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File 12933596116.jpg - (4.08KB , 90x177 , 43260.jpg )
1 No. 1 [Edit]
ITT, post the last fig you bought.
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>> No. 3 [Edit]
File 129335997297.jpg - (62.63KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-1883.jpg )
Just ordered it a few hours ago. Thanks for linking me to it a couple of months back!
>> No. 4 [Edit]
File 129336094755.jpg - (73.97KB , 800x700 , 10125812a2.jpg )
>> No. 97 [Edit]
File 129340120582.jpg - (181.82KB , 922x934 , asuka00.jpg )
Con-going it's quite unpleasant/exhausting. But, sometimes, you can find good stuff on promotion there; like this one here, wich I really liked from a while, and finally bought this winter for a price about US$30 cheaper than in summer. It was a good deal.
>> No. 106 [Edit]
File 129344188963.jpg - (77.80KB , 657x800 , Saber_Lily_Nendoroid_3-731776.jpg )
Been awhile since I bought any.

So awesome.
>> No. 111 [Edit]
File 129349560047.jpg - (412.39KB , 1380x980 , miku sega diva 00.jpg )
I decided to get a Miku, already. Among such variety, it wasn't that easy of a choice. I found this one at a local store, at a reasonable price; she looked cute enough (brand new) on its box, but still I wasn't completely sure about getting it. Anyway I could afford it right there, so I just took the chance...

When I opened it, at my house, I felt really really happy with having doing so.
>> No. 113 [Edit]
File 12935016114.jpg - (86.69KB , 600x600 , grandsikaros.jpg )
1/7 Ikaros by Grands. 10/10 figure if you like the character. Perfect scale, sculpt and paint job.
>> No. 136 [Edit]
File 129355859430.jpg - (29.17KB , 600x450 , max06146_1.jpg )
>> No. 195 [Edit]
File 129394164182.jpg - (21.78KB , 256x358 , 42327.jpg )
>> No. 240 [Edit]
File 129454561593.jpg - (166.33KB , 540x600 , Volks_MikuEncore_1.jpg )
I ordered her today...I'm a little nervous because she's only $39.99 instead of the usual $115. I hope she's not actually an off-brand.
>> No. 241 [Edit]
Where did you order from?
>> No. 242 [Edit]
It's actually from a local shop called Niko Niko. They said since they had store locations in Japan they payed less on shipping (which seems fishy to me) so charged less. The figures I've bought from them in the past have been in good condition, but never in the original packaging. I specifically requested that they keep her boxed, so hopefully its alright.
>> No. 243 [Edit]
File 129462259316.jpg - (325.01KB , 490x900 , noriko-bome02.jpg )
Same seller as last time, even better deal.

Best of luck to you with that.
>> No. 244 [Edit]
>never in the original packaging
That sounds extremely strange, are you sure you're not just buying used figs they cleaned up?

well, technically, even if the item never had a previous owner, it's used the second it's removed from the package, even if done by a store owner, an item, any item at any store stops being new when opened.
Not to say I've never bought used figs myself, but most people are revolted by the idea of buying used figs because of the strange things many people do to them.
Just be careful is all bro.
>> No. 245 [Edit]
I got that same figure at a comic store for about 40 bucks last year, what'd you pay?
>> No. 246 [Edit]
Just under $24.
>> No. 247 [Edit]
Screw you too, buddy.

Anyways, I don't regret paying that much because she's purty.
>> No. 248 [Edit]
File 129463203573.jpg - (34.22KB , 704x396 , 1258723530493.jpg )
Maybe some day you'll be a savvy shopper like me.
>> No. 252 [Edit]
File 129478861929.jpg - (52.19KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-1274.jpg )
I just ordered this and a set of DMC figures.
>> No. 254 [Edit]
File 129488803056.jpg - (268.00KB , 1016x1484 , kirino-kosaka-toy-works.jpg )
Just ordered it today
Hatters gonna hate
but look at the Meruru DVD... look!
>> No. 255 [Edit]
nice, I didnt realise this figure was available so cheaply. I just ordered one.

I dunno what that place is like but dont assume something is legit just because its being sold in a shop. I prefer to shop online because the prices are better anyway but I've heard a lot of shops IRL are selling fake figmas etc.
however I dont think bootlegs of that figure exist so you should be ok.
>> No. 256 [Edit]
>but I've heard a lot of shops IRL are selling fake figmas etc.

Now, where would that be?
>> No. 257 [Edit]
in Brazil, for example
>> No. 261 [Edit]
File 129498015448.jpg - (132.48KB , 923x980 , 10112872a6.jpg )
Bought it months ago. It's still in its original packaging, somewhere underneath the desk back at my dorm.
>> No. 270 [Edit]
File 129498992518.jpg - (408.66KB , 1280x768 , IMAG0269.jpg )
>> No. 271 [Edit]
>> No. 273 [Edit]
>> No. 275 [Edit]
File 129501291541.jpg - (21.50KB , 600x432 , Cirno hooray.jpg )
>> No. 308 [Edit]
File 129632926572.jpg - (132.78KB , 712x634 , pa_192485_4 a.jpg )
Apparently just got into stocks this week...

Incredibly cheap (US$ 17.90) and quite pretty (I think I'm glad I purchased this instead of Figma's).
>> No. 309 [Edit]
Nice. I really need to browse playasia more, they have some great deals and stuff in stock that most others don't sometimes.
>> No. 311 [Edit]
File 129633220988.jpg - (191.87KB , 960x1280 , Tsume19791264004722.jpg )
Finally grabbed this off ebay after being indecisive for way too long. Every other Aria fig costs 2 arms and 2 legs so I think this was a good purchase.
>> No. 312 [Edit]
Last time I bought from the it took 2 months for the package to arrive..
>> No. 322 [Edit]
File 129647538954.jpg - (2.15MB , 3488x2616 , DSCF1988.jpg )
These came in the mail today. Today, like every day is a glorious day to be a collector. I got all three for under $30 as well, so it was a great find.
>> No. 323 [Edit]
File 129651624445.jpg - (78.32KB , 990x990 , 10119168a.jpg )
Only ¥720 on hobbysearch. Too cute to pass up.

>> No. 358 [Edit]
File 129689429646.jpg - (168.87KB , 530x528 , Aya figma.jpg )
Finally got this. \o/
>> No. 359 [Edit]
Looks nice!
>> No. 360 [Edit]
File 129696326579.jpg - (550.91KB , 1600x1200 , DSC00007.jpg )
Came today. Adorable.
>> No. 365 [Edit]
Adorable! I want one.
>> No. 369 [Edit]
File 129708169262.jpg - (0.98MB , 900x1200 , ricoincase.jpg )
Riko's moeness is a miracle of the universe.
>> No. 370 [Edit]
Love that Yomiko fig.
>> No. 381 [Edit]
Very cute indeed. Nice case!
>> No. 433 [Edit]
File 129753877711.jpg - (171.53KB , 1200x900 , DSC00024.jpg )
>> No. 466 [Edit]
File 129792087654.jpg - (394.49KB , 692x610 , 10066452a.jpg )
arrived today.
a bit smaller than expected, but utterly beautiful.
>> No. 475 [Edit]
File 129794523790.jpg - (109.34KB , 890x570 , motoko.jpg )
Purchase confirmed.
>> No. 476 [Edit]
Where can I get this?
>> No. 532 [Edit]
Sorry, I didn't see your post until now.

I got it from ebay; prices are over the moon right now, everywhere I looked for, but I managed to catch a recent auction on wich I won it for $66 (release price was about $58); althought now I'm still waiting for an answer from the seller, because further shipping costs went crazy (and he's quite apathetic, so negotiations have been a pain in the ass)...

Anyway: it's a bit hard to find now and really expensive, among western distributers. You could also take your chances at, though, or hope for a rerun (sometimes they DO happen... and too late).

Item reference for search:
Motoko Kusanagi 1/8
Good smile

Good luck, bro (and good luck to me too, because this is still a bit uncertain).
>> No. 545 [Edit]
Thanks, I don't trust ebay or the sellers enough to buy anything on that site so I will refrain from it even though I'm a huge Motoko fan. I'll just have to wait until I get enough money and buy it the hard way.
>> No. 555 [Edit]
File 129842702351.jpg - (106.61KB , 600x600 , Shikieiki.jpg )
Gonna have to buy a case to place these in soon.
>> No. 556 [Edit]
File 129849705367.jpg - (160.65KB , 1200x952 , haruhi.jpg )
Came today. Rigged up my ghetto lightbox to test it out.
>> No. 790 [Edit]
File 129920651981.jpg - (39.45KB , 500x363 , rin_limited1.jpg )
This limited edition Rin arrived just today. I didn't actually know its main feature was to be a cast-off... (shirt and backpack removable; nipples are suggested -sculpted- on her flat chest)
Painting isn't the best, but it's nicely enough for its very low price.

