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No. 3392 [Edit]
please send me s/furry (

You reach down and pull the poor little thing away from your pussy, lodging him between your legs and against your thigh. He struggles and his feet spin around beneath him like a floor waxer, coaxing a giggle from you as they tickle your inner thigh. "Poor thing. You must be very pent up to give in to your desire so easily." you whisper softly down to him. You meet Mei's eye above your opposite thigh and give her an affirmative wink. She reaches down with one paw and feels around under Wimpod's rear. He twitches and squeals in surprise as she finds what she's looking for and starts to press her finger in. Wimpod is torn between trying to pull free and humping against your thigh while Mei fingers his ass. You feel the tiny tentacle-like peckers flailing against your skin and leaving trails of fluid that run down your thigh. He seems to be leaking pre as he gets close.
You can't have him blowing so soon. You reach down and grab him by the sides, and his eyes go wide as you open up your thighs and lift him up in the air where there is nothing to hump. Two long, skinny penises flail in the open air helplessly and Mei sits herself in your lap in a cowgirl position. You can feel her sex against yours' and she is soaking wet as she continues to finger the helpless bug's butt. Just as he starts to squeeze and get off from the sensation she pulls herself loose and leaves him hanging there dejectedly. His dicks drip copious amounts of clear fluid onto your belly. "You didn't think we were going to let you off that easy did you?" you whisper to the poor thing with a devilish grin. Mei reaches for the belt on your discarded pants and plucks off an empty Pokeball. She gets off of your lap and holds the ball up for Wimpod to see. "Foo foo."
"Well how about it? If you join me I just might let you cum. Eventually." Wimpod stares helplessly into your ruthless eyes and nods.

>Name caught Wimpod?
>Let him cum?

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