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File 132878535914.jpg - (0.96MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20120209_215002.jpg )
1852 No. 1852 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So my dumbass cousin was forced to stay with me, his parents and my own were out of town and he needed someone to stay with.

Long story short he was fucking around with my stuff and snapped the figma stand of my Saber Lily, and now the peg is stuck in the hole.

Do you guys have any tips on how to get it out? It's too deep in there for fingers.
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>> No. 1856 [Edit]
well, in that case, why not use the other half of the part that broke off as the 'glued something' ?

and yeah, probably would, you'd leave tons of unsightly cut like marks around the rim of the hole.

possibly worth noting.
are you familiar with the di stage for figma?
they're sort of like deluxe versions of figma stands, usually sell for around 500jpy a peace, but more importantly, they come with a arm for figma, the tip of which is the same as the ones that come with figma.
the arm is pretty much the same, except for one of those two long clear bars are short, but both ends and the other segment are the same.
>> No. 1859 [Edit]
hmmm that's interesting, if I can manage to get the peg out later today I'll maybe look into one.
>> No. 1860 [Edit]
Gluing does not work at all, this happened to me actually. the glue will make it worse.

What I suggest is getting a tiny screw, making a pilot hole in the dead centre of the peg, screwing the screw in and pulling it out.

On a side note, anyone know where I can find a replacement figma stand? (´・ω・`)
>> No. 1864 [Edit]
Thanks for the tip, I asked /toy/ and they seemed to echo that glue could make it worse.

File 132340110545.jpg - (43.45KB , 480x640 , konata-plushie.jpg )
1784 No. 1784 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A little bit different than >>100, but still a prominent issue.

Any items you see sold for ¥2000 in Japan, but nobody cared enough to import them/ jacked up the price to $130 or more on eBay, and your only options are to either pay out the ass to a proxy bidder because the Japanese sellers refuse to ship international or you have to actually go to Japan to find them?

For me, an immaculate plush of my waifu and the Yoshika Miyafuji Nendoroid are on my list. When I have the money for a long trip...
>> No. 1795 [Edit]

This is an example of the awesome deals you can get there.
I tryed my hand at bidding on it with a proxy bidder, but all the proxie's fees and the two way shipping, really jacks up the price and makes it impractical.
the stuff there must have been worth 50000jpy, but went for 32,020.

man, If I lived in japan, I could buy stuff like this all the time and resell it to dumb Americans and be able to live without having to keep a real job.

File 129419704027.jpg - (371.35KB , 1920x1200 , 46013.jpg )
215 No. 215 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you guys feel about artbooks?

Do you have any?

I recently came into possession of a Hyakko one, and I've got say that I love it.
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>> No. 960 [Edit]
I have the art sketch books for the first two seasons of Nanoha. I felt like they were worth it. I'm actually kind of sad I haven't been able to find anything else as far as Nanoha art books go. Though I usually only look for them and buy them at conventions (mostly because for some reason Nanoha merch is actually rare here in the states and it makes me very sad).

I've been tempted to get one of the Berserk art books too every time I see one. Though I usually try and wait to see if I can find something else to buy at the convention (and I usually do) so maybe next time.

I do like actually having the book though because it's nice to flip through and look at it every now and then. It's also nice for when my more normal friends or family come visit they'll look through it, which is something that would never happen with just having the digital copies.
>> No. 1639 [Edit]
When I bought Etrian Odyssey III, its artbook was included free of charge because I bought it so early (it was like the day after release). It's pretty cool, but I would never spend money on one.
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
I'm fucking jealous, I want that JoJo book.

I have an iDOLM@STER art book and one for Kino's Journey.
>> No. 1783 [Edit]
The price makes me not buy them, but when I used to go out I would leaf through them at Kinikuniya. Yeah...

I d/n them every once in a while but I always end up with gigs of stuff I like and won't delete... so I restrict myself.

File 130008802459.jpg - (1.02MB , 1400x675 , boxes.jpg )
837 No. 837 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you do with your figure boxes?

Pic related, I stack them as high as I can in my closet.
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>> No. 884 [Edit]
Its because they just look so nice, isn't it?
>> No. 1640 [Edit]
I keep common figure boxes for a week or so before throwing them away. Special figures, like my Brave Version Haruhi, I keep. If I kept every single box, my little room would be too junky looking.
>> No. 1641 [Edit]
I can't help but think condensation would be a problem when it rains, even with the plastic bags.

