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No. 3599 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

>Not long after the Principal left the kitchen, the doorbell rang.
>“Sister, can you check who's that?”
>No answer.
>Still nothing.
>“Guess, I'll check it myself then.”She said and added walking towards the door. ”Not like I have something important to do, apparently?”
>She opened the door.
>“Who is thi....”Luna's words got stuck in her throat. She recognized her immediately. She was still beautiful, even not changed she was eye-catching. Mesmerizing like some exotic and dangerous snake.”
>“Why, hello there, Luna.” Chrysalis said with a smug smile.
>“Chrysalis.”Luna said threw her teeth. “What are you doing here.”
>“Can't a girl just visit her own friend? Check how is she doing? How has she changed? I see your tits got bigger. Are you still jealous of your sister's tits?”
>“Luna, who's there?”Asked, now wearing bathrobe that still was showing lots of tit-meat Celestia. >At the sight of the visitor her pupils narrowed.
>“I assume you still are.” Chrysalis declared.
>“Chrysalis, what do we owe the pleasure of you visiting us.” Celestia said with forced politeness.
>“Like I told Luna.” I just came to visit an old friend.” She answered with fake innocence.
>“We both know you were never a friend to anyone. Now what do you want?” Celestia asked obviously angry. It's a rare sight to see her in this state.
>Chrysalis shrugged. ”Oh, such a harsh words. Very well. I heard about some weird events at CHS and decided that, as a concerned citizen, should check it out. I was just nearby, and about visiting you.”

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