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File 141610109821.png - (596.49KB , 640x480 , th07.png )
1722 No. 1722 [Edit]
Am I the only one who actually plays the Touhou games? I hate all the waifu bullshit and obsession with the girls.
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>> No. 1723 [Edit]
Nope. Some of the actual game threads may be buried here or still in /vg/, but we do have players here.
Also, I sort of get what you mean with that comment, but going on about "waifu bullshit" in TC isn't a good idea.
>> No. 1724 [Edit]
I suck really badly at Touhou, but I like the girls because of general otaku reasons. I do, however, see it a problem to like the characters if I can't even beat the game.

Although I do believe in that statement, that limit shouldn't be placed for anybody aside from people willing to do it to themselves, as the others won't care and will continue on with it because everybody has an opinion and will likely refuse to let theirs get brought down by somebody they won't and likely will never know or care about.

>> No. 1725 [Edit]
>>waifu bullshit

Get the fuck out.
>> No. 1726 [Edit]
Touhou has great character designs and a fantastic game- and fan-made universe. That's why so many people adore it without playing the game.

I mean, I even ordered a Touhou fig despite only playing the game once.
>> No. 1727 [Edit]
It's not obsession, it's love <3
>> No. 1728 [Edit]
go back to /jp/
>> No. 1730 [Edit]
I actually really like the games. Granted, I haven't played them all, but the gameplay is actually really good, and the overall feel of them is amazing considering it's the product of a single Japanese alcoholic. The thing I don't like (by preference) is that some of the spellcards are impossible to get through with pure reflexes and require you to read into where the bullets will travel (see Youmuu in PCB.)
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
Very edgy.
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
not really
>> No. 1734 [Edit]
What is?
>> No. 1736 [Edit]
OP's sentiment, in context. Although I don't necessarily disagree with it.
>> No. 1737 [Edit]
No, it was an extremely edgy thing to say. And this is coming from someone that loves the games and the genre as a whole.

OP assumes that people that have waifus or discuss the characters must not actually play the games, but that's some ridiculous shit. I've been playing the games for about 6 years now- enough to 1cc every "main" game from TH 2-14 on Lunatic- but I still enjoy the characters and the game's universe. Granted, you don't need to care about that to enjoy the games for their gameplay, but don't discount everyone that does as a simple secondary.
>> No. 1739 [Edit]
Well yeah, I see where you're coming from, but I feel like the word edgy is overused these days more than anything. This is what I think about it:
OP just said voiced his opinion (in a sort of insulting manner) because he was annoyed and wanted to vent a bit. Sort of like a rant but in one short line. He's just annoyed and I can't blame him for that.
Of course opinions can be considered edgy, but I think in order for a thing to be considered edgy it has to be actively trying to be really gritty and different just for the sake of it.

He'd be edgy if he was a 14 year old kid goth who pissed people off just for the sake of it and wanted people think he is suicidal just because it's cool. Cue linkin park.

His assumption may be ridiculous, but that doesn't make it edgy.
>> No. 1741 [Edit]
Being edgy surely bears multiple meanings. I think it's pretty clear what kind of edgy was implied.
>> No. 1743 [Edit]
>I feel like the word edgy is overused these days more than anything
Fair enough.

>voiced his opinion (in a sort of insulting manner)
>it has to be actively trying to be really gritty and different just for the sake of it
And that's where I'd have to disagree. It seems as if he was actually trying to stir up shit to me, at least to some extent. Stating that he hated people that 'obsessed over the girls', or even calling them secondary scum if he opted to, would be what I'd call "sort of insulting". And that's somewhat understandable to me too, because even I get irritated at people that claim to be fans of the series but don't actually play the games. But the fact that he specifically brought up "waifu bullshit" on Tohno-chan reeks of intentional trolling, especially when waifus aren't even a concept inherently related to Touhou. Someone can have a waifu from anything.
>> No. 1744 [Edit]
you are not alone I love touhou because of the lunatic level and the difficult enemies, but say ''waifu bullshit'' here, you made a controversial thread
>> No. 1756 [Edit]
What is it with these system11 users who get lost on the way to their arcade circlejerk.
>> No. 1757 [Edit]
Im playing Th11, im trying to make 1cc in each game since last year.
>> No. 1759 [Edit]
I've only played a few, but of those, the only one I really liked was Perfect Cherry Blossom. I'm horrible at it though.
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
I manage to beat Perfect Cherry Blossom just now on Lunatic, using the default 3 lives and all of the 5 continues, so I'm still shit at it. Going to try to 1cc it on lunatic before I can move on and play the other games.

