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File 151178372275.jpg - (135.14KB , 559x540 , very tohno-chan.jpg )
3094 No. 3094 [Edit]
What's your favorite Tezuka manga?
Do you even read his manga?
You should... ;_;
>> No. 3115 [Edit]
Black Jack, easily.
>> No. 3117 [Edit]
I plan to one day, if I can ever get off my sorry ass and try to learn Japanese again. I don't want to deal with all the English localization business. I'm a bit anal about things like how Tetsuwan Atom is still called Astro Boy in the West and Jungle Emperor is called Kimba the White Lion, for example. It may not be that big of a deal, but obvious forms of localization like that really bother me because I feel like I'm not get the "pure" or "authentic" experience from the manga that Tezuka intended, you know? Plus, they localize character's names and jokes, which make it seem less Japanese. I mean, I'm sure it's good enough, but I want to wait until I can really appreciate his works in the language it was intended for.

Plus, I would love to be able to read The Complete Osamu Tezuka Works, but not everything he's done has been translated, so it only makes more sense (for me, anyway) that I should just wait until I gain some fluency.

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