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File 161411602316.jpg - (4.32MB , 6992x1181 , __original_drawn_by_you_shimizu__64eaed554a806522d.jpg )
35476 No. 35476 [Edit]
A thread for anime you have something to say about but don't want to make a thread for. Thought that this might be a good alternative to the seasonal anime thread and encourage people to post more.

Post edited on 23rd Feb 2021, 11:02pm
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>> No. 35477 [Edit]
Considering how hesitant people seem to be to make threads, this seems like a nice idea.
>> No. 35478 [Edit]
File 161414099911.jpg - (192.45KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no S.jpg )
I like it.
>> No. 35479 [Edit]
Vlad Love is more interesting than I expected. To me there's a fine line between comedy and "random for the sake of being random" and Vlad Love handles that well.
>> No. 35480 [Edit]
File 161423269884.jpg - (783.63KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Urasekai Picnic - 08 (1080p) [2246D7C.jpg )
With Urasekai I thought they rushed the pacing a little too much and that they should have retained an element of horror but at least Kozakura is cute.

I like the old school feel it has about it.
>> No. 35481 [Edit]
File 161423563994.jpg - (706.16KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priority - 07 (1080p) [B41.jpg )
This episode struck a chord somehow.
>> No. 35482 [Edit]
File 161424658789.jpg - (112.44KB , 850x667 , sample_53dbbcb0e11e873e1764df93360a2168.jpg )
Re:Zero has the most bizarre presentation. Every single thing that happens is depicted in this massively grandiose fashion. Every single episode. Everything that happens is the most important fucking thing that has ever happened and all sorts of dramatic pop music starts blaring whenever someone says something vaguely emotional during a conversation. Can't they tone it down a little? It's hard to care about dramatic scenes when every other scene is dramatic.
>> No. 35498 [Edit]
File 16144902249.jpg - (107.74KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no S.jpg )
This is a PSA to all shota: Please, be circumspect in matters of hygiene as there have been sightings of lolibaba preying upon the male youth. Thank you for your consideration.
>> No. 35503 [Edit]
File 161466309839.jpg - (209.90KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no S.jpg )
Not surprised she has at least fujo-tendencies.
>> No. 35509 [Edit]
File 161510160065.jpg - (1.03MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san - 01 (10.jpg )
>> No. 35510 [Edit]
Between the last 3 episodes of Hataraku Saibou S2 they must have repeated the fact that there are good, bad, & opportunistic bacteria in the intestine at least a dozen times. Is there supposed to be some sort of joke behind that (e.g. that it's an over-taught fact in the Japanese school system, á la the role of the mitochondria in US school systems?)
>> No. 35511 [Edit]
File 161530926873.jpg - (657.38KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priority - 09 (1080p) [245.jpg )
Wasn't expecting such an old school expression. This week's episode was rather pensive as well, suppose the next two episode will delve into the remaining two characters' complexes and then the finale. On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Otsuka Hochu and Nakata Joji's voices in the series.
>> No. 35513 [Edit]
File 161535129148.jpg - (118.50KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no S.jpg )
>> No. 35555 [Edit]
File 161655567840.jpg - (153.47KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no S.jpg )
>> No. 35556 [Edit]

