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No. 3563 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

You take Zane up to your bathroom and tell him to play in the bedroom since he’s not actually dirty at all and you need to wash the others. You release all of your tuckered out Pokemon into a nice hot bath and get in with them. The subjects barely fit in the tub with you taking up half. Setzer ends up being being grinded between the three squirming females in the washing process as he’s to tired to really assert himself. He nearly gets teased silly much to the enjoyment of Sonja. Once everyone is washed up you return the three females to their balls.

Just as you are about to send back Setzer you realize that he & Zane have been getting the short end of the sexual stick today. You call Zane back from his one fox bedroom playtime while you drain & refill the tub holding a delirious Setzer in a hug. Zane is sporting a rock hard erection and a pained look of envy at Setzer. No doubt his his rod is from his attempts at masturbation after hearing a bath of three moaning females squirming in a tub. You can tell he’s jealous of the attention that he’s been forced to see you give to his fellow teammates and not to himself. The poor lad hasn’t actually had his dick milked since this morning and has been an observer for most of it. Zane’s been extremely patient with you today and he’s practically whimpering with his erection at full mast as he watches Setzer’s dick getting rocked in your arms.

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