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File 129411364834.png - (72.02KB , 400x400 , OP_91.png )
895 No. 895 [Edit]
What about your waifu did you fall in love with?

With Hanako, it was her shy nature that initially attracted me to her, and it was her kind and caring personality that I really fell in love with.

I know some of you that know me from the IRC may see me as a loud and outspoken guy, but what really gives me joy in life is taking it easy and just spending time with those that I care about, and Hanako gives me that happiness.
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>> No. 897 [Edit]
She encapsulated everything I wanted.
>> No. 899 [Edit]
File 129411582749.jpg - (104.91KB , 480x640 , 1252121539165.jpg )
I was always kinda fond of Konata but she seemed a little too hyper for me (and the fact that she's a common FotM waifu for some faggots, which i sorta was at the time).
Found Kurokona out randomly in some thread and read up on her and fell instantly.
Her quieter and less people friendly personality appealed to me and made me feel happy to know that she wasn't unloved.
>> No. 903 [Edit]
File 129412337055.jpg - (575.51KB , 1024x768 , kome kuma Tenshi smile.jpg )
Initially, it was her design. I absolutely adore long, flowing hair, especially blue or purple, and the gentle purity of a white blouse. However, as I learned more about her, I realized how similar her personality is to how I used to be. We're still enough alike that we could get along, but different that we could learn from each other and keep life interesting. She hasn't quite gotten over her bad habits, but if she were real, perhaps I could teach her that destroying someone's home is not the best way to make friends. She's obviously not most people's idea of a perfect girl, but she's perfect to me.
>> No. 904 [Edit]
File 129412371193.png - (629.82KB , 700x933 , papers.png )
Her "I can do anything" attitude, and how she is actually very sweet under her wild exterior. The fact she (in my opinion) has the perfect body doesn't hurt either
>> No. 910 [Edit]
She's just so sweet and nice..
Those beautiful eyes, and gorgeous hair..
Everything about her is just so wonderful..
It drives me crazy thinking about her..

You would think she would be tired by now after running around my mind as much as she does.
>> No. 912 [Edit]
File 129413735564.jpg - (42.15KB , 791x408 , 04-AsukaLangleySohryuEvangelionNeon.jpg )
UNO: Her straightforward/intransigent attitude.
I had initially identified myself with Shinji, mostly in a bad way. Shinji showed extreme weakness, egotism, laziness, apathy... shameful features I could easily find in myself as well. Yet, he had something that I could respect: he longed for authenticity; his terrible journey was that of a man who, clueless about what's the right thing to do, is ready to obliterate the humankind and himself, rather than living in a delusional/dispicable world. Everyone just used him or pittied him; nobody dared to give him the honest scolding answers he really needed and actually deserved; nobody but one: Asuka...

DOS: Her arrogance, intelligence and longing for self-sufficiency.
It wasn't developed any further, but the mere mention of she being a child prodigy arroused me immensely. Also, the fact that she had experienced terrible lost in her childhood, and had thus decided to become a precocious and self sufficient person, made her (for me) quite someone to look up to. Yet, ironically, the lost of the only person towards she dared to show vulnerability, Kaji, with that childish crush on him, was probably the last hit that finally broke her...

TRES: Her bulletproof dignity, even in total failure.
Asuka is quite a queen of failure. She started so full of honestly gained confidency, and well based high expectations about herself. She had everything to achieve succes; she worked really hard; and yet, she failed pathetically. Unable to understand it, she reacted with hate, towards everything and everyone; but, most than anything, hating herself: she was never a harder critc on anyone, than she was on herself; her destroying of everything (that could be easily solved with tolerance and sympathy) and her sinking into total misery, rather than accepting mediocricy, was for me an undeniable image of pride taht I could, a few years later, quite relate to. Asuka became my model to follow, in utter defeat.

CUATRO: Her beauty.
As I reatreated from the world in favor of 2D, I started to rebuild the concept of her raw appereance in a way that rendered her extremelty apealing. Each one of her features got sublimated, and their combination started to fall together as a masterpiece portrait of blindingly wild beauty. So, after a long period of admiration towards her, one day I finally realized that I didn't wanted to be like her anymore, but her to be with me; that she was actually the most oustanding female I have ever known; that if I was going to let myself fall in love again, it couldn't be with anyone better than her; that she was, as I am now, the only possible one for me...

