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File 12933596116.jpg - (4.08KB , 90x177 , 43260.jpg )
1 No. 1 [Edit]
ITT, post the last fig you bought.
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>> No. 3 [Edit]
File 129335997297.jpg - (62.63KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-1883.jpg )
Just ordered it a few hours ago. Thanks for linking me to it a couple of months back!
>> No. 4 [Edit]
File 129336094755.jpg - (73.97KB , 800x700 , 10125812a2.jpg )
>> No. 97 [Edit]
File 129340120582.jpg - (181.82KB , 922x934 , asuka00.jpg )
Con-going it's quite unpleasant/exhausting. But, sometimes, you can find good stuff on promotion there; like this one here, wich I really liked from a while, and finally bought this winter for a price about US$30 cheaper than in summer. It was a good deal.
>> No. 106 [Edit]
File 129344188963.jpg - (77.80KB , 657x800 , Saber_Lily_Nendoroid_3-731776.jpg )
Been awhile since I bought any.

So awesome.
>> No. 111 [Edit]
File 129349560047.jpg - (412.39KB , 1380x980 , miku sega diva 00.jpg )
I decided to get a Miku, already. Among such variety, it wasn't that easy of a choice. I found this one at a local store, at a reasonable price; she looked cute enough (brand new) on its box, but still I wasn't completely sure about getting it. Anyway I could afford it right there, so I just took the chance...

When I opened it, at my house, I felt really really happy with having doing so.
>> No. 113 [Edit]
File 12935016114.jpg - (86.69KB , 600x600 , grandsikaros.jpg )
1/7 Ikaros by Grands. 10/10 figure if you like the character. Perfect scale, sculpt and paint job.
>> No. 136 [Edit]
File 129355859430.jpg - (29.17KB , 600x450 , max06146_1.jpg )
>> No. 195 [Edit]
File 129394164182.jpg - (21.78KB , 256x358 , 42327.jpg )
>> No. 240 [Edit]
File 129454561593.jpg - (166.33KB , 540x600 , Volks_MikuEncore_1.jpg )
I ordered her today...I'm a little nervous because she's only $39.99 instead of the usual $115. I hope she's not actually an off-brand.
>> No. 241 [Edit]
Where did you order from?
>> No. 242 [Edit]
It's actually from a local shop called Niko Niko. They said since they had store locations in Japan they payed less on shipping (which seems fishy to me) so charged less. The figures I've bought from them in the past have been in good condition, but never in the original packaging. I specifically requested that they keep her boxed, so hopefully its alright.
>> No. 243 [Edit]
File 129462259316.jpg - (325.01KB , 490x900 , noriko-bome02.jpg )
Same seller as last time, even better deal.

Best of luck to you with that.
>> No. 244 [Edit]
>never in the original packaging
That sounds extremely strange, are you sure you're not just buying used figs they cleaned up?

well, technically, even if the item never had a previous owner, it's used the second it's removed from the package, even if done by a store owner, an item, any item at any store stops being new when opened.
Not to say I've never bought used figs myself, but most people are revolted by the idea of buying used figs because of the strange things many people do to them.
Just be careful is all bro.
>> No. 245 [Edit]
I got that same figure at a comic store for about 40 bucks last year, what'd you pay?
>> No. 246 [Edit]
Just under $24.
>> No. 247 [Edit]
Screw you too, buddy.

Anyways, I don't regret paying that much because she's purty.
>> No. 248 [Edit]
File 129463203573.jpg - (34.22KB , 704x396 , 1258723530493.jpg )
Maybe some day you'll be a savvy shopper like me.
>> No. 252 [Edit]
File 129478861929.jpg - (52.19KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-1274.jpg )
I just ordered this and a set of DMC figures.
>> No. 254 [Edit]
File 129488803056.jpg - (268.00KB , 1016x1484 , kirino-kosaka-toy-works.jpg )
Just ordered it today
Hatters gonna hate
but look at the Meruru DVD... look!
>> No. 255 [Edit]
nice, I didnt realise this figure was available so cheaply. I just ordered one.

I dunno what that place is like but dont assume something is legit just because its being sold in a shop. I prefer to shop online because the prices are better anyway but I've heard a lot of shops IRL are selling fake figmas etc.
however I dont think bootlegs of that figure exist so you should be ok.
>> No. 256 [Edit]
>but I've heard a lot of shops IRL are selling fake figmas etc.

