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File 144589116112.gif - (0.96MB , 500x374 , 1429488781433.gif )
2503 No. 2503 [Edit]
the majority of scangroups were active a decade or so ago.

these guys usually hosted their manga with XDCC bots over IRC, sometimes ddl on their sites. but this was all a long long time ago.

Today many of these sites and IRC channels have disappeared or people moved on. A lot of the scan work is being lost.

The modern way people read manga, I guess, is to read on web2.0 sites in browser. I'm just sad to see the traditional ways dying out, and content lost..

What do you think?
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>> No. 2950 [Edit]
Or have random reference to "internet culture" juxtaposed into the dialogue in some vain attempt seem hip and relevant. From what I hear seven seas seems to be guilty of doing this.
>> No. 2951 [Edit]
I'm not going to get all romantic about it, although I could. I don't read runes, I've never contributed to scanlations.

I still prefer XDCC and DDL, everything I read I store in a well organised archive; even if I most likely wont read it again. Online readers are inferior in my option.

I'm worried that manga will become like anime now is, licenced rips from crunchyroll. If scanlators fade away in the same way scanlators have we will lose so much. I really should have spent the last 10 years learning Japanese.
>> No. 2952 [Edit]
File 147555080237.jpg - (55.64KB , 640x640 , 1437725317412.jpg )
>The Western manga industry is a cancer.
>As a reader, you get the privilege of waiting
I like having books of stuff I love, but there is no reason to buy the American release of something that's currently publishing. You're just encouraging more fuckery.
>> No. 2957 [Edit]
File 147634776335.png - (422.47KB , 595x541 , 1458256951852.png )
I miss them too. But they collapsed with the subbing scene when shit like Crunchyjew and the like too over. Just like VHS subbing before it, It's the end of an era.
>> No. 2958 [Edit]
File 147634790839.jpg - (103.72KB , 799x590 , 1436633809151.jpg )
If only you all had learned. The last real hope is to learn moonrunes.
>> No. 2959 [Edit]
b-but learning hurts my brain!
>> No. 2987 [Edit]
>seven seas
I'm currently reading their version of Kisses, Sighs, & Cherry Blossom Pink, and it has no memes, Americanisation, or similar bullshit. It even keeps the honorifics. Maybe their other translations are different, but this one has given me nothing to complain about.

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