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File 128918811391.jpg - (318.42KB , 1920x1200 , 1288107677255.jpg )
1061 No. 1061 [Edit]
What is the best way to improve your bombing reflex in Touhou?

I can do decent with most of the patterns I just suck at bombing, if I could bomb better I'd probably be able to clear normal mode.

Do you just practice it continually? One idea I had, would be to start playing, but don't look at the screen and practice deathbombing one you hear the sound to get you more accustomed to it, or run into it intentionally when you practice and try and deathbomb then.

Is this way a waste of time or do I just need to practice playing them normally more?
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>> No. 1062 [Edit]
File 128921775094.jpg - (209.28KB , 743x1050 , 2460bedee0f23463a0805cea10e0bb5d.jpg )
How are your fingers spread?


That's how I play. At boss fights and on level 4 I anticipate a death so my thumb is ready and I never had a problem with bombing at the border of life and death. Especially with Reimu.

Kinda nostalgic, the first time I beat normal was with heavy bomb abuse and it only happened after I learned bombing properly, before that I played without using bombs at all. It was impossible.

Learn it love it.
>> No. 1063 [Edit]
I abuse the shit out of bombs now. If I think I've put myself in a poor position I just press the bomb without tempting fate. I find that if I wait for the last moment I usually get his by something my eyes weren't even tracking in the first place.
>> No. 1064 [Edit]

I just use the default configuration for controls but I'll try this.
>> No. 1065 [Edit]
Eww, playing Touhou with the keyboard?
>> No. 1066 [Edit]
You're the first person who mentioned keyboards, who were you referring to?
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