If space is a problem, what about folding the boxes up?
>> No. 1756 [Edit]
No: as you probably do yourself, I also want to keep the plastics they come with inside...

It does bother me that they are outside, but they can't possibly be anywhere inside the house right now. If over the next years, as my family has framed, we go and radically change my room within other things, I could make space for them; we'll see.

File 129595444448.jpg - (35.58KB , 370x670 , 1222612221943.jpg )
294 No. 294 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What kind of things do you think your figs and dolls would talk about if they could talk and interact with one another?
what do you think they'd think about you?
What kind of things do you think they might get up to during the short times your not around?
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>> No. 298 [Edit]
Nono is now too busy playing with her onee-sama Noriko to bother thinking of me.
>> No. 1523 [Edit]
Well, I got like 5 Asukas, so they'd probably spend their time arguing who was the real one or who I love the most. (While the big Asuka next to my bed would feel forever alone)

The Haruhis and the Konata would probably poke around everywhere and molest Mikuru, while Ritsu plays the drums and tries to reach for her drumsticks when I leave them on another shelf.

>what do you think they'd think about you?
Most likely that I fap too much. That'd be the number one thought.

>What kind of things do you think your figs and dolls would talk about if they could talk and interact with one another?

Most likely random, pointless things and arguments. Except for Konata, who'd be busy probing my gigantic manga.
>> No. 1549 [Edit]
This is way too cute.

I've never thought much about my figures. I've looked at them like trophies. I guess they would complain to each other that I don't interact with them enough, and would hold me in light contempt. Then hopefully someone would mention how lovingly and carefully I handle them when I pose them. As for what they'd do... maybe a mini-Olympics of sorts? I've got girls like Marisa and Haruhi and Yotsuba in my collection, with only Nerine and Rei being quiet ones. Konata would be participating if only out of sheer disappointment at how "mundane" my room is (I read all my manga online and stream and download anime, so nothing for her to go through really).
>> No. 1638 [Edit]
They're probably board out their mind being stuck in the same position all the time and rarely having the change to stretch, since I don't leave this room much.

I wonder who they have out on guard, watching by the living room window on those rare occasions when I do head out, so they can run back and warn the rest of my return.
maybe they alternate, hmm...

I imagin room leadership would be decided, at least somewhat, by who's been around the longest.
Who knows, maybe they even have a elder counsel.

I kind of get the feeling my lego dudes would have their own little community, and not like hanging out with the bigger toys.

Many are probably worrying about finding themselves on ebay.
I wouldn't be surprised if some actually wish for it.
I know I wouldn't want to live with me if I was in their place.
But I guess it could be worse, some people really abuse their figs/toys and do some awful things to them.
At least they don't have to worry about me growing up, going off to collage and giving them all away.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 131501108495.jpg - (18.67KB , 352x288 , Picture 016.jpg )
1490 No. 1490 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
These are what I currently have.

I'd have more, but I'm a buyfag, so most money goes to that. Also, I'm poor.
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>> No. 1604 [Edit]
This fig may very wellmake the series worth it.
>> No. 1605 [Edit]
It's the only good thing that came out of the show after all.
>> No. 1613 [Edit]
Ah! Ah! I just noticed the Konata cell strap!

I have two! One of them is beat to shit and the other is just my display one...
>> No. 1616 [Edit]
one for the vault and one to spread the gospel?

File 129731178413.jpg - (351.20KB , 1264x944 , HPIM2681.jpg )
387 No. 387 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I didn't see a thread for it, so I guess I'll make my own.

Do you have any anime-related merchandise that ISN'T figs? This is all I have, and as you can see the string is pretty worn cause I wear it all the time.
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>> No. 1554 [Edit]

fell in love twice in one thread ~

where to get?
>> No. 1588 [Edit]
I don;t actually collect(video game stuff excluded; though I don't actively collect that either), but I've got 2 naruto stamp key chains which were free.

That is rad.
>> No. 1602 [Edit]
File 13186346587.jpg - (61.70KB , 270x410 , 22a915c9b597a516e3fa4c824ac96f77 copy.jpg )
I just got my first piece of merchandise of mai waifu: a set of pencil boards. I cannot put into words how wonderful it feels to finally have something tangible of the girl I love most in the world.
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
A travel "passport" and some clear files. Before I didn't know what a clear file was. Now I know.

