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File 129989592936.jpg - (53.83KB , 704x476 , [SpoonSubs]_Hidamari_Sketch_x365_-_02_(DVD)[DB9270.jpg )
2446 No. 2446 [Edit]
Let's have a thread for "old" stuff (i.e. not from the newest season) that you're catching up on.

Pic related: I'm watching Hidamari Sketch x 365 (AKA the second season). I've been thinking for awhile lately that I wanted to watch something with a "weird" character like Osaka/Rin, and Miyako kinda fits the bill, so this was just what I'm looking for.

What are you watching?
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>> No. 2447 [Edit]
Kaiji, going to finish it before the second season starts. Such an intense show and Kaiji is an amazing character.
>> No. 2448 [Edit]
I'm technically watching Hokuto no Ken and Galaxy Express 999, though not at an alarming rate.
>> No. 2449 [Edit]
What a coincidence, I'm watching HSx365 too.

I'm on a quest to watch every Shaft show there is right now.
>> No. 2450 [Edit]
I plan to rewatch Hidamari at least 9 more times in my life.
>> No. 2451 [Edit]
Are we all on a Hidamari Sketch spree? I just finished watching all 3 seasons.

I'm a big SHAFT fan, trying to watch Maria†Holic right now since there's a sequal next season. I'm on episode 3.
>> No. 2453 [Edit]
I plan to watch Kaiji at least 4 more times in my life, too.
>> No. 2455 [Edit]
I pretty much only watch old shows. I don't have time to watch things as they come out, so I'm always WAY behind. Hell, I've had After Story on hold for almost two years.
>> No. 2456 [Edit]
>After Story

It's the worth to see half.
>> No. 2457 [Edit]
was that a sentence
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
He was saying; it (after story) is the worth-to-see half [of clannad].
>> No. 2459 [Edit]
yes, that's it. thanks. sorry.
>> No. 2460 [Edit]
oh ok
>> No. 2470 [Edit]
Currently watching Tweeny Witches
FUKKEN AWESOME. Why haven't I watch this before?
>> No. 2471 [Edit]
Just finished shukufaku no campanella today, finishing seitokai yakuindomo now.
Then i can actually pick up on some older stuff.
>> No. 2476 [Edit]
Finally finished Macross 7 after months of watching one or two episodes a week. Still have the movie and OVAs, then I'm going to start on Macross Frontier.
>> No. 2477 [Edit]
I'm taking the time to watch all the old studio ghibli films for the first time.
>> No. 2478 [Edit]
I'm watching the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA now. I'm looking for older, manly anime because I'm kind of jaded about current anime. I also watched the Wild 7 OVA recently.
>> No. 2479 [Edit]
Patlabo, Maison Ikkoku, and Crest/Banner of the stars.
>> No. 2480 [Edit]
>Maison Ikkoku
Hell yeah. The only Rumiko Takahashi series that I really enjoy.

The only "old" series I've been watching is Evangelion (again)...

Oh, and High School of the Dead, but that was from summer last year. I thought that they handled it surprisingly well (whoever 'they' are). I had the prejudice it would be completely diverging from the manga storyline, and there would be loads of QUALITY. Glad I was wrong. Even the soundtrack is awesome - Although I think that's why I'm so hyped about it in the first place.

I've been wanting to watch Infinite Ryvius for a while, but, alas, can't find a working torrent. I might actually have to buy the box-set somewhere.
>> No. 2481 [Edit]
Well, what do you know? I'm watching Hidamari Sketch Hoshimitsu. Just 3 episodes left so I'm going at a VERY slow pace to make last longer.

I'm also watching Sora no Otoshimono, the Gundam Trylogy, and downloading Fate/Stay Night to watch it along the next few weeks.

I'm having a tendency to drop shows this season to make time to watch old ones. Apart from Madoka and Fractale no show really made me expect the next episode.
>> No. 2482 [Edit]
did you know that the guy who writes it was killed in the tsunami before you started watching it?
>> No. 2483 [Edit]
>>2451 here

Finished Maria†Holic now, it had some pretty funny parts. Not the best show i've ever watched, but it wasn't terrible either.

To the folks in this thread that have seen Kaiji, would you recommend it to someone with no experience or real interest in gambling or gambling anime?
>> No. 2485 [Edit]
Yes. I'd never seen a gambling anime before Kaiji and I loved it. Kaiji isn't so much about gambling as it is about the power of the human spirit anyway.
>> No. 2488 [Edit]
As a fan of classical music I'm making an effort to watch all of Nodame Cantabile. There are 3 seasons (I think?) and a bunch of OVAs.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
No, I didn't know that. That sucks if it's true. I heard that Ritz Kobayashi hasn't reported in yet either. Now is a pretty bad time for mangaka in Japan.
>> No. 2491 [Edit]

It's not true as far as I know. What was true the last time I checked was that there hadn't been any reports on his whereabouts since the quake, but there are no indications of his death
>> No. 2501 [Edit]
File 130016971464.jpg - (114.34KB , 985x738 , onda-aka.jpg )
I just finished watching Rec.
It was really good for such a short series.
>> No. 2515 [Edit]
File 130021846663.png - (819.71KB , 704x396 , shot0001.png )
>> No. 2516 [Edit]
I watched Ivu no Jikan a couple of months ago and quite enjoyed it and also enjoyed Rec, another short series.
Therefore this thread is now also about short series (less than 10 episodes or less than 4 hours total running time) that are good.
>> No. 2519 [Edit]
I'm finishing Now and Then, Here and There and just started on Record of Lodoss War. I'm enjoying Record of Lodoss War, and while I can't say Now and Then, Here and There is "entertaining" I can certainly say that I'm interested in it. I almost exclusively watch older shows, and as of now I am attempting to watch all "classics" of old /a/.
>> No. 2522 [Edit]

Are you enjoying it?

I dropped it years ago due to boredom, and never went back.
>> No. 2534 [Edit]
File 130056760194.jpg - (81.49KB , 700x536 , trapeze.jpg )
Kuchuu Buranko
>> No. 2557 [Edit]
Watching Tatami Galaxy, and pausing on every line so that I can actually read the protagonist's subs. Totally rapid fire dialogue.
>> No. 2558 [Edit]
The first episodes are a pain in the ass to get used to, it gets better later on though.
>> No. 2559 [Edit]

I just got this show too, and I'm looking forward to it.
>> No. 2560 [Edit]

its kind of reminds me of read or die, it seems like its spending a lot of time developing a complicated story and characters. i'm 13 eps in and still not sure if i should drop it.
>> No. 2561 [Edit]
File 130074158190.jpg - (188.83KB , 1280x720 , [AF-F&Y-F]_Kemonozume_-_10_(1280x720)_(h264)_[.jpg )
I'm watching Kemonozume which continues to stun me with its art direction. It's worth watching for the scenery porn alone. Next on my list is >>2470
>> No. 2562 [Edit]
File 130074260110.jpg - (73.20KB , 762x960 , 1300302067028.jpg )
Last two I watched were Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na and Kaliedo Star. Was going to start watching UFO no Natsu, Bokura ga Ita, or Le Chevalier D'Eon until I turned retarded.
>> No. 2563 [Edit]
>Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na
What made you want to watch the cabbage anime?
>> No. 2564 [Edit]
As cliched as it as, I really enjoy romantic comedies. Especially when you actually care about the main couple. Feena is such a lovely girl too. It was short and sweet.
>> No. 2567 [Edit]
UFO no Natsu is pretty similar to Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora if you've seen that, but I actually like it better. Bokura ga Ita was cute, but made me rage at times too. Been meaning to watch Le Chevalier D'Eon myself.
>> No. 2602 [Edit]
File 130113553881.jpg - (2.65MB , 1730x2460 , 1278728198869.jpg )
Just finished TTGL for the 6th time. God damn I love this show so much.
>> No. 2610 [Edit]
Watching Ichigo Mashimaro and Hayate s1 lately (well, finishing Mashimaro then starting on Hayate.)
mashimaro is friggen adorable, though Miu is pretty annoying at times.
>> No. 2611 [Edit]
Started watching Ashita no Nadja per the recommendation of a friend, haven't seen much yet, but it's a rather nice and cute shoujo anime so far
>> No. 2612 [Edit]
File 130117872144.jpg - (157.99KB , 1079x810 , Moe chick with toast.jpg )
Right now, I'm watching Kaiji and Evangelion. Just finished the original series of Eva, and gonna be starting the movies soon. Afterwards, I have Fate/Stay Night and Planetes to watch.

Also, I just had to pause and take this screencap on the last episode.
>> No. 2613 [Edit]
Slowly getting through Baccano and El Cazador de Bruja. I'm not really into the whole pre-50s and mafia/mobster aesthetics so Baccano isn't really gripping me. . .and while Cazador is more intriguing, it has less action and fewer giant mutated wasps than I expected. I'll still be sticking with both of them for now though.
>> No. 2614 [Edit]
watching kino's journey, and then the second rebuild movie. nothing else until next month as im at 379gb out of my 110gb cap.
>> No. 2615 [Edit]
Do yourself a favor and don't watch F/SN. It is atrociously bad. Read the VN instead.
>> No. 2616 [Edit]
I started watching Berserk but I wasnt really feeling it

I find it hard to believe that someone could watch those 2 shows and find El Cazador to be more intriguing. it has some snappy dialogue but thats about it.
>> No. 2618 [Edit]
I strictly meant the aesthetic/setting. Bounty hunters in Mexico tickles my fancy more than old-timey mobsters.
>> No. 2620 [Edit]
File 130118845428.jpg - (67.25KB , 1280x720 , Samurai Champloo Ep 08 'Date with Panties!�.jpg )
Hidamari Sketch, Outlaw Star and Samurai Champloo.

I feel pretty behind with the times.
>> No. 2643 [Edit]
>>2614 here

The last episode of Kino's Journey sure caught me by surprise. Overall I enjoyed the series.
>> No. 2681 [Edit]
Recently finished Ika Musume and Strike Witches. Currently watching Strike Witches 2 and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
>> No. 2734 [Edit]
just started kanon. not really that old, but it seems to be old by the standards of /an/…
>> No. 2735 [Edit]
File 130178219378.png - (72.66KB , 250x172 , Kanon5.png )
Who wouldn't consider a nine year old anime "old"?
>> No. 2736 [Edit]
File 130178525015.jpg - (226.10KB , 1600x1200 , Lina Inverse computerized.jpg )
no one watches the 2002 version.

The 2006 version was a real visual treat that still holds up well today. The VN on the other hand came out in what 99? So it is old but still excellent.

The latest thing I played catchup on was the Slayers. Yeah, 90's stuff totally qualifies as old now ;_; Why it took me so long to see it is beyond me. The Slayers Next was just great.
>> No. 2737 [Edit]
I watched Kaiji again for the next season. Apart from that, i'm taking a break so that I can prepare myself for vast disappointment for most of the shows airing.
>> No. 2762 [Edit]
Finished Battle Programmer Shirase. It was thoroughly enjoyable.
>> No. 2797 [Edit]
I just watched it too. It was pretty good.
>> No. 2804 [Edit]
File 130194348791.jpg - (189.25KB , 706x792 , ka.jpg )
god fucking dammit kyoani.
kanon was a great series, i really enjoyed it. one night i sat down to watch one ep before bed and ended up marathoning five cause it was just that sugoi, but then i see kyoani doing cheap repetitive shit like this - makes me feel like i was raped and enjoyed it. oh and i loved endless eight too, watched every episode with relish and then i watched them all again. its like being the victim in an abusive relationship.
>> No. 2811 [Edit]
I knew I wasn't the only one that thought they looked like they were separated at birth!
>> No. 2814 [Edit]
They have the same seiyuu and everything
>> No. 2815 [Edit]
File 130195093522.jpg - (88.37KB , 1280x720 , [SpoonSubs]_Sketchbook_full_color'S_13_[720p].jpg )
Just finished Sketchbook Full Color's it was great, but why most the best characters have the least screentime?

Also watching LoGH and Heartcatch Precure.
>> No. 2817 [Edit]
I wish there was another season. I felt sad during the last episode when they finally revealed why it's called full colors. I also teared up a little.
>> No. 2826 [Edit]

Oh wow, I didn't notice that about the "colors", pretty nice. And yeah, a second season would've been nice, with such a nice cast.

But there's always the manga, right?
>> No. 2842 [Edit]
File 130202807987.jpg - (51.57KB , 406x390 , 1258724619223.jpg )
>I also teared up a little.

I cried full force.

The manga is more comedy 4koma than laid back slice of life.
>> No. 3081 [Edit]
Kurozuka, which is incredibly awesome for something I've never heard anyone talk about.

Blassreiter, which I'm not sure what to think of. Based on the first few episodes it looks like Nitro+ trying to do a superhero story and Gonzo throwing in a ton of bad CG.
>> No. 3273 [Edit]
Kiminozo/Rumbling Hearts. Very melodramatic and soap opera-y in a mostly good way, and it takes place mostly after high school which is a nice change of pace. The whole "you can't tell her she was in a coma for three years" thing seemed kinda contrived but it worked out alright.
>> No. 3822 [Edit]
File 130508084242.jpg - (167.54KB , 1920x1080 , hidamari sketch - shower glasses OP.jpg )
Watched Fractale. I liked the ending but overall the show was kinda boring, and the "derp your ecchi Clain" jokes were repetitive and unfunny.

Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆ (season 3) now. Just like previous seasons, it seems to take a dip in quality midway through when they feature Miyako less, but the new characters are a nice addition. But it makes me sad that I will never have a rainbow-colored morning shower. ;_;

Post edited on 10th May 2011, 7:28pm
>> No. 3858 [Edit]
I watched Asura Cryin 2. The first season was so terrible that I didn't watch the second when it aired, but seeing mentions of it being much better than the first agitated my completionism and got me to watch it. Luckily they were right, season two is way better. Maybe even good enough to make the time wasted on season one worth it.
>> No. 3859 [Edit]
I've been watching Monster, 4th season of Gintama, Black Jack, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and the Getter Robo series.
>> No. 4018 [Edit]
File 130628648445.jpg - (46.57KB , 640x480 , nanoha-tree_vagina.jpg )
Now watching Nanoha. A bit more fanservicey than I expected.
>> No. 4019 [Edit]
i just finished watching the first season of nanoha. im watching elfen lied for a break, and then im going onto the second season.
>> No. 4061 [Edit]
File 130655528892.jpg - (396.77KB , 850x637 , sample_e8e79f506c07b6200aa76466612cabb31be70fd5.jpg )
Finally got around to watching Galaxy angel, bout darn time to, had first season on dvd for more then a year now.
First epiode kind of threw me off, mostly the voice acting that bugged me, becuase they went really what I expected the characters to sound like, but once I got used to it I found myself really loving this show, all the characters are each just grate, and the episodes aren't dragged out being 15 minutes, good for a quick pick me up I think.
and can't forget that op.. I mean literally, it got stuck in my head..
>> No. 4063 [Edit]
it seems a bit late now, but you may be interested to know, that The Nanoha movie is a much better done version of the first season.
>> No. 4064 [Edit]
Currently watching Cardcaptor Sakura with my sister. Finally hit the second half of the show and it looks like things are about to pick up.
>> No. 4068 [Edit]
File 130659777496.png - (578.92KB , 1000x805 , b3b1dd47b6f05ce1f060f0bcaa34de9a3ce15741.png )
Finished watching Big O a few nights ago. Decent series, unsatisfying ending.
>> No. 4072 [Edit]
I've never really been into the cutesy and moe stuff so I haven't actually watched any. A friend of mine really enjoys them and I decided to check out Lucky Star and K-On out because of that. I'm still torrenting them but I'm finally going to watch them.
>> No. 4074 [Edit]

Just don't expect a plot. Slice-of-life moe kinda shows are just about the characters doing nothing.
>> No. 4079 [Edit]
As long as the characters are good, there is character growth and a skeletal plot I'll be fine (mainly the first two). Do K-On and Lucky Star have good character growth and development as the shows go along?
>> No. 4082 [Edit]
Just don't judge LS on the first 4 episodes, even the biggest of fans agree that they suck.

pretty decent amount actually.
>> No. 4085 [Edit]
That's funny, I dropped Lucky Star after the fourth episode. I'd go pick it up again, but I'm not sure I care anymore. My plotless slice of life tolerance is pretty low anyway.
>> No. 4088 [Edit]
K-ON!: the absolute minimal amount
Lucky Star: none at all
>> No. 4143 [Edit]

I just can't understand how you feel like this. My tolerance for plot-filled serious series is pretty low; I can (and do) digest one at a time, but I can watch multiple SoLs. I suppose the confusion/bemusement is mutual though.
>> No. 4144 [Edit]
It is. I'm not counting actual comedies in that quota, though, just stuff like K-On! or A-channel, or Lucky Star, from what I could tell. Cute girls doing cute things is great, but I also like to have character and plot development or humor, otherwise I get bored. And if those can be combined all the better.
>> No. 4156 [Edit]

I like to alternate between episodes of story driven action series and plotless moe shows. Keeps me from burning out on one thing.
>> No. 4161 [Edit]
Lucky Star is totally a comedy. unlike K-On it has actual jokes.
>> No. 4164 [Edit]
>Lucky Star

wwwww. At least the girls in K-on were pretty cute. Lucky Star didn't even have that going for it.
>> No. 4165 [Edit]
File 130698186990.jpg - (231.34KB , 850x797 , luckystar-tsukasa-THIRD_FORM.jpg )
Do you really want to see what happens to people who imply that Tsukasa isn't cute?
>> No. 4167 [Edit]
Go ahead. I don't want no trouble, but I honestly thought she was the ugliest lucky star, and I absolutely loathe meganekko characters, so that's saying something. I am sorry for going against the grain.
>> No. 4180 [Edit]
File 130704647824.png - (106.23KB , 500x281 , misao.png )
Lucky Star season 2 fucking when.
>> No. 4181 [Edit]
fucking never
>> No. 4183 [Edit]
File 130705496515.jpg - (244.79KB , 850x1144 , luckystar-tsukasa-FIRST_FORM.jpg )
That's fine, I just saw an opportunity to make a threat paired with that Tsukasa pic.
>> No. 4192 [Edit]
File 130711716321.gif - (551.41KB , 200x200 , 1304776041_76453824.gif )

>At least the girls in K-on were pretty cute. Lucky Star didn't even have that going for it.
>> No. 4193 [Edit]
I just finished kurenai and had no idea what the fuck was going on for the entire show

am going to watch 2 episodes of blood+ every day starting tomorrow so that i can watch the new one airing next season. ive never tried marathoning a show over 26 episodes, but i have a feeling that it will wear me out
>> No. 4220 [Edit]
You're probably wasting your time.

The new one looks stand alone.
>> No. 4337 [Edit]
Just finished Eve no Jikan. It was fantastic, but ending left me kind of unsatisfied. We didn't learn what Takisaka Incident was, and I really would have liked to see how the relationship between Masaki and his father ended up. Wiki article says there's a possibility for a second season. Well, I can hope. And, even though I'll watch it, can anyone confirm if the movie adds much without spoiling anything? Just a simple yes/no would be enough.
>> No. 4340 [Edit]
I haven't seen either yet, but according to MAL:
>It includes all the OVAs and completely new scenes giving details on the background story of some characters.
>> No. 4342 [Edit]
I hadn't checked it throughly in case of spoiler, so thank you, good sir.
>> No. 4345 [Edit]
File 130789706490.jpg - (95.70KB , 600x450 , sanya and Yoshika.jpg )
Strike witches
All this fanservice I don't even
>> No. 4346 [Edit]
you watch it long enough the pantsu no longer registers to your mind anymore
>> No. 4352 [Edit]
Am I the only one who found the WWII style and character stories more interesting than the fan service? This is what I say to myself so I don't feel bad about enjoying SW
>> No. 4353 [Edit]
How could you feel bad about enjoying Strike Witches, it's a great show! Also I read up a bit on the references Strike Witches has and it made my head spin.

The sheer amount of lewd tendencies in my mind will never let me ignore the pantsu. And I like it that way~

Post edited on 16th Jun 2011, 7:10pm
>> No. 4354 [Edit]
Although I found the fan service amusing, I liked everything the show had to offer, I'm no WWII buff, but found the setting/style pretty cool, I also thought each of the characters were very interesting and nice in their own ways, including story's.
>> No. 4355 [Edit]
I like all the parts equally.
>> No. 4516 [Edit]
Audio - (1.08MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 1:11

Just finished Slam Dunk. The show itself was so-so but that's not what I wanted to talk about.

This bass line. Goddamn. Whenever I watch shows from 80s/early 90s I'm amazed by the sheer quality of bass lines. They beat the strings like they owe them money.
>> No. 4538 [Edit]
Got around to watching Kowarekake no Orgel after putting it off due to not feeling like a sad ending.

Did she die though? My impression was that
her memory would reset every so often and that's why she had no memory of the sea. But I remember reading some thread back when it came out about her dying. Damn this needs a sequel.
Edit:Added spoilers, thanks for the heads up.

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2011, 9:56pm
>> No. 4539 [Edit]
Spoiler tags.
>> No. 5997 [Edit]
File 131485312210.jpg - (234.22KB , 850x1360 , sample-8a902868df19bedccadd6a23d6ae4a82.jpg )
I just started watching Chobits and I'm wondering why it took me almost a decade to start watching it, especially considering my love of Clamp. This is one of the cutest and funniest shows I've seen in a long time, despite its age.
>> No. 5998 [Edit]
Thanks, now I need to download it so I can rewatch it.
>> No. 5999 [Edit]

You're in luck, the BDs were just recently released, so now you can download and watch it in glorious 1080p or 720p if your computer is shitty like mine.
>> No. 6000 [Edit]
>> No. 6001 [Edit]
>Chobits[Virus123][Bluray][1080p][Dual Audio]
You mean this?
Fuck, I'm getting a huge list of things to download in a couple weeks now.
>> No. 6002 [Edit]
File 131485860797.jpg - (115.16KB , 1280x720 , Zero-Raws-Chobits-26-BD-1280x720-x264-AAC_mkv_snap.jpg )
Don't bother with the 1080p. The show was mastered at standard def, even the 720p will be a heavy upscale. Check the pic, it looks like arse.

Virus are also quite bad with their use of filtering, their Lucky Star BD had a lot of the detail destroyed when upscaling.
>> No. 6596 [Edit]
File 131846957886.jpg - (60.71KB , 635x350 , Tanabe.jpg )
Just finished Twin Spica, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Somehow it managed give me a Halibane Renmei vibe…
>> No. 6597 [Edit]
File 131847129749.jpg - (265.39KB , 850x1168 , haruhi1309120866190.jpg )
I watched Shiki, which I don't really recommend. It has some good moments, but is overall not that enjoyable. The character designs are also atrocious.

I am now watching Haruhi (finally). I enjoy Kyon's snarky narration, it makes this show.
>> No. 6603 [Edit]
File 131848726635.jpg - (57.09KB , 400x400 , george iwakura.jpg )
>still hasn't seen haruhi

i'm actually really jealous of you, i enjoyed the show so much the first time i saw it and would love to have that experience again. i guess its like losing your virginity - if any of us here know what thats like - something that you can't do twice

as far as shiki goes, i pretty much agree with you except that i managed to keep myself utterly blind to the nature of what the show was about before viewing it so there was a bit more surprise element for me. absolutely loved to festival scene and as far as character design went, i don't think that too many of the characters were meant to be likable. ending was lame

don't read this spoiler if you're still watching haruhi or haven't seen it yet should a noob see it the first time in original broadcast order or in chronological order?
>> No. 6605 [Edit]
Broadcast order, since watching it in chronological order means the season climaxes in the middle and the "real" last episode is much less fulfilling.
>> No. 6606 [Edit]
File 131848898425.jpg - (103.20KB , 890x493 , mainichi kaasan.jpg )
Although it's technically "still airing," I'll still post here since I'm talking about the first season.

Recently watched a few episodes of the anime adaptation of Mainichi Kaa-san (redundant english title: Kaasan Mom's Life), which is a comedic autobiographical adaptation of Saibara Rieko's life, a working mom trying to balance her family and her career as a mangaka. The humour is mostly centered around all the shit she has to deal with trying to take care of her 2 kids, alcoholic husband, and drawing manga. Though for the most part, the humour and art transitions well into the adaptation, the anime lacks the distinctive SCRIBBLED DIALOGUE EVERYWHERE that really complements nicely with Saibara chaotic life. Personally, I feel that the director kind of took the lazy way out by not trying to come up with something suitable that might replace the original manga’s typesetting, but oh well.

It’s too bad the anime/manga community here in the West has largely ignored her when she’s probably the most unique mangaka out there personality/life-wise. She’s even buds with Fukumoto (they used to play a lot of mahjong together)! I’ve thought about personally taking on some of her works but oh jesus-fucking-christ, typesetting it would be an absolute nightmare.

But back to talking about Mainichi Kaa-san. Overall, it's a pretty good lighthearted funny anime with unique character designs. Try it out if you're in the mood for that genre, though you are forewarned that the only subs can be found on the dreaded crunchyroll (at least the translations are pretty good).
>> No. 6607 [Edit]
File 131848922575.jpg - (95.73KB , 625x340 , fukumoto and saibara.jpg )
Oh, and in case anybody is wondering about how Saibara actually looks like, here's a pic of her with Fukumoto as they joke about each other's lack of artistic skills.
>> No. 6608 [Edit]
I just finished Mushishi and I am watching LoGh, very slowly, like episode per day.

Also I am watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha which seems to be the best magical girl anime(what I've heard).

Mostly I am just watching BD releases of shows which have aired during 2008-2011. But sometimes it is entertaining to watch older shows too.
>> No. 6611 [Edit]

>The character designs are also atrocious.

Best chara designs since Berubara. I would watch any show if the designs were that good, no matter how bad the show itself would be.


>Also I am watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha which seems to be the best magical girl anime(what I've heard).

Tohno will be pissed when he'll read this~
>> No. 6976 [Edit]
File binbou-shimai-monogatari-melody.torrent - (18.20KB )

Watched Binbou Shimai Monogatari today. It's about two poor orphaned sisters, and it only weighs in at 10 episodes. Short and sweet, but I quite liked it.
>> No. 6977 [Edit]
Started watching Hayate no Gotoku today.
Holly heck that dude's parents suck.
>> No. 6981 [Edit]
I'm finally getting round to watching the EVA Rebuilds.

Finished the first one today, it was alright.

Heard the second one is really good.
>> No. 6988 [Edit]

>Heard the second one is really good.

Opinions vary but I thought it was terribad. I'd rather watch Death & Rebirth.
>> No. 6992 [Edit]

I've watched it now. Are you the Asuka guy?

I didn't really like where they went with this. Mari seemed forced in for no good reason and the ending was cliche. The action and animation were impressive, but the characters were pretty much the sole reason I liked Evangelion and they kind of felt flat here.
>> No. 6998 [Edit]
Yeah: are you me?... Anyway:

As far as I can tell from 2.22, the main difference with the Rebuild is that it seems to be more Rei-oriented this time, for good or bad; we still gotta know who the fuck is Mari thought, apart from some shitty moetron -foreign, catholic school uniform, black tights, meganeko, tits, more TITS...