Mine arrived a couple days ago. The face and body proportions don't resemble Haruhi as much as Figma's, but on the other hand is actually prettier than I expected from the preview pics. Details are clean; I specially liked the fact that her uniform and hair aren't black but a nice deep brown.
>> No. 791 [Edit]
File 129926506157.jpg - (98.05KB , 800x800 , 26dcd8aede18c3ef7579691cc26c0e46.jpg )
My Hatsune Miku HMO ver. Nendo finally arrived. It's my first nendo I bought, while I had a Kagamin Hiiragi summer uniform ver. figure before.

It includes several additions, such as leeks, hands, feets, instruments and headsets, with also a clear plastic base with a connection for Miku's back for showcasing and posing. It also features two optional faces.

The nendo's joints are so small and delicate. It's a gorgeous and well made nendo. Surely worth it.
>> No. 815 [Edit]
File 129989732794.jpg - (731.68KB , 2080x1552 , HPIM2710.jpg )
So I bought this on amazon, I have Kuroko maid, glasses Miku, and Miyafuji figma on order, and I nearly stopped myself from buying all 5 k-on figmas, which I will probably do anyway when I get my first paycheck, as well as buy a Tewi, a Cirno, and possibly a Reisen fig with the second, and a Charlotte figma when it comes out.

I hate you all.
>> No. 816 [Edit]
File 129989900048.jpg - (131.01KB , 480x485 , MikuHatsuneAppend.jpg )

Well, I just made up my mind and pre-ordered this a moment ago.
Now I'm pretty much broke for the rest of the month AGAIN.
>> No. 817 [Edit]
Enjoy everything!
>> No. 829 [Edit]
Tell me about it. After textbooks and figures, there is no money for anything else so I live off packet noodles and water. LIVING THE DREAM BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.
Yeah, I am wanthing a glasses miku, a cirno and that maid kuroko but I only have $50 in my account. When that charlotte figure comes out (If it does) it will be a glorious day.
>> No. 849 [Edit]
File 130061360951.jpg - (146.08KB , 699x931 , Evangelion 2_0 You can (not) Advance Shikinami Asu.jpg )
Arrived today, together with some cookies and a friendly letter... but without the ladle.

I checked the the original item description; it wasn't told explicitly, but neither was the item shown on the pictures; and it was known to come without a box (i.e. it's a before used item)... so it was my mistake. Anyway, I wrote to the seller to comment him on this (thought not really as a complain), and to give him my best wishes, there in Japan (althought is useless).

It's actually a vey nice figure, regardless. I did like it a lot. I might find something later, to subsitute the missing ladle...

On a different note: just in case, never buy garage kits from this guys:
They suck really hard (bad recasting, bad decals -no white ink-, unintelligible instructions booklet... *sigh*).
>> No. 882 [Edit]
File 130110306174.jpg - (596.46KB , 1840x1440 , sorry_for_the_poor_photo_quality.jpg )
My sister got me this as a late birthday gift. We're not sure if it's bootleg but apart from minor paint blemishes it looks like the real thing.

Still, it's nice of her.
>> No. 886 [Edit]
File 130125004744.jpg - (1.63MB , 1552x2080 , HPIM2717.jpg )

Though I remember Tohno mentioning the black paint of the strikers easily rubbing off on her legs on his fig blog, and after putting on the strikers I found out just how easily he meant. Also wrestling with her to get her to hold onto her rifle with 2 hands was a pain DAMMIT MIYAFUJI JUST HOLD ONTO THE GODDAMMED GUN WITH 2 HANDS. Though in the process of getting her to hold it properly the paint on the gun rubbed off on her shirt, I'm probably just gonna have to get a little aggressive with a q-tip and some water.

though I never noticed this in the anime, but that is not how you hold a rifle, the buttstock is under her shoulder, which would make recoil a big problem. Then again, I'm not sure a 14-year-old girl would be able to carry an autocannon in the first place...
>> No. 887 [Edit]
>> No. 888 [Edit]
Right, forgot about that.
>> No. 889 [Edit]
I totally forgot about the Biribiri Beach Queens figure that I preordered. It's going to come soon in 2-3 weeks.
>> No. 913 [Edit]
File 130205082529.jpg - (451.30KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0305.jpg )
Got this in a week or so ago. Pretty happy with it.
>> No. 914 [Edit]
File 130205119565.jpg - (62.11KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-2215.jpg )
Here, have the Wave Beach Queen Nanoha and Fate on pre-order. Even though they have some QUALITY issues I can't complain too much, also not gonna pass judgment until I actually get them in.
>> No. 917 [Edit]
File 130205370628.jpg - (42.81KB , 818x409 , kagami-konata beach.jpg )

Damn... A man within my means have to take rather difficult decisions all the time. But if I'd have enough money to spare, I'd so collect most of Beach Queen portraits... and Touhous...
and several complete K-ON! sets (including Sawa-chan, if possible).

>> No. 918 [Edit]
>including Sawa-chan, if possible
as if they'll ever make a fig of Sawa-chan ;_;
>> No. 943 [Edit]
File 130237452488.jpg - (40.83KB , 450x407 , Akiha.jpg )
My aunt came to visit a few weeks ago and gave me some cash. Managed to find one of these in a small online shop in Hawaii, made sure to call to see if they still had her in stock, and they did.

Surprising for a figure discontinued two years ago. Weeks of searching payed off. Now if only I could find a Dakimakura, my life would be complete.
>> No. 944 [Edit]

Where did you find this, and do they ship internationally
>> No. 946 [Edit]
File 13023987265.jpg - (109.38KB , 280x500 , 761.jpg )
I wasn't able to find any place that had a dakimakura of her in stock but I did find that there was at least one doujin circle that produced one.

I found the circles shop online (I think) but I don't know enough moon runes to figure out if they have any more of her in stock or would be able to make more.

Worst case you can try and find a high res image that you like that would work for a dakimakura (not that hard) and then have a custom one made.
>> No. 947 [Edit]
File 130248088169.jpg - (134.94KB , 617x903 , pr070611ii_gif.jpg )
>> No. 955 [Edit]
File 130257248588.png - (61.63KB , 263x731 , Impossible.png )
Lucky I didn't check on TC until just now. I cancelled that order, it seems the store has a completely horrendous record and does not update it's webpage. The owner has a large record of scamming and never mailing goods ordered through them. I contacted my bank and cancelled all check clearings on my card set from the last few days. I'll just pay the extra cash and get the figure through .jp auctions.

Business bureau review of the store in question. It makes we wonder how a business like this is even allowed to keep running with such a terrible record.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
File 130378692839.jpg - (77.28KB , 1023x700 , k-on_yuiMovic.jpg )
Just ordered.
>> No. 1030 [Edit]
File 130379979116.jpg - (127.69KB , 695x831 , kyo.jpg )
Guess what? at the end, I did buy it...

Her price went down a little and I realized that, if I ignored one of my DEBT$, I could buy it right away. The figure itself should be of more than good quality (Kotobukiya/4-leaves production) and the store looks ok (they did make the shipment the very next day), so I'm just a bit worried about the customs but we'll see.

I also just hope nothing extraordinary happens next month so I can pay the rest of what I owe
>> No. 1032 [Edit]
That posterior
>> No. 1033 [Edit]
File 130383693931.jpg - (823.60KB , 1024x682 , black-rock-shooter-blu-ray-dvd-set-limited-edition.jpg )
Just bought these. My first ever figs! Got them in the HLJ sale.
>> No. 1034 [Edit]
File 130384168052.jpg - (125.85KB , 401x317 , 10064824_lrg3.jpg )
and this
>> No. 1035 [Edit]

I think they did a really nice job with that set.

Too bad the anime was such a turd.
>> No. 1037 [Edit]
File 130389875886.png - (1.02MB , 1280x720 , BLACK_★_ROCK_SHOOTER_OVA_-6_jpg.png )

The OVA? I enjoyed it...

Of course it's nothing like a seinen master-work or a humble-but-delicate piece (like, say, Makoto Shinkai's first shorts); but, for a side product of a Miku-doujin character (made just for the sake of her looks after some random song), they delivered a coherently enough story at least the realistic/scholar half with an attractive trade-mark artistic style and a decent portait of what we love to see: girls and their feelings through daily (yet difficult) situations... or so I think.

The soundtrack had some nice stuff, too; a bit in the style of Haruhi's Disappearance.
>> No. 1038 [Edit]
File 130394506699.jpg - (548.68KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0321.jpg )
Just got this in the mail today. I have the Fate one to go with it but not going to be able to get pics for the completed scene till this weekend.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
i'm pretty excited for it. it only cost me 2400 yen.
>> No. 1040 [Edit]

I also greatly enjoyed the OVA.
>> No. 1051 [Edit]
File 130431552761.jpg - (464.86KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0323.jpg )
>> No. 1055 [Edit]
File 130481897141.jpg - (418.43KB , 858x1140 , HPIM0330.jpg )
Got this in today. I've always wanted it and knew I'd be happy with it, but I'm truly blown away with how good it actually is. Probably my favorite figure to date.
>> No. 1063 [Edit]
File 13049630475.jpg - (461.60KB , 1500x1125 , DSC00073.jpg )
         キタキタキタ━━━ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ━━━ !!