File 131406467178.jpg - (422.72KB , 1024x768 , hatsune_miku_clothing_1024x768.jpg )
1450 No. 1450 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I think we work best as otaku when working in solidarity, as a community, so we aren't taken advantage of.

That said, I have started this thread to see what we can teach each other about collecting animerch like figs, plush, swingers and other collectable merch, and how much we SHOULD be paying for these kinds of things.

When we make a purchase, we talk about the purchase we made, how good the seller was, how much we payed for it, where it shipped from, how prompt the shipping was, and if we feel that we were ripped off or the merchandise was bootleg. Also, before making a purchase, discussing the pros and cons of buying from that retailer.

I would like to start off with a purchase I have been putting off until Friday, when I have money for it. It's a Miku Gift Nendoroid plush:

This was $45 last week, then $54, until hours ago, when the price went up to stupid levels. I am NOT paying that much for something that was just below $50.

So, I looked at my options:
First would be buying the "like new" one for $45, which I am afraid of risking.

Second is buying from PlayAsia:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 1467 [Edit]
you could always try to pretend the used one is new.
>> No. 1543 [Edit]
Hey guys. i need some advice please. I fell in love with this great oreimo poster, and see a couple of sellers, but am a bit wary about buying from overseas. Here are the options:


From Australia supposedly and around 14 dollars.


From osaka, but for 24 dollars


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1544 [Edit]
I know seller from Taiwan is trustworty. I've bought one poster from him before and it was fine.

Also note: is the first item actually same item than in others? Others are double sided posters, while in first link there is no mention about being double sided.
>> No. 1583 [Edit]
Does anyone know if there are online sellser besides Mandarake that are willing to 'lower the price' when they ship. It would be really useful as I thi nk import taxes are quite high (~20%).

File 131633944310.jpg - (233.94KB , 1000x1000 , Carrie1265585887.jpg )
1557 No. 1557 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
why do Resin/garage Kits cost so much more then they would assembled and painted?
sometimes figures will have both pre-painted and kit versions available of the same figures, but the kit would cost twice as much.
Logically, shouldn't they be cheaper?

Post edited on 18th Sep 2011, 2:51am
>> No. 1558 [Edit]
I wonder if anyone has ever bought an assembled figure, smashed it to pieces, painted it white and rebuilt+painted it.

File 129336577277.jpg - (49.30KB , 300x435 , 300px-HarpieQueenFOTB-EN-R.jpg )
66 No. 66 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have any of you ever played Yu-gi-oh before? I did for a brief period in my teens. Played in local tourneys, yet I never won any of them, sadly. Was a pretty decent player, my specialty deck was centered around Harpies. Those girls served me well.
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 118 [Edit]
My Blackwing deck is pretty awesome. Anonymous is right about the game being mighty unbalanced, though.

The mechanics, however, are extremely fluid and it's very fun to play. All the people that play it at my shop are fucking scumbags, though, so I don't really get the opportunity very often.
>> No. 1535 [Edit]
oh god
>> No. 1541 [Edit]
used to play competitively, but that stopped being fun after a while (there were pretty much 3 types of deck that would always win, and they were all filled with super expensive cards). People are right when they say the game is kind of imbalanced... It's fun to play casually every once in awhile though.
>> No. 1545 [Edit]
I still play sometimes (started around 2000). I'm on and off various yugioh IRC channels (also the #tohno-chan channel). Ask me for a game (via!

I hate the new stuff (Synchro, XYZ) and like fun decks.

File 131076564986.jpg - (68.29KB , 1024x576 , 1300995957414.jpg )
1278 No. 1278 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I'm not sure. If I wanted to make a lewd figs thread, should I make it here or on /ns/?
48 posts and 38 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1333 [Edit]
I remember seeing it on /toy/ ages ago, I think they were on Yahoo Japan auctions. It was a nude figma body that came with different breast sizes.
>> No. 1337 [Edit]
File 131123743511.jpg - (67.61KB , 600x416 , hamstercorp1308422957_jpeg.jpg )
>> No. 1338 [Edit]
would be nice to know the origin site( tineye and google failed me)
>> No. 1363 [Edit]
This thread pleases me.

What's this from? A picture in particular as with headphone girl?

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