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File 129248987027.jpg - (56.35KB , 284x400 , PyonPyonBoxart.jpg )
1353 No. 1353 [Edit]
What are you guys looking forward to this coming comiket?

For me it's Suwako's Jumping Shooting Game (諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策) a semi-3D STG featuring Suwako.
Available at day two (30th) C79 R-13b "UTG Software". The premise of the gameplay is that she hops through, over and around the danmaku patters while throwing stuff back at people.
>> No. 1354 [Edit]
I usually play most of the third party touhou games. last comiket was great fun with Super Marisa Land and that RPG. This looks nice too.
>> No. 1355 [Edit]
I don't pay attention to Comiket.
>> No. 1356 [Edit]
Adding another 10GB of Touhou music to my library.
>> No. 1357 [Edit]
I stopped caring about it when its quality dropped dramatically.
>> No. 1358 [Edit]
Didn't it already come out? Or was that just a demo? Because I have it on my computer but i've only played up till the 2nd stage before getting bored.
>> No. 1359 [Edit]

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