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File 135237016553.png - (379.60KB , 813x1200 , img000007.png )
1313 No. 1313 [Edit]
Anyone else reading Prison School? Its like the mangaka decided to write something completely ridiculous just to spite people for getting his previous work and magnum opus cancelled, only to inadvertently make something hilariousky successful. Some of the scenes in the manga is almost hentai.
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>> No. 1314 [Edit]
I'm gonna pick this up.
>> No. 1315 [Edit]
File 135237324051.png - (389.38KB , 512x395 , butt&vagina.png )
I like the protags so far.
>> No. 1317 [Edit]
This manga can't be more borderline H than this.
>> No. 1320 [Edit]
This manga is great.

Thanks for posting, OP!
>> No. 1325 [Edit]
File 13525101286.png - (396.63KB , 1378x1000 , img000014.png )
Damn, I really like this manga.
>> No. 1326 [Edit]
Prison School from chapter 1 to the prison break is probably funniest stuff I've ever read and being a fellow RTK fan with Gakuto makes it even better.

I just love this kind of bros doing bro things stuff.
>> No. 1328 [Edit]
Damn it sucks that a better group won't pick this up. This manga is a gem and deserves better.

I like it, too. I like seeing that kind of bro stuff. I honestly at first felt jealous that I never had any bros in my life.
>> No. 1329 [Edit]
I wonder if there are any other slice of life manga/anime, except instead of moe girls, there are dudes.
>> No. 1353 [Edit]
File 135303028645.png - (406.71KB , 459x425 , want to see them.png )
I love you, OP. This manga is gold.
>> No. 1355 [Edit]
File 135303836527.jpg - (306.95KB , 728x1062 , 014.jpg )
Oh god, it just keeps getting better.
>> No. 1356 [Edit]
The manga is fucking great.
>> No. 1377 [Edit]
File 135342964756.png - (223.32KB , 754x198 , img000018.png )
Andre face sure is something.
>> No. 1380 [Edit]
Heh, funny sotry. Went to mangatraders to download the first vol and upon trying to save it I found out that I already have it. Went to check my manga list and sure enough, it's there in the 'plan to read' category. I guess I found it while looking up some tags on mangaupdates (lots of them ring a bell but I bet it was either All Girls School Becomes Integrated or Borderline H because I've read quite a lot of those), downloaded it, never read it and completely forgot about it.

I wouldn't want to be 'that guy' but I can't say I share all the enthusiasm towards this series. But I have only read the first vol so far, maybe it gets better later.
>> No. 1383 [Edit]
It's understandable. Don't worry about it since everybody has different tastes and likes. Sorry for hyping it up a bit. I guess that I made it seem like something better than it really was with how much praise I've been giving it since it I ended up really enjoying it.
>> No. 1393 [Edit]

Well, it's not bad, it's just that it's not very interesting to me, either. I just flipped through it, there were some 'heh, that's funny' moments here and there but that's about it. Read the first 4 vols and I think that's enough for me.
>> No. 2376 [Edit]
File 142792885025.jpg - (152.90KB , 728x1043 , 18.jpg )
How is this allowed?

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