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File Tenshi_Walk_Cycle.swf - (380.19KB , 960x540 , Tenshi Walk Cycle.swf )
341 No. 341 [Edit]
Animators report in

Here's a walk cycle of mai waifu I'm making in my free time. The feet suck, but I'm happy with everything else so far.
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>> No. 724 [Edit]
Ok, thanks for the reference.
>> No. 725 [Edit]
I'm kind of curious OP ,but what do you want to do when you graduate?
>> No. 726 [Edit]
I'm not sure about my immediate plans after college, but the ultimate goal is to get my own TV show.
>> No. 769 [Edit]
File Perspective_Run.swf - (1.05MB , 640x480 , Perspective Run.swf )

Alternate link:

>> No. 821 [Edit]
File Mio.swf - (92.41KB , 960x540 )

Feels good to use Flash again after months of pencil-and-paper, especially since now I can animate things I was never good enough to do before.
>> No. 823 [Edit]
File 130250383111.gif - (43.76KB , 480x270 , Mio animation.gif )
Alternate gif version for once.
>> No. 899 [Edit]
My final project for animation. \( ´_ゝ`)/
>> No. 1178 [Edit]
File inspringtimeigrewamagicsong.swf - (49.32KB , 490x340 )

I just made this.
Some shit I've animated in the past:
I can't finish them, though.
>> No. 1181 [Edit]
Impressive. Why can't you finish them?
>> No. 1182 [Edit]
For the first one I'm actually unable to finish it, because I don't have the file anymore. For the second one, I just kind of gave up on it. I've tried drawing the next frame, but I never finish it and end up deleting it.
>> No. 1323 [Edit]
Anon from a good while ago, have you gotten better at breast animation?
>> No. 1324 [Edit]
I've barely animated anything since school; I've been way too busy.
>> No. 1343 [Edit]
File Tenshi_Pencil_Test.swf - (334.26KB , 640x480 , Tenshi Pencil Test.swf )

I'm really proud of how this is turning out. It's going to be Tenshi stabbing the ground, causing a pillar to rise into the air.
>> No. 1355 [Edit]
you could just decompile the swf
>> No. 1373 [Edit]
File Wall_Climb.swf - (1.75MB , 640x480 , Wall Climb.swf )

I felt like animating something stupidly complicated and likely above my current skill level. Turned out aight I guess
>> No. 1404 [Edit]
>>1178 here
I found an old animation on my computer that I got stuck on and never finished.
Thinking about working on it again.
>> No. 1411 [Edit]
The poses and timing are off. The guy on the left pulls out his sword without bending over, and he drastically slows down when he's just in front of the other guy.
>> No. 1412 [Edit]
yeah, I got stuck because it looks like shit when he pulls the sword out, and there wasn't enough force for the hit I planned on animating. When he unsheathes the sword, his hands are actually in the wrong position for the sword being on his left. His right hand should be over his left hand, but it's the other way around. (It just appears to be in front of him right now because I never finished erasing the part that overlaps him)
>> No. 1424 [Edit]
File 131321586566.gif - (46.66KB , 480x270 , Mammoth walk.gif )
Critique por favor

The front legs are really bothering me.
>> No. 1425 [Edit]
It almost looks like the front legs are walking faster than the back ones
>> No. 1426 [Edit]
I thought that at first, but I don't see it anymore.
>> No. 1427 [Edit]
I think it would help to look at videos of elephants walking.
>> No. 1429 [Edit]
I have been, but thanks.
>> No. 1612 [Edit]
File 131829546466.gif - (300.34KB , 960x540 , Mammoth bones.gif )
I forgot about this thread. I finished the mammoth skeleton a while ago, but I later found out I drew the skull completely wrong, so I'll have to redo the head.
>> No. 1613 [Edit]
File 131829550755.gif - (124.96KB , 960x540 , Mammoth skin.gif )
Here's a version with skin, 98% complete.
>> No. 1614 [Edit]
File 131829556076.gif - (77.31KB , 640x480 , Jump.gif )
I also just made this today for class.
>> No. 1690 [Edit]
File 132200929430.gif - (47.87KB , 480x270 , Stubs.gif )
I made this for fun, but it's related to an assignment we have for class.
>> No. 1691 [Edit]

That's actually kind of menacing.
>> No. 1692 [Edit]
>> No. 1703 [Edit]
I recognise you.
From Sheezyart.
>> No. 1704 [Edit]
I don't recognize you but hi
>> No. 1714 [Edit]
So is there only like 1 animator here.
>> No. 1715 [Edit]
The hands could use work, try crawling yourself to get a better feel.

