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No. 3582 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (
I'm not very good at describing anything more intricate than some basic spanking but the discussion of a futa Mitsuru reminded me of an incident that happened a few months back so I'm going to attempt to retell it. I hope you don't mind my inexperience in this field...

My Mistress was due to head on a business trip to Tokyo to discuss some shadow related matters that had just recently taken place. I believe a few of the newer maids like Takamaki and Niijima-san were involved in the incidents. Lady Kirijo left Saikawa-san in charge and left, telling us she wasn’t expecting to return for at least another month.

But then bizarrely, she returned in no less than 3 days!
She informed us that certain complications had arisen, and she seemed rather irritable about it. She came to me and informed me that she was in need of some dire stress relief. She grabbed me by the arm and rather forcibly rushed me to her room. The Mistress rarely got so impatient, so I assumed some serious stuff had gone down while she was away.
A common form of relieving the Mistress is to pleasure her with my tongue while she squeezes my head with her thighs. Its something I really enjoy doing because its one of the few times the Mistress will allow me to masturbate and pleasure her at the same time. If she discovers a maid masturbating without her permission it usually results in a reprimanding and a punishment.

I was ready to give my Mistress her usual service so I pulled down her skirt, and I was met with something so unexpected I couldn’t do anything other than stare for a few seconds. A dick! It sprang up and stood proud, its tip inches away from my face.

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