Now, where would that be?
>> No. 257 [Edit]
in Brazil, for example
>> No. 261 [Edit]
File 129498015448.jpg - (132.48KB , 923x980 , 10112872a6.jpg )
Bought it months ago. It's still in its original packaging, somewhere underneath the desk back at my dorm.
>> No. 270 [Edit]
File 129498992518.jpg - (408.66KB , 1280x768 , IMAG0269.jpg )
>> No. 271 [Edit]
>> No. 273 [Edit]
>> No. 275 [Edit]
File 129501291541.jpg - (21.50KB , 600x432 , Cirno hooray.jpg )
>> No. 308 [Edit]
File 129632926572.jpg - (132.78KB , 712x634 , pa_192485_4 a.jpg )
Apparently just got into stocks this week...

Incredibly cheap (US$ 17.90) and quite pretty (I think I'm glad I purchased this instead of Figma's).
>> No. 309 [Edit]
Nice. I really need to browse playasia more, they have some great deals and stuff in stock that most others don't sometimes.
>> No. 311 [Edit]
File 129633220988.jpg - (191.87KB , 960x1280 , Tsume19791264004722.jpg )
Finally grabbed this off ebay after being indecisive for way too long. Every other Aria fig costs 2 arms and 2 legs so I think this was a good purchase.
>> No. 312 [Edit]
Last time I bought from the it took 2 months for the package to arrive..
>> No. 322 [Edit]
File 129647538954.jpg - (2.15MB , 3488x2616 , DSCF1988.jpg )
These came in the mail today. Today, like every day is a glorious day to be a collector. I got all three for under $30 as well, so it was a great find.
>> No. 323 [Edit]
File 129651624445.jpg - (78.32KB , 990x990 , 10119168a.jpg )
Only ¥720 on hobbysearch. Too cute to pass up.

>> No. 358 [Edit]
File 129689429646.jpg - (168.87KB , 530x528 , Aya figma.jpg )
Finally got this. \o/
>> No. 359 [Edit]
Looks nice!
>> No. 360 [Edit]
File 129696326579.jpg - (550.91KB , 1600x1200 , DSC00007.jpg )
Came today. Adorable.
>> No. 365 [Edit]
Adorable! I want one.
>> No. 369 [Edit]
File 129708169262.jpg - (0.98MB , 900x1200 , ricoincase.jpg )
Riko's moeness is a miracle of the universe.
>> No. 370 [Edit]
Love that Yomiko fig.
>> No. 381 [Edit]
Very cute indeed. Nice case!
>> No. 433 [Edit]
File 129753877711.jpg - (171.53KB , 1200x900 , DSC00024.jpg )
>> No. 466 [Edit]
File 129792087654.jpg - (394.49KB , 692x610 , 10066452a.jpg )
arrived today.
a bit smaller than expected, but utterly beautiful.
>> No. 475 [Edit]
File 129794523790.jpg - (109.34KB , 890x570 , motoko.jpg )
Purchase confirmed.
>> No. 476 [Edit]
Where can I get this?
>> No. 532 [Edit]
Sorry, I didn't see your post until now.

I got it from ebay; prices are over the moon right now, everywhere I looked for, but I managed to catch a recent auction on wich I won it for $66 (release price was about $58); althought now I'm still waiting for an answer from the seller, because further shipping costs went crazy (and he's quite apathetic, so negotiations have been a pain in the ass)...

Anyway: it's a bit hard to find now and really expensive, among western distributers. You could also take your chances at, though, or hope for a rerun (sometimes they DO happen... and too late).

Item reference for search:
Motoko Kusanagi 1/8
Good smile

Good luck, bro (and good luck to me too, because this is still a bit uncertain).
>> No. 545 [Edit]
Thanks, I don't trust ebay or the sellers enough to buy anything on that site so I will refrain from it even though I'm a huge Motoko fan. I'll just have to wait until I get enough money and buy it the hard way.
>> No. 555 [Edit]
File 129842702351.jpg - (106.61KB , 600x600 , Shikieiki.jpg )
Gonna have to buy a case to place these in soon.
>> No. 556 [Edit]
File 129849705367.jpg - (160.65KB , 1200x952 , haruhi.jpg )
Came today. Rigged up my ghetto lightbox to test it out.
>> No. 790 [Edit]
File 129920651981.jpg - (39.45KB , 500x363 , rin_limited1.jpg )
This limited edition Rin arrived just today. I didn't actually know its main feature was to be a cast-off... (shirt and backpack removable; nipples are suggested -sculpted- on her flat chest)
Painting isn't the best, but it's nicely enough for its very low price.

