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File 13480874206.png - (583.94KB , 965x1400 , 1347032621280.png )
1206 No. 1206 [Edit]
What do you think of Gantz?

Do you like it or not?

Do you enjoy the fucked up moments or do you find it boring?
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>> No. 1207 [Edit]
I like Gantz.

The alien arc was different from what it was and really changed the manga despite it already being about aliens. I'm not sure what to expect from it now, but I'd still like to continue reading it.
>> No. 1208 [Edit]
It's so bloody silly, I like it for that but I kind of wish it would get some direction. Like remember the girl with the numbers and the reporter? No? I don't blame you.
>> No. 1209 [Edit]
As absurd as it can be, I really like the manga. Dropped the anime like a brick, though.
>> No. 1210 [Edit]

The daughter of the guy who ''created'' the Gantz ?

And the reporter it's present in the last few chapters
>> No. 1211 [Edit]
I fucking loved it.
>> No. 1212 [Edit]
File 134822164746.png - (438.24KB , 965x1400 , 9.png )
This was one of the most fucked up moments
>> No. 1213 [Edit]
It was pretty funny how the same guy in that panel started having sex with it.
>> No. 1214 [Edit]
File 134823247096.png - (493.32KB , 965x1400 , 1347909605928.png )

Yeah,it was pretty hilarious
>> No. 1215 [Edit]
File 134827869574.jpg - (153.47KB , 800x1170 , 1342449421762.jpg )
Kato's reaciton to it was just priceless.
>> No. 1216 [Edit]
File 134827924692.png - (85.98KB , 1061x426 , 1338371705171.png )
A favourite moment of mine.
>> No. 1217 [Edit]
File 13482793198.jpg - (211.23KB , 800x1184 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
God damn it Muscle Rider.
>> No. 1218 [Edit]
File 134830512270.png - (262.04KB , 800x1200 , img000005.png )

That guy was the best


The lolicon in the end was a very good guy


I hope they will end up together
>> No. 1227 [Edit]
The chapters so far feel like they're really starting to drag on. At least something is going to happen, but I have no idea how things are going to turn out.

I guess that it was nice to see the old man and Lara Croft again, even if it was just to see Lara get her heart broken.
>> No. 1228 [Edit]

I bet thatKei clone is going to die
>> No. 1239 [Edit]
You were right, haha!
>> No. 1249 [Edit]
File 135075422546.jpg - (463.37KB , 1379x985 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 1445 [Edit]
File 135612427319.png - (557.52KB , 855x1300 , img000019.png )
Horrible chapter.
>> No. 1450 [Edit]
I agree. It's gotten very slow and the chapters that are coming out are sort of pointless.
>> No. 1453 [Edit]


The ''I would like to finish Gantz this year'' is impossible now.
>> No. 1499 [Edit]
File 135704469582.jpg - (19.82KB , 193x315 , 1357039174475.jpg )
So it's going to end this year
>> No. 1500 [Edit]
Yeah, but if we're lucky maybe the mangaka will stretch it out until may and end it with some "hardcore" and "deep" philosophy.
>> No. 1501 [Edit]


Gantz was fucked up and stupid from the very beginning, I don't remember deep moments.
>> No. 1506 [Edit]
Agreed, it was silly and ridiculous from the beginning, it never tried to teach any kind of philosophical or moral lesson. That doesn't stop me from enjoying the fuck out of it. I guess my forgetfulness for the plot inconsistencies helps.
>> No. 1507 [Edit]
File 135708860953.jpg - (176.25KB , 766x1100 , 25.jpg )

This was so stupid that it hurts.
>> No. 1510 [Edit]

What I basically said was that it might be stretched out because of how it's being stretched out now and he might finish it with some stupid shit. I thought that the quotation marks would be enough to give that away, but I dunno.

Also, no, the series doesn't need to have a history of something being done for it to be done. The mangaka can do whatever the hell he wnats, even if it's just pulling the ending from his ass, which is most likely what's going to happen.
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
File 135780922960.png - (220.76KB , 758x288 , 1357797026847.png )
>> No. 1534 [Edit]

Oh Tae
>> No. 1541 [Edit]
She's pretty attractive in he own way. She just gives off this vibe where she seems sweet and innocent, but acts cool. Pretty unique kind of character if you ask me.
>> No. 1542 [Edit]


She's also my favourite Gantz's character.
>> No. 1570 [Edit]
Don't go Kurono.
>> No. 1571 [Edit]
I think that Kurono will be forced to go. It's all just a question of whether Kurono will end up living or dying.
>> No. 1577 [Edit]

There is going to be another twist since he can't fight that alien alone.
>> No. 1637 [Edit]
I think that you're underestimating Kurono. I think that the mangaka made him to be the strongest fighter out of everybody in Gantz, but still, that might not be enough to have a good ending or anything.

