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File 135989670618.jpg - (103.44KB , 226x320 , Bakuon Rettou Vol_18.jpg )
1615 No. 1615 [Edit]
What are your favorite Slice of Life manga?
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>> No. 1616 [Edit]
Love so Life
Does Sumire count? If so both Sumire and Odette.
And lots of others I managed to forget and I'll feel bad about it when I'll recall them.

All of them are highly recommended but be careful with Love so Life, it'll give you diabetes, I guarantee it.
>> No. 1618 [Edit]
hidamari sketch
>> No. 3014 [Edit]
Undercurrent (Tetsuya Toyoda, he is my favorite author)
A Distant Neighborhood
Kotonoba Drive
Goodnight Punpun
>> No. 3015 [Edit]
File 149078985097.jpg - (29.50KB , 357x500 , 41siQYuRYFL.jpg )
This one here is fantastic.
Really interesting story and characters.
And by the way, Bukuon Rettou is actually back, now it's serialized on Young King.
>> No. 3016 [Edit]
Acony is certainly one of them.
>> No. 3017 [Edit]
Have you read Yesterday o Utatte?
>> No. 3018 [Edit]
Azumanga Daioh
Non Non Biyori
Ashizuri Aquarium

I picked up Kotonoba Drive recently and it's pretty great.
>> No. 3019 [Edit]
Anything by Hitoshi Ashinano is amazing, specially YKK and Kabu no Isaki.

Did we finally got new chapters? I remember Roselia Scans was trasnlating it but they posted like 2 chapters every 6 months.
>> No. 3020 [Edit]
New chapters of which?
>> No. 3021 [Edit]
File 149129980613.jpg - (411.04KB , 712x1024 , afe9e19653390b2242c5d8bb8d940253e8cc1a32.jpg )
He's talking about Kotonoba Drive.
It ended just a few months ago by the way.
>> No. 3022 [Edit]

No, there haven't been any new releases lately. I hope it doesn't take too long. I thing there's only like five chapters left.

I'm a little sad that it's over. I want Suu-chan's life.
>> No. 3023 [Edit]
File 149138511893.jpg - (182.69KB , 704x1000 , 71SHzxXXRoL.jpg )
Recently I've read Toyoda Minoru's Love Roma and Takeo-cahn Bukkairoku.
They're lovely series, especially Takeo-chan, so I highly recommend them.
>> No. 3024 [Edit]
Onani Master Kurosawa. Aku no Hana if you can count that as slice of life.
>> No. 3025 [Edit]
They're not, especially the former.
>> No. 3062 [Edit]
Yeah... Kotonoba Drive ended way too fast, it had a lot of potential, I hope Ashinano can make another long running series again someday, YKK is the longest and it's his best, all of his shorter works feel like they needed more. Oh well, KD is still good, I suppose.
>> No. 3098 [Edit]
File 151300924445.jpg - (542.97KB , 1079x1599 , Acony v02 c13 - 120.jpg )
Acony was wonderful.
>> No. 3102 [Edit]
I'm waiting for it to be completely scanlated, from what I've heard and the summaries I've read I will want to be able to read the whole thing, if I decide I like it, without having to wait for scans. Although it's so long and so near to finished that I doubt I'd get to the end before the last chapter was released unless I read it and nothing else.
>> No. 3162 [Edit]
File 15199679119.png - (140.09KB , 190x415 , 0951621.png )
I really enjoyed reading yokohama kaidashi kikou.

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