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File 157721450364.jpg - (693.76KB , 755x1000 , Merry Christmas by makuwauri.jpg )
2296 No. 2296 [Edit]
Hello everyone, rather than divide everything into a bunch of threads, I think it would be a much better idea for a place of this size to have a general thread for everything touhou. Of course you're free to post in the other threads if you'd like.

This is just for civil discussion of everything touhou related. Anything and everything 2hu goes in here, fangames, official games, music albums, fanart, printworks, 1cc progress etc, everything.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
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>> No. 2297 [Edit]
What an awful idea. Why would you make a thread when you don't have anything to talk about? Why would there be a Touhou general on a fuqing Touhou board? Do you actually want discussion to devolve into generic generalblogging? If there's something you wanted to talk about that isn't covered in other threads, make a thread about that instead.
> you're free to post in the other threads if you'd like.
Oh how gracious of you, I'm glad we have your permission to post on your private imageboard.
>> No. 2298 [Edit]
File 15772164513.gif - (254.71KB , 100x100 , BASED.gif )
Well I was actually going to whip up something to talk about just now but I see I'll just take my business elsewhere, I just thought this was a good idea, I'm sorry you thought it was stupid, take care anon.
>> No. 2299 [Edit]
How's that new game? Is there a new game? I only play the PC-98 titles.
5 (Mystic Square) is my favorite because it's really cool and I like it. 4 (Lotus Land Story) is also cool; play it first.
Orange dies at the end
I had a dream where Reimu had robot eyes and her mechanical claw-arms shot out and hugged me.
>> No. 2300 [Edit]
Got a better one to revive this board? At least he's trying.
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
srs bsns
>> No. 2302 [Edit]
File 157722181929.png - (77.98KB , 335x245 , What in the hell are Red Dreams.png )
New game is pretty good and also the easiest, it's gimmick is like UFO but a lot better. If you have 1cc's in previous games ZUN himself even said you can 1cc on your first try.

I think it's great that you enjoy the PC-98 games because a lot of people have trouble getting that running and just give up on playing them. Though my favorite PC-98 game is PoDD.
Doesn't Orange actually end up not dying, wasn't it a joke by ZUN?

Oh snap you have touhou dreams as well? I have a bunch of those, even ones I don't recall but I know happened because I managed to write them down first thing when waking up.
>> No. 2303 [Edit]
So far Touhhou 17.5 does not look like it will be on Steam, it also looks like it's going back to a ground based fighter.
>> No. 2304 [Edit]
File 157723430714.png - (29.44KB , 640x480 , Nice art.png )
I found a nice fangame demo, it's a simple but fun experience, I found it on a 7 year old thread on Uboachan, you guys can check it out here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9247ieldj4k8kzq/TouhouProjectMysticSeal.zip/file
Or the thread of it here: https://uboachan.net/og/res/2643.html#q2643

If you guys have access to obscure or extremely hard to find fan games please let me know as I can't get enough of it.

I played the demo of 17.5, it's not really a fighter per se, more of a boss battle/platformer thing. It doesn't work on windows 7 sadly, there is a crappy patch for it though but it'll still crash a lot. Other than that it's really good, I love the music and it's honestly really nice to a have a tasfro spinoff that's not a fighter for once.

The full game might come out on steam, I guess they thought it was pointless to only have the demo up.
>> No. 2305 [Edit]
It's dumb, but it is a fangame.
YTP Project: Embodiment of the Enclosed Instruction Book
>> No. 2306 [Edit]
Oh wow, thank you very much anon, I'll check this out soon. Where did you find this?
>> No. 2307 [Edit]
>Where did you find this?
I stumbled upon it by chance. I can't get it to work for some reason right now, but I remember it working. Maybe it got corrupted somehow, but I've got not clue how that could happen.
>> No. 2308 [Edit]
What operating system are you on?
>> No. 2309 [Edit]
W10. It does work on W7 though. It's buggy as hell.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2019, 6:35pm
>> No. 2310 [Edit]
I've actually got a few lunatic 1cc's under my belt, but I still failed to 1cc the new game on my first try. It was pretty embarrassing...
>> No. 2311 [Edit]
File 157729197985.png - (477.58KB , 640x480 , Sakuya philosophy.png )
Were you trying to normal 1cc or lunatic 1cc it? Either way, it's perfectly normal, especially if it's been a while since you played 2hu.

Don't fret anon! Try again and you'll surely prevail.

Personally, I'm still stuck on Mokou.
>> No. 2312 [Edit]
File 157738542756.png - (1.76MB , 1012x1452 , Spoiler Picture.png )
New Chapter of the new touhou manga is out, thoughts?

>> No. 2313 [Edit]
File 157805335010.png - (221.97KB , 522x364 , 1564644614313.png )
I'm sorry but general threads are NG.

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