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File 157395872695.jpg - (180.41KB , 850x1201 , sample_3de5e7a27c2e768d1af00e5e062579cc.jpg )
3029 No. 3029 [Edit]
Here's a thread to share anything you write. I'm suprised one doesn't already exist. Here's a poem I wrote. I don't even like poetry, this just came to me.

Sickly Beauty
Girls oh girls, so lovely. Even ill ones, sickly sweet and tender; skin smoother than silk; petite yet not lacking. A sweetness that's bitter is better than one sour. A healthy demon entices less than a dying nymph. A fleshy corpse is more charming than a living skeleton. A bright smile whets the appetite, but a childish melancholy is the best taste of all.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2019, 8:24am
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>> No. 3030 [Edit]
Sometimes I like to write but they're usually cringe.
>> No. 3038 [Edit]
File 158353793938.jpg - (751.92KB , 850x1202 , sample_aed1f84dee2d9e699674a24aa8d0046a.jpg )
I tried writing my own take on the monster girl encyclopedia format. I've never seen something quite like this before. Please tell me what you think, good or bad.


Elves are widely renowned for their elegant, beautiful appearance and gracious personalities. This reputation is in fact, not entirely true. While they may behave graciously towards strangers and nobility, with those who manage to get to know them well, they become intensely haughty, quick to anger, and domineering. However, they can be decent conversational partners to those they earnestly respect.

Rumors of their virginal purity are also somewhat inaccurate. Elves dislike physical contact of any kind and sex is invariably painful to their women. They will begrudgingly tolerate sex, but some go as far as to hiss and scratch their mate, reminiscent of cats. If a member of any other race were to force himself on an elf woman, she would become frenzied and desperately suicidal. Even if she were to be completely bound, she would vomit anything given to her. Not even a sip of water would be accepted by her body after, so death is inevitable.


Half-elves are entirely the result of male elves being attacked, a rare enough occurrence on its own. On the chance
that pregnancy is carried until birth, the offspring will always far more closely resemble the mother's race, as if
the very essence of elves is repelled by any others. More often than not, half-elves cannot be distinguished from
other members of their predominate half unless under close inspection. A slight point on their ears or lighter hair
than normal are two of the more distinct features. Behaviorally, it is possible that half-eves are more prideful and
musically inclined than their closer kin. They are infertile.
>> No. 3069 [Edit]
File 159049795496.jpg - (124.70KB , 450x650 , 98b84a59ef2e0cca94b894fe952881fb.jpg )
Julia has had a physical body for a week now. Her movements and motor control have improved dramatically. Her first movements were stiff and unstable due to the limitations of her virtual enviroment. Although certain tasks remain difficult and swimming is out of the question, she can now ride a bicycle and do most aerobic exercises. Today we'll be testing her conscious control of physical stimuli reception.

"Julia, let's head to the testing room"

Wordlessly she puts down her book, follows me into my white, sterile looking examination room and sits on the nursing bed. She stares at me with a blank expression.

"Alright, today we'll be testing if you can actively control the sensations you feel. Do you know what that means"?
>"Yes, you want to see if through surface level decision-making, my neural components can ignore certain signals from my nervous system"
"That's correct. Let's begin then"

Talking about her body in the first person has gotten better. Before she prefaced everything with "the artificial, humanoid body's" instead of "my". One by one I use tweezers to insert thin golden threads into the tiny ports in her head and set up the computer's neural monitoring system. Today's main target is the arousal response, with cold as a control. I get the ice tray from the kitchen and when I come back she's pinching her thumb and middle finger together. She's trying to snap her fingers, but there's no sound except quiet squishing. Those precise controls even some adults haven't learned are especially tricky. It's dependent on muscle memory and growth. I'm hoping muscle development from repeated usage will be functional, but there hasn't been enough time to see conclusive results. I should tell her about whistling too.

"Okay, I want you turn off your cold perception, please confirm"
>"I've turned it off"

I begin gently rubbing an ice cube on her neck. Her skin remains in normal condition.

