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File 150529233390.jpg - (6.56MB , 1440x9235 , Fall.jpg )
29396 No. 29396 [Edit]
Here is anichart disorganized shitball for the upcoming 2017 autumn anime season. I fell in love with this shitball when it confirmed the 2nd season of Hoozuki no Reitsu and god damn its got a lot of other good news tucked away in seemingly random locations. That foxgirl SoL at an onsen looks very promising and so does the Nekopara OVA which will probably never be subbed.
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>> No. 29397 [Edit]
Net-juu no Susume sounds kind'a interesting.
Might give it a check.
>> No. 29399 [Edit]
This could potentially be the best season in ages.
>> No. 29400 [Edit]
Had a look through the list, lots of interesting stuff on there. I think I'll need to quit work in order to watch all this.
>Blend S
>Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sygiru Shojo Bitch na Ken
>Himouto S2
>Houseki no Kuni
>Imouto sae Ireba Ii
>Konohana Kitan
>Love Live! Sunshine!! 2
>Mahoutsukai no Yome
>Ousama Game The Animaion
>Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
>Two Car
>> No. 29401 [Edit]
Mahoutsukai no Yome is going to be made or broken by the end of the first episode. If they can't capture the Anglo-Celtic Mythological vibe that the manga has well enough, then it'll fall flat as an otherwise pretty generic tale. I mean it's nice and pretty cute at times but it's not something we've not seen before and other things do it better. If they pull the atmosphere off though, it'll be one of the best OSTs in years I should think. I have low hopes but dreams are free. I'll probably just pick the manga back up. Can't remember why I stopped.

Konohana Kitan seems like it'll be a nice forumulaic cute show with the added benefit of being cutesy intstead of sometimes kind of dark like the former show.

RoboMasters could also be pretty cool. Fairly interesting concept and it will be nice if they have some engineering porn in the design process. Testing phases should also make for some decent light-hearted comedy. We'll see if they decide to make the team competent with the general problems involved in R&D creating funny situations or if they'll make the team idiots for the sake of humour.

Just Because is something I'm conflicted on. It might be interesting if done right, but on the flip side, if it's done right then that mood of good things coming to an end on the cusp of adulthood and graduation would be oppressively unpleasant. Kind of like how the ending of Azumanga Daioh still leaves me depressed when I watch it. I'm a sucker for that bittersweet shit.

There's other stuff but those are what really stand out after a first viewing.
>> No. 29403 [Edit]
>This could potentially be the best season in ages.
>Tv short
>Pingu in the city
You may very well be right, anon.
>> No. 29404 [Edit]
I'm watching that out of curiosity at any rate.
>> No. 29407 [Edit]
>Nekopara OVA which will probably never be subbed.
yeah sure, a long awaited project for something with a huge fan base in the west would never get english subs. Never ever ever going to happen, ever. Crazy talk.
>> No. 29410 [Edit]
It's worth it for shy, timid Ebina lusting after oniichan.
>> No. 29415 [Edit]
I'm disturbed by the lack of moe.
>> No. 29418 [Edit]
>> No. 29419 [Edit]
OK, but we might have to wait a little while for the subs. I'm sorry, but i guess the last few years of watching horriblesubs regularly seems to have really spoiled the patience I used to have had to wait for subtitles. OVAs kinda piss me off these days just because they usually take so damn long to have subs added to the raw copies.
>> No. 29472 [Edit]
File 150637225921.png - (1.52MB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2017-09-25-13h42m02s784.png )
summer is over
>> No. 29473 [Edit]
but that just marks the beginning of comfy fall and winter anime and fanart
>> No. 29484 [Edit]
>> No. 30111 [Edit]
So, what's the verdict? What was worth the watch?
>> No. 30965 [Edit]
File 152037292822.jpg - (505.56KB , 1920x1080 , ep10.jpg )
I finished watching Inuyashiki yesterday and it was quite something. The best thing about this anime is the OP ( and the overall theme, but the execution can feel lacking at some points.

There is never explanation why Inuyashiki looks like 80 despite being only 58. A lot of the plot points are exalted and then wane on their own without much further exposition to make room for the plot to progress, which I think works very well for an anime that airs weekly, but becomes painfully obvious when you watch it in quick succession or with no other anime in-between. The one thing that really surprised me [SPOILERS] is how fast I went from absolutely hating the villain (i.e. "He needs to be put down, NOW") to feeling sympathy and pity for him and his surroundings, specially by the time Pubehead came along. By the end he goes down the path of evil again and the pity becomes sour when you realize he didn't try to redeem himself, he only tried to feel validated. Eventually he sacrifices himself to stop a cataclysm, by then I couldn't care less for the guy. Apart, I found the epilogue extremely sour, when Inuyashiki's daughter wins the WSJ maanga spot by adapting the villian's story, over the story adapted by the villian's friend about Inuyashiki's heroic acts. At some point I felt it having more episodes would be ideal, but also feel it wouldn't have solved the issues with how the series is written.

I wouldn't say it's an amazing anime nor the AotS, and I think it can be skipped in favour of finishing a backlog, but it's very decent nevertheless and worth a watch if you liked the OP or the Gantz manga (less so the anime, for obvious reasons).
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