Mine arrived a couple days ago. The face and body proportions don't resemble Haruhi as much as Figma's, but on the other hand is actually prettier than I expected from the preview pics. Details are clean; I specially liked the fact that her uniform and hair aren't black but a nice deep brown.
>> No. 791 [Edit]
File 129926506157.jpg - (98.05KB , 800x800 , 26dcd8aede18c3ef7579691cc26c0e46.jpg )
My Hatsune Miku HMO ver. Nendo finally arrived. It's my first nendo I bought, while I had a Kagamin Hiiragi summer uniform ver. figure before.

It includes several additions, such as leeks, hands, feets, instruments and headsets, with also a clear plastic base with a connection for Miku's back for showcasing and posing. It also features two optional faces.

The nendo's joints are so small and delicate. It's a gorgeous and well made nendo. Surely worth it.
>> No. 815 [Edit]
File 129989732794.jpg - (731.68KB , 2080x1552 , HPIM2710.jpg )
So I bought this on amazon, I have Kuroko maid, glasses Miku, and Miyafuji figma on order, and I nearly stopped myself from buying all 5 k-on figmas, which I will probably do anyway when I get my first paycheck, as well as buy a Tewi, a Cirno, and possibly a Reisen fig with the second, and a Charlotte figma when it comes out.

I hate you all.
>> No. 816 [Edit]
File 129989900048.jpg - (131.01KB , 480x485 , MikuHatsuneAppend.jpg )

Well, I just made up my mind and pre-ordered this a moment ago.
Now I'm pretty much broke for the rest of the month AGAIN.
>> No. 817 [Edit]
Enjoy everything!
>> No. 829 [Edit]
Tell me about it. After textbooks and figures, there is no money for anything else so I live off packet noodles and water. LIVING THE DREAM BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.
Yeah, I am wanthing a glasses miku, a cirno and that maid kuroko but I only have $50 in my account. When that charlotte figure comes out (If it does) it will be a glorious day.
>> No. 849 [Edit]
File 130061360951.jpg - (146.08KB , 699x931 , Evangelion 2_0 You can (not) Advance Shikinami Asu.jpg )
Arrived today, together with some cookies and a friendly letter... but without the ladle.

I checked the the original item description; it wasn't told explicitly, but neither was the item shown on the pictures; and it was known to come without a box (i.e. it's a before used item)... so it was my mistake. Anyway, I wrote to the seller to comment him on this (thought not really as a complain), and to give him my best wishes, there in Japan (althought is useless).

It's actually a vey nice figure, regardless. I did like it a lot. I might find something later, to subsitute the missing ladle...

On a different note: just in case, never buy garage kits from this guys:
They suck really hard (bad recasting, bad decals -no white ink-, unintelligible instructions booklet... *sigh*).
>> No. 882 [Edit]
File 130110306174.jpg - (596.46KB , 1840x1440 , sorry_for_the_poor_photo_quality.jpg )
My sister got me this as a late birthday gift. We're not sure if it's bootleg but apart from minor paint blemishes it looks like the real thing.

Still, it's nice of her.
>> No. 886 [Edit]
File 130125004744.jpg - (1.63MB , 1552x2080 , HPIM2717.jpg )

Though I remember Tohno mentioning the black paint of the strikers easily rubbing off on her legs on his fig blog, and after putting on the strikers I found out just how easily he meant. Also wrestling with her to get her to hold onto her rifle with 2 hands was a pain DAMMIT MIYAFUJI JUST HOLD ONTO THE GODDAMMED GUN WITH 2 HANDS. Though in the process of getting her to hold it properly the paint on the gun rubbed off on her shirt, I'm probably just gonna have to get a little aggressive with a q-tip and some water.