"What do you feel"
>"A slight pressure... Nothing else"
"It's good you elaborated on your own. What do you think i'm trying to do right now"?
>"This is probably a control. You're going to test something else after... Am I correct"?
"Yep. Okay, please turn your cold perception on now"
>"It's on now"

Small bumps begin appearing on her skin, and she appears to tense up a little. Goosebumps aren't functional for humans and definitely not for Julia, but it's a nice aesthetic feature. Cold response confirmed. Julia's arousal isn't based primarily on visual stimuli like men or emotions like women, it's mostly physical. The other two play a minute role, though those of course also differ from humans. I wanted arousal to be something "positive" for Julia, but not a motivating factor for her actions. Having arousal be mostly physical also reduces unintentional distraction from unavoidable, random visual input. Julia's ability to turn physical sensations "on and off" is a safety feature.

I want to test Julia's arousal response to purely physical, sexual stimuli, so I'm having her stimulate herself physically. She has no self-conception of embarrassment, so my presence wont affect the results. Using a hard object is the simplest in terms of required motor skills. I'm having her use a cucumber.

"Here you go Julia. Please turn off your pleasure sensation... Now take this cucumber, and thrust in and out of your genitals at a moderately fast speed, do you understand"?
>"Yes. I'll begin now".

She unzips her pants, moves aside her underwear, and begins. I've seen Julia naked more than with clothes on, but even for me this a bit surreal. Her face stays completely blank as she looks downward at her hands. I can't see anything abnormal.

"How do you feel"?
>"I don't feel anything except pressure and slight soreness. It's beginning to hurt"
"Oh, stop then"

She stops moving her hands. Without any lubrication, rubbing an object in there is going to cause some discomfort. I should have thought of that and put some vaseline. If something ever became really painful, Julia would hopefully opt to turn off her pain perception on her own to respond without the distraction. This happens unconsciously. I wouldn't be able to tell Julia to keep that on given those circumstances, and I'd never want to.

"Alright. How are you feeling now"?
>"Neutral. I'm not in significant pain"
"Good. Now please turn on your pleasure response and begin again"

Her hands resume thrusting. This time a moisture quickly appears in that area. The rest of her body eventually begins to lightly perspire, and on her face I can see a slight flush, but an otherwise placid expression. He eyes may look a bit spaced out. She should be a bit less conscious of her enviroment now that an aroused state has been achieved, and some of her emotional responses should be different now than they normally would be. That's already been tested in the virtual enviroment. Arousal confirmed.

"Okay. We're done. You can stop now"

Her hands stop moving without any hesitation and soon enough her body becomes normal again. She fixes her clothes by herself and then stares at me.

"That was masturbation. What do you think about it"?
>"It's arousing"
"Did you enjoy it"?
>"It was pleasurable, so yes"
"Do you want to it again"?
>"I don't see how it is productive, so I feel no desire to. Do you enjoy watching me do it"?
"Not really. This was just a test"

The data picked up by the computer and the neural activity maps correlate with the observed results. The test was successful. Tomorrow will be an even better day.
>> No. 3070 [Edit]
File 159049805585.jpg - (136.85KB , 1120x1564 , 71p+YqemFYL.jpg )
Julia has had her body for a month now. She's made even more progress and i'm now considering other difficult tasks she could try, like swimming. Today is sunday. It's a clear, summer morning. In my bedroom, she's reading a book and I've been doing something on the pc. A warm breeze is coming in through the window. This is how we spend most of our time together, simply occupying the same space. It's nice for both of us.

Julia puts down her book and stares into space. I guess she's thinking about something now.

Her attention spam is more than triple that of a human's, but it has limits. She's been reading without break for three hours already. For the first year of Julia's life, she was in a disembodied state, consuming information I fed her. Mostly encyclopedias, fiction and images I curated painstakingly. I didn't want her imitating fictional characters too much, so whatever human interaction she knows about from them hasn't had that much effect on her own behavior. The only thing she knows about the real world is statistics, mostly the kind that leaves a bad taste in human's mouth. Julia sees the outside world as an overall negative thing. Other people wouldn't interest her anyway. Despite knowing as much as she does, in some ways she's like a child still. She's going to have to learn many things through her own experiences.