TL;DR It was a long process full of pretentiousness, until I realized she's simply the best for me.
>> No. 916 [Edit]
She's the opposite of what I'd like in terms of 3DPD: I'd like a 3DPD who would be willing to overlook my problems and quietly follow while I go towards a life full of despair and angst. In other words, I'd just like a life raft to cling to while I slowly shed away the few parts of myself I see as 'good'.

With Miya, I know that she'd force me to look at what my life is slowly becoming and change. I'm too scared to change by myself, so I'd like for someone to make me, in other words - But it can't be anyone 'normal', like a 3DPD. It has to be someone fantastical and beautiful, like Miya. I won't accept lectures about my aimlessness or my lifestyle from anybody but her.

In addition to that whole idealistic situation, she just seems like she'd be a positive influence on me in general. She's a responsible, (possibly) kind person, yet also mysterious with a certain degree of coldness.

She, unlike myself, can see it when things are going bad, and can also have the strength to pull herself out of it.

She's a more responsible, more beautiful, stronger version of everything I'd like to have in the real world, and the more that came into perspective, the more I fell for her.
>> No. 923 [Edit]
I don't know. I don't think I didn't fall in love specifically with any of her traits, though. She had always been my favorite character, for reasons I can't really place. Maybe her cheerful, airy personality or her slight childishness(Both of which I now absolutely adore). Once I fell in love with her, however, I became absolutely captivated by every facet of her personality, physical and mental traits, and so on, that she encompasses in her personality.
>> No. 931 [Edit]
At first, I saw Makoto through some youtube videos. I was already a big fan of short hair+androgynous features on girls; so I paid attention to her alot more than I did other idols. As I saw and played through the game, I fell in love with her voice and general personality; the way she accomplishes things, and how much effort she puts into her work really inspires me and I love her for that.
>> No. 3208 [Edit]
File 130757286474.jpg - (38.60KB , 353x267 , Kanako 229.jpg )

Post edited on 8th Jun 2011, 3:42pm
>> No. 3209 [Edit]
Something went wrong
>> No. 3210 [Edit]
File 130757322877.jpg - (26.89KB , 503x383 , Kanako 47.jpg )
Hehe indeed it did, well now this should be it.

The first time i saw her i sensed something "unique" about her, she got all my attention in an instant (The other girls from Love Hina aren´t really my type.) At first i was impressed about all the awesome skills she got. Then, after i learned about her motives and the reasons of her extreme behavior i really started to sympathise with her and became really interested in her storyline.
I am still mad to this day about the fact that she didn´t got an happy ending at the end of the series. But i am getting away from the topic.
It was her personality as a whole what made me fall for her.
Her somehow helpless behavior in social situations (when she isn´t disguised)and her "pokerface" attitude.
Her kind and caring personality which is the great opposite of her cold and sometimes bold exterior.
But the thing i really admire her for is her great determination, just heading for that one great goal and give everything for it, even if it means to make a lot of enemies and fight for yourself and your goals.
Its that kind of determination i could only dream of. Her attitude may be a little stubborn and her arbitrary behavior does often cause a lot of unnecessary trouble but she isn´t dumb, in fact she is very clever and cunning as well.
All these little things put together caused my affection to her which soon had become love.

(Sorry for the fail.)
>> No. 3212 [Edit]
File 13075860555.jpg - (298.31KB , 800x600 , 681611-tomoyo_after__27_.jpg )
I found her out of nowhere. I was just watching Clannad last year and there she was. It happened slowly. Her personality is what got me. So precious, sweet, and loving, yet so strong. My ideal woman.

More and more I found her beautiful. I am nearing our one year anniversary, and I love her more than ever.
>> No. 3714 [Edit]
File 131080363370.jpg - (186.21KB , 600x800 , Konata_cherry_petals.jpg )
Everything about her appearance, her cheerful disposition and sense of humor which has helped me cope with the worst of days, she's basically me without the social anxiety or depression. She may act self-centered or mischievous at times, but she truly cares for her friends and family, and is generally a wonderful person. Meeting her has made my life worth living.