Anyway, that last chapter ended in such a way that I couldn't help but think of the Terminator. Then again, I wasn't the only one to think so since other people in the Batoto comment thingy where talking about it.
>> No. 1640 [Edit]
File 136083849115.png - (477.32KB , 851x1300 , img000023.png )
>> No. 1670 [Edit]
Final battle?
>> No. 1671 [Edit]
Dragged out final battle!
>> No. 1672 [Edit]
File 136288373979.gif - (1.72MB , 347x200 , 1362883481302.gif )
>> No. 1673 [Edit]

>> No. 1674 [Edit]
I'm guessing that it's what it would look like when a Gantz teleports somebody somewhere, although it looks like it's in an X-ray view and it starts from the head and ends at the feet.

It took me until the feet part and a repeat of the part of the brain to get it.
>> No. 1696 [Edit]
Just kill him.
>> No. 1697 [Edit]
I was right!

However, I don't know what kind of ending the mangaka is going to choose for this.
>> No. 1715 [Edit]
The mangaka fully intends on keeping the pacing this slow, huh? I mean, I know that this chapter is important as it's supposed to showcase the world's newly found faith in Kurono, but to drag it on for so many months is really killing the pacing.
>> No. 1716 [Edit]

Really, this is getting boring.
>> No. 1773 [Edit]
File 13686163677.jpg - (143.94KB , 727x586 , 25.jpg )
>> No. 1774 [Edit]
Well, at least it seems like he finally has the ending figured out.
>> No. 1775 [Edit]
Gantz ending? I'll believe it when I see it.

There are so many fucking unanswered plot threads, there's now way it will be done in two chapters.
>> No. 1776 [Edit]

>there's now way it will be done in two chapters.

Hiroya wants to finish the manga not to answer the remaining questions.
>> No. 1783 [Edit]
Gantz is ending. It makes me sad.
>> No. 1811 [Edit]
File 137055637924.jpg - (71.10KB , 489x340 , sgantz_c382_-_p025_utopia.jpg )
>> No. 1812 [Edit]
Well, at least it's not 5-8 pages to show something as a battle suit landing in a single spot like in Onepunch Man. Whatever's the name of that scientist hero is anyway, he sucks.

Still, the pacing really sucks. I mean, at least we got to see the vampires again, but that means nothing when we're already at the last chapter.
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
I stopped reading for a bit around the start of the invasion and when they first got onto the ship. Did it improve much?
>> No. 1823 [Edit]
Its not as good as the other arcs. You'll enjoy it if you read it all in one go.
>> No. 1824 [Edit]
Alright then, I'll read it again after the last chapter comes out. Thanks.
>> No. 1839 [Edit]
File 137217037823.png - (334.39KB , 690x273 , kei&katocha(lol).png )
Welp, it's done.
>> No. 1840 [Edit]
File 137217478111.jpg - (75.83KB , 686x301 , egantz_c383_-_p034-035_utopia.jpg )
I'm happy for Tae.
>> No. 1841 [Edit]
from all the shit that's happened in the series, that was such a vanilla ending
>> No. 1842 [Edit]
It wasn't the best of endings, but it has been a throughly enjoyable ride. I really enjoyed Gantz for its mindless action and awesomeness.
>> No. 2980 [Edit]
File 147916998084.jpg - (219.32KB , 692x558 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Anyone here reading Gantz:G?
I really liked the alien designs in the first mission.
>> No. 2982 [Edit]
I like glasses girl. But sadly it doesnt really measure up to the original gantz.
>> No. 3047 [Edit]
File 149610490242.jpg - (304.02KB , 954x1400 , 024.jpg )
Well...that was uneventful. Despite being cancelled so early on, I think it's fair to say that nothing of value was lost.
>> No. 3048 [Edit]
it sucked. and the original gantz was bad enough.

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