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File 15622851352.jpg - (357.60KB , 3200x2411 , 2F53AC3B-285B-4048-80D5-FBF2B876D64B-28728-000026D.jpg )
3712 No. 3712 [Edit]
What do you guy think about netsuke? I've wanted to collect some for a while, but they're pretty out of my price range. Trying to get an ivory figurine into the country is also pretty dicey. I like how they're made out of expensive shit, intricate, and individually crafted by artists. Netuke actually served a function in the past, but that's largely obsolete now, so I guess they can just be considered a style of figurine. Contemporary ones have been made, but movie kaiju are the only pop culture figures anybody has based them off of, as far as I know.
>> No. 3713 [Edit]
I didn't know there were modern ones. Where would you find these?
>> No. 3714 [Edit]
It doesn't surprise me. As long as some people have an interest in something, there'll be a few who still make them. Same for medieval swords. At least a few of these guys sell, but they're all fairly conservative. I haven't seen anyone carving individual figures of characters from wood.

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