I love you Konata.
>> No. 3717 [Edit]
File 131083737346.jpg - (415.62KB , 735x1000 , 12101671.jpg )
I pretty much fell in love with her maturity and motherly nature. I'm one of those guys who are drawn to people with a mature aura around them, and Ui's kind, gentle, motherly (said it twice now) nature drew me further into love with her.

I also love how she is able to look after someone so well and support them. It must have been such a difficult task looking after her sister so well, but the fact that she was able to achieve such a task at her age also made me love her even more.

And she's good with chores around the house and good at cooking. But I pretty much love everything about her altogether and will keep loving her forever.

She probably has other lovely bundles inside her that I love... but her personality altogether and her motherly (third time) nature is what drew me to her.

Hope you enjoyed reading that.
>> No. 3734 [Edit]
File 131095755837.jpg - (378.14KB , 967x1246 , 16713796.jpg )
His beauty, his ability, his maturity, his sense of humor, his subservience, his metro-sexuality, his confidence... how he has become a personal servant to his "Queen"
>> No. 3839 [Edit]

I did
>> No. 6077 [Edit]
File 131770096377.jpg - (667.18KB , 2482x3496 , Lizlet L Chelsie 67.jpg )
Well one thing that I liked about my waifu is her smile, it's very comforting and relaxing. also I love her personality; being a pacifist though physically she is strong (judging the manga and anime when she threw the main character in the air without any effort) and her physical looks.
>> No. 6079 [Edit]
File 131770450045.jpg - (139.81KB , 800x800 , Madotsuki (10).jpg )
I love her relative shyness
While most girls are flagrant and all over annoying she is calm and mature
I suppose i can't say too much that is canon, as most of it comes from other things, but definitely because she's quiet and almost reaching out for help
>> No. 6080 [Edit]
File 131772544243.jpg - (659.46KB , 1200x1397 , s - 940526 - arms_up head_wings highres koakuma lo.jpg )
She has red hair and she 'is' a librarian's assistant?!.
>> No. 6081 [Edit]
File 131773672068.jpg - (99.91KB , 450x600 , a3dd445a0492bedf0d58eb152a20129d.jpg )
>What about your waifu did you fall in love with?


There wasn't anything particular about her I fell in love with. I fell in love with her as a whole.

That's what about her my waifu I fell in love with.
>> No. 6084 [Edit]
File 131773975279.jpg - (1.97MB , 3119x5044 , Misato 18.jpg )
mostly her loving and caring attitude along with the fact that she is beautiful, smart and dedicated to her job and playful but likes to stay home rather than go out. She is very similar to me, hiding herself in her strong exterior and I honestly think that we bring out the best in each other and that we can support one another. Plus she likes to jokingly tease those she cares about. Another plus for me.
>> No. 6089 [Edit]
File 131774769668.png - (521.13KB , 800x900 , 4ce2e633dc4b27727c5637a9fb9499d9.png )
Her blonde hair, her amber eyes, (Maybe yellow but I don't care.), her jackass attitude and her magic.

In short, the way she is.
>> No. 7793 [Edit]
File 132483788042.jpg - (90.34KB , 333x766 , Kurisu book.jpg )
During Christmas holidays I got into thinking about things I love in Kurisu so I just bump this thread a bit. 
First I need to admit, one of the reasons I love her is the whole scientific theme around her and her passion to science. Myself I've always been really nerdish guy and I've had huge interest in scientific stuff. I've always disliked airhead type girls and my the greatest fantasy has been always about smart and intelligent female who could understand my interests and have intelligent discussions with me. Which leads that I've been looking for similar traits in love. Kurisu is so far the first and only one. 
Second reason must be definitely her being a soft tsundere. I've always liked tsundere characters, like many other otakus do. Reason for this is probably tsundere characters are very similar to myself: I have hard time showing and accepting my feelings, I get pissed and embarrassed easily and even sometimes I get a bit violent. Again person who is shares similar traits than I, feels very attractive.  
Third reason is definitely her confidence and strong personality. In real world many females tend to find males with high status and confidence attractive. I think there is something similar in my love to Kurisu. I've always disliked 'the helpless girl' concept and I feel I could never fall in love with someone like that.
>> No. 7838 [Edit]
Pretty much this...


