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3d Printing

Do you think 3d printers have advanced to the point where they can play a role in the figurine market? Imagine being able to do...

No Subject

ITT, post the last fig you bought.

Plush pictures

Post pictures you took of your soft cuties.

No Subject

This will be a doll thread, post your dolls, different outfits you might have etc. I'm thinking of buying this next. http:...

fig pics

Since there doesn't seem to be one per say exactly. how about a thread just for general photos of figs? bonus points if yo...


I think I'm going to stop collecting all kinds of different figs and just focus my money on Nendoroids from now on. They&#...


I know this board is sort of dead and I don't know if anyone else collects non /jp/ toys, but /toy/ is back up and I invit...


Might as well make a figma thread. I'm about to get this figma (within two-three months, probably). It's still in �...

No Subject

Suppose you could bring your figures and toys to life, at the cost of them becoming murderous monsters. would you?

No Subject

What do you guy think about netsuke? I've wanted to collect some for a while, but they're pretty out of my price rang...


OK, so, we'll dedicate this thread to all the stuff coming out. Figures and goods that are being announced, things we plan...

Nendoroid Surveys

They do them every once in a while, asking for input on a special character release or re-release. In fact, here's one rig...

Weeb merchandise general

What weeb junk have you guys acquired recently besides than figures?

No Subject

ITT: General collectibles / Random objects you keep as dear.


Do you like Lego blocks? Do you own any sets or figurines? Are you fond of particular themes? Are there any sets or products ba...

Garage Kits

How many of you guys are into building Garage Kits? Got any tips for beginners on extremely tight budgets? like what materials/...

Old figures

What do you guys do with old stuff that you don't really like anymore, or possibly bought really early on for cheap? I can...

Slowpoke Wish List

ITT: stuff you wish you had bought at the right moment, and now is nowhere to be found/way too expensive to acquire ;_;...

Merchandise shops

I'll just be listing what I think of each of the online shops I brought from. These are all just opinions. Otacute They th...

Beach queens

The fuck happened to Beach queens? Did they stop making them or what? why?

No Subject

I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet so I'll make one now! Do any of you have any collections of merc...

No Subject

What did your parents do when you bought your first dakimakura? I really want to buy one. But I think they would be too sad if ...

fig lighting.

What's the best kind of light for displaying figs? I've heard some kinds of lights can really fade the color on figur...

TC give away.

I've been thinking I should give more back to the site here, and figured a give away might not be a bad idea. I've go...

No Subject

Don't you love it when Miku figs look nothing at all like Miku? ( HATSUNE MIKU RACING ver. FIGURE -RACING MIKU 2017 Team U...

No Subject

Hello /fig/. I was wondering: where do you guys keep your figures? Inside display cases of glass? On top of a table or object? ...

No Subject

Wouldn't the stand on a fig like this break very easily with time?

Nostalgic relics

What are some memorable items from your childhood or years past? Any toys or objects you've tried hunting down to reclaim ...

No Subject

How about a dakimakura thread? Post what you have, experiences, and complaints (about how your waifu lacks even a design for on...

Trading figs

Why aren't small scale trading figs a thing anymore? Seemed like these things cheap little things used to exist for just a...

Figure Wish List

Post some figs you have on your wish list! I'll probably be ordering this sometime soon.

Customs General

This is a thread for discussing all sorts of custom made items. Be it figures, displays sets, or whatever.

No Subject

sup /fig/ how about a still life thread?


If I was to acquire some figs from someone who smoked, what would be a good way to remove the stink? would it even be wise to b...

No Subject

Does anyone here collect 3A?

No Subject

in the thumbnail i thought she maybe had a cute little belly overhanging her waistline, but it turned out to be wrong. anyone k...

No Subject

My local Barnes and Noble started selling figma and gunpla stuff. You guys should check yours out, if you have one locally. I w...


I haven't cleaned my stuff in a long time, and now they all have a thick layer of dust and crap. They look like they have ...

rate my waifu thread

please do not judge her on her resin, she is japanese too you know!

No Subject

Anyone know if there are high-quality tomoko kuroki figs out there? I'm extremely new to figs and fig collecting, so any t...

No Subject



otacute is shutting down.

Youtube embed
No Subject

How about a thread for /fig/ related videos?

just to see more

Has a figure ever made you want to watch the anime or read the VN it's from ?