though I never noticed this in the anime, but that is not how you hold a rifle, the buttstock is under her shoulder, which would make recoil a big problem. Then again, I'm not sure a 14-year-old girl would be able to carry an autocannon in the first place...
>> No. 887 [Edit]
>> No. 888 [Edit]
Right, forgot about that.
>> No. 889 [Edit]
I totally forgot about the Biribiri Beach Queens figure that I preordered. It's going to come soon in 2-3 weeks.
>> No. 913 [Edit]
File 130205082529.jpg - (451.30KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0305.jpg )
Got this in a week or so ago. Pretty happy with it.
>> No. 914 [Edit]
File 130205119565.jpg - (62.11KB , 600x600 , FIG-MOE-2215.jpg )
Here, have the Wave Beach Queen Nanoha and Fate on pre-order. Even though they have some QUALITY issues I can't complain too much, also not gonna pass judgment until I actually get them in.
>> No. 917 [Edit]
File 130205370628.jpg - (42.81KB , 818x409 , kagami-konata beach.jpg )

Damn... A man within my means have to take rather difficult decisions all the time. But if I'd have enough money to spare, I'd so collect most of Beach Queen portraits... and Touhous...
and several complete K-ON! sets (including Sawa-chan, if possible).

>> No. 918 [Edit]
>including Sawa-chan, if possible
as if they'll ever make a fig of Sawa-chan ;_;
>> No. 943 [Edit]
File 130237452488.jpg - (40.83KB , 450x407 , Akiha.jpg )
My aunt came to visit a few weeks ago and gave me some cash. Managed to find one of these in a small online shop in Hawaii, made sure to call to see if they still had her in stock, and they did.

Surprising for a figure discontinued two years ago. Weeks of searching payed off. Now if only I could find a Dakimakura, my life would be complete.
>> No. 944 [Edit]

Where did you find this, and do they ship internationally
>> No. 946 [Edit]
File 13023987265.jpg - (109.38KB , 280x500 , 761.jpg )
I wasn't able to find any place that had a dakimakura of her in stock but I did find that there was at least one doujin circle that produced one.

I found the circles shop online (I think) but I don't know enough moon runes to figure out if they have any more of her in stock or would be able to make more.

Worst case you can try and find a high res image that you like that would work for a dakimakura (not that hard) and then have a custom one made.
>> No. 947 [Edit]
File 130248088169.jpg - (134.94KB , 617x903 , pr070611ii_gif.jpg )
>> No. 955 [Edit]
File 130257248588.png - (61.63KB , 263x731 , Impossible.png )
Lucky I didn't check on TC until just now. I cancelled that order, it seems the store has a completely horrendous record and does not update it's webpage. The owner has a large record of scamming and never mailing goods ordered through them. I contacted my bank and cancelled all check clearings on my card set from the last few days. I'll just pay the extra cash and get the figure through .jp auctions.

Business bureau review of the store in question. It makes we wonder how a business like this is even allowed to keep running with such a terrible record.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
File 130378692839.jpg - (77.28KB , 1023x700 , k-on_yuiMovic.jpg )
Just ordered.
>> No. 1030 [Edit]
File 130379979116.jpg - (127.69KB , 695x831 , kyo.jpg )
Guess what? at the end, I did buy it...

Her price went down a little and I realized that, if I ignored one of my DEBT$, I could buy it right away. The figure itself should be of more than good quality (Kotobukiya/4-leaves production) and the store looks ok (they did make the shipment the very next day), so I'm just a bit worried about the customs but we'll see.

I also just hope nothing extraordinary happens next month so I can pay the rest of what I owe
>> No. 1032 [Edit]
That posterior
>> No. 1033 [Edit]
File 130383693931.jpg - (823.60KB , 1024x682 , black-rock-shooter-blu-ray-dvd-set-limited-edition.jpg )
Just bought these. My first ever figs! Got them in the HLJ sale.
>> No. 1034 [Edit]
File 130384168052.jpg - (125.85KB , 401x317 , 10064824_lrg3.jpg )
and this
>> No. 1035 [Edit]

I think they did a really nice job with that set.

Too bad the anime was such a turd.
>> No. 1037 [Edit]
File 130389875886.png - (1.02MB , 1280x720 , BLACK_★_ROCK_SHOOTER_OVA_-6_jpg.png )

The OVA? I enjoyed it...

Of course it's nothing like a seinen master-work or a humble-but-delicate piece (like, say, Makoto Shinkai's first shorts); but, for a side product of a Miku-doujin character (made just for the sake of her looks after some random song), they delivered a coherently enough story at least the realistic/scholar half with an attractive trade-mark artistic style and a decent portait of what we love to see: girls and their feelings through daily (yet difficult) situations... or so I think.