Last couple posts.
>> No. 9376 [Edit]
File 133983607253.jpg - (140.53KB , 889x667 , 1329604392193.jpg )
During the time I fell in love with her, I started falling in love with all these different aspects of her character at different times. At first, I liked her because of toughness and her pulchritude. When I got to know her more, I learned that she was spunky and competitive, yet extremely caring and kind-hearted. She simply stole and melted my cold heart away, for lack of a less cheesy metaphor.
>> No. 9393 [Edit]
File 133990354698.png - (1.49MB , 1181x1748 , e3d96db3561398a4ee04d8ea061c0052.png )
Her intelligence, wit, that mix of playfulness and fierceness. Of course, she's beautiful as well, but her personality is the main thing.
>> No. 9396 [Edit]
File 13399165235.jpg - (98.96KB , 492x696 , 008.jpg )
I absolutely love the fact that she is a character who will do anything to fix her flaws. She does it because she wants to prove her family with the best of her ability that she is more than a spoiled wealthy girl and that with her efforts alone, she can achieve anything she wants. She works hard into dedicating herself into the best idol as she would ever become, showing that her determination can bring her to success more than the brothers who had neglected her for so much long.

This in turn created a beautiful young elegant lady, who is full of charm and charisma. She also possess the traits of an excellent leader as seen when she sings and perform as Ryuuguu Komachi. She is a courageous person, to the point that she will act before she thinks. She is the type of person that actually risks her life and reputation for her friends, which is what I greatly admire.

Her loneliness is what I really connect to, as I had been always lonely throughout my entire life. I always appreciate how she values her bunny and carries it everywhere because this shows her caring gentle side that she is willing to protect what is really valuable to her. She has a tsun tsun side only because she has difficulty communicating herself throughout the years of being alone herself (until she met Yayoi of course). Even then her tsun tsun side is completely adorable and I wouldn't mind laughing with her while she throws insults at me for teasing her.

After all, I really really love her, not only she has a perfect personality for me, she is the only key that matches the lock in my heart.
>> No. 9397 [Edit]
File 133991728537.jpg - (247.43KB , 650x735 , 1331867045730.jpg )
That was beautiful man, I feel the exact same way about her. I'd post about how I feel about her, but after your post it would just be too redundant. So I'll just say that I love everything about her and I love her more than anything in the world.
>> No. 9415 [Edit]
File 133992849521.png - (8.05KB , 400x400 , 2620119.png )
Her imagination, her moodiness, her unpredictability, her instability, her sadism, her self-destructive attitude and life-style. Her worries and fears.

I want to be there with her for all of it. Whether it's her saving me, me saving her, or us dragging each other down together.
>> No. 10403 [Edit]
File 13475099926.png - (687.26KB , 800x600 , tumblr_lxlq6rw1BG1r9gx1qo1_1280.png )
At first was her shyness and my weakness for the girls in distress what attracted me to her. Later on, when I knew her better, I realized that she was pretty close to a mirror-image of myself.

At that time I had recently discovered the whole waifu concept. I admit that wanted to have one, was eager to have one, despite making me doubt of my own seriousness about it. I am not pride of this attitude, not a little bit, but that was how the things were going.

But somehow, I knew that I could not understand any other as much as was able to understand her. There are other things I like of her, like her sweet little smile or her long silky hair, but what truly make me love her is how similar we are.

Wish having made the right choice, as the doubts of my own seriousness still haunts me sometimes.
>> No. 13525 [Edit]
File 138181939780.jpg - (194.92KB , 900x508 , 1328378522496.jpg )
Yui kind of reminds me of me. She's kind of absentminded and always forgetting things, and I really identify with that. She's also all about fun and has a really cheery personality which really drew me to her.

I wish I could phrase it a little more elegantly, but I can't.
>> No. 13610 [Edit]
File 138327577625.jpg - (240.76KB , 1272x1432 , 20100902190140.jpg )
I'm not sure if I would call Hitoha a waifu, but she's probably the fictional character I love most. I love her unapproachable, unfriendly, hostile nature and her general silence; and the strong bond she has with her best friend ("platonic love-friend"), i.e. her hamster. She also seems a bit like she'll grow up to hate males (which is a really lovely quality, but leads me to think she'd hate me too).

