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No. 3557 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

Huh, I've been looking for this one for a while.

>Muscular Male
Overall improvements? Thank you very much.

Striking out on my own is the true choice for the ambitious.

>World: Hidden Away 470
Not much room for being recognized, but I don't have to bow to Vampire rule anymore than I already do either.

I can fly~
>Blood manipulation
Spray blood mist, then turn it into spikes when my enemies inhale it
>Soul Siphon, Ghoul-ification
My kills are not wasted
>Time Manipulation
With time, I shall rule time!
>Guardian, Familiar [Goose]
Watches over me and dispenses sage advice. Also a terror no matter what form he takes
I do want to start my own house
>Physical Enhancement, Super speed, Enhanced Senses
Might as well enjoy the perks of no-sun

>Strengthened Virility (420)
Forget a house, mine shall be a dynasty!
>Acrobatic (370)
How else am I pulling off a triple axel while suplexing my enemy into the air?
>Enthrallment (320)
Now I won't even have to worry about being discovered by humans, and can acquire resources much easier
>Aphrodisiac Fangs (300)
Passing them off as kinky bites
>Glamour (280)
To attract people to my house, as well as bloodbags to my bedroom
>Lesser Day Walker (260)
Sunscreen is cheap, innit?
>Eyes of Hypnosis (240)
For controlling non-humans
>Self Gravity control (220)
I'll enjoy giving home invaders jumpscares
>Cause Insanity (200)
For when I just don't have the time to deal with a group of muscleheads
>Precognition 12 (60) [130 seconds]
Plenty of time for most fights to end. With this, they'll be a forgone conclusion

>Mathew (40)
I'll need an inconspicuous manservant
>Hinata, Beth (0)
For breeding my dynasty

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