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File 149366356274.png - (390.63KB , 512x384 , e0088742_21470551.png )
2130 No. 2130 [Edit]
Touhou 16 "Hidden Star in The Four Seasons" announced! (about 10 days ago)

Cirno and Aya are playable. It's going to be "easier" than LoLK, presumably no checkpoint system. ZUN has decided to "return to [his] roots with something that simply aims to make you feel good to play"
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>> No. 2131 [Edit]
ZUN is tackling the hard-hitting issues like climate change.
>> No. 2133 [Edit]
File 149428677188.jpg - (572.88KB , 1280x960 , acute.jpg )
So now that the trial is actually out, what are everyone's thoughts on it?

I really like the concept behind having a subshot type in theory, but the release bombs are game-breakingly overpowered. Similarly, the return of score-based 1ups is a welcome one... if they weren't so easily farmed with release bomb abuse. On top of that, even Lunatic seems fairly easy so far, pattern-wise.

On a positive note, the visual presentation is great and the music is (unsurprisingly) good. Etærnity is really cute.
>> No. 2134 [Edit]
The game is really broken right now. Having both normal bombs and release bombs is ridiculous. Aya and Cirno's bombs can be spaced so they don't clear bullets which lets you graze for free and supercharge your sub-meter if you ever fall below 1 for some reason. There's a rumor that Zun was rushing the demo out for Reitaisai so the issues should be fixed before release.

Other than that, I really like the idea of mixing and matching shot types and Cirno and Aya make this feel sort of like a PoFV follow up which is nice. The score based 1ups are nice too but going back to collecting a certain amount of point items for a 1up would be the best.
>> No. 2135 [Edit]
>There's a rumor that Zun was rushing the demo out for Reitaisai so the issues should be fixed before release.

I hope you're right about that. I don't recall ZUN making significant changes to game mechanics from the trial to the full version of a game in the past, so I'm a bit worried that we're gonna be stuck with it as it is now.
>> No. 2136 [Edit]
ZUN will have to adjust normal a lot. Stage three feels as difficult as stage two. I think it's great that spell card capturing is a central mechanic again.
>> No. 2137 [Edit]
I hope ZUN changes it to separate high score lists for each combination of character and season. As it is, the lists will probably end up filled with one season.

I also hope he fixes the spelling of Etarnity/Etanity.

The Latin source of "eternity" is "aeternitas". Note the position of the "ae"
>> No. 2159 [Edit]
it's out today, please don't pirate~
>> No. 2160 [Edit]
Wait, do you mean, like, right now or later? Because I already did it!

>> No. 2161 [Edit]
Whelp, I've never bought a touhou game but they're not exactly sold at local stores or even on steam as far as I know. So, where are they sold?
>> No. 2162 [Edit]


You can also use this, http://moriyashrine.weebly.com/ but it is considered better to help support ZUN.
>> No. 2174 [Edit]
Nevermind, there's a steam release.
>> No. 2184 [Edit]
Think they'll port the older games to steam too?
>> No. 2185 [Edit]
iirc ZUN mentioned they will if this one sells well.
>> No. 2186 [Edit]
File 151252189696.jpg - (315.03KB , 1280x720 , ss_3942a5157eeb2b954d870ff0a9f69cac1a8de793_1920x1.jpg )
It seems I had forgotten about another Touhou game.
>> No. 2361 [Edit]
awwww it looks really fun!!! I can't wait to see what it ends up being like!!

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