I don't really expect Rebuild to be better or even as good as the original NGE. I'd just like it to be really interesting: different enough and yet worth to be told, after all this years, when the original has such a perfect (movie) ending already. I still have high expectations for it, thought (i.e. I still believe in almighty Hideaki motherfucker Anno's ability to troll us from behind).

BTW: under the influence of TVtropes, I just recently watched Bokurano. Quite interesting development, lame ending; by all means, not nearly as good as Eva: even Madoka or Fafner (genres and blunt copycats apart) were closer, and still none of them gets any real close to THE uber classic... someday I might wrote an entry about what makes something to become a "classic" of some discipline; I wrotte a propper essay about it for ballet (as classical dance) a while ago, as something that ocurs in basically 3 stages: synthesis, characterization and scholarization; it's kind'a tricky, really, so I still have to think if it's worth to struggle finding those cathegories in anime (and if there's actually anyone who'd want to read that crap, anyway).
>> No. 7000 [Edit]

>Are you the Asuka guy?

Nope, although I do happen to like Asuka and that's part of my disdain towards Rebuild (but even if I hated her I would still claim the Rebuild movies are shit).

>but the characters were pretty much the sole reason I liked Evangelion and they kind of felt flat here

At this point I could say you've got it but I would never miss a legitimate chance to complain just how bad the Rubild movies are.

First of all I must make two things clear. 1. Back in the day I used to be a massive Eva fan. 2. But I'm not anymore although I do still consider it to be good.
The plot and the way it is presented are in all honesty everything but good, though. The show is formulatic to no end (slice of life bit at the beginning, Angel shows up, they defeat it, SoL ending), cliched (kids save the world from alien invaders and sure enough, they use giant robots to do it), full of filler (I haven't rewatched the series for 3 or so years but I still vaguely recall stuff like Jet Alone etc.), it has quite a bit of fan service/innuendo, spends lots of time on comic relief/plot irrelevant characters, spends lots of time on comic relief period (two words - Pen Pen) and the list goes on and on. In all honesty I consider the plot to be pretty bad, too, but that's a matter of opinion I guess.
So, why do I still like the series despite all these flaws? I don't think we ever had and I don't think we will ever get another series with such realistic characters. Relationships between Ritsuko and her mother, Ritsuko and Gendo, Misato and Kaji and each character's ambivalent feelings (Asuka is particularly well done, although Shinji and Ritsuko - despite her having just a little screentime - are great, too)... It's also not just thrown at you, the reasons for such behavior are always made rather obvious - Ritsuko hated her mother for neglecting her and yet she became a scientist (and Gendo's lover) herself, everything in Asuka's life is also motivated by the fear of getting nelgected and abandoned, much like Misato's fear of comitment for the same reasons. Etc. etc. You could write an essay about each character.

What does Rebuild offer us in return? Lots of action ('WOW THAT SCENE WAS COOL!'), flat characters ('Mari is moe~'), focus on love triangle ('gee I'm super excited to find out how it's gonna end!'), even more stupid fanservice ('DAT ASS'), Shikinami ('i-it's not like I like your or anything, don't get the wrong idea stupid Shinji!') etc. etc. Anno probably expected his audience to think exactly what I've written in parentheses. That's why Reubild reminds me of Redline quite a bit - it really looks great and is a visual treat but it's pretty damn close to being intelectually insulting.

>has such a perfect (movie) ending

I didn't really like the movie all that much. It felt kinda pointless.

>I just recently watched Bokurano

Now that I think about it Bokurano kinda tried to do do the same thing as Eva did. I'd say it failed. The characters felt quite flat in all honesty (or completely unrealistic in various cases). x happened to them and that's why they decided to do y. That's it. Since I heard the anime was even worse than the manga I can't say I'm surprised you didn't like it.
>> No. 7001 [Edit]
>Bokurano kinda tried to do do the same thing as Eva did

No. Eva was, at its core, about human relationships. Bokurano on the other hand, was about death. The game itself is just a metaphor for death, which is why it can't be stopped nor need any specific details, and each character's stories are there to depict how we all deal with it. It's also the reason why the author didn't go with a single central character like Eva and instead had a multiple characters that would get killed off after a few chapters.

>Redline quite a bit - it really looks great and is a visual treat but it's pretty damn close to being intelectually insulting

I personally wouldn't go that far because Redline never attempted to be an intellectually stimulating story. I can't see anything insulting to my intelligence because it never tried to appeal to it in the first place. The Rebuild movies, on the other hand, have a certain expectation to fulfill because of the original tv series and, as you've pointed out, it has yet to meet them so far.

Speaking of eva, I always thought that Eva had a lot of great concepts at its core, but rather poor execution with all its convolutedness for the sake of convolutedness and other flaws which you've outlined already. I would think that if Anno now had the money and freedom to remake Eva the way he truly wanted to, he could perhaps divert from the original work itself in order to correct these flaws but so far he seems to be going the opposite way.
>> No. 7005 [Edit]
File 132034086615.jpg - (74.15KB , 823x600 , eoe_12.jpg )

>The show is formulatic to no end
Maybe I really should make that entry about the classics... There's a diference between offering a coherenet syntehsis of a wide tradition (and becoming thus an unavoidable reference for all), that offering "formulaic" blinks of genres that the very series is just about gonna help defining and differentiating in the future.

>I didn't really like the movie all that much. It felt kinda pointless.
Well, it just finally gave a narratively coherent, worthy and frontal conclusion, to what had been an incredibly subtle, secretive (and finally tragic) plot. It's just until the movie that anything really meets a clear (enough*) end, finally autonomous from its references (majors: Kabbalah, Psicoanalisis and Mecha premise), and every character -but specially Shinji- gets to face the full consequences of his own acts... i.e. it finally shows the world those characters have built.

Otherwise, with the TV (very) ending, saving the world in the couch of a shrink (as we learned to have selfsteem "OMEDETOU!~"), Evangelion would have rested as the most disappointing crap I had ever watched; I wouldn't have become an otaku, wouldn't be here, and probably this would be a much better place...

TL;DR End of Eva is my favourite work of art eva and what is wrong with you?? DERP!~

* = We still have to know a bit about the other possible endings, to get a propper picture of WTF we're seeing on the last scene (One more final...) thought.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2011, 10:35pm
>> No. 7012 [Edit]
Is it bad that I liked eva for the large scale combat/action, and not so much the deeper hidden meanings of life stuff behind it all?
>> No. 7017 [Edit]

I find Mecha action in general rather unsatisfying to be honest. The scene where the EVA goes berserk is always cool though.
>> No. 7024 [Edit]
File 132039427234.jpg - (205.75KB , 409x712 , bokurano.jpg )
>Bokurano... was about death... to depict how we all deal with it.

Gilles Deleuze said once:

"C'est [pas les hommes mais] les bêtes [qui savent mourir]. Et les hommes, quand ils meurent, ils meurent comme des bêtes."
"It's not men but animals who know how to die. And men, when they die, they die like animals."

He stressed out that even pets chose a place to be by themselves when they're about to die: that they somehow know there must be a proper place and setting to die... Deleuze, already an old and very sick man, killed himself by jumping from the window of his apartment, where he had to be confined.

Anyway: Bokurano had really great moments; but the ending and general conclusions weren't really satisfactory, at all (for me).

Post edited on 4th Nov 2011, 1:18am
>> No. 7026 [Edit]

>No. Eva was, at its core, about human relationships. Bokurano on the other hand, was about death. The game itself is just a metaphor for death, which is why it can't be stopped nor need any specific details, and each character's stories are there to depict how we all deal with it. It's also the reason why the author didn't go with a single central character like Eva and instead had a multiple characters that would get killed off after a few chapters.

Hence the 'kinda'. What I meant is in Bokurano the author tried (and in my opinion failed) to create realistic characters and 'dismantle them' as the series progressed, showing what motivated them, what made them who they are today etc. The actual story was completely irrelevant and just wasn't the focus of the series. In an industry where 99% of characters are flat it is somewhat rare so I still claim it's 'kinda like Eva'.

>I personally wouldn't go that far because Redline never attempted to be an intellectually stimulating story. I can't see anything insulting to my intelligence because it never tried to appeal to it in the first place.

I knew that before I watched Redline so obviously I expected nothing but a visual treat, too (and needless to say I was rather pleased with what I got). I just pointed out that Rebuild is on similar intellectual level.


>There's a diference between offering a coherenet syntehsis of a wide tradition (and becoming thus an unavoidable reference for all), that offering "formulaic" blinks of genres that the very series is just about gonna help defining and differentiating in the future.

I don't see how it changes the fact that pretty much every episode follows the same (crappy) formula and thus wastes a lot of time on pointless slice of life/comic relief moments. Also, I'm pretty sure I could find an ep or two that follows the 'SoL-Angel-SoL' formula and doesn't really serve any significant purpose.

>Well, it just finally gave a narratively coherent, worthy and frontal conclusion, to what had been an incredibly subtle, secretive (and finally tragic) plot.

That's probably why I don't think much of EoE - I didn't really care about the plot that much either way.

>every character -but specially Shinji- gets to face the full consequences of his own acts... i.e. it finally shows the world those characters have built.

It barely touches upon this aspect and it sure wasn't worth spending two or so hours in front of TV/PC to finally get those two minutes of self-reflection (while the ending of TV series is nothing but this for some 50 minutes).

>End of Eva is my favourite work of art eva and what is wrong with you??

EoE focused on plot an action while the TV series focused on characters and relationships (well, it did at times, in all honesty it focused on quasi-romcom-esque bits almost as much). For that matter EoE reminds me of Rebuils movies quite a bit (although it's not was watered down of course).

>We still have to know a bit about the other possible endings, to get a propper picture of WTF we're seeing on the last scene

The thing about symbolism is that there will always be hundreds of possible interpretations of just about everything you see, so yeah, I could say the same for most scenes in the whole series and virtually every episode of Utena.


The bad thing about it is that Eva wasn't supposed to be about that in the first place. That's why I hated Rebuild 2.0 - every time Evas showed up I couldn't stop feeling they kinda went down the TTGL route and wanted to show just how awesome the Evas were... and that's all. Nobody was supposed to care about anything but that. Thing is that's not what made Eva popular in the first place. I mean fuck, Eva is not even a mecha show.

To make it easy enough to understand for you: saying you liked Eva for the mecha bits is like somebody saying they like Madoka for the mahou shoujo bits.
>> No. 7028 [Edit]
File 132041750044.jpg - (53.42KB , 446x618 , 01-1.jpg )
I guess you just really watched another NGE, yourself... a quite impoverished one if you ask me, but oh well.
>> No. 7029 [Edit]
>it sure wasn't worth spending two or so hours in front of TV/PC to finally get those two minutes of self-reflection (while the ending of TV series is nothing but this for some 50 minutes).

I have to say that despite liking EoE primarily for Iso's jawdropping scene (it's a shame he hasn't really been involved at all for the rebuilds), I find it odd and disappointing that the execution of Shinji's ultimate realization was still done in the same awkward way consisting of boring monologues as in the tv series, only a lot shorter. Of course, I myself don't have any better idea of how to depict the change but Anno really should've come up with something more creative and engaging for a movie that was, at the time, supposed to be the definitive ending for the series.

Also, this discussion has reminded me that I'll never find another piece of fiction that I consider so flawed yet can't help but like so much.
>> No. 7030 [Edit]

>Also, this discussion has reminded me that I'll never find another piece of fiction that I consider so flawed yet can't help but like so much.

I thought so myself until I watched Utena.
>> No. 7032 [Edit]
Just watched Paprika. Since I liked it, I've already downloaded Mind Game and Paranoia Agent. I hope Satoshi Kon doesn't disappoint me. Next on my wishlist are Mushishi and Tatami Galaxy. On a side note, does anyone know of a good place to get good subs of Serial Experiments Lain?
>> No. 7033 [Edit]
Mind Game isn't by Satoshi Kon.
>> No. 7034 [Edit]

Nyaa should have the bloatgirls releases of Lain.
>> No. 7038 [Edit]
Oh, true. Someone recommended all three of them at once, so I assumed they were all by him. Studio 4C never disappointed me though.
Eh, I don't really have bytes to waste (HDD squeeze and such), but I guess the quality is worth it.
>> No. 7039 [Edit]
It isn't bloated at all (apart from the FLAC, i'll agree there). Lain is extremely grainy. Either they remove it all (which not only makes it vastly different from the original BD, but it can also remove detail in general) or they watch the file sizes go up as grain is hard to compress. Basically, you can't get good quality on the show without those file sizes.

There should still be some DVDrips floating about on Nyaa, although the BDs are restored much better as you can see in the comparison shots here -
>> No. 7044 [Edit]
File 132056381649.jpg - (104.90KB , 1280x720 , [Koharubi]_Aoi_Hana_-_10_[21B89941]_mkv_snapshot_1.jpg )
Just finished Aoi Hana.
It really was similar to Sasameki Koto as people say.
Certainly didn't expected it to go in the direction in did, with the whole love triangle thing.
Lot more dealings with hetero stuff then I thought there'd be, funny that a yuri anime would show two heterosexual marriages, three differnt heterosexual confessions, and two lesbians shown getting dumped by the same girl, who's confused about her sexuality.
To bad there isin't more of it, the whole thing felt like it was going to build up to the relationship between the two main characters, but ended with the same old implied interest and friendship most romantic anime end with.

