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No. 3528 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

You wipe off your hand and attempt to stand up. Attempt being the key word. Your first attempt has you halt almost mid motion as your head protests the sudden movement. Deciding that a slower approach would be less painful, you gently push yourself into a standing position. Taking a moment to make sure you are balanced, you proceed to the flap of the tent.

You open it and immediately your eyes shut. The sudden burst of light sends a new wave of pain jolting through your senses. You feel yourself stumble forward and fall, hitting the ground in a very unceremonious fashion. You lay there for a moment before feeling a pair of hands help you up. When you eyes adjust you look over to see Raasun holding you up.

“I don't think you should be walking around yet.” The Rhino man says. “Not in your condition.”

You tell him that you needed a drink of water.

“Okay, stay here and I'll get you one.” He says, attempting to lower you so you can sit on the ground.

You tell the man that you want to walk be he is insistent that you don't. Seeing that this is a losing battle you concede and do as the man says. He tells you he'll only be a moment and runs off around the tent. True to his word he comes back a few moments later with the water you requested, however this time he is being followed by Rael'd, another female Rhino you don't know the name of and... Yelzu?

When did she get here? Leaving the question momentarily unanswered you take the offered water and greedily drink it down, pausing only to breath. Rael'd is now kneeling down beside you with her hand on your back. When you are finished with the water she takes the empty cup from you.

“You should be laying down.” She says, a noticeable look of concern on her face.

You're about to respond when the female Rhino you don't recognize kneels down in front of you and puts a single finger at your eye level.

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