>> No. 1064 [Edit]
Wow, what a nice looking Yui! I don't remenber seeing it in any kind of catalogue of prodution, who are the makers of it?

I remenber also seeing a set of the K-on girls with theyre first ending costumes, really well made and good poses, but I cannot remenber theyre producers as well. If anyone knows of this set, please enlighten me.
>> No. 1067 [Edit]
File 130547701440.jpg - (52.94KB , 541x800 , Mia-chan1264568113.jpg )
She's made by Kotobukiya and Movic. As far as I know the only other fig of this set is this Mio. The figs you're referring to from the ED were made by Kyoto Animation.

Post edited on 15th May 2011, 9:48am
>> No. 1078 [Edit]
File 130551264397.jpg - (1.38MB , 2112x2816 , roll1.jpg )
>> No. 1088 [Edit]
File 130568538716.jpg - (479.07KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0343.jpg )
Yay more Feito.
>> No. 1089 [Edit]
File 130585089929.jpg - (297.47KB , 1280x1024 , img031.jpg )
Even more delicious Fate, this time with 100% more Nanoha! (Sorry for crappy camera phone quality, will get better pics later).
>> No. 1090 [Edit]
Never enough Feito.
>> No. 1091 [Edit]
That's exactly what I tell my wallet (especially with the recent USD:JPY rates). Though I'm almost done collecting her. Goal is to fill up an entire detolf with Nanoha and Fate figs.
>> No. 1094 [Edit]
File 130594990262.jpg - (512.99KB , 1368x1824 , airi2.jpg )
just arrived.
>> No. 1095 [Edit]
File 130594993886.jpg - (501.20KB , 1824x1368 , airis.jpg )
its a lot bigger than I was expecting.
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
File 130595065464.jpg - (484.06KB , 1824x1368 , airisfanservice.jpg )
and fanservice
>> No. 1097 [Edit]
>> No. 1098 [Edit]

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
are the panties removable?
>> No. 1100 [Edit]
File 130595276088.jpg - (493.64KB , 1368x1824 , airi2nopanties.jpg )
>> No. 1101 [Edit]
cool, makes me kind of want to get one myself now, she was one of the few good characters in queen's blade after all.
>> No. 1141 [Edit]
File 130722341172.jpg - (656.55KB , 900x675 , mugi.jpg )
It's here!!
>> No. 1143 [Edit]
                               、 〃 ツッ,,
     xッ     xッツ〃ッ,,     xッ巛ヾミ、    ミ      ヾ
    ミ,, 彡   彡 ミ    彡  彡ミ    彡  ミ      彡
     _, '´ ゙̄ヽ. 彡 _, '´ ゙̄ヽ.  彡_, '´ ゙̄ヽ. 彡     ミ
      ハ⌒ソ))ス./x  イノ⌒ソス)/x  リ⌒ソ)) ス./彡i !lィヾ
     ノ从゚ヮ゚*// \从゚ヮ^//  \从゚ヮ゚*//
    (´ ノ!_ノ(y´     ソ!_ノ(y´    ソ!_ノ(y´ ))
      ( 、  ノ     ( 、  ノ      ( 、 ,ノ (´
  キタ━━i_ (━━━━i_ (.━━━━i_ (━━━━━ !!!
      / ̄″ ヽ、   / ̄″\     / ̄″ヽ、
     んん~ァ~ゝ  んん~ァ~ゝ  んん~ァ,-ゝ
     / / //ヾノ   / / //ヾノ    / / //ヾノ
    (_( _/    (_( ,,/     (_( _/

>> No. 1144 [Edit]
File 130722881643.png - (52.96KB , 318x470 , this-pleases-mugi.png )
>> No. 1145 [Edit]
File 130724198883.jpg - (0.96MB , 1200x900 , DSC02783.jpg )
Also this.
>> No. 1146 [Edit]
File 130731848579.jpg - (67.43KB , 650x800 , Elsie.jpg )
Just preordered this last night. Hopefully I will have the money by the time it releases.
>> No. 1147 [Edit]
Cute! Then again anything involving Elsie is
>> No. 1152 [Edit]
File 130740058927.jpg - (223.98KB , 1824x1368 , Miyu1279288619_jpeg.jpg )
Got her of ebay. Found a lovely picture too.
>> No. 1153 [Edit]
What great lighting.
>> No. 1154 [Edit]
A great pic of a fantastic fig.
>> No. 1155 [Edit]
File 130740220976.jpg - (168.22KB , 600x800 , P1_figma_Ayanami_Rei.jpg )
this arrived today. I would take a pic but my camera is always insisting its out of batteries. I bought the most expensive batteries I could find but theyre flat now, I guess it has a slow drain.
>> No. 1156 [Edit]
Damn, I've been wanting a nice Rei fig like that for quite some time now.
>> No. 1161 [Edit]
File 13074848525.jpg - (413.99KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00011-20110607-1907.jpg )
Got her in the mail today

Its been over a month since I bought, I miss the smell~
>> No. 1163 [Edit]
I bet she's terrible at Go.
>> No. 1164 [Edit]
File 130761248763.jpg - (369.23KB , 1280x768 , IMAG0359.jpg )
My Hidamari Sketch mini figures came today!
>> No. 1165 [Edit]
File 130761871023.jpg - (372.19KB , 1280x768 , IMAG0366.jpg )
and another picture~
>> No. 1166 [Edit]
File 130764920227.jpg - (237.80KB , 1000x1333 , feena1.jpg )
キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ !!!

Post edited on 9th Jun 2011, 12:54pm
>> No. 1167 [Edit]
File 130764922267.jpg - (293.97KB , 1000x1333 , feena2.jpg )
キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ !!!

Post edited on 9th Jun 2011, 12:54pm
>> No. 1168 [Edit]
File 130764929494.jpg - (293.23KB , 1000x1084 , feena3.jpg )

Post edited on 9th Jun 2011, 12:55pm
>> No. 1169 [Edit]
File 130773784399.jpg - (304.30KB , 1140x858 , HliFO.jpg )
Finally unboxed my beach queens and then got the 1/4 Nanoha in earlier this week. Now the question is whether I should get the Wave StrikerS figs too. Seems like it would be kind of a waste since I already have the 1/4s
>> No. 1170 [Edit]
It's never a waste to show your dedication. If you can, you should.
>> No. 1171 [Edit]
File 130808249924.jpg - (57.82KB , 768x576 , P140611_13_17_[01] 0.jpg )
>> No. 1172 [Edit]
File 130808265340.jpg - (53.50KB , 576x768 , P140611_13_25_[01] 0.jpg )
Look: a little hottie I found...
>> No. 1175 [Edit]
How exactly did they get a figurine made?
>> No. 1177 [Edit]
With an underpaid sculptor and a bunch of starving chinese kids performing slave-labour in a cage?

No, seriously: if you mean about PVC mass production, I don't really know.
If you mean about designing or assembling a garage kit, this are a few links you might find interesting:
[All is interesting to look at; go to the "Making" seccion]

Post edited on 14th Jun 2011, 2:47pm
>> No. 1182 [Edit]
I meant mass production, yeah. I guess you just contact Kotobukiya and ask them to make your figurine...?
>> No. 1183 [Edit]
I'm no expert, but I belive the process is something like.

Manufacture decides on what character to make and what pose, what materials, and so on, probably making concept sketches first.

Then when when it's decided, a sculptor sculpts a figure out of a clay and presents it for approval, changing it where need be.
After they are satisfied with the model, I believe they'd make a mold of it, but covering it in a substance that would take it's shape then harden, they'd then make another model using that, a prototype, not clay buy not finished, they'd use that to decide if the fig is good to go and how they'd paint it.
They'd take the fig off to get photos taken, and and box art done, then using the mold and programing some robots on the assembly line to paint the things, mass production starts, although I'm sure it's mostly made my machines, I bet there's someone somewhere on the assembly line, at least making sure it's all going okay.
then there's the matter of letting stores and suppliers know about it, and taking orders, shipping them out in bulk amounts to the business.

again, this is just what I believe it to be like, for all I know, it might just be all magical fairies.
>> No. 1184 [Edit]
If you want them to mass produce a figure to your own taste, I'd recommended sucking large amounts of cocks and bribing out the ass the people in charge, like that Danny cho guy that got a figma made of his website's mascot.
>> No. 1185 [Edit]
Thanks, but I meant if some random guy already has a figurine made, how the figurine gets picked up by a major manufacturer for production. I don't expect you personally to know, I'm just wondering if anyone does.
Actually, you might be on to something. Danny Choo just made a whole blog post about how Raemz did some character designs for him. Since Raemz is part of 4-Leaves, and Danny Choo is huge in the otaku world, maybe he put in a good word for them or something.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2011, 11:52am
>> No. 1195 [Edit]
File 130859407898.jpg - (301.17KB , 476x2217 , danbo.jpg )
I have a friend, now...
>> No. 1204 [Edit]
File 130894204543.jpg - (673.26KB , 1000x1333 , white.jpg )
キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ !!!
>> No. 1213 [Edit]
File 130905356328.jpg - (388.56KB , 1333x1000 , maids.jpg )
some maids
>> No. 1224 [Edit]
File 130937763731.png - (491.78KB , 768x613 , yahoofigs.png )
A few figures I ordered from recently.