Also, Something I found very distracting and bugged me a fair bit for the first half of the show, was the uniforms, probably just nitpicking or being dumb, but I didn't think they fit at all, it was like each was wearing the opposite uniform.
Fumi is attending a lower class school where as Akira is attending a much higher class school, yet Akira's school uniform is the generic kind of cheap looking (in this context) sailor uniform, where as Fumi's uniform is rather modest has a long skirt a tie and blazer without any of the flashy colors.
They suit the characters, but not the schools I think, and I believe they made a point of them not really fitting in, in the type of school they ended up in, Fumi at one point clearly expressed her desire to attend this more prestigious school, which is all the more reason why their uniforms shouldn't suit the characters.
at least that's what I thought.
But then they stopped focusing so much on the different schools latter on, so it wasn't such a problem anymore.

Very enjoyable never the less.
>> No. 7045 [Edit]
isn't Lain the type of show that should be grainy?
>> No. 7047 [Edit]
Exactly, which is why they kept it.
>> No. 7048 [Edit]
Not sure if you're aware of it, but they only went with that generic ending because they ran out of source materia. As is the case with most anime adaptations with no hope of getting a 2nd season, it was more or less just an advertisement for the original manga.
>> No. 7050 [Edit]
File 132061167829.png - (262.64KB , 970x1400 , Hourou_Musuko_V02_015.png )
You already watched Hourou Musuko, I presume?
I personally didnt like Aoi Hana. It seemed too slow and too melodramatic for my liking. Characters were throwing fits for no reason at all and were behaving, imo, too unrealistically. Maybe I just dont "get" those teenage girls anime, but seriously, getting THAT MUCH distressed because you couldnt go with a friend on a train as you had other business to do?
So I had to put it on hold after couple episodes. Maybe I'll return to it someday.
But if you havent seen Hourou Musuko (I doubt it, but what if), I would recomend it over Aoi Hana any day of a week. It has better drama, better characters, better conflict, and better directing.
>> No. 7058 [Edit]
Yeah it certainly did seem that way, like a demo.
The whole thing felt like a prelude to the real show, which of course never comes.
strange they never released an ova thought.

No I actually haven't.
I never watched it because I'm not really into traps or reverse traps, cross dressing, tyrannys ect.

I believe the train rides were a big deal to them because it was the only time Fumi and Akira really got to spend together, since they're going to different schools, and those train rides can take some time I'm sure.
But yeah, I don't think there's a single ep in which Fumi didn't cry, even if that was kind of her thing.
Yasuko bursting into tears at the end of the performance on the other hand, that was certainly over dramatic I think.
Specking of, I don't get why Fumi was so hung up on Yasuko, she practically forced herself onto Fumi, and it didn't seem like they had ever once met before, or saw each other that often when they were dating, I think in the show they went on 1-2 dates, this is right after she dumped Kyouko none the less.
Seemed like Yasuko was really confused about her sexuality, not really a lesbian, and just selfishly playing with Fumi and Kyouko's feelings.
>> No. 7063 [Edit]
File 132065405592.jpg - (168.67KB , 494x600 , 1236729802818.jpg )
>I never watched it because I'm not really into traps or reverse traps, cross dressing, tyrannys ect.
Then I would really suggest trying it, at least 1 episode. Its not really about "traps", at least not in normal anime meaning. Its about growing up, sexuality and character interaction. I might be biased, but IMO, it was one of the best anime of the year.

Of course if you only watch yuri/shoujo-ai anime, then you most likely wont like Hourou Musuko.

>Yasuko bursting into tears at the end of the performance on the other hand, that was certainly over dramatic I think.
To me, the whole show was forceful and over-dramatic, so I, unfortunately, cant comment on the separate part. But I believe, that at the time, for some reason, I found her crying to be justified, as a catharsis-like moment for a character.
Maybe I should try watching it again.
>> No. 7086 [Edit]
I'm watching Angel Beats, and man are they really trying to cram the character development in. Only the second episode and we've already got someone spending several minutes discussing their dark and mysterious past.
>> No. 7111 [Edit]
I'll admit that Angel Beats is easily in my top 10 anime of all time, but I totally understand how crappy it is. I'd totally rewatch it any day, though. The finale -still- makes me tear up like a bitch. I still feel that sentimentality/attachment towards the characters. But god damn, you are all right. It's bad.

I mean, part of me wants to blame it on the fact that it was intended for a full season but got cut in half, but nah, that's just fanboyism. It's just plain...bad in some parts. But it's charming, and I like that. Every time I watch an episode from it, I understand both the good and the bad a little more. It's interesting in that sense, I suppose...

It gets worse if you take offense to the second episode.'ll end up rage quitting by the sixth. The second to last episode is pisses me off to think about it, and I love the series.
>> No. 7132 [Edit]
File 132100295085.jpg - (117.72KB , 958x544 , kuragehime.jpg )
Watched this over the last four days and had a very enjoyable time doing so.
>> No. 7133 [Edit]
I guess it might not really be old enough for this thread, though…I'd sage if I wasn't making this post two minutes after the previous one, but I have a pretty good idea of what the rate of discourse is on /an/ and the likelihood of saging here being necessary to maintain my courtesy with respect to not disturbing the appropriate thread order seems pretty unlikely.
>> No. 7135 [Edit]
>(i.e. not from the newest season)
>> No. 7137 [Edit]
File 132104127923.jpg - (212.26KB , 1280x720 , [umee]_Princess_Jellyfish_-_02_[D96153E6]_mkv_snap.jpg )
Yeah, Kurara was a fun watch, though it never really went anywhere since the manga was still ongoing and all. RoTK girl was my favourite.
>> No. 7138 [Edit]
File 132104347315.jpg - (40.60KB , 1024x576 , kaiji_ramen.jpg )
Kaiji (at last)...

I marathoned 1st season the day before yesterday: brilliant; hit straight home -somehow- and left me all troubled (yet here I am, still watching anime and posting on /tc/). I'm just starting 2nd season now; we'll see.
>> No. 7141 [Edit]
I think it may have still been airing when OP was posted
>> No. 7809 [Edit]
File 132434241159.gif - (106.18KB , 432x432 , rose.gif )
Following some of you -and other- guys high opinion about it, I just started watching Utena...

I really hope this develop good enough soon, because I got weird Candy-Candy alike flashbacks through the entire thing (wip hand regular displaying included); too many spinning roses, awful 70's movie alike soundtrack and creepy hyper-shoujo cock-blocker old yuri stuff... nonstop.
>> No. 7823 [Edit]

>awful 70's movie alike soundtrack

Whoa. Utena's OST is actually my favorite anime OST of all time.


Also I'd place the show among my Top 10 favorite anime (well I did in the Top 9 thread we had a while back) but like I said, I can't deny how flawed it really is. I'd call it a rough diamond (whereas Tutu was very, very close to perfection).
>> No. 7851 [Edit]
I decided to watch this on whim. I really liked it. Thanks
>> No. 7915 [Edit]
File 132489708167.jpg - (770.45KB , 1920x1080 , [BD] Mushishi 07 - Raindrops and Rainbows (1920x10.jpg )
Been watching Mushishi.
really good show, but there's one thing that's been bugging me a bit..
I'm no expert on Japanese history, but it seems to me his outfit looks a lot more modern than it should for the time period this show seems to take place in.
is it just my imagination?
>> No. 7916 [Edit]

The author drew it that way purposedly, just don't ask me what her purpose actually was.
>> No. 7923 [Edit]

They look modern in the anime, but they're not intended to be. The live action film does his clothes a bit better. They're kind of just cheap cotton shirts and simple slacks, that do fit with the time.
>> No. 7928 [Edit]
I thought it was drawn that way because Mushishi was originally going to have a more modern setting. Apparently they ended up changing the setting but keeping the costume.
>> No. 7996 [Edit]
I just downloaded the 1st two eps of Maison Ikkoku because someone said it was good. Am I about to get hooked into it and have to watch all 96 eps? Something like this happened to me with Yakitate Japan. I was only planning to watch it a little bit, but a month later, ep 69.
I'm kind of frightened.
>> No. 8008 [Edit]
I watched the first ep of Najica Blitz Tactics last night. It seems to be somewhat similar to Noir, but 40% of the frames have pantsu.
>> No. 8182 [Edit]
Just finished watching Steins;Gate, it was excellent.
Is this the first post in this thread about a show that post dates the starting of the thread, but still qualifies as ""old" stuff"?
>> No. 8187 [Edit]
if you scroll up, you'll find people brought this up with the second season of kaiji.
>> No. 8191 [Edit]
I've been watching Shiki and Star Driver. Both are good series.
>> No. 8218 [Edit]

Depending on how many eps you've seen so far mind taking some screenshots of Megumi from Shiki? Her boobs get slightly bigger with every single ep (one theory says that's where all the blood goes) and it's pretty humorous, howeover I don't think I've ever seen a comparission chart.

As for Star Driver I've seen it myself ~2 motnhs ago. I heard nothing but complaints about the series but it was okay. Kinda Utena: Mecha Edition. ... Well, except not even half as good. Still, not even close to being as bad as most people claimed it was.
>> No. 8380 [Edit]
File 132830917035.jpg - (596.21KB , 666x2666 , onii.jpg )
I watched this, pretty much because the title, which is alphabetically adjacent to oremio, caught my eye (while i was watching oremio) and its really quite good, i liked it a lot better than oremio (although that art is at a lower tier).
>> No. 8485 [Edit]
File 132903318572.jpg - (53.89KB , 348x319 , haruhi h doujin i found on desuchan.jpg )
Earlier today I made the decision to drop Chocotto Sister. I found it boring and without much in the way of redeeming qualities.
>> No. 8486 [Edit]
File 132905340120.jpg - (122.65KB , 416x542 , serial_killer_osaka.jpg )
Azumanga Daioh, 2002 that's some old stuff for sure
Osaka is so...WAT?
>> No. 8489 [Edit]
File 13290731494.jpg - (119.22KB , 700x700 , 1136.jpg )
I've been trying to watch this, but every episode is so goddamn depressing. It's like they asked "Hey, what don't you guys like about people?" and then made an anime out of it.
>> No. 8502 [Edit]
Big O is pretty cool. I'm a sucker for that noir style.
>> No. 8513 [Edit]

I loved this series. The explanation for the events given at the end felt pretty lackluster but just like Eva, the series is not really about the plot.

I heard it's like Lain 2.0 so I never had much interest in it but after years of having it on my backlog I watched it sometime last year and loved it. I guess it is kinda like Lain, except 10 times better.

I'd spoiler it but I guess it's more of a warning than spoiler - ep 12 sucks. It doesn't fit the mood of the series whatsoever and is just plain bad. If memory serves Lain also has a pretty weird, unLain last ep.
>> No. 8783 [Edit]
I recently watched the first few eps of Maburaho and Kimagure Orange Road and then dropped them.
>> No. 8786 [Edit]
Marathoned Fractale the other day.
I thought it was average...

I would see a lot of people defending it, saying it's not as bad as people say and that it doesn't deserve the hate it gets.
Even the submitter's comment for the TT torrent I downloaded read "Screw you, this show's good."

...but who the fuck is hating on it?
I've never once seen anyone call it shit.
None of the reviews I've come across give it less than a 6 out of 10.
I can only guess /a/, but even so, who gives a shit what those idiots think? they think everything sucks.
>> No. 8787 [Edit]

By most people's standards anything < 7/10 is bad.
>> No. 8789 [Edit]
No one is hating on it, it's too much effort. Not like many even watched it anyways.
>> No. 8792 [Edit]
If no one is hating on it, why are so many people defending it as if it were?
>> No. 8801 [Edit]
I'm rewatching Nichijou BD rip, of course it's BloatGirls because no one is doing it. I also consider watching the first season of Aquarion, maybe later when I finish my thesis or if there's some spare time.
>> No. 8805 [Edit]

Japan hated it and that's what people reffer to. Or rather, Japan didn't give a damn about it. The ratings were poor and the sales even worse.

Well, it was sort of criticized in Japan but the only thing I heard about is the general dissatisfacion with how the designs were changed (and I couldn't agree more, the designs used in show couldn't hold a candle to those which were supposed to be used).


>By most people's standards anything < 7/10 is bad.

I blame 'game journalists'.


>If no one is hating on it, why are so many people defending it as if it were?

Because Yamakan Defence Force.
>> No. 8926 [Edit]
File 133177254021.jpg - (27.14KB , 669x380 , 214.jpg )
Manabi Straight is moi as all fuck, how come nobody ever told me about this show before?
>> No. 8927 [Edit]
I found it kind of bleak and boring.
But some people like that about the show I guess.
>> No. 8928 [Edit]
>I also consider watching the first season of Aquarion
It's kind of shit, and has doesn't have very much at all to do with with the season currently airing, since there's a 12,000 year gap between each season.
but there are those few little references here and there.
If you do watch it, make sure no one is around or can hear, they have freaking flying naked orgasms every time they form the robots, in both seasons.
>> No. 8930 [Edit]
>I heard about is the general dissatisfacion with how the designs were changed
Yeah the alternative designs I've seen are much better than the stuff that was used for the show.
>> No. 8931 [Edit]
Got around to watching Kuragehime, was pretty good till the end, when it sort of just.. crapped out.
leaving most of what they built up to out in the air, like so many anime do...

Really pissed me off that after the second half, they lead the wizard over to the manipulative whore that drugged and blackmailed the poor guy by lying to him about taking his virginity, he deserve a hell of a lot better than that nasty bitch.

