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File 160248351842.jpg - (175.66KB , 733x588 , pop.jpg )
3927 No. 3927 [Edit]
A snowman turns into a Yuki-onna and engages in wild antics over summer break with her best friend Himari and Himari's aunt, Haru. Along the way new characters and friends are introduced and we get to see what their dynamics are with each other.
I think I can safely say this is a favorite of mine given it's great art, extremely expressive characters, excellent humor, retained focus, and easygoing setting. Unfortunately, translation stopped on this one but I would highly recommend reading what is available. While I doubt it, I do truly hope for an adaptation someday.
>> No. 3930 [Edit]
This is a weird note but the hands and faces looked really good in it.
Another sad casualty in translation for less popular manga.
>> No. 3967 [Edit]
It was picked up by another scanlation group.
>> No. 3968 [Edit]
Holy fuck, the mermaid's a riot. I love it.

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