In the corner is a mystery garage kit I guess you could say, of mai waifu.
She seems to have a bunch of garage kits out there, this being one I had not seen before.
>> No. 1230 [Edit]
File 130957615127.jpg - (81.33KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-1150.jpg )
Alter is reissuing her in October and I just preorded this morning. I've already seen this fig in person before and loved it so I'm pretty excited.
>> No. 1252 [Edit]
File 13100052107.jpg - (148.46KB , 1280x960 , Harlock1237691191.jpg )
Got the Yuki and Haruhi from Mandarake for 2000yen. Just need to find the Mikuru for cheap.
>> No. 1253 [Edit]

Those look bootlegged.
>> No. 1254 [Edit]
I wouldn't say so. I do not know the company that produced those but the details on the Haruhi's guitar are far too nice for it to be a bootleg, maybe the coloring or material is simply like gives a unusual look. I can't say the same for Yuki.
>> No. 1255 [Edit]
That's not my picture anyway, just a random one from MFC. Was too lazy to stitch together stock photos.

Here are the links:

I like figures with guitars.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2011, 9:44pm
>> No. 1398 [Edit]
File 131242763185.jpg - (307.66KB , 1266x846 , P110711_10_44 yy.jpg )
finally posting...
it is a decent/likeable figure for it's low price; the only really weird things are the hair and the nose, maybe.

Post edited on 3rd Aug 2011, 8:20pm
>> No. 1399 [Edit]
File 131242792278.jpg - (408.92KB , 634x845 , P180711_14_35 uu.jpg )
Rei, harder to find already, costed me about twice her original price (the lowest I could find, and with a local seller actually; I saw him at a subway station: kind of awkward, but a gentle guy after all)... anyway, it was worth it: WAVE made a good work with this couple (they've also a Mari, but meh).
>> No. 1400 [Edit]
File 131242854843.jpg - (482.32KB , 842x1909 , P030811_21_25_[02] ii.jpg )
Relatedly(??), I finally bought a new (wheeled) bookcase so I couild make some space for my other collection(s)...
>> No. 1401 [Edit]

I love the Asuka and Rei motorcycles you have. I've always wanted to get the one for Asuka, but actually the one where she is in a different pose. (Another version of the same figure maybe?) How much did you pay for each?

The WAVE's are really nice aswell, but to be honest, what impresses me the most are the butterflies. Really nice.
>> No. 1402 [Edit]
File 131247124113.jpg - (252.64KB , 960x1280 , 080411095244_01.jpg )

Guess I should also post the last figure I bought.

The actual figure is looking the other way because I think her back looks great in that pose as well as the detail on the outfit's back.

Sometimes I look at figures too much in a normal front pose, when a side or rear pose looks great as well.
>> No. 1403 [Edit]
File 131247630198.jpg - (185.82KB , 800x533 , 3315624220_bc9f145d4c_o.jpg )
USD 120 each, on eBay, but it was more complex than that...

The original PVCs went out of stock (and auctions) ages ago; the only thing one could find then (and maybe now, IDK) were re-casted garage kits. I bought a (cheap) pair, just to find that the motorcycle pieces were very poorly done (indeed; there were even missing parts), for a model that demands such a complex assembling; the figures weren't all that bad, thought. I kept searching and then I found this pair of nicely finished kits, with bases and all; the thing was: they were the X-rated versions; after a lot of thinking (and saving), I decided to buy them, with the idea that someday I shall change the figures for the "dressed" ones I kept (when I finally get my ass to finish them); but I got accustomed to their nudity, so maybe I'll keep them just like they are now. Also, to take in consideration: they arrived slightly (and not so silightly) broken, mostly the motorcycles, so a bit of gluing was necessary (they are extremely fragile).

I think I know what other Motor-Asuka you're talking about (pic related; the colors might differ); it's also available only as a garage kit now (finisehd or not), as far as I know.


Post edited on 4th Aug 2011, 11:57am
>> No. 1404 [Edit]
Yes, that's the one. To be honest, I'm pretty sure that at least the version I want is originally an unofficial Garage Kit, it was never "released" as a PVC (considering a PVC cannot be that detailed.
>> No. 1405 [Edit]
File 131272232424.jpg - (55.76KB , 600x833 , kotobukiya zero.jpg )
Got a MMZ-style Zero Kotobukiya kit on preorder.

Last thing I actually bought was a PVC statue of mai waifu.

Same one as >>243 actually.
>> No. 1468 [Edit]
File 131439091361.jpg - (81.93KB , 542x650 , griffon Tenshi figurine 11.jpg )
Pre-ordered. She's the only character I ever have, and most likely ever will, buy a PVC figurine of.
>> No. 1482 [Edit]
File 131492569032.jpg - (60.41KB , 533x800 , FIG-MOE-3685_08.jpg )
I just pre-ordered this.

I wasn't even familiar with Shining Hearts or the character, but the design was too adorable to pass up on. I'm such a sucker for cute girls with over-sized witch hats.
>> No. 1483 [Edit]
You know what they say about girls with big witch hats...

They stay dry if they are out in the rain
>> No. 1499 [Edit]
File 131520238083.jpg - (177.77KB , 515x526 , nendomadoka1.jpg )
Madoka c:
>> No. 1501 [Edit]
File 131522893985.jpg - (37.66KB , 256x413 , 72650.jpg )
This one arrived today. Decent fig for being so cheap. I got what I expected.
>> No. 1502 [Edit]
I think it's gorgeous! I own the Kotobukiya one.
>> No. 1503 [Edit]
File 131528957688.jpg - (455.68KB , 1700x2301 , DSC_0874b.jpg )
She just arrived. Definitely worth the wait.
>> No. 1506 [Edit]
File 131547491323.jpg - (23.27KB , 341x500 , eb_41LSc9UQTnL.jpg )
Just got her.
>> No. 1507 [Edit]
I think that might be the nicest fig I've seen of her yet.
>> No. 1508 [Edit]
What's with the floating cornet though
>> No. 1509 [Edit]
You know I wondered the same thing...

We would have to ask Clayz about that though. Im really happy though because she's worth around 130 cheapest on places like eBay(where they are possibly even found), and at most around 250, but I only got her for 45 in this one of a kind auction from a seller who went out of bussiness. And even though seh has a floating cornet, the figure is VERY nice. i'd say the only nicer figure of Konata is the big gym outfit version.
>> No. 1517 [Edit]
File 131556323376.jpg - (346.21KB , 1200x900 , 22.jpg )
My most recent purchase.
so pretty...

but not photo friendly it seems.
>> No. 1518 [Edit]
File 131557246031.jpg - (1.46MB , 3264x2448 , Look! The East is burning red!.jpg )
The Roll model kit I ordered just came in yesterday. I've kinda wanted to learn how to paint these sorts of things properly, I just never have the spare cash to buy paint, primer, topcoat, tools, etc. or the spare time to learn how to use them.
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
File 131576916288.jpg - (380.78KB , 950x600 , 82719387.jpg )
>> No. 1537 [Edit]
File 131580836077.jpg - (102.50KB , 600x800 , 1071681.jpg )
Latest purchase, a month or so back.
The face is much less derpy in person, my camera just fucking sucks.
>> No. 1550 [Edit]
File 131620886841.jpg - (692.74KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_2257.jpg )
This was an impulse buy. I only paid a little over $50 for the pair and that was with shipping. They are surprisingly nice

Konata's hair is really beautiful, and I love the annoyed look Kagami has.
>> No. 1553 [Edit]
Deserving of my bi-monthly use of the term Kawaii.
>> No. 1555 [Edit]
Only 50 for both?

>> No. 1556 [Edit]

I thought it was too good to be true, but they are really nice. If they are knockoffs I would be very surprised. They are a recent release, and it does ship form Japan.
>> No. 1564 [Edit]
File 131657976632.jpg - (74.07KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-4171.jpg )
So gorgeous.
>> No. 1566 [Edit]
You made me run to AmiAmi; ordered without thinking. The only problem is: >>1565 decisions, decisions...
>> No. 1576 [Edit]
I am buying both anyway.
>> No. 1578 [Edit]
File 13171455982.jpg - (72.74KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-4313.jpg )
>> No. 1586 [Edit]
File 13177753221.png - (1.65MB , 1079x1287 , Eva ballerinas.png )
...And this is how I already spent all my money until the end of the month.
>> No. 1587 [Edit]
File 131786078544.jpg - (240.26KB , 706x1000 , 132628.jpg )
Just ordered...

