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No. 3561 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (
>Arrive late for movie night with the Slumber Guardians, they just finished drinking and playing those stupid dare game they love, your unicorn gf is clearly drunk but at least she has her snuggy on this time
>Snuggled in your corner of the couch with Soraka
>Every now and then she'll squirm and softly gasp and whimper
>Halfway through the movie, she excuses herself
>Sneak after her because you're worried
>Find her adjusting a vibrator that's been in her the entire time, there's enough looseness in the snuggy that she leaves a few inches of the vibrator un-inserted
>Get back to the couch and act like you didn't see anything
>She quickly joins you, curling up under your arm
>After a bit she starts breathing heavily and squirming again
>This time, you firmly grasp one of her hips and force her all the way on the sex toy
>She gasps and arches herself in your arms, trembling and mewing softly
>The other girls have raised eyebrows and smug expressions

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