What's the deal with them calling everyone "hipsters"? is that even a accurate translation or would that be bad subs?
>> No. 8932 [Edit]
Bad subs. I believe the word was something closer to "trendy/fashionable person" that does not share the same connotation as hipster does in common usage.
>> No. 8933 [Edit]
I think it's one of the top shows out there for slice of life. The cast is excellent, particularly Mei and Mikan, and the animation is great.
>> No. 8934 [Edit]
File 13318129224.jpg - (389.01KB , 931x1381 , b4bc161b58567dcd869eefd1d650ae82.jpg )
I just finished Read or Die and I really loved it. It's definitely one of my favorites now.
>> No. 8935 [Edit]

Yup, it was 'oshare ningen' in the original. Typical gg subs. They fucked it up much more in some parts. They got a sentence completely wrong at least once (but not because of their translator, it's because they are retarded and tried to localize it which completely changed the meaning of the question).
>> No. 8936 [Edit]
gg only subbed the first episode before dropping it due to Funimation's licensing. I'll assume you were watching ANE or tlacatlc6's BD versions, in which case both of them used Umee's subs. Umee used Funi's scripts for the dialogue and translated the OP, the ED, and some signs themselves.

Blame Funimation.
>> No. 8938 [Edit]
I've been watching through the UC Gundam shows lately. Just finished Zeta Gundam. Depressing ending to a seemingly endless stream of character deaths. Kept me interested enough though.

Also, Brightslap overkill.
>> No. 8940 [Edit]

>>8931 here

The version I watched was " [REVO]Princess_Jellyfish "
>> No. 8942 [Edit]

When I said something about the fucked up line it was actually from gg's release so this point stands. However, who came up with hipster as a translation for oshare ningen is a different matter. I guess you're right, Funi's to blame here.

Not that a) gg could've done anything better had they tried b) anybody forced them to use it, too.
>> No. 8945 [Edit]
File 133193605733.jpg - (335.80KB , 1280x720 , [SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku! - 43 (1280x720 h264.jpg )
Been watching Hayate no Gotoku

This sums up my sentiments of the series perfectly.
>> No. 8948 [Edit]
Dropped Manabi Straight. I really like the fact that high school girls were drawn like the younger girls in IM, but the show was just too boring and the bold and intelligent art decision couldn't compensate for that. I gave it 4 eps to hook me, but it didn't so I've moved on. Currently watching Lotte no Omocha, which is awesome and Katanagtari which I also quite like.
>> No. 8949 [Edit]

Speaking of HnG I have seen the movie last week and God, dear God, it was absolutely horrible. It was even worse than S2. In all sorts of ways. If not for Maria with twintails I'd actually regret watching it even though I spend most of my time doing fucking nothing.

It was animated by manglobe if memory serves and... Jesus, manglobe, pull your shit together. You should know better. Something this poor looking shouldn't make it to TV, much less a goddamn cinema.
>> No. 8953 [Edit]
Yet it still managed to sell decently.
>> No. 8960 [Edit]

I think the author said S3 depends on sales of the movie so yeah.
>> No. 8977 [Edit]

Brightslap is simply a legend. The funniest part of it is that it actually works. Amuro got slapped and pulled his shit together. Uh... Mirai(?) got slapped and pulled her shit together. And uh... ...
Well I planned to list all the characters who got Brightslapped but it's been so long since I've seen the series I already forgot all of them. Oh well. Point is Brightslap is awesome.
>> No. 9330 [Edit]
Been watching Ground Defense force Mao-chan. lately.
It's a seriously adorable show, about a group of cute little girls learning to work and play together as they join different branches of the military, mostly for show, so they can fight (by not really doing much) to defend japan from cute alien invaders who don't really fight back for the most part with the assistance of their high tech toy battle vehicles, that have no real working weapons but can give them a ride if need be

It's truly awesome, and nuts that no one ever says anything about it.

Post edited on 11th Apr 2012, 3:14am
>> No. 9333 [Edit]

>nuts that no one ever says anything about it

Really? I think it's relatively popular when you take all the facts into account (niche series that's over a decade old). Granted, it wouldn't be half as known if Akamatsu Ken weren't involved but that's only an 'if'. Either way, I see the name dropped on fairly regular basis when niche shows/hidden gems are discussed.
>> No. 9337 [Edit]
I've honestly never once seen anyone so much as bring up the name online.
I only heard about it from someone in a pm who said they saw it at a library, but didn't watch it themselves.
But yeah, shouldn't be surprised I guess, it's like you said, it's a old show that doesn't appeal to a large audience.
>> No. 9340 [Edit]
Doki Doki School Hours.
>> No. 9553 [Edit]
File 13359771086.png - (354.79KB , 800x608 , PrincessTutu-06.png )
Right now I'm about to start watching Princess Tutu...
As an old balletomaniac (and with a taste for tragedy, as well), I have great expectations about this.
>> No. 9556 [Edit]
It's my favourite anime, so I do hope you enjoy anon.
>> No. 9659 [Edit]
Been forcing my way through macross 7.
what a awful turd of a anime. It's unbelievably repetitive using the same animations over and over with a long intro every ep that's just the same recaps, and although the music isn't bad, they overuse it way to much, sometimes playing the same ending song three times in the same ep, I guess that's to be expected with the focus on music, but jesus christ, do they really need to hammer it in like that?
It's also stupid, not funny stupid in a silly way, like the first season, it's more annoying and frustrating in its stupidity. like how the main character somehow smuggled onto this space colony, a large military grade high tech transforming robot jet, that he rides into combat with just to sing and make things difficult for the military trying to protect everyone. This main character is a insufferable self centered retarded douchebag, and everyone else is just sort of bland. I also thought the art style was odd, almost like they gave everyone baby faces, I couldn't even recognize the few characters they brought along from the first season, but I guess I got used to that much.
>> No. 9670 [Edit]
I'm finishing up Strawberry Panic.
>> No. 9674 [Edit]
Finished watching all three seasons of hell girl. 20% of each one of the episodes were the same. 60+ episodes of it has sort of made me quite annoyed at the director's choice.
>> No. 9675 [Edit]
That was a large part of why I dropped it half way into the first season. I'd rather marathon the second season of Haruhi ten times over than watch all three seasons of hell girl, my hat goes off to you bro.
>> No. 9677 [Edit]
File 13371502611.jpg - (50.10KB , 388x558 , Enma_ai_by_Ichiimoku.jpg )
But it was perfect for losing (read: wasting) time (read: life) elegantly...

If you think about it, in a way, it was almost like a looooong slice of life / mahou shoujo crossover (with transformation sequences, catchphrases and all).
>> No. 9680 [Edit]
I found Enma's art style creepy and disturbing.
The show was repetitive as all hell.
and I hated the subject matter, ie bad shit happening to good people, with those good people getting sentenced to an eternity(that's a very very long time) in hell for some twisted sense of justice, rinse and repeat.
It was when that one little girl was sentenced to hell upon death just to get revenge on a veterinarian that let her sick dog die, that's the point when I lost interest and just couldn't keep watching that crap.
>> No. 9681 [Edit]
File 133716658371.jpg - (146.28KB , 670x533 , chara2_1.jpg )
I just watched Ore No Kuroneko Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, and now I can hardly wait for the second season.
The game also pushed me over the edge to buy a PSP (been playing with the thought for quite some time)
>> No. 9683 [Edit]
File 133717693480.png - (470.14KB , 827x454 , traditional.png )
>I found Enma's art style creepy and disturbing
I think that was the point...
>The show was repetitive as all hell [...] and I hated the subject matter
...for a series in the japanese fashion of a collection of suspense/horror/ghost stories.
>> No. 9684 [Edit]
Mainly it's the eyes.
People find the character attractive, I just can't.
>> No. 9685 [Edit]
Finally managed to watch Serial Experiments Lain and holy crap did it blow my mind. I wish I'd seen it sooner.
>> No. 9698 [Edit]

>> No. 9700 [Edit]
What's so funny anyway?
>> No. 9703 [Edit]
>I don't get it
Look at that baka, just look at it.
>> No. 9706 [Edit]

You don't seem to understand.
>> No. 9708 [Edit]
File 133729768499.png - (230.86KB , 1200x1200 , ヤドン玲音.png )
I don't get it either.
>> No. 9709 [Edit]

A shame, you seemed an honest man.
>> No. 9710 [Edit]
It's a preface to the episode, the show is set in the "present day, present time" and the dude is laughing at how that is obviously untrue in terms of technology, while the themes are pretty much consistent with today.

Or I'm crazy and speculating.
>> No. 9711 [Edit]
He could just be crazy.
>> No. 9765 [Edit]
File 133791209812.jpg - (1.57MB , 1000x1500 , 21122734.jpg )
Watched all of the available Hidamari Sketch over the last week and a half.

Have to say, I'm really glad I picked it back up after stopping five episodes into the first season, it was pretty damn rewarding and a nice watch before bed. Not usually a fan of implied yuri, but this is another show that pulls it off well enough.

Oh Miyako, you are so lovely. Sae, too. Those two really made it for me. Didn't really care for the two introduced in S3, but they did grow on me. Even the teacher grew on me towards the end.

Overall a very pleasant experience. Can't wait for S4 of this and Minami.
>> No. 9767 [Edit]

>Even the teacher grew on me towards the end.

What the hell are you smoking, Yoshi is the best part of the show.
>> No. 9770 [Edit]
Hey man, if you really like her, more power to you. I actually skipped most of her parts up until S3 where she was almost always in the intro. It was then that I grew to like her.

I mean, I know she means well, but I usually just don't like characters like her. Surprised it changed at all.
>> No. 9773 [Edit]

I wish I could erase my memories of this show and watch the first 3 seasons over again. Fall can't come soon enough.
>> No. 9787 [Edit]

>I wish I could erase my memories of this show and watch the first 3 seasons over again. Fall can't come soon enough.

I wonder if erasing your memories is really necessary. I remember rewatching S1 when shuwa shuwa aired and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time around. On top of that I was able to pick up some stuff I didn't notice the first time around because of the chronology.
>> No. 9988 [Edit]
File 133986306415.jpg - (52.38KB , 640x480 , yamato screenshot.jpg )
Lately I've had interest in older stuff. I've marathoned Slayers, Saber Marionette J and Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I just finished Yamato season 1 and I plan to finish other seasons soon.
>> No. 9989 [Edit]
>Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Ah I loved that show. It wasn't the best, but I have fond memories of watching that years ago.
>> No. 10000 [Edit]
Tried watching Outlaw Star but just can't GET into it for some reason. Does it pick up?
>> No. 10001 [Edit]

It picks up after about...I'd say episode 3-4 and the main story arch begins.

I had the same impression at first, and it took me a while until I sat down and finally watched it. It's not as interesting as other shows that share a similar premise, but...I'd still say it's worth watching one day. The story was a bit bland but the characters grow on you after a while. Melfina is awesome.
>> No. 10017 [Edit]

Yes and no. The quality of individual eps does get a little better after... 6th ep maybe? But the show itself doesn't have much of a plot and is all about the 90s style (in all meanings of the phrase). If you expect anything beyond that you just won't find it there.
>> No. 10034 [Edit]
candy boy
>> No. 10035 [Edit]
File 134030210488.jpg - (45.69KB , 280x398 , 3608l.jpg )
I decided to watch Towards the Terra (the series). It's not as old as the film from 1980, but I haven't got around to watching it.

So far it's not as good as the film but I'm still enjoying it.
>> No. 10077 [Edit]
File 134062474144.jpg - (64.86KB , 640x480 , [PM]Pocket_Monsters_-_003_-_Get_Pokemon![H264_AC3_.jpg )
I'm currently watching the original version of Pocket Monsters.
>> No. 10082 [Edit]
By the later half of the series I was enjoying it a lot more than the film.
>> No. 10084 [Edit]

Yeah, so far I'm enjoying this series more. The film had some real nice animation though, but this series is still nice.
>> No. 10085 [Edit]
Ah, the birth of my shorts fetish
>> No. 10086 [Edit]
Started watching Dog Days and Texhnolyze
>> No. 10087 [Edit]
Junk Boy was fantastic beyond description.
>> No. 10088 [Edit]
File 134067964333.jpg - (119.32KB , 768x432 , [Froth-Bite]Nitaboh[F2C64F3C]_mp4_004372159.jpg )
Saw Nitaboh today.
Damn good movie.

ending was grate.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2012, 8:22pm
>> No. 10089 [Edit]

I loved that movie. Kind of reminded me of Gauche, though that's way older.
>> No. 10133 [Edit]
File 134111086721.jpg - (96.65KB , 399x500 , Cover_GenmaTaisen.jpg )
Genma Taisen. God damn some of the stuff from the 1980s is just terrible in every regard. At least the backgrounds were decent.
>> No. 10149 [Edit]
File 134118895940.png - (440.65KB , 640x480 , Macross_Plus_04_DVD(H264_AAC)[KAA][ADAB81E5]_mkv_s.png )
Just finished Macross Plus. Holy shit, I got used to set the bar really low when watching Macross and this caught me really by surprise.
The only things I can say I disliked right now is that the characters all look like trannies to some extent and that the missile count hasn't even reached anywhere near the usual tens of millions.
>> No. 10153 [Edit]
yeah it was pretty rad.
>> No. 10664 [Edit]
File 134384446193.png - (165.10KB , 439x307 , 19.png )
I'm kind'a slowly but steadily going through it. I just reached this episode; it got to make me cry... I've never met my father.
>> No. 10785 [Edit]
File 134448350153.png - (220.19KB , 540x395 , 25 (the roof game).png )
Uhm... I just saw this episode...

