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File 158895513355.jpg - (423.40KB , 1125x1600 , Asper Girl.jpg )
3824 No. 3824 [Edit]
Anyone is reading this?
There's 29 chapters out and I have to say it has been one of the most intense readings in a long time. It has caused me to many contradictory feelings. I never liked romance and I can't say this is an exception, but I can't stop reading.

At the beginning I thought it would be some bad case of "cute girl with issues goes to live with loser for no reason", then I was shocked by brutal realism in the depiction of mental ilness.
I think that's what makes me so ambivalent about it. Sometimes I simphatize with the protagonists, there's moments that hit too close to home like few things I have read. Others are repulsive to me. I find the girl repulsive but also cute at the same time, I would hate someone like that but at the same time I can't help but feel sorry for her.
I think few people could understand this manga though, but it's the kind of people that could be found here.
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>> No. 3825 [Edit]
>asper girl

Post edited on 8th May 2020, 2:12pm
>> No. 3826 [Edit]
>> No. 3830 [Edit]
File 159218007457.png - (86.41KB , 463x265 , 45563.png )
Blog post, but I guess thats what you're asking for?, this reminds me of my own teen years. I had comic artist I autisticly obsessed over and wanted to visit, like the female MC. The comic artist even put their own mental hang ups in the comic like Yokoi. The main difference between the manga and my life is that I wasn't crazy enough to meet the dude IRL, even though I could have tracked him down.

I also relate to the male MC's relationship with their dad. I had a parent who was also aggressive like that. They'd reply "god gave you eyes" whenever I needed help finding something, even after I looked, along with thinking every other question was an attack on their character 9how long will this take= Hurry up slowpoke, to them apparently)

I find the mangas depiction of trauma interesting because it attempted to tackle emotional neglect. Neglect is always the harder abuses to portray in media because it's the lack of something. That means to show it most manga go full "he didn't talk to me for 1 full week and didn't cook lunch for me for 1 full month!". The female MC relationship with her mom was a much more nuanced look at neglect.

Finally I find the male MC's comic interesting. He states he was never bullied by his classmates or parents and that he was just neglected. Yet the female MC finds his comics on bullying relatable and accurate. Maybe the authors trying to make a point how the real pain of bullying is the isolation or something. I might be over analyzing. I do hope they go more into the MC's back story
>> No. 3831 [Edit]
>Maybe the authors trying to make a point how the real pain of bullying is the isolation or something.

Actually, this bothered me. I didn't understand why the MC could do manga about bullying without having experienced it. I thought maybe he was lying about it. But if you're right and that's the authors point, I have to disagree with him.
For a bullied person, isolation would be a blessing. That sounds to me like a female thing, for males the physical bullying can be so extreme than being left alone it's quite nice in comparison.
Still, in one of the last chapters they showed the manga or some pages of it. And I felt the same Satou felt; "this guy gets it". So I thought it's the real author who must have experienced bullying and it's talking through Yokoi. Why to deny it then? I don't know.
>> No. 3832 [Edit]
I read this and I like it. Although I don't think thats how people with aspergers act.
>> No. 3874 [Edit]
I read the first 3 chapters and I'm hooked.

Anyone know where I can get the raws? Online, I can only find fan translations.
>> No. 3875 [Edit]
I don't know but I will try to find it later.
I think there was raws until chapters 6x or something like that, translation is going dead slow lately.

I just found the first 4 tomes in nyaa, but I don't know how many chapters is that, there's still some seeds.
>> No. 3876 [Edit]
It seems it was just the translated part, sorry.
>> No. 3877 [Edit]
I did find the first volume on, but not the rest.
The Japanese name is アスペル・カノジョ by the way.
>> No. 3982 [Edit]
I just read the final chapter.

OP, thanks for recommending this, it's my favorite non-comedy manga now. I can identify with the type of personality disorder the male protagonist is suffering from.

But I'm sort of glad it's over now before it started dragging on too much. The whole lawsuit arc was like a cringe revenge fantasy.
>> No. 3985 [Edit]
Thanks for making me aware of this. I read the translated chapters and I find it to be fairly sweet. I'm curious what's so repulsive about her though besides the dog-kicking.
>> No. 3986 [Edit]
There's something quite realistic about her character and weakness that makes her particularly repulsive, while also being a cute 2D girl so I can't help but suffer cognitive dissonance while reading.

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