$567,500 Fig

To be fair, she is 188cm tall and has removable pants

No Subject

I have decided my life needs more moe, amd so I want to build a collection of dolls and figs. Where can I get good quality non-...

Fig Comics

Didn't see a thread so yeah. So I just got a new camera and got bord, so I had some fun. Yes, I know I'm not good at ...

No Subject

My Negi and Asuna figs. Sorry if camera quality is shit.

Remote Controlled

Any of you guys have RC cars?

New arrivals

What do you do when you get a new figure? Do you have any rituals or anything?

Good Smile 10 year resale

Looks like Good Smile is going to be polling for which of their figures they should re-release. Info on voting and a link are h...

No Subject

/fig/, I'm trying to get my hands on one of these, but I can't find one for less than 160 dollars. Could anyone point...


Post your figures!

No Subject

This might be an odd question, but have any of you ever had a problem with figs sort of sweating? I don't know the term fo...

No Subject

This weather has me scared shitless. Humidity, temps in the 100 F range, and sweating miserably. What effect does this have on ...

No Subject

So my dumbass cousin was forced to stay with me, his parents and my own were out of town and he needed someone to stay with. Lo...

Proverbial cocktease

A little bit different than >>100, but still a prominent issue. Any items you see sold for ¥2000 in Japan, but nobody car...

No Subject

How do you guys feel about artbooks? Do you have any? I recently came into possession of a Hyakko one, and I've got say th...

No Subject

What do you do with your figure boxes? Pic related, I stack them as high as I can in my closet.

Your toy's story

What kind of things do you think your figs and dolls would talk about if they could talk and interact with one another? what do...

No Subject

These are what I currently have. I'd have more, but I'm a buyfag, so most money goes to that. Also, I'm poor....

No Subject

I didn't see a thread for it, so I guess I'll make my own. Do you have any anime-related merchandise that ISN'T ...

Seller Blacklist, deal finding, and general advise thread

I think we work best as otaku when working in solidarity, as a community, so we aren't taken advantage of. That said, I ha...

garage Kit's pice tags

why do Resin/garage Kits cost so much more then they would assembled and painted? sometimes figures will have both pre-painted ...

No Subject

Have any of you ever played Yu-gi-oh before? I did for a brief period in my teens. Played in local tourneys, yet I never won an...

No Subject

I'm not sure. If I wanted to make a lewd figs thread, should I make it here or on /ns/?

No Subject

Does anyone else have that problem where you can't bring yourself to open a fig/remove it from it's packaging? Pic re...


So /fig/ I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I am interested in getting a daki cover in a couple of days. ...


Thread for posters. Post some posters! I ordered this print from snapfish. The art is of course by Huke, and it's 20"...

No Subject

Hey /fig/. I think I just got screwed over. How can you tell a real figure from a knock off? My version if this girl seems legi...

No Subject


No Subject

Last weekend, I went to a big regional con. Full three days, drained my wallet and account to thirteen dollars. I hope you don&...

Magic: the Gathering General

Magic, anything about Magic. (And Magic-sized sleeve/deck box discussion is also fine.) - Check out the s...

No Subject

I have 50 dollars that I want to get rid of in my paypal account. What do you recommend me besides this precious nemuneko?...

No Subject

Character sleeves are hard to come by here. I'm quite lucky to get this Airi one in a toy shop. I wonder which character s...

No Subject

I may regret asking this of you, but here goes. I have no income, and for the next month, I have just $120 to my name. I want t...

100th FIGMA!!

Figma #100 is almost here guys! What character is it gonna be do you think? This is the only image I've found for it. The ...


Just a simple papercraft thread.

No Subject

How do you guys feel about hot glue?

No Subject

The CNC milling machine! Draw your own figs in AutoCAD and watch them get borne from metal to within 0.001 of an inch of accura...

GSC & Max’s 5th PhotoCon

Get your cameras ready guys! Good Smile Company and Max Factory are having a photo contest which is open to everyone, including...

No Subject

I probably should post this on /ma/ but I want to share a doll related one shot that I love with my brohnos.

Tabletop RPG General

Because there is no /tg/ on Tohno-chan, we'll talk about it here. I don't know how many of you are into TRPGs, but I ...

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