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File 147296965240.jpg - (347.47KB , 700x989 , 008.jpg )
2937 No. 2937 [Edit]
Do you read any?
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>> No. 2941 [Edit]
File 147334829524.jpg - (239.51KB , 800x1180 , j016p_nobodyknows_issue_mar013_surasplace here.jpg )
I love Lee Hyeon-sook's work. I wish I could read thr ending of 'Nobody Knows' sometime.

I'm also reading Park Eun Ah's 'Nocturne', but it's been silent for a while.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2016, 8:25am
>> No. 2979 [Edit]
File 14788541344.jpg - (31.09KB , 510x259 , p039di.jpg )
And then, out of the blue, the ending is finally available...

It's ambiguous but, if I understood it correctly, it was great.

Definitely one of my favorite works ever, just for the character of Eun-Joo.

Glad I lived up to see it.
>> No. 2986 [Edit]
File 148273909870.jpg - (453.37KB , 1631x1200 , Blood_and_steel_v1_ch05_p122.jpg )
This is manhua, and really good if you like wuxia and non-realistic martial arts. There's no gathering energy or turning super saiyan but it's not the same kind of martial arts as, say, sports manga where things are depicted, usually, as within the realms of what's actually humanly possible.
>> No. 3032 [Edit]
File 149269494578.jpg - (211.57KB , 800x1215 , Mr_ Train.jpg )
I remember following Ruler of the Land for a bit. It was your classic martial arts beat-em-up but it was pretty fun. It just got a bit repetitive by the time I dropped it. I especially liked the subversion of the trope of earning an enemy clan's respect where the only one whose respect was earned was the clan leader, while the rest either followed him because he was head, or rebelled. It formed the basis of a cool arc but the whole thing was getting stale by that point and it didn't really keep up the momentum.

Also a few years back I read that webcomic, Fairytale for the Demon Lord or something like that. It was weird as fuck but the ending was great, a great twist to tie all the loose ends together. There was a sequel but it took the nicely tied up original and tries to move the story forward so I dropped it. If someone has read it and thinks its worthwhile, I'd not be opposed to picking it up again.

From China I've not read a whole lot. I've been keeping an eye on Mr. Train though, it's only got a few chapters presently but a chapter of it when it updates makes a nice way to spend 5-10 minutes. I like the art direction, and the setting/story is fun, if a bit nonsensical, and by a bit I mean close to totally nonsensical.

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