Kind of sucks having to buy the set just to get a few I want, but I might turn around and sell some of em to offset the price.
>> No. 1589 [Edit]
Why? They're all nice.
>> No. 1590 [Edit]
Whats with the dots on their cheeks
>> No. 1591 [Edit]
The doubles mostly
>> No. 1614 [Edit]
File 131917334054.jpg - (130.60KB , 944x1000 , OhnoRaptors1318925687.jpg )
Just pre-ordered this. Won't have her until April though...that's forever away.
>> No. 1615 [Edit]
File 13191916811.jpg - (663.46KB , 1200x900 , 09.jpg )
playing E-card with Kaiji, awesomeness.
>> No. 1617 [Edit]

>> No. 1618 [Edit]
File 13198824595.jpg - (412.94KB , 1200x1600 , 14.jpg )
If it's all the same, I'll post the last fig I opened.
(Combined shipping and all.)
>> No. 1665 [Edit]
File 132054382683.jpg - (420.61KB , 1200x1600 , 07.jpg )
>> No. 1666 [Edit]
Does Lynette also have the same paint problems as Yoshika?
>> No. 1667 [Edit]
File 132055452044.jpg - (466.40KB , 1200x1600 , 11.jpg )
Nah, the end of the striker units are the same green color as the part of her socks that they come in contact with.

also, since her coat is dark, even if the gun's paint does rub off onto it like with Yoshika, it wouldn't be nearly as noticeable.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2011, 9:46pm
>> No. 1670 [Edit]

I'm such a moron.
I didn't realise until just now those things were on backwards.
>> No. 1691 [Edit]
File 132106987649.jpg - (60.31KB , 400x600 , 78596.jpg )
preordered on otaucute today.

Apparently, I had also already preordered the index figma a month ago when I went to go do so.
>> No. 1698 [Edit]
I want there to be an Erica Hartmann figma so bad.

At this point, if I just get that and the Yoshika nendoroid I will die happy.
>> No. 1711 [Edit]
File 132138830562.jpg - (440.46KB , 1824x1368 , racasealshino.jpg )
I didnt fuck up assembling it this time!
>> No. 1716 [Edit]
File 132149515389.jpg - (61.59KB , 498x586 , asuka portraits.jpg )
>> No. 1757 [Edit]
File 132247820964.jpg - (194.32KB , 930x523 , 1265744776690.jpg )
I've put in a pre-order on this:

I'm embarrassed to say that this will be my first ever figurine. Figurines are to me an expensive luxary, so I've always thought that if I ever got one - and only one - it would have to be something special. Since I first saw it, on February 2010, I knew it would have to be this; and this is about as special as it gets for me. Release date is late January.
>> No. 1761 [Edit]
No reason to: on the contrary. For me too, there were years before I could afford (and have an actual bank account to start) buying those beautiful amazing figurines I could only watch pics online, again and again (wich also contributed to many of them prices going over the moon)...

Anyway: welcome and best of luck.
>> No. 1762 [Edit]
Thank you!

I might get another one if I feel good about this purchase; maybe if a good looking Patchouli design ever were to surface.. I could even go for some self-assembly -and paint kits, as I'm confident in my painting abilities. I'd have to get a new set of hobby paint, though - which would add to the expense. It might still be worth it, if the price is low enough to dodge the tax limit in my country. You know, with tax duty and shipping costs, this figurine will end up costing my twice as much as the asking price; but I guess that's part of the deal..
>> No. 1763 [Edit]
File 132276122254.jpg - (50.40KB , 436x600 , Advanced-Grade-1144-Gundam-Age-Model-Kits-01[1].jpg )
So I bought this at a little import shop in China town in chicago. It was about 14 dollars with taxes. I have to say that despite it being a very simple cheap kit, it was easy to put together and rather detailed for how cheap it was. Good kit for kids to get into Gunpla with. I sort of hope Sunrise and Bandai's plan works and they get some younger kids into the Gunpla scene. The instructions on how to put it together were easy, and just in the bottom of the box (not even a paper manual). There isn't even any reading invovled at all, everything is nicly color coded and simple.

In conclusion it was an okay buy. I might post some pics of a few gunpla kits I hope to put together this weekend later if I remember.
>> No. 1774 [Edit]
File 132295973351.jpg - (740.24KB , 1200x900 , sabers.jpg )
>> No. 1778 [Edit]
File 132302438261.jpg - (918.32KB , 2048x1360 , IMG_4633.jpg )
i'm back
>> No. 1797 [Edit]
File 132467397354.jpg - (477.11KB , 1204x568 , rei fff.jpg )
This one is nice, though it looked prettier in pictures; however, I swear, brand new and all, it smells like perfume (+PVC smell = double pleasure).
>> No. 1798 [Edit]
File 132486753533.jpg - (1.78MB , 3264x1840 , 2011-12-25_12-39-01_514.jpg )
Christmas present actually.
>> No. 1799 [Edit]
>> No. 1846 [Edit]
It's now on its way... I'm sorry for taking up so much space over this, but I'm really excited!
>> No. 1847 [Edit]
Does Otacute charge you for the purchase when you do the checkout or when they get the item in stock when you preorder?

I.e. Did they charge you when you made the order or are they going to charge you when they get it in stock, before they ship it to you?
>> No. 1854 [Edit]
They send you the invoice and charge you when it's ready to ship, before shipping it.

also good to note that their prices fluctuate, not just from sales, but changes in the usd/jpy exchange rate and supply/demand.
but what they charge you in the end, is what the price was when you originally placed the order.
just for example, if you preorder a new ika fig at $40, and after five months it gets released but they markdown the price to $30 (or put it on sale), you'll still be charge the same $40.
but sometimes they can also go up in price.
something to keep in mind.
>> No. 1865 [Edit]
File 132886433879.png - (427.77KB , 593x541 , loveiswar-fig.png )
It's here! ・∀・
>> No. 1867 [Edit]
How are the shipping and handling charges at mandarake?
>> No. 1876 [Edit]
File 133051850947.jpg - (54.62KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20120229.jpg )
Last thing I picked up was a Mazinger Z model kit, but this guy had been sitting in a box forever, so I finished him first.

Still really wish I had the time and money for painting and marking these things properly, but this one looks quite good in spite of all that. Something to do with making the mega size model more all-around user-friendly, I think.
>> No. 1877 [Edit]
File 133051892534.jpg - (31.40KB , 250x250 , ryusei.jpg )
On a side note, I always feel a little out of place here favoring mecha over cute girls in my toy purchases.
>> No. 1882 [Edit]
File 133068417311.jpg - (372.39KB , 1200x900 , 15B.jpg )
Finally got myself a Kuroko figma.
She really hit it off with my Misaka.
>> No. 1884 [Edit]
>> No. 1885 [Edit]
Nah it's cool. I'd order more model kits if I had the moeny. I've been wanting to get a Master Grade kit for a while, haven't settled on which one to get though.
>> No. 1947 [Edit]
File 133454830076.jpg - (66.02KB , 702x527 , WAVE maris.jpg )
The other day I had this strange urge to get some Mari figures; these are the two I had once put my eyes on and finally bought.
Now I'm pennyless for the rest of the month.

Post edited on 15th Apr 2012, 10:09pm
>> No. 2025 [Edit]
File 133975111042.jpg - (87.79KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-6010.jpg )
On preorder now...
I already know exactly where I'm gonna hang it from.
>> No. 2026 [Edit]
File 133975392431.jpg - (60.16KB , 600x600 , FIG-IPN-3189.jpg )
See what you did to me /tc/?...
>> No. 2027 [Edit]
Is the mask removable?
>> No. 2028 [Edit]
File 133985779990.png - (315.84KB , 591x531 , marin 0.png )
>> No. 2031 [Edit]
>> No. 2048 [Edit]
File 134111391798.jpg - (44.00KB , 1024x768 , 0420_JPG.jpg )
Found this on ebay...
>> No. 2049 [Edit]
File 134137746550.jpg - (1.33MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20120704_143333.jpg )
Because you can never have enough Seiba figures.
>> No. 2050 [Edit]
Nice!! Motorbiker waifus(/other) are the shit, ain't they?
>> No. 2053 [Edit]
This guy knows whats up
>> No. 2056 [Edit]
File 134163334787.jpg - (580.42KB , 1200x1600 , flowergirl.jpg )
Bought this kind of on a whim after having been watching macross7
Fig is just a trading fig that cost me like $3
but I don't think they ever made any other figures of this character.

She's kind of a mysterious nameless character that has short cameos in every ep and almost never says anything.
Tried to do some research to find out what the deal is with the her, but couldn't find anything.

