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File 132211773587.jpg - (481.09KB , 870x1236 , 003.jpg )
806 No. 806 [Edit]
You know whats annoying? Having a billion different groups doing the same series or lack of batch torrents/downlaods for the chapters so you have to hunt for each individual one.
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>> No. 807 [Edit]
W-what kind of panties are you wearing right now?
>> No. 811 [Edit]
True, but at least there are groups working on it.
>> No. 812 [Edit]
Eh? Underwear?
>> No. 813 [Edit]
File 132216497731.png - (916.90KB , 1698x1200 , Spoiler Picture.png )
No, having no translators is much more annoying.
>> No. 814 [Edit]
even worse, having no translators becuase a billion different groups are doing the same series.
>> No. 815 [Edit]

Even worse, having no translators because a billion different group fight over one series AND getting rushed releases as a result.

What's the point of two groups scanlating the same series (unless the other group(s) suck of course)?
>> No. 817 [Edit]
Huh? Mind explaining that one for me? I don't quite understand why there would be no translators just because there're multiple groups.
>> No. 818 [Edit]
All available groups will flock the what is popular, and neglect that which is not.
>> No. 819 [Edit]
I don't know how much that would actually affect things. I mean, if those attention-seeking groups were to suddenly not all translate the same manga, what makes you assume that they'd go on to translate neglected manga? The neglected manga are neglected in the first place because they're not popular. It's unlikely that groups who are most likely only in it for attention-whoring purposes would ever translate an unpopular work.
>> No. 825 [Edit]
Pretty much this, also some of those groups just edit pre-existing scripts.

For instance back when Berserk had two groups, one released a troll translation of one of their chapters to confirm if the other group was copying their translation and editing them for fame. That is where the story of Gut's sword killing dragons came from.
>> No. 899 [Edit]
Fuck having no batch downloads. I don't want to download ten dozen individual chapters.

Also, fuck people who rail on others for using online readers. Not everyone cares about quality. Its much more convenient than downloading ten dozen individual chapters. Besides, I can't tell the difference on my small CRT monitor anyway,
>> No. 901 [Edit]
is there a good place to find batch torrents/downloads?

I'm sure you wont believe this but I have been reading manga for many years but I've never downloaded scans before. I've been trying to read Billy Bat and some chapters were hard to find but I eventually found it all on this site called Manga Traders.
>> No. 902 [Edit]

I usually use bakabt/mangatraders.
>> No. 2404 [Edit]
Funny how those guys raised $2000 in bitcoin and then ran away

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