Looking forward to anything next season? It's not like there were a lot of great animes airing this season but next season feels lackluster in comparison. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Shadows House and Super Cub but not much aside from that. Maybe the two SoLs about women's soccer and pottery, there's also what looks like a Lady Snowbloods's spiritual successor and Gokushufudo of which I've read a bit of the manga before. Also perhaps it's worth a mention but Nagatoro and Blue Reflection are also getting anime adaptations.
>> No. 35557 [Edit]
In April 3 starts the third season of the best not-anime anime of the last years, Thunderbolt Fantasy, so I'm eager for that.
Besides that maybe Cestvs and not too much else.
>> No. 35564 [Edit]
>not like there were a lot of great animes airing this season
I thought there were tons of good stuff this (winter 2021) season, especially if you're a fan of sol/cgdct: off my head we had yuru camp, azur lane shorts, hataraku saibou s2 (& black), non non biyori, urasekai, and uma musume s2. And two "wildcard" shows (wonder egg & vlad love); depending on where your tastes lie that's probably 4-5 watchable shows at least, which I think is not too shabby.
>> No. 35565 [Edit]
I've been enjoying redo of healer myself....
>> No. 35566 [Edit]
You are right, I'm actually watching at least 5-6 airing animes this season including most of what you've listed. A lot of those ended up being rather lukewarm however with the exception of NNB and Yurucamp. I suppose I was feeling a little let down when I made my post earlier, some of the animes I was watching sort of tapered off towards the end including the two wildcards you've mentioned.
>> No. 35569 [Edit]
Vlad Love was awesome. It's strange and will easily go off on tangents that are hard to keep up with if you don't know what they're talking about, but that's the fun of it.
>> No. 35573 [Edit]
File 161696731688.jpg - (1.06MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Vlad Love - 09 (1080p) [D4CAD467]_mkv.jpg )
It's enjoyable as long as you don't take it too seriously, the creators basically just did whatever they liked and that makes it great. There's a lot references and homages. My only gripe is that the first halves and the second halves were a little too contrasting and that might mislead some people.
>> No. 35579 [Edit]
That episode felt like a fever dream. In fact everything from ~7+ is a vague blur except for the musical score and artwork which nonetheless take center-stage and are memorable. Maybe this is something like Finnegan's Wake where unless you're intimately familiar with all the references and tangents all you can do is sit back and watch the pretty pictures and laugh at the occasional joke.
>> No. 35583 [Edit]
Hey op, do you have the artists name that draw those images?
>> No. 35584 [Edit]
Saucenao is your friend.
>> No. 35585 [Edit]
>> No. 35586 [Edit]
File 161782077340.jpg - (722.35KB , 1920x1080 , 1617813277196.jpg )
This was a joy to watch. Nice artstyle, beautiful music, extremely slow and calm, a melancholic vibe, really atmospheric. Even the few humour moments were good. Only the CG felt off, as usual.
It almost makes me feel sorry because I doubt next episodes could improve it too much and most of the depressing but sweet mood will probably be lost.
>> No. 35587 [Edit]
File 161782368695.jpg - (789.05KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 01 (1080p) [5A27D649]_mkv.jpg )
Beat me to it, funny how you almost took the words right out of my mouth word for word. It's very quaint and pensive although the CG can be a bit jarring, pretty much what you've said. I do wonder what direction it will take from here on out. There were some odd moments and recycled frames but it's still a nice watch. I don't know if it's normal but I find it odd how easily she gets it considering she didn't have prior experience or license. 10,000 yen is certainly cheap for a bike but I wonder if they will explain her backstory further.
>> No. 35588 [Edit]
File 161795555615.jpg - (845.01KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S2 S.jpg )
>> No. 35594 [Edit]
That was easily my favorite episode, as you've mentioned it's very aesthetically pleasing and it referenced one of the most iconic underground manga in its history. "Fever dream" is certainly a very fitting way to put it, I like animation sequences that exhibits a stream of consciousness quality. The regrettable aspect for me is that the humor was rather mild and failed to really engage me.
>> No. 35597 [Edit]
File 161824147641.png - (1.91MB , 1280x720 , mikkusu.png )
Mewkledreamy has finished airing, now it's time for Mewkledreamy Mix.
Wonder if this'll be like Precure and there'll just be a new anime every year. I wouldn't mind.
>> No. 35600 [Edit]
I think Mewkledreamy is the de facto successor to Jewelpet so it might actually stick around for a few years.
>> No. 35609 [Edit]
File 161867906557.jpg - (832.82KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 02 (1080p) [1360712B]_mkv.jpg )
>> No. 35615 [Edit]
File 161875913217.png - (1.94MB , 1280x720 , chiafuru.png )
These parts where they ask the audience to start cheering are slightly embarassing.
>> No. 35618 [Edit]
File 161904058756.png - (2.00MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 03 (1080p) [3EA9788D]_mkv.png )
I'm quite envious, a quiet and peaceful solitary life is something I longed for. I like how succinctly they depict Koguma's awkwardness when greeting Reiko and how she subsequently begins to get accustomed to it. The occasional bits that feel like an advert still bugs me however and I'm still curious as to how she is able to afford her living expenses.
>> No. 35627 [Edit]
File 161924891378.jpg - (908.76KB , 1420x2000 , myanimelist-1365381367928922119-0.jpg )
This isn't the usual anime that's talked here but I think it deserves to be mentioned. It's a contemporary noir story and in just 3 episodes it has showed incredibly good writing and dialogues contrasting with the simple but cute animal characters. It came from nowhere, a manga is being published at the same time so we don't know where the story is going on and the creator seems to be an absolute stranger with no previous experience in the industry.
Could disappoint at the end but after watching the first episodes I can at least say I haven't seen anything like it in really long time.
>> No. 35645 [Edit]
File 16196606265.jpg - (78.79KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Super Cub - 01 (720p) [842817C7]_mkv_.jpg )
Got around to checking out Super Cub. First ep makes me wonder if they're not dropping subtle hints that this girl is depressed and suicidal. Her world seems pretty bleak the way she describes it, and it's hard not to notice the color use reflecting this as well.
>> No. 35680 [Edit]
File 162019263285.jpg - (74.24KB , 476x549 , ~.jpg )
>> No. 35681 [Edit]
File 16202066197.jpg - (115.69KB , 1920x1080 , hagu.jpg )
don't know what it is about WEP, but it really resonated with me (at least the episodes released so far). the OST is also one of my favourites i've ever heard
>> No. 35685 [Edit]
File 162023340348.png - (2.35MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S2 S.png )
>> No. 35699 [Edit]
Can't seem to post screenshots from Dragon, Ie wo Kau but it's quite enjoyable.

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