The colors are a little off, I might do some work on it latter if/when I get some paints and stuff.
Some of the parts wouldn't stay in place very well, especially at the hip joint, where it would easy come apart.
The legs are kind of wobbly, almost like rubber.
and the stand was just plan out confusing, with no directions on how to put it together, it has multiple arm parts, and two places for poles, but none of the poles seem to be the right length, one of them has a 90 degree bend in it for some odd reason, ended up using one that's actually taller than the fig itself.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2012, 9:06pm
>> No. 2058 [Edit]
File 134204359211.jpg - (35.59KB , 256x372 , 58790.jpg )
Oh, almost forgot, got this the other day.
>> No. 2059 [Edit]
File 134217555554.jpg - (439.34KB , 1090x900 , ika.jpg )
also got this a few days ago, had it combined with another order that got held back for months...
>> No. 2065 [Edit]
This is amazing, and I really like what they used to make the tentacles since they can be set to any direction. The only bad thing about it is that the wire inside the tentacles could pierce through the rubber-like material if you play with them too much.
>> No. 2068 [Edit]
File 134285448267.png - (1.75MB , 620x1403 , ucc 2012.png )
I couldn't help it...
I bought them all.
>> No. 2115 [Edit]
File 134468931237.jpg - (56.40KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-4963.jpg )
I'm also getting Anaru.
>> No. 2116 [Edit]

That's cute.
>> No. 2127 [Edit]
File 13453510695.jpg - (75.58KB , 603x598 , azusa wave.jpg )
Found a good deal on eBay, so I finally got it.
>> No. 2138 [Edit]
File 134665665016.jpg - (1.15MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20120903_165340.jpg )
The worst thing about having Saber as a waifu is that all my money goes towards the millions of figures she has.

One of these days, bang, zoom, straight to the moon!
>> No. 2156 [Edit]

I know that feeling.
>> No. 2158 [Edit]
You'll get no pity from the guys with less popular waifus.
>> No. 2159 [Edit]
File 134762614636.jpg - (89.29KB , 734x979 , kotori.jpg )
I wanted this Kotori fig since I first saw it. It's really great quality.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2012, 5:36am
>> No. 2165 [Edit]
File 134819430340.jpg - (76.65KB , 560x500 , FIG-MOE-5352.jpg )
Found these two as a combo at Amiami; preowned but like new; bargain price...
Let's see how this turns out.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2012, 7:26pm
>> No. 2167 [Edit]
File 134915632023.jpg - (85.96KB , 960x720 , プリンセスキャンドル.jpg )
My princess candle arrived today.
I'm really impressed with the quality and detail

A video demonstrating a few of its features:

Post edited on 1st Oct 2012, 11:04pm
>> No. 2168 [Edit]
>> No. 2169 [Edit]
File 134935518797.jpg - (52.14KB , 640x480 , P1060962 (copy).jpg )
>> No. 2170 [Edit]
File 134947052193.jpg - (1.20MB , 2816x2112 , IMG_0637.jpg )
The detail is exquisite.
>> No. 2172 [Edit]
File 134957542224.jpg - (143.27KB , 600x800 , 069e3acce7e1691d99f5175939d5e2a0.jpg )
>> No. 2174 [Edit]
that's pretty cute.
>> No. 2175 [Edit]
It truly is. The stomach, the hips, the thighs, it's all very well done.

I'd fap to it.
>> No. 2179 [Edit]
File 135120392387.jpg - (789.53KB , 1200x1600 , 10.jpg )
Got my Emiya Kiritsugu figma yesterday.
Waiting on the re-released saber to go with him.
>> No. 2212 [Edit]
File 135206547276.jpg - (179.16KB , 927x1000 , 202717.jpg )
Put an order in for this...along with Erica Hartmann.

Kind of want this just to have it, but I'm not sure:
>> No. 2214 [Edit]
File 135215985932.jpg - (91.74KB , 960x720 , figs.jpg )
These all arrived today.
>> No. 2226 [Edit]
File 135284119897.jpg - (961.77KB , 1200x1600 , 10.jpg )
Finally got my zero version of saber, only got it recently because I went with the second release.
>> No. 2227 [Edit]
Rad. Looking forward to shots of both.
>> No. 2229 [Edit]
went into more detail and stuff here
>> No. 2234 [Edit]
File 135305726472.jpg - (139.73KB , 1024x680 , Ghost Ride Tha Whip.jpg )
this and Spike Spiegel Play Arts. first figures I've bought in a while.
>> No. 2237 [Edit]
File 13535031529.jpg - (185.46KB , 1000x750 , kurisus small.jpg )
I bought these two from Mandarake. They were expensive as hell, but I had feeling I would regret it later, if I didn't buy them now. Both are pretty rare lottery prizes.
>> No. 2242 [Edit]
File 135355424688.jpg - (973.34KB , 1200x1600 , mio.jpg )
Got mio and.... what the hell
>> No. 2243 [Edit]
File 135355482971.jpg - (0.96MB , 1200x1600 , mio arm 2.jpg )
god... fucking... damn it...
>> No. 2244 [Edit]
File 135355780095.jpg - (39.57KB , 484x800 , FIG-IPN-5012_02.jpg )
That sucks Tohno

Just got this Wild Tiger model, it was fun to build. I haven't built a model in years!
>> No. 2252 [Edit]
I mailed amiami about it, and they gave me a relatively quick response saying they'd try to get me a replacement part.
>> No. 2256 [Edit]
File 135391755769.jpg - (693.33KB , 1200x1600 , 04.jpg )
Got this recently, kinda my first Nendoroid.

I always thought most Nendoroid look kinda weird, even for super deformed chibis. ( I think many look like short and fat versions of their counterparts to me) this on the other hand pretty accurately represents the character it's based on.

Funny that I sold the japanese life Nendoroid playset I had not long ago, didn't have any figs that really went with it...

Post edited on 26th Nov 2012, 12:50am
>> No. 2311 [Edit]
File 135718739213.jpg - (280.66KB , 1200x1600 , 08.jpg )
Part came in today, hell yeah!
>> No. 2312 [Edit]
Y'know, two left arms are kinda moé.
>> No. 2313 [Edit]
Yeah you keep telling me that, they're not.
>> No. 2314 [Edit]
Different strokes. I guess you could use the extra arm as a prop.
>> No. 2315 [Edit]
File 13577648457.jpg - (54.08KB , 683x512 , Klan Klang.jpg )
last one I got in the mail.
>> No. 2355 [Edit]
File 136113426397.jpg - (1.25MB , 2000x2133 , 04.jpg )
Got this the other day.
>> No. 2356 [Edit]
File 136155742386.jpg - (2.99MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0014.jpg )
Got a handful of recent model kits that have yet to be built, but Robot Spirits' Sazabi and Nu Gundam were the last things to come in the mail complete.
>> No. 2357 [Edit]
File 136162049580.jpg - (721.92KB , 1200x1600 , nyaruko.jpg )
Showed up a few days ago, pretty nice...
>> No. 2358 [Edit]
File 136167300082.jpg - (615.50KB , 960x1285 , banpresto_ririchiyo.jpg )
She's really cute.

Taito Ririchiyo figure came in last week after extended delays from the hobby shop I ordered her from. Worth the wait, I think.
>> No. 2369 [Edit]
Hey! I didn't know about that one...
It's pretty good. Will look for it right now.

EDIT: bought, lol.

Post edited on 7th Mar 2013, 5:07pm
>> No. 2375 [Edit]
File 136282243039.jpg - (134.71KB , 700x450 , bd0a4a587f0fbac84e1ce672b604a2ef.jpg )
>> No. 2376 [Edit]
Something that's been bugging me for a while, why does it have those bumper things? is it motorized at all?
>> No. 2377 [Edit]
File 136305583513.jpg - (24.67KB , 375x500 , P6020014_thumb.jpg )
Just purchased my first fig.

Feels like I've sealed my fate as a hikikomori/otaku and I don't know whether to celebrate or weep. ;_;
>> No. 2378 [Edit]
Celebrate. You'll have more than enough time to weep later.
>> No. 2379 [Edit]
Weep. You'll have more than enough time to celebrate later.
>> No. 2380 [Edit]
Celebrate with a good weep, all by yourself, like true men do.
>> No. 2382 [Edit]
File 136316523370.jpg - (934.83KB , 1200x1600 , Mikuru 03v3.jpg )
Got this yesterday. would have been Saturday but the mailman left one of those pick up at the post office type slips... even though we were home... and he left another large package...
>> No. 2383 [Edit]

>> No. 2388 [Edit]
File 136367935420.jpg - (546.47KB , 1200x900 , 07.jpg )
forgot to mention I got this a few weeks ago.
>> No. 2400 [Edit]
File 136391545416.jpg - (27.82KB , 500x667 , thumbnail.jpg )
Yes!, the fig came in the mail today.
Definitely going to 'celebrate' tonight.