That said, is it a good idea to start with the series in release order? I only just started with PCB because I heard it was the best for beginners.
>> No. 1769 [Edit]
In my books you're pretty fucking good. I'd just start with TH6 and work myself upwards, excluding TH7. If not for the "story", it's interesting to see how the series evolves. There's plenty of opinions on which is the best, and on what basis. Make yourself an opinion and join the discussion. Personally I like the music and cast of TH6 the best, and gameplay and aesthetics of TH12.
>> No. 1776 [Edit]
Thanks a lot man, I've been busy playing games and doing other NEET things since I made that post but when I can, I'll check out all the other games for sure.
>> No. 1784 [Edit]
I'm super stoked I beat PCB by the skin of my teeth on normal for the first time with no lives, continues or bombs left.
>bad ending 02 try again without using continues
my jimmies were rustled but at least I get to move onto TH 7.5 now.
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
My ass cheeks are clenched to the max when I play Touhou. It's true.
>> No. 1812 [Edit]
Having to actually struggle to beat the characters is what makes so many people fall in love with them, I thought. That's the way it is for me, anyways.
>> No. 1833 [Edit]
I like both the games and the world with the characters. At first I didn't like the shmup genre, but I wanted to understand Touhou and I came to enjoy it as I made myself play everyday; the process creates bonds with the characters. Now I'm done with all the Touhou shooters and play other shmups, but Touhou will always be special for me.

To be honest, I can't respect those who call themselves fans but haven't beaten the games. To them: You and I are worlds apart. You don't know the characters as I do.
>> No. 1880 [Edit]
That's how I was, too. I wasn't very interested in shmups before getting into Touhou, but I thought I might enjoy them a lot. I do, what prevented me from being more into them in the past was their difficulty and how much practice is involved.

You don't need to be a pro at shoot 'em up games to beat a Touhou game. You just need tons of patience, time and practice. I think that people like us who sucked at shoot 'em ups but kept playing Touhou over and over for weeks or months trying to beat the games are more devoted fans than people who beat the games with little effort and mocked others for being bad at them. Let alone secondaries who claim to love Touhou but don't play the games because they're too hard. Saging because this thread is rather kuso, you shouldn't be unable to be someone who plays the games and someone who is obsessed with girls and "waifu bullshit", playing the games is what should be making you fall in love with them, considering all the effort you have to put into playing them if you're not experienced with such games.
>> No. 1894 [Edit]
The Satori boss fight in TH11 is really, really good. You know her spellcards change depending on what character you play? It makes sense cause she reads minds. Satori means "seeing into one's true nature." Thank you for reading namaste.
>> No. 1897 [Edit]
>and mocked others for being bad at them

You left out that part. I've seen so many people say "LOL TOUHOU ISN'T HARD" but they've played shmup games all their lives and don't really like Touhou that much in the first place. But whatever, it doesn't really matter.
>> No. 2021 [Edit]
>To them: You and I are worlds apart. You don't know the characters as I do.

Holy shit, this. I'd like to emphasize this a bit.
I also kind of forced myself to get into Touhou. After hearing about it over and over from a friend I played with on Runescape, and being frustrated by his increasing absence due to the games, I've decided to begrudgingly try it. My first game was Imperishable Night, I think. I was surprised with just how difficult the games were, and the entire genre was completely new to me. The game seemed to be making fun of me for losing and even taunted me for playing on easy mode (which I though was insanely hard at the time). And I was getting my ass kicked by little girls to boot. There was no way I was going to let myself walk away from the game without beating it first. Before I knew it, I finally cleared Normal difficulty and unlocked the extra stage. I decided to challenge myself. "This'll be the last one. I'll beat this on Lunatic difficulty and be done with this game," I told myself, but by then I had a lot more fun than I'd like to have admitted.
Getting to Mokou was insane, and trying to beat her even moreso. She'll always hold a special place in my heart, being my first EX boss, from only beating Normal difficulty just twice, I don't think I'll ever experience that kind of leap of a learning curve and the effort I had to put into pushing through that. She's literally freaking immortal, and super cool to boot. Her theme rocks too.
I know I'm just rambling on now like a nerd, but what I'm trying to say is that what this guy says is entirely true. Now I'm hooked to Touhou and couldn't be happier. I never got to thank my friend for getting me into it, though...

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