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File 130970628145.png - (157.95KB , 256x512 , MarisaIN.png )
1510 No. 1510 [Edit]
Anyone know of a place where one can find and download tracks from the various games? I don't want remixes or anything like that, just the originals. I know there was some program that pulled the tracks from the games as MP3s but I've forgotten what It was called or how it worked.

I also am gonna challenge myself. I'm gonna start with IN on normal and play at least once a day for a week, then at the end of the week I play on hard and see how I do. If I do well, then I move onto another game for a week with maybe a play of IN on hard every so often.
So this could be a Marisa thread then, since that's who I'm gonna be using.

Anyone know how well PS2 controller d-pads work with the games? My hand starts cramping after a while of using the keyboard for it.
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>> No. 1511 [Edit]
File 130971317813.png - (696.16KB , 650x775 , 9942ef693a9ca785abc701a73e9086b5.png )
I know what program you're talking about. I ripped the music off all the games a while back. It was a real pain in the ass.

Check out http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=search&cats=0_0&filter=0&term=touhou+music

Someone there should have ripped and uploaded it, so it should not be hard to find.

As for your controller issue, I've tried using PS3 controllers but my computer does not recognize them. It worked with my arcade stick though, so if you play a lot of fighters and have bought a stick be it hori or madcatz, it should work on most PC's.

>Marisa Thread
About time the best Touhou made an appearance.
>> No. 1512 [Edit]

This torrent has, amongst a enormous number of remixes, all of the game's soundtracks. It is devided in an archive of its own so you can download only the soundtracks even if you dont want the rest of the remixes.
>> No. 1513 [Edit]
File 130973240561.jpg - (448.47KB , 800x800 , k2isu Marisa victory.jpg )
>> No. 1514 [Edit]
File 130974629760.png - (620.39KB , 640x480 , MarisaIN practice 1_ (Stage 4 incomplete).png )
Maaaaan, did stage 1 and 2 perfectly with only final card fails and stage 3 hit hard and i died before Reimu on 4.
Damn hand cramps.
Not gonna use continues on these practice ones.
I'll try checking those out, though I'd prefer that ripping program if either of you know where to get it and how to use it.

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