pic related

Post edited on 21st Mar 2013, 6:25pm
>> No. 2419 [Edit]
File 136657497929.jpg - (273.29KB , 596x1492 , OniAi.jpg )
I bought these two just for Akiko, really. Game prize figures on AmiAmi. Great deal.
>> No. 2462 [Edit]
File 13687458969.jpg - (0.96MB , 1240x930 , EricaNendoroid1.jpg )
First nendo, super excited to finally have her.
>> No. 2466 [Edit]
File 13690910971.jpg - (5.50MB , 4320x3240 , SAM_0616.jpg )
I'm so happy right now.
I ordered the Doki Doki! Precure figure set thinking I would get the four precures.
Instead, I got a box of ten!
Pic related, the other six are duplicates of the first four.
Pic related, the box they all came in.
>> No. 2467 [Edit]
Congrats man, you got super lucky.
>> No. 2481 [Edit]
File 137145957725.jpg - (538.02KB , 900x1200 , 06.jpg )
Almost forgot about this one.
>> No. 2482 [Edit]
File 137158712947.jpg - (103.89KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-5757.jpg )
When I found out AmiAmi has a figure of Miko, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Ordered her yesterday. It's hard to believe that such a great looking figure of her was out there and available! And the figure was offered at a low price, too; before shipping it was only $79.18. Can't wait to have it in my possession.
>> No. 2485 [Edit]
File 137181762643.jpg - (52.17KB , 600x600 , FIGURE-000625.jpg )
Black!Rei checked (WAVE does pretty nice thins for decent prices). Now I'm just waiting for pirate tracksuit Asuka.
>> No. 2537 [Edit]
File 137533865170.jpg - (71.78KB , 600x600 , FIGURE-001471.jpg )
Not the tracksuit one that I'm waiting for, but oh well.
>> No. 2538 [Edit]
File 137568078729.jpg - (73.65KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-5333.jpg )
Hatate and ...
>> No. 2539 [Edit]
File 137568089068.jpg - (116.25KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-5890.jpg )
Aya , I'm not 100% sure I should have bought, but I still like it
>> No. 2552 [Edit]
File 138146359841.jpg - (518.23KB , 900x1200 , 04.jpg )
Got this recently. Pretty nice, not sure if I'd want to get any of the other figures in the series.
>> No. 2553 [Edit]
>> No. 2556 [Edit]
File 138215763047.jpg - (40.86KB , 533x800 , FIG-MOE-6480_04.jpg )
The way things turned out, I so had to get this one.
I found it with a little discount at Amiami. Great deal.
>> No. 2596 [Edit]
File 138917677982.jpg - (400.74KB , 1200x900 , DSC06342.jpg )
Got these two a few days ago. They're not half bad.
>> No. 2624 [Edit]
File 139114383171.jpg - (936.46KB , 800x961 , hobby_japan_reimu.jpg )
Haven't taken pictures of her yet but here's the box.
>> No. 2626 [Edit]
>> No. 2628 [Edit]
File 13911571169.jpg - (1.06MB , 900x1200 , hobby_japan_reimu_box_side.jpg )
Thanks. It's hard to gauge how fine the details are going to be on a chibi-esque figure but this one came out great.

Does not look like a Megahouse job in any way, shape, or form.
>> No. 2731 [Edit]
File 140263946186.jpg - (86.06KB , 550x800 , 78612.jpg )
Received this one today. I forget exactly why I passed it up in the first place. Low on funds at the time maybe, I dunno.
Haven't gotten around to taking any pics yet but should soon.
Wondering weather or not to make it a display, and if so what kind. grassy field seems like the obvious choice but I dunno.
>> No. 2776 [Edit]
File 141108927924.jpg - (716.51KB , 1200x900 , DSC09149.jpg )
Got the Perrine recently. It was only $10 on amiami brand new. Kinda lament having to supplement the collection using a sega prize fig, but the agp line seems dead now and who knows whats up with maxfactory.
Hair seems poorly painted, glasses look outright horrible, and the wings on her strikers were bent in the packaging, but not bad for the price.

Might try rebuilding this display case, this thing is crap.
>> No. 2780 [Edit]
File 141189928683.jpg - (224.00KB , 800x700 , 0a20ffa8fb97b47e9a6eac33d79d875c.jpg )
>> No. 2781 [Edit]
File 14127007182.jpg - (698.32KB , 1936x1936 , HxcS5M4.jpg )
Got her new.
>> No. 2782 [Edit]
Congratulations on your first figure
>> No. 2816 [Edit]
File 141942031122.jpg - (260.25KB , 600x797 , IMAG0352_2.jpg )
Just came in the mail, going to unbox in a minute. I have the angelic island Yukiho on its way soon, and I also preordered the Onoda Sakamichi figma .

This is my first fig, and it's pretty cute. Going to have to explain some stuff to my parents though.
>> No. 2817 [Edit]
File 142005968688.jpg - (53.56KB , 520x800 , Amil Manaflare.jpg )
I just paid for shipping from HLJ should be here sometime next week. I now have every girl in Shining Hearts as a figure
>> No. 2818 [Edit]
File 142136322151.jpg - (498.70KB , 1537x2165 , IMG_1442.jpg )
Just got, $100 and shipped in just three days. Sadly, she's too tall for the aquarium I planned to use as a display case so I'll have to figure something out.
>> No. 2819 [Edit]
Ah, looks so damn cool!
>> No. 2820 [Edit]
Yeah it's pretty awesome. Lots of accesorries. The only issue I can see is that the 3D maneuver gear seems to be crazy delicate.
>> No. 2824 [Edit]
File 142257232574.jpg - (826.75KB , 1969x2533 , extended.jpg )
Pretty nice, though I already broke a peg on the gear due to poor design that put too much load on it. Nothing some superglue won't fix though. Boxed up Mikasa today sadly because I don't have a decent case.
>> No. 2829 [Edit]
File 142264988464.jpg - (2.80MB , 2600x2384 , sideview.jpg )
From tohno_. Already managed to break one of the things off of her arm pretty much right away. This one was actually my fault unlike >>2824
Probably fixable though when I get around to it.
>> No. 2833 [Edit]
You mean those black little bar things that come out of the wrist? Yeah that'd be easy to fix and wouldn't be noticeable unless you go overboard with glue.
>> No. 2834 [Edit]
Yeah I'm sure it'll be fine. I have to get some more superglue and I'll probably fix the other one at the same time.
>> No. 2846 [Edit]
File 142306172480.jpg - (221.47KB , 960x1280 , 46d61d451f[1].jpg )
My Natsume came today. Sadly, I got a defective one with a broken base. Not sure how I'm going to fix it, as apparently Alter won't replace for international customers.
>> No. 2847 [Edit]
File 142306193298.jpg - (242.03KB , 1280x960 , IMAG0374.jpg )
The box design is great however, and for now I'm not ashamed to display it in the box.
>> No. 2848 [Edit]
It looks like it'd be a fairly simple fix just using some strong glue. Plenty of surface area to apply the glue and it wouldn't be visible.
>> No. 2850 [Edit]
Anybody have any plans on buying things that were shown at this WonFes?
>> No. 2851 [Edit]
File 142351059890.jpg - (2.54MB , 3888x2592 , mainview.jpg )
Colours are great and it's nostalgic (one of the first anime I watched).
>> No. 2852 [Edit]
Also it's apparently sideways...
>> No. 2854 [Edit]
Thanks, not sure why it went sideways on here. It was vertical on MFC and my computer.
>> No. 2856 [Edit]
File 142411336549.jpg - (209.62KB , 960x1280 , 894b497048[1].jpg )
Got my first figma today. He's really cute! I've currently posed him but can't be bothered to build the bike until the weekend. Way more flimsy than I imagined.
>> No. 2857 [Edit]
You go, Onoda-kun!

I was considering getting him too, but I'd rather wait for Maki.
>> No. 2858 [Edit]
Nice, could see doing some really cool poses with the bike. Figmas are pretty flimsy but the joints are usually sturdy.
>> No. 2860 [Edit]
I really wanna get Makishima too but I'm not too sure if I really want him... that sounds off.
I dunno if they've announced any other characters, there's others I'd prefer like Manami, Kinjou and Tadokoro (amongst a few others)... maybe I'll just get each and every one one day if they do.
>> No. 2862 [Edit]
File 142480655031.jpg - (4.16MB , 2592x3888 , frontview.jpg )
The light above my computer broke so I decided to use a telescope stand. Prone shots are kind of tricky.
>> No. 2866 [Edit]
File 142664502385.jpg - (1.23MB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20150317_221503_154.jpg )
Holy hell she is gigantic
>> No. 2867 [Edit]
Wow she really is.
>> No. 2872 [Edit]
File 142897059267.jpg - (1.14MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
Snagged this at Sakura Con, pretty happy with it.
>> No. 2881 [Edit]
get of my waifu
>> No. 2888 [Edit]
File 143625608863.jpg - (52.75KB , 600x420 , 78685.jpg )
Took a while but I was able to eventually snag one of these for a reasonable price. (6,300 Yen) Normally they've been going around twice that much.
>> No. 2892 [Edit]
File 143711061624.jpg - (77.44KB , 532x800 , gumonshoe1376113353.jpg )
This raging lewd beauty finally arrived in the mail. The detail on her is absurd, I'm glad I snagged her for the price I did.
>> No. 2894 [Edit]
Is she too heavy because of her size, or is she hollow plastic or something?
>> No. 2910 [Edit]
File 14390766288.jpg - (1.19MB , 2082x3282 , frontview.jpg )
Finally opened it up. Lots of accessories.
>> No. 2922 [Edit]
File 144109604475.jpg - (68.74KB , 600x600 , FIGURE-012863.jpg )
I just preordered this.
I'm glad I went through it.
>> No. 2938 [Edit]
File 144442425246.jpg - (8.42KB , 146x248 , inazuma fig.jpg )
I just ordered my first fig. To be honest, figs were never something I was particularly interested in, but this Inazuma one looks cute and was incredibly cheap, so I just couldn't resist.