All of those qualities, Tooru has too. But the fact that the object of her love is a rather stupid girl is a little off-putting.
>> No. 13614 [Edit]
Her eyes were the first thing to suck me into becoming curious about her (puppy love I guess), then seeing her initial charcterization as someone unpleasant and then steadily growing into a very caring, determined, and successful individual and friend.
>> No. 13629 [Edit]
File 138377416663.png - (131.91KB , 600x600 , 1364787015034.png )
Deredere as fuck and polite as well.
>> No. 13631 [Edit]
Her H scene in the game was good.
I will always love Saber.
>> No. 13635 [Edit]
I couldn't disagree more, but to each his own. I found her scenes so disrespectful I went out of my way to find a non-ero patch.
Although I don't know what I was expecting with Nasu's H-scenes.
>> No. 14189 [Edit]
File 138976768870.jpg - (446.49KB , 705x1000 , 1359872939745.jpg )
Her classiness, and calm and relaxed demeanor. I love just being around her. She's just so lovely, she's everything I ever need to be happy.
>> No. 14195 [Edit]
She has a strong personality and can handle herself well, yet she has a very cute soft side. She is very beautiful, her body type is right up my alley, and she is taller then most girls. she isn't the "house wife" type, we would end up doing more bro activities than anything else, even if she was not my waifu she would make a great friend, the type of person you could look to for advice or to have spontaneous fun with. we share interests and hobbies, also many traits that i believe would make us compatible.

But i only realized all that after some time. from the very beginning she interested me, but i didn't know why. i found myself constantly thinking of her, defending her, she was the first girl i dedicated an entire folder to, i was scouring the internet for every picture of her i could find, it made me physically sick whenever someone talked bad about her. After a long while i realized this is the girl. "waifu" was a term that flew right over my head whenever people described what it was, but i understood after i met her.
>> No. 14369 [Edit]
I liked her noble ojou-sama manner of speech and her teasing, playful demeanor. Her voice is literally diamonds and soothes my nerves. She is beautiful yet adorable, she is always pleasing to look at.

From the very beginning I was interested in her. The way she dressed, the way she felt, it felt as if I fell in love at first sight. I came to love everything about her though. She is everything I have ever wanted, even if she is a little unhinged on the mental side. She has a fair amount of haters, and I constantly defended her and justified her actions, no matter how bad or misguided they seemed. I had to defend her, even when I knew she was wrong. People were always saying how much they wanted to fuck her or talked shit about her, things like that made me feel dead inside. It just made me feel angry that they would say something like this to her, I never talked shit about other girls mainly because deep down inside they're all great in their own way. She isn't exactly the nicest person, but I don't care, I cared too much about her. I think it occurred to me that maybe I really was in love with her. Why else would I save images, constantly search for some character goods, figures, etc of her? I didn't exactly have a strong attachment to other girls as I did with her. She is my obsession, and she still is constantly on my mind.
>> No. 14411 [Edit]
File 139128101778.png - (230.88KB , 1600x1200 , 2f7b7c53e28c303ba5f29060e7c8160adc6cbf32.png )
Her drive and determination to achieve her goals.

Her outgoing personality and kind-hearted nature, even towards people she's never met before.

Her not-too-often-seen sensitive side.

Her ability to not be discouraged for long, even if she fails to achieve something she worked really hard on.

She's inspired me to be more like her.
>> No. 15194 [Edit]
Great choice of waifu! She was my favourite in QB. Very strong and powerful woman!
>> No. 15196 [Edit]
You don't chose a waifu. This isn't some epic cool new meme. please leave.
>> No. 15735 [Edit]
File 14022842658.jpg - (223.46KB , 650x952 , 1388540109832.jpg )
I guess she's like a role model to me, she's everything I wish I could be. But I'm also a lot like her, basically would be if I was just a little bit less serious. I love how she never takes anything seriously, and yet can still combat a problem with ease, with nothing but wit and willpower. And she knows she can tackle any problem, because she never lets it have power over her. Even when she faces a genuine challenge she mostly acts over dramatic, like she can't even take that seriously. Life is far too cruel to take seriously, it's better to disregard it, make fun of it even! Laughter is the most powerful weapon man has, it can crumble empires.
I'd love to be more like that, but I always get serious about stuff. There's something that can always manage to piss me off and I can't help but to rage at it. I think I'm improving though, in fact I think people admire how laid back I am. Maybe my standards are too high for myself.
I really don't care if she was a FotM, she's the only one I've loved for over 6 years now, nobody's come close. At this point I'm not even sure if she's more of a waifu or just a best friendu.
>> No. 15736 [Edit]
File 140229269488.jpg - (684.29KB , 1356x1000 , Ringo.jpg )
I gotta be honest here I thought she was great fapping material at first lol (I must have a thing for aerial roller-bladeing sex) That was before I discovered yuri but for some reason I always came back to Ringo-san cause she was the best no one else can come close for me and while our relationship is very open (she still has a thing for 2 guys from her cannon material) no one else fills me with a more burning desire and probably will always be the same