Actually, I did met a guy when we were in middle school. He was blond, pale blue eyed, very handsome and smart (though rather agressive, in speech); heck: he was even half german and, believe it or not, he used to play a similar game as well. When we were 15, I think, he was kicked out of his house; we wandered late-night around his neighborhood, looking for booze and crack/cocaine, to later go and take them at an abandoned appartment he was staying at; one night, he said he wanted to go to the roof; there, we had to climb and jump over a fence to land into a little cornice, eight stories high at the void; I just sat there in covert terror, but he kept talking, very relaxed, as he walked away and back at the very border. I admired him, a lot; I thought he was quite something (maybe like Rimbaud) and followed him into more "adventures". In the end, however, he wasn't a diabolic genius or anything. He's now just a poorly educated NORP, who performs now and then in low rate theater and writes mediocre music, as he spends his days with his 3DPD when he's not at some petty activist stuff about ludicrous pamphlete level leftist dogmas he still allegedly stands for; and yes: for all I know, he still plays such idiotic game in the roof. I can't find anything about him now any less than ridiculous; I rather fail to death in my mousehole than being anything remotely similar to him...

So no Johan in sight, just yet. Just wanted to get this out of my chest. In truth, I'm just bitter myself, I guess.
>> No. 10788 [Edit]
File 134449228658.png - (471.72KB , 800x500 , 905137Chii.png )
Tsubasa reservoir chronicle
Seeing Chii and Sumomo one more time has made my day!
>> No. 10789 [Edit]
Where do you guys download old eps? Every torrent I find is dead and all the DDLs are dead too and I'm worried there's some mystic place I don't know aobut.
>> No. 10790 [Edit]
>> No. 10791 [Edit]
I've checked it...either there are no torrents for what I'm looking for or they just don't download. I have an account.
>> No. 10792 [Edit]
piratebay or isohunt.
if that don't work I google the anime + torrent
>> No. 10793 [Edit]
You don't need an account for BakaBT unless you want to show off your ratio or something. What show is it you're looking for? It's pretty rare to find something unseeded on BakaBT.
>> No. 10794 [Edit]
At the moment I want to watch Eden of the east but all I can find are a music video and the soundtrack.
>> No. 10797 [Edit]

BakaBT removes/doesn't host series that are licensed by certain companies for obvious reasons.

Eden of the East is really easy to find, though. There were tons of groups which subbed it as it aired and tons of groups which subbed the BDs. Use this:

It's sorted by size. Can't really say anything about the quality of the subs since I don't even remember which group I used for Eden of the East, it's been a long ass while.
>> No. 10898 [Edit]
Finally started watching Macross Frontier after getting in everything else in the franchise so far.

not bad, but seems kinda overrated.
>> No. 10939 [Edit]
File 134537272362.png - (975.48KB , 768x432 , shot0037.png )
Been watching Wangan Midnight.
somehow all the character interactions feel really awkward.
I guess I should be used to it, but just seems kinda weird how everyone keeps bugging him about having a girlfriend, while he has a almost creepy obsession with his car.
Thought the art style of the characters was kinda funny at first, till I got used to it. they're like, super generic stereotypical anime eyed, If that's even possible.
main character also seems like kind of a dumbass.
whole thing with the car being cursed gets old fast, I mean, I get it, yet they just keep hammering it in.

liked the early morning highway racing aspect of it, as I can at least somewhat relate, as I used to do that a bit with my own car. seems a bit odd though that they'd bust out what seems to be the main rival in the very first ep and have them racing each other side by side. makes me wonder what, if anything, there is to build up and look forward to.
the guy even had a whole dark and mysterious secret identity thing going, but they quickly tossed that out the window in ep2, really casually too, just seemed odd.
>> No. 10940 [Edit]
File 134537471720.jpg - (528.67KB , 1600x1200 , fb1b2773cc544cd85c3d682d928be70e.jpg )
Finished Kaleido Star. It was a pretty • SUGOI • show (not as SUGOI as Canaan but still).

When I pondered what I should write about it I wanted to say something like 'it was really fun despite all its flaws' and I got reminded of Utena. I don't think the show is very Utena like (although there are some similarities I guess) but it is indeed a rough diamond. And while it might not be the masterpiece Utena is it's one of those rare cases when after finishing a show I can say 'wow, I'm glad I watched this' with a clear conscience. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet.
>> No. 10944 [Edit]
File 134542059099.jpg - (398.70KB , 390x1500 , 1344659373503.jpg )
Currently on episode 65 of LoGH. I've been going through it really slowly (almost a year since I started it). After this I might watch Space Runaway Ideon or rewatch Captain Harlock.
>> No. 10945 [Edit]
The first few episodes of Wangan Midnight are definitely strange. But the plot builds more and more, it becomes a much better show later. The later story reminds me somewhat of Tokyo Xtreme Racer, but with that being said Tokyo Xtreme racer was influenced by the Wangan Midnight manga.
>> No. 10986 [Edit]
File 134562809417.png - (837.39KB , 712x400 , shot0001.png )
For people so obsessed with their cars, they sure take shitty care of them.
They can't even drive for crap for that matter.
so far there's been at least one crash per ep!

and man, they love to use dramatic spooky music for some really mundane situations.
friends talking at school really shouldn't have the BGM from a horror movie.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2012, 2:36am
>> No. 10991 [Edit]
File 134569887328.jpg - (78.05KB , 640x480 , snapshot20120820164625.jpg )
Been steadily chugging through Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime over the last month or so. Show is too adorable.
>> No. 10996 [Edit]
Finally watching Claymore.
>> No. 10997 [Edit]

Not exactly the best idea. I'm not gonna argue whether the manga is good or not because that's beside the point but the anime was way worse, even if you disregard the bullshit ending.
>> No. 11000 [Edit]
>>10997 far I'm not really enjoying it that much. I'll keep watching for now but we'll see - I may drop it for something else.
>> No. 11051 [Edit]
File 134603492133.jpg - (33.24KB , 640x480 , [Ureshii]_Gosenzosama_03_[1BF0ABA2]_avi_snapshot_1.jpg )
Watching Gosenzosama Banbanzai right now. I'm loving it, especially the character designs.
I think I might check out Kujira no Peek next, since Satoru Utsunomiya designed the characters for both of them.
>> No. 11054 [Edit]
Watched "Venus Wars" a while ago. Made me realize how bad some 80s sci-fi was. I wonder how some of it even gets made? Had decent animation at times but it was just so empty of anything else.
>> No. 11141 [Edit]
Finally watching the last season/episodes of Maria-sama ga Miteru. I really wish there were more shows like this.
>> No. 11214 [Edit]
File 134709692111.jpg - (30.38KB , 600x418 , perfectblue007.jpg )
Watched Perfect Blue yesterday, damn good movie. Shame it's an anime, my mom would love it.

Can't shake the feeling that Mima and Haruka look alike.

And now that I looked into it it's funny how Aronofsky keeps ripping off Perfect Blue but never really gives the credit where it's due. What a faggot.

RIP Satoshi Kon
>> No. 11215 [Edit]
File 134710092068.jpg - (81.26KB , 504x269 , beingbowieissuffering.jpg )
Catching up on Gintama, along with OG2 the Inspectors, G Gundam and Brygar/Bryger. Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden got me interested in the latter, and it's a really fun show.
>> No. 11216 [Edit]

Anime or not, Perfect Blue is quite accessible to people not into it.
>> No. 11238 [Edit]
Going through Madoka right now.

Really good! Dunno why I put it off.
>> No. 11569 [Edit]
Just finished the first Sailor Moon series. The arcs of the last two commanders were really crappy, hoping R has more good bits overall.
>> No. 11794 [Edit]
File 135003128577.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0031.png )
started (re)watching Konjiki no Gash Bell

First saw it years ago on cartoon network, didn't finish it but got most of the way in, at least 100 ep in I think.
It's a lot more random and off the wall than I remember. cool stuff.
It's been so long I barely remember anything.
also, it's kinda hard not to point out the naked shorta stuff, it's a bit strange since I think this is supposed to be a kid's show, I kinda thought it wasn't supposed to stick out or something, but it's hard not to notice when they focus on him sticking his dick in the the MC's face.

Post edited on 12th Oct 2012, 1:42am
>> No. 11801 [Edit]

I always thought the first season of Sailor Moon was the best one of the bunch.
>> No. 11829 [Edit]
I started watching the first season of Hidamari Sketch.
>> No. 11949 [Edit]
File 135038615793.jpg - (291.51KB , 1080x764 , c13250df61da9674ddf0fa977007c8d5.jpg )
Took me a while but I finally started watching CCS. It's pretty enjoyable so far but hearing Hisakawa Aya in such a role gives me completely ambivalent feelings. Usually it makes me want to both cringe and laugh at the same time. Feels pretty weird.

I used to commute to school using inline skates, too. We had like 200 people who came to school by bike but for a long ass while I was the only one who used skates. After a year or two I saw some other people who statrted doing it occasionally, though.
>> No. 11956 [Edit]
I decided to start watching that about a week ago, only on ep9.
>> No. 11977 [Edit]
File 135044916221.jpg - (352.08KB , 1024x768 , 193483.jpg )
shojo bat
>> No. 11982 [Edit]
File 135047821179.jpg - (93.02KB , 835x687 , 05.jpg )
was acchi kocchi any good?
i did a half assed job of looking for an old thread about it, but it probably wasn't on page 9 or 10.
i've seen the first ep and it was OK, wondering if i should get the rest of it.
>> No. 11983 [Edit]
Check the catalog.
Bottom right of this page.
>> No. 11984 [Edit]
File 135048547293.jpg - (98.10KB , 1024x768 , 1265420743284.jpg )
Just remembered I had this pic too.
>> No. 12145 [Edit]
File 13512365212.jpg - (883.56KB , 1280x1024 , code-geass-r1-02.jpg )
So I've been watching Code Geass lately.
I originally held off on watching it because of how obnoxious everyone was being about it while it aired. but now that the fad has passed and I've forgotten most of the spoilers it seemed like a good time to give it a shot.
So far I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected, fans had left the impression that it was homoerotic and retarded as hell.
Sometimes it seems like the guy uses his power in really smart and elaborate ways, but like... why not order solders to kill all their commanding officers or defect and swear allegiance to him?
anyways, pretty good anime so far, each ep keeps me on the edge of my seat and looking forward to the next.
>> No. 12147 [Edit]
I think I f5 too often to ever see the bottom of the page.
How old is that feature?
>> No. 12150 [Edit]
File 135124504813.jpg - (107.49KB , 1280x720 , 1251414640618.jpg )

>So far I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected, fans had left the impression that it was homoerotic and retarded as hell.

Uh, I'm pretty damn sure it is. If it weren't for all the 'wow, what a tweeeeest' moments and FABULOUS characters it would be boring and I doubt anyone would care about it (at very least it wouldn't be as popular as it was).
I think people who took the show seriously were the (vast) minority and, well, they were missing out. In all honesty I have a hard time imaging someone who took it seriously and thought it was any good. It IS retarded and that's why it's so ridiculously entertaining. Code Geass, a show about terrorism.
>> No. 12163 [Edit]
>I have a hard time imaging someone who took it seriously and thought it was any good.
I could have sworn I just finished saying I did...
See, this is why it's nice to watch something at your own pace that isn't currently in the spotlight, it allows you to make up your own mind about it without having your opinion influenced by others. Sure it had some over the top moments, and a few silly ones, and some elements of the story don't make that much sense once you really think about them, but I wouldn't call it retarded.
>> No. 12166 [Edit]
according to the news tab on the front page, it was put into effect on the 11th of Aug 2012
>> No. 12226 [Edit]
I just finished Serial Experiments Lain. I'm tired, don't really know what to think of it. I mightneed to rewatch this some time or another
>> No. 12227 [Edit]
I watched it twice because and didn't love it the first time.

It's one of my favorite shows now.

Did THAT scene scare you or make you uneasy?
>> No. 12235 [Edit]
File 135166086524.jpg - (141.25KB , 802x1300 , 1329847419343.jpg )
Which scene are you talking about?
>> No. 12239 [Edit]
File 135166471938.jpg - (138.21KB , 1520x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
You know the one.
>> No. 12240 [Edit]
Actually, no, I don't. Lain has a ton of scenes like that, and I know nothing about your personal experience with the show.
>> No. 12246 [Edit]
File 135166986927.jpg - (91.30KB , 1520x1080 , [Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_09_(1520x1080_.jpg )
But I'm you

and you're me.

Post edited on 31st Oct 2012, 12:52am
>> No. 12249 [Edit]
I have no idea what you are talking about, but some scenes made me feel uneasy, yeah.
>> No. 12250 [Edit]
File 135170182744.jpg - (35.94KB , 640x480 , [Henshin]_Oira_Uchuu_no_Tankoufu_02_(x264_640x480_.jpg )
10/10 scifi would watch agen
>> No. 12256 [Edit]
File 135171854562.jpg - (97.88KB , 1520x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 12478 [Edit]
File 135303449663.jpg - (212.88KB , 1600x1200 , becky.jpg )
Pani Poni; penguin of doom, the anime
>> No. 12493 [Edit]
File 135314224466.png - (16.76KB , 309x72 , ffff.png )
three dimensional human vaginas
>> No. 12495 [Edit]
I wish to be the Santa
>> No. 12636 [Edit]
File 135396249620.jpg - (206.45KB , 500x1500 , NnA.jpg )
Natsu no Arashi is pretty excellent so far
>> No. 12639 [Edit]
I loved Natsu no Arashi a whole lot and you better, too! How far into it are you?
>> No. 12643 [Edit]

Natsu no Arashi has a great OP, funky as hell.
>> No. 12725 [Edit]
File 135501286281.jpg - (28.71KB , 300x420 , tenshi no tamago.jpg )
Just watched this. Maybe I'm dumb, maybe this movie just sucks, but I didn't get this at all. Really forgettable. I liked the art though
>> No. 12726 [Edit]
Great sleep aid
>> No. 12941 [Edit]
File 135669483339.jpg - (101.06KB , 720x480 , (G_P) Flag 13.jpg )
Finished Flag and Yumepati SP.

