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File 151996879034.jpg - (2.97KB , 97x41 , 0951683.jpg )
3163 No. 3163 [Edit]
I was wondering... if you guys know of some horror manga to read. The last one I read was Zashiki Onna and I really enjoyed it. I like the stalker type horror. Besides that one I've also read many of junji itos work, Franken Fran, and some others I forget their name. I would like to read some more.

Zashiki Onna was really good...
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>> No. 3325 [Edit]
File 153370763042.png - (245.59KB , 437x678 , NaruTaruPhilosophy4.png )
I would highly recommend NaruTaru.
Some seriously good philosophical passages in there as well.

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