Also, I thought it would be quite neat to put her beside the actual ship she's based on, so I also ordered my first model kit. I'm actually extremely worried about how the assembly is gonna go, as a complete lack of experience and knowledge with these coupled with absolutely zero arts and crafts skills and a massive case of clumsiness is a perfect recipe for disaster. I do hope that if I take my time and research a bit, it might end up looking vaguely like a boat at least.

Post edited on 9th Oct 2015, 1:57pm
>> No. 2967 [Edit]
File 144710134617.jpg - (431.27KB , 1200x900 , DSC00816.jpg )
This showed up today. Shame I only have the Miho to go with it for the time being.
Thing also needs a fair bit of work with detailing, it's completely unpainted bare plastic.
>> No. 2974 [Edit]
>> No. 3055 [Edit]
File 145948815944.jpg - (656.08KB , 1200x900 , DSC01279.jpg )
So a while back I saw bootlegs of the figma archetypes were popping up on ebay. I felt this was a good thing due to the offical ones being insainly expensive and uncommon, and for no good reason.
I got one for under $20 compared to the $80 the offical versions would run. You know, I wasn't really expecting much from a bootleg, but I figured there's be no way they could fuck up something so simple. It showed up with some very visible dark spots on the chest, head, and some of the hands. The real funny part is the hands included with it are almost random. it came with two repeats, and two that are missing.
>> No. 3065 [Edit]
File 146119887432.jpg - (787.94KB , 900x1200 , kawaii.jpg )
I couldn't help myself, he's just too cute.
It's a bit small but I don't regret the purchase one bit.
>> No. 3066 [Edit]
File 146347491229.jpg - (81.70KB , 600x600 , FIGURE-018955.jpg )
preordered. will be the first one in like a year.
>> No. 3111 [Edit]
File 146982431971.jpg - (22.67KB , 384x203 , 25722.jpg )
Finally found her after years looking for her.
>> No. 3119 [Edit]
File 147332286177.jpg - (145.52KB , 800x600 , 7d7061aa6a8f5f4e978d4c717ff02ccd.jpg )
Just picked up this fig from the post office today. First figure I've bought in a while, and I've always been a sucker for nendoroids.
>> No. 3126 [Edit]
File 147517775237.jpg - (163.77KB , 790x594 , FIGURE-022980 zelda link figma.jpg )
>> No. 3127 [Edit]
Congratulations, anon, they both look amazing. I'm not even a Zelda fan and I'm slightly envious.
>> No. 3128 [Edit]
Thanks but they're released until May, I just preordered them. The thing is they were finally made; it was ridiculous that the most beautiful concept art from one of the most reputed videogame franchises ever, didn't get medium range figures for over a decade.

Post edited on 29th Sep 2016, 7:24pm
>> No. 3143 [Edit]
File 147832497617.jpg - (207.11KB , 750x1000 , LnanWyo.jpg )
I got him at a Gamestop for $15, of the two I check this was the only one I found. They also had one Tails and both store had some Knuckles plushes but neither had any Sonic plushes. It's nice to have this one since neither of the Eggman versions, Classic/Robotnik or Modern/Eggman (whatever you want to call them at this point), have many plushes at all that are very good. This one has a very nice fuzzy feel to it and it's nice to play with his noodle-like limbs and feel his mustache. He's nice and squishy so I'm glad I bought him, this line is much better than the usual Sonic plushes that have been released and look very cheap.
>> No. 3165 [Edit]
File 148307691284.jpg - (112.68KB , 500x666 , MpWDxtI.jpg )
Aside from liking the character I have no idea why I bought this.
>> No. 3166 [Edit]
Same here (>>3099).
>> No. 3214 [Edit]
File 148629347912.jpg - (876.33KB , 1200x900 , Tohno1482910843_jpeg.jpg )
Most recently opened fig at least.
>> No. 3216 [Edit]
File 148744772548.jpg - (760.64KB , 1200x900 , f38ibpft.jpg )
Summoned the king of heroes today.

First time seeing a figma box that had a door on it.
>> No. 3235 [Edit]
File 149177295217.jpg - (965.68KB , 1200x1200 , DSCF3327-kawaii-cardcaptor-sakura-toys-rainbowholi.jpg )
She was cheap and beautiful.
>> No. 3248 [Edit]
File 149365557748.jpg - (644.18KB , 2048x1152 , 20170501_085529.jpg )
not a fig, but i wanted to share the picture with someone on IRC. also it was actually a gift.
>> No. 3798 [Edit]
File 161527585363.jpg - (3.71MB , 4032x3024 , mamako high-res.jpg )
My Mamako figure arrived. I think this is what is called a scale figure but I’m not entirely sure, I just know it’s probably the biggest figure I own so far. Hopefully there won’t be too many more because those things take space. Thankfully this one wasn’t particularly expensive but that seems to show. There are parts in the mold where the plastic isn’t completely uniform and smooth. All the important details are done well but it definitely has a cheaper look as you can hopefully see in this higher resolution picture I’ve posted.

The cuts are not extremely well done. The paint seems to extend past edges like on the frills of her skirt, the collar, the elbow straps, and just about everything on her outfit that is a fabric. The armor pieces and leather straps don’t seem to have this problem as severely.
The details themselves all look like what they need to look like. All of the important things on her design are there with added folds on her skirt. and her pantsu
I don’t know how figures are made but the mold looks a little gross and odd at times. The torso looks good and the dress extends just slightly out from her back as if to look more like actual clothing yet the breasts seem to bulge just a bit from the breast section of her dress as if they strain the outfit. I don’t know if that was intentional to make it look like her breasts are bigger than the outfit shows or if it’s a mistake in the plastic but somehow it looks a little gross here. What also doesn’t help is that if I look at the plastic too closely on her skin and hair it looks a bit gross there too. I know it’s plastic so obviously it’s going to look like it but I thought figures would pretend to look like anime skin a little better, so completely smooth, yet this has a kind of synthetic shine with slight imperfections, a kind of “grain”, though I don’t know if that’s the word. I suppose that is an inevitability of plastic. The skin has some imperfections such as slight lines, likely having something to do with the molding. The hair lines are all there and the hair gets darker in certain spots so there was definitely attention to detail on this. Lastly she has a slight yellow spot on the back of her left leg that looks like some kind of paint got stuck to it or it might not have been smoothed down properly. It shouldn’t be hard to just scratch that off with my fingernail but it’s still an imperfection I feel the need to mention, even if it’s only exclusive to my particular figure. The base is a plain white circle-shaped base. No logo, no ground environment, nothing.

I paid $35 for this figure and got, by my own standards, some good quality for it. I think I like it a little more than the other Mamako figures I have seen out there. They look like good figures that keep her character in mind but they seem to focus on fanservice while this one focuses on, what I feel at least is, the central part of her personality: a mother. Her arms are open, her fingers spread out, her palms facing towards you but still angled down and out, her head tilted slightly with her eyes focused on you who receives her soft yet enthusiastic smile. It conveys everything that I felt was most important about Mamako as a character and for that I prefer it over the alternatives I could have bought. Those figures probably look nicer and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a figure of Mamako in a bunny suit, having her clothes be melted off by the slime, a shiny one-piece swimsuit, or holding groceries, but what I like most is the pose that communicates most effectively who she is and directs her affections towards you. It’s encouraging, cute, and faithful to Mamako’s personality without giving you more of the “hot milf” trend that I’ve grown sick of. I could live without those other figures that I would need to pay well over $200 for so I can look at some hot mom booty, something I could just look up pictures for. But cute mommy hugs are rare and the treasure I seek. Maybe someday I can buy myself a Mamako nendoroid but those are pretty expensive so it might not be too soon. Either way, I greatly prefer cute moms over sexy moms so having something of the former makes me very happy.

Despite my usual habits of making long-winded posts, I think that is just about all I can say this time without this post becoming even more tangential. If you want to read a little more about the quality, see my post about my swimsuit Mamako figure (>>3794) except this one is, surprisingly, a little worse. I know this is just a prize figure so they aren’t usually the pinnacle of quality but still, it’s strange to imagine and see that a smaller figure made just for holding down a ramen cup lid actually has higher quality than a larger figure that I thought would have been easier to add finer details to. Not to mention that anything the ramen figure does wrong has excuses for it’s shortcomings. With all that said, contrary to my many listed complaints, I’m very happy with the figure. The main reason I’m listing all these is to contribute a post and mention things that might be relevant to anyone on this board considering buying their own Mamako figure, the sort who would notice many more flaws than I did and much more easily. But the flaws I noticed aren’t the kind I would see unless I looked close, otherwise, they’re minimal. I personally would recommend it to any Mamako fans but I’m also not aware of how high or low some other figure collectors’ standards are so keep everything I wrote in mind.
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