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No. 3423 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

The problem with changing humans is that they already appeared in the quest. They are metioned in the antelopes story and Mraz, our komodo teammate, have a human mother that met his father in the game.
The antelope story is easy to change, since humans are mentioned only once if I remember correctly, basically just change one word. As for Mraz backstory. Well, I would say spieces don't have to be in every incarnation of the game. Back then humans team took a part in the game, in this year not, and there isn't any special reason for that.
Of course, there is also a possibility thay op have aleady plans for humans in the quest. I would be fine with that.

But if we are going for birds, for sure we should add at least one master kicking secretary bird and african penguin (yes, those exist)

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