The soundtrack had some nice stuff, too; a bit in the style of Haruhi's Disappearance.
>> No. 1038 [Edit]
File 130394506699.jpg - (548.68KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0321.jpg )
Just got this in the mail today. I have the Fate one to go with it but not going to be able to get pics for the completed scene till this weekend.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
i'm pretty excited for it. it only cost me 2400 yen.
>> No. 1040 [Edit]

I also greatly enjoyed the OVA.
>> No. 1051 [Edit]
File 130431552761.jpg - (464.86KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0323.jpg )
>> No. 1055 [Edit]
File 130481897141.jpg - (418.43KB , 858x1140 , HPIM0330.jpg )
Got this in today. I've always wanted it and knew I'd be happy with it, but I'm truly blown away with how good it actually is. Probably my favorite figure to date.
>> No. 1063 [Edit]
File 13049630475.jpg - (461.60KB , 1500x1125 , DSC00073.jpg )
         キタキタキタ━━━ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ━━━ !!

>> No. 1064 [Edit]
Wow, what a nice looking Yui! I don't remenber seeing it in any kind of catalogue of prodution, who are the makers of it?

I remenber also seeing a set of the K-on girls with theyre first ending costumes, really well made and good poses, but I cannot remenber theyre producers as well. If anyone knows of this set, please enlighten me.
>> No. 1067 [Edit]
File 130547701440.jpg - (52.94KB , 541x800 , Mia-chan1264568113.jpg )
She's made by Kotobukiya and Movic. As far as I know the only other fig of this set is this Mio. The figs you're referring to from the ED were made by Kyoto Animation.

Post edited on 15th May 2011, 9:48am
>> No. 1078 [Edit]
File 130551264397.jpg - (1.38MB , 2112x2816 , roll1.jpg )
>> No. 1088 [Edit]
File 130568538716.jpg - (479.07KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0343.jpg )
Yay more Feito.
>> No. 1089 [Edit]
File 130585089929.jpg - (297.47KB , 1280x1024 , img031.jpg )
Even more delicious Fate, this time with 100% more Nanoha! (Sorry for crappy camera phone quality, will get better pics later).
>> No. 1090 [Edit]
Never enough Feito.
>> No. 1091 [Edit]
That's exactly what I tell my wallet (especially with the recent USD:JPY rates). Though I'm almost done collecting her. Goal is to fill up an entire detolf with Nanoha and Fate figs.
>> No. 1094 [Edit]
File 130594990262.jpg - (512.99KB , 1368x1824 , airi2.jpg )
just arrived.
>> No. 1095 [Edit]
File 130594993886.jpg - (501.20KB , 1824x1368 , airis.jpg )
its a lot bigger than I was expecting.
>> No. 1096 [Edit]
File 130595065464.jpg - (484.06KB , 1824x1368 , airisfanservice.jpg )
and fanservice
>> No. 1097 [Edit]
>> No. 1098 [Edit]

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
are the panties removable?
>> No. 1100 [Edit]
File 130595276088.jpg - (493.64KB , 1368x1824 , airi2nopanties.jpg )
>> No. 1101 [Edit]
cool, makes me kind of want to get one myself now, she was one of the few good characters in queen's blade after all.
>> No. 1141 [Edit]
File 130722341172.jpg - (656.55KB , 900x675 , mugi.jpg )
It's here!!
>> No. 1143 [Edit]
                               、 〃 ツッ,,
     xッ     xッツ〃ッ,,     xッ巛ヾミ、    ミ      ヾ
    ミ,, 彡   彡 ミ    彡  彡ミ    彡  ミ      彡
     _, '´ ゙̄ヽ. 彡 _, '´ ゙̄ヽ.  彡_, '´ ゙̄ヽ. 彡     ミ
      ハ⌒ソ))ス./x  イノ⌒ソス)/x  リ⌒ソ)) ス./彡i !lィヾ
     ノ从゚ヮ゚*// \从゚ヮ^//  \从゚ヮ゚*//
    (´ ノ!_ノ(y´     ソ!_ノ(y´    ソ!_ノ(y´ ))
      ( 、  ノ     ( 、  ノ      ( 、 ,ノ (´
  キタ━━i_ (━━━━i_ (.━━━━i_ (━━━━━ !!!
      / ̄″ ヽ、   / ̄″\     / ̄″ヽ、
     んん~ァ~ゝ  んん~ァ~ゝ  んん~ァ,-ゝ
     / / //ヾノ   / / //ヾノ    / / //ヾノ
    (_( _/    (_( ,,/     (_( _/

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