aren't really any threads here dedicated to Touhou, or even doujin. Closest thing I could find was this old as ass thread >>343.

Anyway, ☆24EFFECTS☆ (Yume Nikki).
>> No. 1710 [Edit]
Nah, doujin music's all well and good. Touhou remixes/arrangements/whatever are welcome too. Just, y'know, keep some variation going.

Also, I don't mean they get posted here too much; I just mean there's mountains and mountains of it in existence. Granted you could probably say the same of some other games (probably Mega Man). I dunno. Forget I mentioned it. So, yeah...
>> No. 1711 [Edit]
Audio TAM / Gensou Gakudan - Kanojo no Honki - (6.59MB - 138 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 08 - Kanojo no Honki.mp3 ) Length: 6:41

All good, I see where you're coming from now.

[TAMUSIC] Clannad Violin
>> No. 1712 [Edit]
Even crappy acapella is welcomed as well.

I made this some time ago out of extreme boredom. Probably one of the easiest conceivable songs to do acapella.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2013, 4:45pm
>> No. 1713 [Edit]
aaand just for the sake of a less shitty one (i.e. I didn't make it)...
>> No. 1714 [Edit]
File 136374174786.jpg - (213.09KB , 569x506 , b0006633_4cac0ee9ca88c.jpg )
I don't remember exactly how I got to own this CD but the fact that nobody has uploaded it on youtube is downright CRIMINAL!

It's got a Mappy remix that is off the wall crazy.
>> No. 2689 [Edit]
File 161223043414.jpg - (3.31MB , 2643x1800 , da5f02146680a5c6d762b79a6abbb9b9.jpg )
I found this some time ago. This remix probably isn't new to anyone here but I thought it was really beautiful. It amplifies all of the emotions the original conveys to me while still adding it's own spin and the lack of a whole orchestra instead favoring just the piano and violin lets those two really shine. At the risk of probably sounding like someone who is easily impressed, I felt it was very beautiful and deserves some kind of night time sky scenery above some clouds. If I was a good artist I would draw the environment it puts in my head. Visuals aside, not often do I refer to any piece of music as art but this one earned it.

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