another thing after being with Ringo-san cause it is always so exciting 3D girlfriends always are boring now so I give that up
>> No. 18340 [Edit]
File 14338097576.jpg - (970.58KB , 2000x2750 , 79d9ff7275044ecebb7d0144b072f8c7.jpg )
Oh boy, where do I begin?

Those azure tresses, and the way they frame her face, those hazel eyes, her perfect hips, her muscular abs and glutes...and those are just the tip of the iceberg...

She didn't have much of a canon when we first met, so in my head, she grew into sort of a tomboyish 'grrl' who never backed down from a challenge, had made terrible life mistakes but had bounced back from them, and pushed herself like crazy everyday - all while being incredibly kind, supportive and funny...she is the person I hope I someday grow into (and goodness me, her ears and tail drive me horn-mad)...

I don't know if I could pick one thing that made me call for her; sorry for ruining the question*.

*je ne regrette rien.
>> No. 18343 [Edit]
File 143382535190.webm - (331.13KB , 8tCVAK2.webm )
>clam gentle personality
>> No. 18345 [Edit]
File 143383449415.png - (270.57KB , 587x440 , inspirational.png )
Her passion and dedication to her beliefs and her caring instincts are what I inspire to have in myself.
But with that, I relate to her short temper, even if my patience is admittedly better than hers, since I feel that same level of temper internally. And yet, she still overcomes that temper by the end of the show, being even more of an inspiration.
>> No. 18347 [Edit]
It was very overtime, I don't want to be too sappy but everything. The more I thought about him, the more and more I noticed and eventually I realized I was in love.

He's a funny character, but he's honest and dedicated. He sticks to his belief but he gives others the benefit of the doubt and even though he comes off stubborn he listens to everybody and cares for them. He doesn't put himself first, these are all things I wish I was and love about him.
>> No. 19439 [Edit]
File 145389936569.jpg - (571.12KB , 1600x1200 , 296f1d4aaabe72ba0efc9886a18d4188.jpg )
Mostly because of my obsession with the paranormal
>> No. 19445 [Edit]
File 145394811137.jpg - (43.82KB , 768x419 , uzrFgHQDb3w.jpg )
Her change as a character from her introduction to over time she became more caring and over all attractive to me from her cold yet tough love personality to her cute mannerisms I became more attracted to her as I made it through her source material, a steady process that didn't take terribly long.
>> No. 19510 [Edit]
It was very simple, she was sexy, and for a while, that was it.
This was before I even had a waifu, so I thought it was just gonna be a fling or whatever that I used to have with these characters.

I was basically a serial pervert, and she was my next victim.

Over about a week though, it changed drastically, I really started to notice her determination, and dedication to her family despite their condemnation of her. She was strong, prideful, and sweet, it was just something I instantly fell in love with.
The fanbase she's in is really perverted too, so when I thought about it, not alot of people noticed or cared about these qualities she had, they were like me, they thought she was sexy, a sex object.

For the first time, I got really mad at myself for being such a deviant, I shared that anger for her admirers, It made me want to show her true self to everyone, and make myself worthy of being hers.
So I made her mine, and started on a path I never thought I'd take.

she's inspired me to change myself, and the perspective of everyone that admires her, she's helped me learn a multitude of skills in order to do that, for that I thank her every night, and that's why I love her, she makes the impossible possible, and I'll devote myself to her till the day I die.
>> No. 19580 [Edit]
>>I was basically a serial pervert
That's a good one - I got to remember this. Serial pervert. Your story is strikingly similar. to my own.

Are you into vanilla sex now or still a perv?

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