While Flag wasn't exactly the masterpiece I heard it is it wasn't bad. There's nothing like it when it comes to anime so I'm glad I watched it even if just for the novelty factor.

Yumepati SP... Sigh, it was terrible. It's amazing how bad it was compared to 'S1'. It was so bad and yet I was pretty depressed after watching the last ep either way. After those 63 eps the characters really grew on me and it was time to say goodbye... And they even had the guts to use 'see you later!' for the ending. Yeah, rub it in more, why not. This is why I hate watching series that are longer than 26 eps. I'll do my best to avoid them from now on.
>> No. 12942 [Edit]
Yeah, it's shit.
>> No. 12992 [Edit]
I love the art, I'm a huge fan of Amano, but yeah its not a great movie. Surreal as hell though which I like.
>> No. 13017 [Edit]
I'm halfway through the first Kaiji. Holy fuck this is intense, I'm loving it.
>> No. 13020 [Edit]
File 135717101230.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0001.png )
A couple years ago I watched Ichigo 100%.
This was back when I was confirming the premise in , but I didn't realized back then that there were a bunch of OVA eps.
I Just watched them recently and added further credence to that hypothesis.
>> No. 13027 [Edit]
In the middle of Gankutsuou, and it has completely exceeded expectations.
Great dub, too.
>> No. 13038 [Edit]
File 13572083115.jpg - (404.67KB , 852x991 , maid pansu.jpg )
Penguin Musume♥Heart
It's alright I guess. little to much Shounen for a comedy I think. and not really that funny... at all... bleh...
>> No. 13053 [Edit]
I won't hold it against you if you want to drop it, tohno
>> No. 13079 [Edit]
File 135729341281.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , lololololol.png )
>> No. 13107 [Edit]
File 135745835731.jpg - (31.36KB , 281x400 , Touka gettan tsubasa-lucky.jpg )
Touka Gettan.

I'm on episode 4 and I don't know what the fuck is going on. I'm truly confused.
>> No. 13208 [Edit]
I love this series
>> No. 13225 [Edit]
File 135774413928.jpg - (20.70KB , 420x480 , jinroh.jpg )
Pretty good
>> No. 13240 [Edit]
File 135777161960.jpg - (14.83KB , 300x220 , Ebichu1.jpg )
So I've been watching Ebichu the last few nights and I've noticed recently that it seems to have been broadcast as part of a larger piece of airtime known as "The Gainax Love Hour" or some such.
The other two shows that were part of this broadcast seem to have been

Koume-chan ga Iku!
Ai no Wakakusayama Monogatari

I'm wondering if anyone has seen these and if they're worth hunting down (which seems like it might end up being somewhat of a challenge)
>> No. 13241 [Edit]
What good does a cactus on a string do for a little hamster?
>> No. 13249 [Edit]

In the right hands it can be the deadliest weapon of all
>> No. 13286 [Edit]
Sailor Moon. I haven't watched the entire series but holy hell is it good. Being a giant fan of Heartcatch Precure, I can draw MANY similarities and that just makes me love it even more. Some people may hate Usagi's voice, but goddamn is it a relief. I'm not sure but the voice just sound so authentic. It's the only word I can use to describe it, but it's positive.
>> No. 13323 [Edit]
File 135796876761.jpg - (226.97KB , 1599x1060 , awhite.jpg )
Sailor Mars is best.
>> No. 13332 [Edit]

Never really liked Rei, she was too mean towards Usagi. Makoto was my favorite (I bet she's universally hated by /tc/, I liked her for the comedic effect she added to the series) from the 'original 5', Hotaru was my favorite overall.


>Some people may hate Usagi's voice

To be honest this is the first time I heard about this. I mean, normal people who never watch anime and complain about high-pitched duckling voices would hate it for sure but someone who is used to it... While it wasn't my favorite Mitsuishi Kotono role I still loved it, made Usagi that much more likeable.

//Speaking of voices, it's endlessly amusing how Hisakawa Aya's voice didn't change even a little, not the tiniest bit since then. And it's been over 20 years.
You wouldn't really expect this from mahou shoujo series from the 90s but the cast is really good.//

And me liking Usagi (despite the fact that many people disliked her) is what surprised me the most about this series. I usually end up hating the protagonists and wish they would just die in a fire. But Usagi is okay with me. My biggest complain would be the fact that in the end she's just a half-assed Minako clone which becomes pretty obvious the second Minako joins the cast.
>> No. 13450 [Edit]
File 13582868238.jpg - (149.12KB , 640x960 , ebichan.jpg )
this is topic tier low brow comedy

i managed to find one ep of Koume-chan ga Iku! but I haven't watched it yet
>> No. 13451 [Edit]
File 135828782471.png - (523.34KB , 500x700 , 23r.png )
I started watching code gayass.

>> No. 13455 [Edit]
File 135829380458.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0005.png )
>> No. 13477 [Edit]
I read the manga after watching the TV show.

It upset me quite a bit.
>> No. 13529 [Edit]
File 135859843947.jpg - (37.67KB , 640x480 , 'English' alphabet.jpg )
>> No. 13530 [Edit]
File 135860347786.png - (731.73KB , 576x432 , shot0002.png )
Lately I've been watching older anime where Megumi Hayashibara is voice acting. I finished Video Girl Ai OVA which was great, everyone should watch it. Now I am watching Blue Seed, which has been bit boring so far but Megumi's great voice acting is reason enough to watch it.
>> No. 13777 [Edit]
Just finished Aoi Bungaku. I had only previously read an adaptation of Hashire, Merosu! for schoolchildren, so I can't really speak for fidelity, but the experience itself was quite pleasant.
Only the second work, the one by Sakaguchi Ango, wasn't really good. It was still entertaining, but I don't get what's all about the cherry trees and sometimes it felt they went overboard with the silly jokes and the musical parts.
>> No. 14011 [Edit]
File 136109215919.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , slayers.png )
Started watching slayers.
not half bad so far.
It's something I had been wanting to check out for a long time, but just never got around to. I guess all the different series and movies and ovas made it seem like a bit jarring. but shouldn't be a problem having got em all in a batch torrent.

Post edited on 17th Feb 2013, 2:56am
>> No. 14037 [Edit]
File 136134025680.jpg - (132.44KB , 1280x720 , Mayoi Neko Overrun! - 05 - Large 29.jpg )
Also started watching mayoi neko overrun the other day. To no surprise I've found the tsundere to be really obnoxious, which is why I didn't watch the show as it aired. over all the show isn't anything spectacular, but I've seen worse. If nothing else, it can be kind of cute when not pushing the laughable drama.
>> No. 14039 [Edit]
>mayoi neko overrun

yeah, i dropped that one as well
it wasn't terrible or anything like that, just not good enough to watch the whole thing. i think i saw about 4 eps of it.
>> No. 14040 [Edit]
File 136134832725.jpg - (84.09KB , 1280x720 , [Ryuumaru] Mayoi Neko Overrun! - 12 [720p][AAE88EC.jpg )
>over all the show isn't anything spectacular, but I've seen worse.
sounds about right.

There's a lot of beautiful keyframes for the show as well.

If I remember right, each episode had a different story/art director, and that part really showed; there are quite a few episodes that can best be described as very unique, not necessarily in a good way mind you, but it was an interesting result given what was attempted and the generic harem episodic constraints.

after all was said and done, I ended up enjoying the series very much more than I really should have.
>> No. 14045 [Edit]
File 136139460410.jpg - (55.46KB , 640x480 , (B-A)Slayers_The_Book_of_Spells_-_01_(3F5395F9)_mk.jpg )
Avoid the movies like a terminal disease
>> No. 14058 [Edit]

The movies are hit and miss, I liked some of them, didn't like others.

As far as TV series go I wouldn't recommend anything past S2, S3 was trying too hard to be grimdark and edgy and the new ones didn't manage to capture the spirit of the 90s' Slayers.
>> No. 14061 [Edit]
But S3 had Filia.
>> No. 14067 [Edit]

A somewhat valid point - S3 had the best 'party' by a large margin. But introducing one likeable character didn't make up for everything else they got wrong.
>> No. 14473 [Edit]
I've been catching up on everything baseball lately. After Cross Game and both seasons of Ookiku Furikabutte, I'm on season 1 of Major. After that it'll be Touch.

Although Mihashi of Ookiku could get a little annoying, there wasn't any deceased mothers - which is good. Still, Major is looking promising.
>> No. 14482 [Edit]
File [Final8]Moshidora_01-10_(BD_10-bit_1280x720_x264_A.torrent - (17.31KB , [Final8]Moshidora 01-10 (BD 10-bit 1280x720 x264 A.torrent )

Thats good news cause the Moshidora I'm downloading right now could use some more peers.
All I got at the moment is one fucker in Budapest who is generous enough to supply about 10 kilobits per second.
>> No. 14487 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be better to get it from bakabt?

I may catch this after Touch, or maybe before if I'm not in the mood for an oldie.
>> No. 14488 [Edit]

Moshidora is forced drama that has little to do with baseball.
>> No. 14489 [Edit]
File 136346068689.png - (404.43KB , 720x540 , shot0021.png )
I started watching Utena.
>> No. 14490 [Edit]
I'll take what I can get. I'm not expecting much of it.
>> No. 14491 [Edit]
Top/God tier show. Best of luck
>> No. 14497 [Edit]
File 136348870697.jpg - (59.46KB , 725x418 , 27033_full.jpg )
Remember to see the Utena movie too after the TV series.
>> No. 14517 [Edit]
I love this series. It's ambitious, the soundtrack is great and the symbolism accrues over time into something very very strange and unsettling. The series only gets more strange on the second viewing.

Despite all of this, it's still a very warm anime worth anyone's time. The animation might be cheap looking and the transformation sequences can drag on a bit long, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.
>> No. 14536 [Edit]
File 136377238014.png - (593.08KB , 853x480 , chibi vampire with a nice rack.png )
anyone else think karin stores her extra blood in her tits?
>> No. 14538 [Edit]

Haven't seen/read Karin but as far as vampires go it's confirmed in Shiki, Megumi's boobs grow gradually bigger with each single episodes, there are multiple comparison pics that confirm it beyond the shadow of doubt.
>> No. 14545 [Edit]
Finally watched Evangelion like 20 years late, fairly blind. I can see why it's popular. Also I'm glad they remade the ending because while I didn't consider the original bad, it certainly wasn't an ending, either.

Yeah, I know. I'm kind of embarrassed that I put it off for so long, too.
>> No. 14547 [Edit]

>Also I'm glad they remade the ending because while I didn't consider the original bad, it certainly wasn't an ending, either.

Saying they 'remade' it feels a bit off since the ending of the TV series is the same thing as the movie albeit shown from a different perspective.
>> No. 14550 [Edit]
Yeah, I guess "remade" isn't a great choice of words. What I meant to say is that I'm glad that things were explained more thoroughly; originally I thought the ending was much less literal than it seemed and I appreciated the clarification.
>> No. 14551 [Edit]
>the ending of the TV series is the same thing as the movie
I don't remember Asuka fighting off a army of white eva clone things, or everyone turning into tang at the end of the series.
You eva fans are so full of shit it's hilarious.
>> No. 14555 [Edit]
File 136390738738.jpg - (10.67KB , 285x199 , Asuka's grave.jpg )
Part, fools! put up your swords; you know not what you do.
>> No. 14556 [Edit]

>I don't remember Asuka fighting off a army of white eva clone things

Added for bonus action appeal.

>or everyone turning into tang at the end of the series.

That actually did happen, though. Not realizing as much makes me question if you even watched the TV series.

>You eva fans are so full of shit it's hilarious.

Not really a fan, to be honest Eva is amazingly overrated. I won't call it garbage but it's a repetetive and pretentious show.
>> No. 14557 [Edit]
Which was a good show, in your opinion?
>> No. 14559 [Edit]
File 136391022353.jpg - (98.95KB , 1920x1080 , cock.jpg )
I started watching Tonari no Kaibutsu-ku yesterday and it seems to have come to a pretty good stopping point after the 2nd episode.
I'm wondering if /an/ thinks I should watch the next 11 episodes or not.
>> No. 14560 [Edit]

What's up with you guys lately? It's the second time I've been asked that on /tc/ this year (I'm the guy who doesn't like KyoAni) and I never ever saw people question anybody's tastes on /tc/ before that.

Just for the record, I might've sounded a bit harsh there. I do think Eva is good. Just not great and certainly nowhere near as good as people make it out to be.

As for my favorites I'd name Mushishi, Cryiji, Nodame Cantabile, Baccano!, Kino no Tabi. No particular order.

If you care what some random strangers thinks about Eva I'm >7000 and >>7026 (I usually engage in Eva discussion whenever I see any so I posted in lost of other threads on /tc/, too). I think I explained what I liked about it and what I didn't pretty clearly.

25+26 is in my opinion infinitely superior to EoE because it focuses on stuff that actually matters. EoE is mostly action eyecandy.
>> No. 14561 [Edit]
>That actually did happen
screen caps or it didn't happen.
>> No. 14564 [Edit]
I was also asked that a while ago on this board.
>> No. 14565 [Edit]

... Or maybe you could, you know, watch it yourself?