You're making them slap the ground when its actually supposed to be very similar to how you would animate feet.
>> No. 1716 [Edit]
I tried making one for fun a few weeks back to post here, but gave up after 30 frames because of how tedious it was.
>> No. 1730 [Edit]
File 132503688512.gif - (3.65MB , 400x300 , lego-vid-1.gif )
Is it okay if it's not a drawn animation?

This was my first time doing this sort of thing...
>> No. 1731 [Edit]
I think it's nice.
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
Did another lame vid for the heck of it, little to long for a .gif so I used youtube for this one.
figured I might as well toss on some crappy audio...
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
lol, good.
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
Wow, that was pretty nice. Makes me wish I had my lego set with me right now.
>> No. 1766 [Edit]
I know this really corny, mostly just did it for fun.
was also using this to learn how to use a video editor.
Had I known I'd spend so much time editing it, I might have put more time into shooting the footage.
Hopefully if I make another vid, it wont suck as much.
and yeah, was too lazy to add audio for this one....

Post edited on 17th Feb 2012, 1:16am
>> No. 1782 [Edit]
That was really cool. If it had audio, it seems to me like it might become a popular video.
>> No. 2092 [Edit]

Also, I quite enjoyed my quick dabbling in amateur animation. I will have to try this more in-depth sometime.

The audio was an old song of mine from a few years ago.
>> No. 2093 [Edit]
I liked it.
>> No. 2094 [Edit]
Thanks. I'm actually kind of hoping this won't be a one-off thing.

A huge/completely unrealistic project goal of mine is actually to someday make a fully animated webseries (Less like a "Flash shorts" type thing, more like an amateur ONA). While I can't say I lack the free time and I'd be eager to try and compose an OST, I can safely say I'm currently lacking the necessary art experience and severely lacking in the voice acting department.

A boy has the right to dream...
>> No. 2095 [Edit]
The music is definitely your strong point, judging by that short. If you can get some colab going, something bigger shouldn't be a far cry from your current position. Who knows how good you'll get in a while if you keep finishing projects like this.
>> No. 2096 [Edit]
Thanksies. My resources (and people I know) are pretty limited, but the internet and the coming years of practice hold many possibilities, I suppose.
>> No. 2097 [Edit]
It was fun.
Are you the guy who made songs named around "dicks"?
>> No. 2099 [Edit]
Yup. The naming scheme was just sort of a dumb running joke to myself that stuck for a while.

When I first started making primarily instrumental stuff, I was used to the conventional method of naming a song after the lyrics, so I really had no idea what to call any of it.
>> No. 2102 [Edit]
That's it, you guys inspired me.

Between all the 'Chinamation' and 'Fanime' videos on youtube I figure: "Why not me?"
It's not like my artistic understanding will decrease from the experience.

Trouble is I am severely computer illiterate to the point where the only two programs I comprehend are mspaint and windows movie maker.
You pros have any Software suggestions?
>> No. 2103 [Edit]
Flash is pretty good. I know it might have sort of a bad reputation around here, but it's not like you need to tween the shit out of everything.
For example, the cuts in this scene http://youtu.be/jRHJntLYMh0 where the students are calling each other were animated in flash. You can't really tell the difference, in fact, the only reason I know of it is because I know who animated it.
Other than that, I've heard good stuff about TVP Animation Pro (it's bitmap-based vs. Flash and Toonboom which are vector-based), but I haven't tried it myself. It's developed by French animators, so probably worth a shot.
Of course you could also just draw the frames on paper and clean them on computer. Or not use the computer at all! In the end, it's the craftsman holding the tool, not the tools themselves, which is the most important.
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