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File 160723756750.jpg - (874.64KB , 2894x4093 , warm mom.jpg )
3969 No. 3969 [Edit]
A short and sweet story about a droid who finds an abandoned child and takes him in to be his mother. It's a very easygoing manga, there is very little in the way of consistent significant danger or conflict and what is there is mostly to bring out certain parts of their personality. Otherwise the rest is occasionally silly parent-child antics between the two.
There is little to say, and thankfully, little to spoil. I liked this one a lot. It was a shame it was so short but at this point, if I have to choose just one, I prefer to see a series end early instead of continue on too long only to lose it's focus. It was nice to read a manga that focuses on a mother taking care of her kid. I find a lot more manga about fatherhood than I do about motherhood so it was nice to find something I had been looking for for a while now.

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