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File 139799594060.jpg - (51.70KB , 331x331 , 1332021057551.jpg )
1591 No. 1591 [Edit]
Im thinking the tohuou cast is getting so ridiculously huge that new characters lack appeal, and ZUN should give old characters reappearances instead. However this risks contradicting fanon or displeasing pople who have established ideas of certain characters in their head. What do you think?

Also I noticed these trends in the games:
- Music is becoming more like BGM than melodic songs. I don't actually like this.
- Character designs becoming more and more cluttered, especially with more handheld items and dangly things
- Gameplay relying more on novel gimmicks to keep things fresh
>> No. 1592 [Edit]
I agree, I haven't given a shit about any of the new characters for a while now. I think it would be best to better flush out pre-existing characters. Throwing out new characters is something that only needs to be done when the old ones get boring & uninteresting, and the story starts to get stale.

Fanon contradicts itself all the time anyways doesn't it? I don't really see how it would mater much. Not like it's been a problem for the few characters that do make reappearances.
>> No. 1593 [Edit]
I don't really have much of an educated opinion on this, as I haven't played a new Touhou since UFO. Actually I did try TH13 (?), but I didn't give it much of a chance. It had a couple of sweet songs though. In my opinion there's a bunch of pointless characters throughout the whole series, so I'm never expecting a perfect cast. But I definitely haven't been receptive to new characters since UFO, although because of lack of interest rather than quality complaint. I still adore the franchise, but I'm more rooted in the past I guess. I'm not liking the thought of the music becoming more of a thing in the background.

On the topic of fanon - I hardly think ZUN gives a rat's tit about fan-made continuity. Everyone lost their minds when he suddenly gave Aya long ears. That was funny, hope he does more of that actually.

Holy tits are we actually discussing Touhou on tc?
>> No. 1594 [Edit]
>I haven't played a new Touhou since UFO
Thats pretty much were I also left the series at.
>> No. 1599 [Edit]
Is it really reasonable to ignore the rest of the series based on one really bad entry? It's not like the games are long, 60-hour-long RPGs that require large amounts of time and devotion.
>> No. 1609 [Edit]
> Music is becoming more like BGM than melodic songs. I don't actually like this.
I have to disagree with you on this one. Ten Desires had a lot of really good melodys, for me at least. Just because all of the songs aren't melodic doesn't mean that it's going pure BGM mode, rather, I think Zun's just trying out different things, which isn't bad at all. Of course, this is all a matter of preference, so I understand where you're coming from.
>> No. 1611 [Edit]
I liked this one from th13, from the credits I believe:

>> No. 1612 [Edit]
Of course not. Like I said, on my part it's not something fuelled by discontent. It just ended up like that. I'll definitely pick it up again at some point.
>> No. 1616 [Edit]
>Desire Drive
Good taste, it's one of my favorites from TH13.
>> No. 1629 [Edit]
Agreed. I also thought DDC's soundtrack was pretty damn good, personally.

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