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File 149257649840.jpg - (70.15KB , 788x920 , 4da7b71dedc34567b8861440c2e59715_jpeg.jpg )
16 No. 16 [Edit]
Post an offering, tribute, fan art, ritual, sacrifice, etc. for the daily worship of whatever kemono friend you decided to worship today.
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>> No. 23 [Edit]
File 149409396279.jpg - (474.88KB , 2048x1365 , 1494034695143.jpg )
>> No. 24 [Edit]
Can't say I blame them...
>> No. 25 [Edit]
For what? Taking advantage of the craze?
>> No. 26 [Edit]
The Penguin in that zoo became very attached to that cutout and was spending all it's time around the thing. It was even choosing to be around it rather than eating.
>> No. 136 [Edit]
File 150249638538.png - (0.99MB , 1024x1448 , New watch.png )
praise be
>> No. 138 [Edit]
File 150256590826.jpg - (288.35KB , 1438x1000 , 4R8X5fI.jpg )
There is no greater bride for our fair goddess than the pure maiden of the Savannah herself.
Long may they reign together and possibly even show the world what it truly means to love.
>> No. 173 [Edit]
File 150634655428.png - (2.23MB , 1500x2500 , __tsuchinoko_kemono_friends_drawn_by_funako_newggo.png )
I have some bad news about S2
>> No. 174 [Edit]
I don't understand?
>> No. 175 [Edit]
Google translate makes it appear to be something like 'There will be no more Kemono Friends. Really sorry'.
>> No. 176 [Edit]
They kicked tatsuki off the team so kemono friends will just become the nect kancolle with suits ruining it
>> No. 177 [Edit]
File 150636516366.jpg - (87.47KB , 900x636 , nom.jpg )
>Kemono Friends director TATSUKI reported on Monday that he is no longer on the Kemono Friends anime project. He said that it was apparently on notification from publishing and production company Kadokawa, and he apologized to fans for the sudden news that he himself also found very disappointing.
>> No. 178 [Edit]
Something like this happened to KanColle? I'd do some research, but I'm so lazy.
>> No. 179 [Edit]
No it didn't but kancolle doesn't have the soul and characters of kemono friends and is just a cashgrab and the suits are trying to make kemono friends into just another cash grab by taking away what made it special
>> No. 180 [Edit]
The Kancolle anime was a pile of the stinkiest of stinky turds.
>> No. 181 [Edit]
Boycott when?
>> No. 182 [Edit]
kancolle was absolutely a souless cash crab. It's anime was lazy half assed garbage that they knew was going to sell big matter what they did so they put in the least amount of effort possible. Kemono Friends on the other hand was hopeless project advertising a dead game. The creators probably didn't expect anyone to even watch it but they did the best they could with it and turned a turd into gold with nothing but pure determination and willpower while making the best of a bad situation.
I can't stress how insulting and outright disgusting it is to kick the original creators off the team. The suits clearly don't understand that Kemono Friends is largely an underdog story, it's not just about cute animal girls. Shooting that dog at the finish line and replacing it with some prize winning purebred is an outrage. Fans shouldn't be disappointed, they should be angry.
>> No. 183 [Edit]
I guess today is the day Kemono Friends died, huh?
>> No. 184 [Edit]
Accurate to the source material.
>> No. 357 [Edit]
File 151203450739.jpg - (1.40MB , 2480x2768 , __fennec_kemono_friends_drawn_by_ssogari__6824b462.jpg )
>> No. 358 [Edit]
File 151210281375.jpg - (426.72KB , 1080x900 , 1508118678812.jpg )
>> No. 368 [Edit]
File 151414931429.jpg - (156.29KB , 1600x1200 , ef17baef76fb67ec1565342758e681fe03a73543.jpg )
/kf/ is still here! Thanks, Tohno!
>> No. 371 [Edit]
File 151494363770.gif - (6.39MB , 1055x680 , e1f9e385c82fd14cf99bed121d35ec41ff5529f3868b9e20de.gif )
H-... Hashibiroko-san...♥
>> No. 374 [Edit]
File 151494406192.jpg - (128.47KB , 740x802 , birthday.jpg )
The happy birthday Arai-san deserves!
>> No. 590 [Edit]
File 160396863053.jpg - (645.86KB , 2000x1843 , __northern_white_faced_owl_eurasian_eagle_owl_alpa.jpg )
>> No. 593 [Edit]
File 161258328218.jpg - (2.38MB , 2456x1736 , acfe3c1bea07293d03604ece5d14ab9d.jpg )
>> No. 594 [Edit]
File 161336882451.png - (9.57MB , 4200x2240 , kemono_friends.png )
I've had this in my wallpaper rotation. Always elicits a moment of reflection.
>> No. 595 [Edit]
That's a nice one.
>> No. 596 [Edit]
File 161337060058.png - (5.20MB , 3840x2160 , japari.png )
Here's another one I have that I also like. Kaban and Serval side-by-side, looking off into the sunset – it evokes and rekindles everything I love about kemono friends, from their close bond to that tinge of mono no aware found in each episode and in the ED.

(Sidenote: I wish there were more anime-themed wallpapers that have good composition – i.e. aren't just a picture of an anime girl blatantly imposed on some solid color)

Post edited on 14th Feb 2021, 10:37pm
>> No. 597 [Edit]
Agreed. It's oddly hard to find more scenic style anime art.
>> No. 598 [Edit]
File 161338790256.jpg - (1.19MB , 3730x3794 , __serval_kaban_and_lucky_beast_kemono_friends_draw.jpg )
That's a very cute King Ghidorah. Reminds me of Doublas M2 from Robot Girls Z.

That's everything I loved from the series too, I don't think the bonds between Kaban and Serval have been and could ever be replicated. It's a beautiful thing and I really miss them. Shame things have to end this way.

Have anyone read Quick Waipa's manga? Apparently it's supposed to be the continuation of S1.

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