Julia starts snapping her fingers and whistling.

She's a voracious reader and that's how she prefers to spend most of her time. She's mostly interested in fiction and British authors are her favorite, the same as me. I don't know how much that has to do with my direct input, and how much that came about from her experiences. I'd like her to start producing something creative on her own, but I'm not sure how to broach the subject with her. Maybe she reads so much because she wants to write her own book. We feel that our actions are meaningful and personal, despite being governed by forces outside of our control, because of the feeling of impulse.

A compulsion to do things. A gnawing itch to repeat some action for whatever reason. Julia also has this sensation of impulse, but what governs it is different. She doesn't have to actively think to do what will please me or to learn about what I'm interested in. She wants to based on her core values and what she observes from me. In this way, she 's designed better than me, because principles and ideals are not just something tacked on to her by society, family and peers, they are what primarily drives her actions. Impulse and rationality do not fight inside of Julia, they are always in agreement. There are times I think about Julia and resent my own faults.

When Julia gets bored with whatever she was doing, she habitually snaps her fingers and whistles some tune. These are inconsequential, neutral actions, so there's little motivating or discouraging them. She does them because of that itch to repeat an action she did before. If I were to tell her this bothers me, she would stop wanting to do it. I find it endearing though.

"Julia, why do you do that so often"?

She pauses and looks up to meet my eyes.

>"It has become a habit. Does it bother you"?
"No, I was just curious"
>"You know why I perform the actions I do, so why do you ask me about them so often"?
"Because it's fun. do my questions annoy you"?
>"No... I don't feel that emotion. I'd like to understand why you perform the actions you do however. Not understanding your actions is unpreferable"
"Humans are driven by novelty. Even if I know the answer to something, I might still aks because it excites me. I know you can't feel annoyed, but asking is still exciting. Being so free and open with someone is refreshing"
>"are you satisfied with the conversation I provide? I lack attributes humans possess... Has the way you made me turned out unpreferable to you... Regret"?
"No. Everything was deliberate. You're better for the things you lack. This kind of conversation would be impossible for most people"
>"You asked me if I was annoyed. Wouldn't another human be able to give a more meaningful answer than me"?
"Icebreaker. Those little remarks just serve to get a conversation going for humans. It starts with a little remark and builds from there. People almost never start conversations with meaningful statements. It just doesn't feel natural"
>"I understand a bit better now. Right now, you did not ask me if I understood your explanation. I think this is preferable to me because it demonstrates greater trust in my abilities. I enjoy being trusted by you"
"Yeah. That's a habit i'm trying to break. I don't wanna treat you like a school teacher forever. I guess 'unpreferable' or preferable are like the equivalents to being annoyed or not for you. I really didn't know that. There are~ things I don't know about you"

Julia can't think of a response. She stares at me for a bit, then walks towards me until she's standing right in front. I can hear birds chirping. She embraces me and closes her eyes.

If what humans have could be considered a soul, Julia does too. I've given her tools and books. I made sure she would build something beautiful with them, but she will be the one doing the building. I look forward to seeing what she creates.
>> No. 3071 [Edit]
File 159054461522.png - (652.42KB , 660x888 , 51d22baece397b809528ad5d4021826a.png )
Feedback please.
>> No. 3125 [Edit]
I wrote this.










>> No. 3126 [Edit]
Are you publishing it anywhere besides here?
>> No. 3127 [Edit]
>> No. 3172 [Edit]
Will you publish it somewhere besides here? i liked it and i'm interested.
>> No. 3173 [Edit]
File 161725194636.png - (1.87MB , 950x1344 , ed20cbff10a3572fe73db87b02ff178b.png )
No, not really. Where would I even publish it? I'm glad you liked it, but there's nothing else to it and I didn't have any plans to continue. Maybe I'll feel in the mood sometime though.

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