Not like I could screencap that because we didn't get a graphic depiction of that part either way, if you had watched the ending you'd know that it was a 50 minute monologue.
>> No. 14567 [Edit]
If you liked the first two episodes I recommend watching the rest.

The cycle of random conflict appearing followed by a confession is repeated several times in shoujo tradition. It's still pretty enjoyable, though EP1 is probably the best of the bunch.
>> No. 14568 [Edit]
I've seen the series 4 times you pretentious little faggot. That's why I asked you to cap it, becuase I knew you couldn't. face it, end of eva was a remake of the last two shitty ep of the series.
>> No. 14569 [Edit]

If I didn't know it's you Tohno I'd tell you to fuck off back to 4chan right this instant.

It's also pretty amusing how >>14550 pretty much agreed with me without any further discussion yet you felt the need to butt in and start namecalling right away.

Discussing stuff with you is always a pleasure.
>> No. 14570 [Edit]
File 136391669618.jpg - (69.03KB , 320x594 , The full arc.jpg )
>>14560 (et al.)

25 and 26 are actually separate endings: they're more or less related/intersected but finally antipode possibilities for Shinji's post-instrumentality world (hiki VS Ford). EoE is still another possibility, and the only one that tied up the entire series together (e.g. nowhere before was revealed that Yui's staying inside the Eva wasn't an accident but her own choice, and that Fuyutsuki knew it all the way but never said it to Gendo so he would go on with his plan to bring her back; a plan which first steps gave birth to Rei...). EoE is not only the canon ending but likely the most demanding for the viewer to grasp; in any case, by no means is it merely ornamental; if you remain seeing mostly nothing but action eyecandy there, sorry but you sure missed a hell of a lot about that pretentious and overrated show.
>> No. 14571 [Edit]
Maybe to know where are you coming from, when you start some polemic argument.
>> No. 14572 [Edit]
Trying to dodge the point by changing the topic, then claiming I can't take part in a public discussion to top it off, real nice. If you don't want people to butt in to your 'privet' conversations, try emails.
and don't act so high and mighty about 'name calling' when you just admitted you were about to tell me to "fuck off back to 4chan"
>> No. 14581 [Edit]
EoE isn't remade. EoE and episodes 25 & 26 are side by side stories. Their purpose is to fullfill each others.
>> No. 14585 [Edit]

Since you're >>7005 and I'm >>7026 there's not much point in discussing all of this again. We'll just repeat the same arguments and in the end I'll still claim the movie was more or less 'pointless' and you'll tell me that I saw 'another NGE, (...) a quite impoverished one if you ask me, but oh well'.
We can save ourselves some time and simply agree to disagree.


I fail to see how that argument is polemic but let's just assume it really is. Now tell me, what do you prefer, a polemic argument or a de facto ad hominem? One of them is on topic, the other one not so much.

Because how else can you interpret something like >>14557? 'Oh look, this guy gave a higher score to Ashita no Nadja than Eva, good thing we found out about that, he's just some random retard, we're wasting our time here'. Maybe I should start using a trip and posting with my MAL profile in my e-mail field so that you guys can ignore me when I say something you don't agree with? I thought the whole idea behind anonymous imageboards was the fact that you can ignore stuff like that. You could agree with somebody in one thread than disagree completely in another. If you plan to actually dig deep enough to ask somebody about other shows he liked to confirm whether he's worth your time then in my opinion you completely missed the point of anonymity and should just find yourself some forum.

Just for the record, >>14557-san, if you had no intention of saying anything after finding out about what kind of shows I like and were merely curious I apologize, I just don't see much of a point to such question and my paranoid nature kicks in.


You misunderstood me completely, let me start from beggining. I didn't plan to 'almost' tell you to fuck off back to 4chan, I had every intention to tell you to do so either way, I just phrased it poorly. It's just that there's not much point to it since you own the site. But just so we avoid any further confusion:

If you feel like calling other users 'pretentious little faggots' I suggest you fuck off to 4chan right this instant, you'll fit right in.

As for 'changing the topic' and telling you you can't participate in our discussion you kinda misunderstood me again. Everybody is free to join in, that's how fora/imageboards work. I didn't plan to dodge the topic, it's just that the second you said 'so full of shit it's hilarious' I had absolutely no intention whatsoever to discuss anything with you. If it wasn't you I'd be surprised by the fact that there's someone on /tc/ can lacks some realy basic manners when it comes to discussion. As it is I can't say I'm surprised.


My point exactly. In the end it's the same continuity. EoE focuses on stuff that didn't interest me (plot, action), 25/26 focused on something I cared about (characters/Shinji). As such it's not really surprising I claim I liked the TV series perspective more.
>> No. 14595 [Edit]
File 136400531755.jpg - (81.80KB , 379x651 , Yui's weddigng card.jpg )
It's an interesting point. However: does a set of tastes really builds (or reveals) a persistent identity? Many guys may and most likely do share yours, mines or anyone's tastes. In any case, you can answer to the posed question anonymously (while, yes, maybe getting shit from it or being left alone cause your tastes suck or whatever) and, still, that won't chase you on any other anonymous post you shall make. I mean, it is not really you who's been tracked down and addressed or attacked, but some set of references you're coming from, so it neither constitutes a strict ad hominem or a misuse of anonymous posting at all; if anything, you're the one who de facto tracked down someone elses's post to go like "don't start this again, I'm done with you", instead of giving new posts a new chance as a healthy anonymous poster would.

Now, insofar as your on topic opinion goes: the problem is that you actually never gave any arguments for the alleged uselessness of EoE but, indeed, just stated that you in particular didn't care about the plot (as if, without it, anything on a story could ever happen). On the other hand, you were remarked, with references and examples, about how such attitude very much narrows your reading of the series: that many of those displays of action you systematically reject aren't hollow at all and you might be missing some vital information, therefore compromising the credibility of your opinions about the show... and, moreover, how that goes even for the characters' interpersonal relationships, which you consider the most appealing component of the series (e.g. only EoE finally allowed us to see that Gendo wasn't a monster who manipulated and sacrificed Yui: it was the other way around. Yui did everything to become immortal. Gendo did everything to bring her back when she abandoned him to do so).

>In the end it's the same continuity.
I've provided you with more than enough arguments to see that is not: they're different and separate possibilities, under a multiverse scheme (the Quantum Rei nickname that fans gave to Rei III is not just a joke), for things to end up depending on Shinji's decisions during instrumentality.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2013, 7:58pm
>> No. 14598 [Edit]
File 136403592144.jpg - (974.90KB , 1065x1600 , 1360873833302.jpg )
>I've provided you with more than enough arguments to see that is not
Then could you please tell me what those arguments are? Because I won't start guessing which posts are yours. For your information, I am the >>14581
>> No. 14600 [Edit]

>if anything, you're the one who de facto tracked down someone elses's post to go like "don't start this again, I'm done with you", instead of giving new posts a new chance as a healthy anonymous poster would

If you're talking about Tohno then please note that I replied normally despite the fact that he told me 'I'm so full of shit it's hilarious' right away (>>14556). I only told him to fuck off after he called me a 'pretentious little faggot'.
In 9/10 cases I manage to hold back and ignore him because the 'discussions' always turn into namecalling within 2 posts time but every once in a blue moon I respond for whatever reason. Shame on me, I should know better than that.

If you're talking about yourself then it's not like I didn't want to give you a chance, it's just that we reached a stalemate previously and I forsee the same result this time around.

>the problem is that you actually never gave any arguments for the alleged uselessness of EoE

I actually kinda did but let me try to do that in a concise manner so that it'll be 100% clear: I think the plot of Evangelion is a boring story burried beneath heaps of pretentious (faux) symbolism. I have next to no interest in it. As such EoE holds no appeal for me.

>as if, without it, anything on a story could ever happen

The background of the characters could work about as well if Nerv was a company that produces cardboard.

>therefore compromising the credibility of your opinions about the show

I never said a thing about Eva's writing or anything. What I said is that it doesn't interest me. It's hard to 'compromise' the 'credibility' of such claim. While one could attempt to judge writing in an objective matter based on some criteria whether something interests you or not is entirely subjective. As such I don't think I need to further elaborate on why I think something is boring in the same matter I don't feel the need to tell you why I think blue is pretty while beige is not.

>moreover, how that goes even for the characters' interpersonal relationships, which you consider the most appealing component of the series

This is actually a valid point and I admit you're right, that part was actually somewhat important. But if I were to choose what was important, an in-depth view on Shinji's perspective on Instrumentality or that detail (that completely flips the dynamics of their relationship, I admit as much) I'd rather take 50 minutes worth of monologue.
I mean come on, the whole anime is about that goddamn project and they spend like 2 minutes on that in the movie.


He means that 25/26 are two different scenarios depending on Shinji's decisions etc. Which ultimately doesn't change much because they're just different sides of the same coin.

... I'm tired of Eva discussions. Ever the course of literally over a decade by now I've participated in so many that just thinking about it makes my head hurt.
>>14595, I understand that for you Eva is monumental and 'the best anime has to offer' and as such this discussion and 'defending' (sorry, I'm too lazy to come up with a better term, you know what I mean either way) Eva is something you're willing to spend some time on but I'm just tired of it. We can either agree to disagree or I could admit you're right and I was wrong, as long as we reach some conclusion, whatever the conclusion is, heh.
>> No. 14601 [Edit]
File 136404584639.jpg - (75.68KB , 485x748 , instrumentality and the multiverse.jpg )
OK, then. See you.

It was >>14570 but you most likely saw it already and it wasn't enough; so here it is explained in 530 words (less than one sheet):
>> No. 14652 [Edit]
File 13644537779.png - (1.17MB , 852x480 , Cossette.png )
So I got around to checking out Cossette no Shouzou. was surprised it wasn't produced by Shaft, had to triple check to make sure. It's filled with quick edits, hard shadows everywhere, skewed camera angles and unusual framing. stuff like shooting a shot with the camera pointing at a person's chin then a quick close up on someone's eye then back to someone standing in the distance, then something with the camera on it's side ect. all it was missing was power point style animation (ie text floating around on solid color backgrounds), some lazy set designs passed off as intentionally minimalistic, and a bit of fetishistic smut pandering to top it off ...well I guess I shouldn't really complain about that last one this time around. I learned latter that it did actually have the same director of a lot of Shaft's more popular works, seems it was made before he decided to stick with shaft. Honestly wouldn't have checked out the show had I known that going in.

Didn't care much for the first half of ep 1, seemed really all over the place and had a hard time following along. A lot of the characters are annoying to the point of aggravation, but past the really obnoxious directing (which again is pretty much the same in most of Shaft's more popular stuff) I thought there was a decent story beneath it all. Reminded me a lot of having a waifu, which kept me somewhat interested. I think it's very comparable, the escapism from reality, how it effects your real world relationships with the people around you who will try to stop it and so on. but even with that I can't stand the style it was done in. It's kind of a shame, I could have seen myself enjoying it if it wasn't a visually incoherent hard to watch mess like so many other works by the same director.

That said, I'd recommend it becuase I know a lot of people here love that animation style which Shaft is famous for, even if this wasn't actually produced by them.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2013, 3:02am
>> No. 14654 [Edit]
And the music is divine.
Vive Kajiura Yuki!!
>> No. 14655 [Edit]

i love how you describe it like it is filmed in a studio, its like you're a 2d person describing the 2d film making process. next you'll tell us about how the 2d lead actress went ballistic because there were camellias instead of roses in her dressing room.
>> No. 14656 [Edit]

I like to imagine that sometimes, that instead of being a story about characters [x] and [y] series [z] is actually a TV drama played by 2D actresses [a] and [b], filmed by 2D cameramen [c] and [d], directed by 2D director [e] etc.
>> No. 14659 [Edit]
Me too.
>> No. 15341 [Edit]
File 136779488680.gif - (1.18MB , 352x198 , hnnnnnnggg.gif )
Few ep into Potemayo; not bad.

also been watching Azazel-san; it's amusing at times.
>> No. 15412 [Edit]
File 136813081163.jpg - (232.45KB , 1906x1075 , [Flan]_Potemayo_01_DVD[720x480_H264_MP3][Vietsub+E.jpg )
Kyou is pure love solidified into human form.
>> No. 15440 [Edit]
File 136816689894.jpg - (52.23KB , 442x604 , Hideyoshi.jpg )
Catching up on Baka to Test, how the fuck is this shounen? It's a really fun show so far, I hope they handle the romance at least decently.
>> No. 15451 [Edit]
File 136817469164.jpg - (102.42KB , 720x405 , Episode-1-screens-fate-zero-25652139-720-405.jpg )
For Urobushi fans (if not please don't bother, it's no use):

Say, I utterly loved Saya and Madoka but didn't really like Psycho-Pass; I think that, structurally and conceptually, the plot was interesting but the actual execution threw it out. So: would you say I'd enjoy Fate/Zero? I ask because I'd like to administrate my time better; I saw the prologue episode and (once again) the magical battle royale premise didn't sound catching at all; I'd like to know if, in the end, Urobuchi's influence is sound enough to take over the plot.

Post edited on 10th May 2013, 2:13am
>> No. 15460 [Edit]
File 136818195671.jpg - (64.84KB , 800x900 , dea7d09bc28e7aa38ffeb1470e907fb2.jpg )
I don't think it is his best work. He was kind of stuck writing a story that someone else (Nasu) had wrote, so he didn't have much free reign and the whole thing kind of falls apart because of it.

Some characters have development that is complete nonsense (Saber and Kerry are the outstanding ones) because they have to attempt to be consistent with the sequel, so they come off as weaker characters as a result. I'll give him props for Kotomine and Gilgamesh's development and story, but they end up turning Kotomine into a super human so his story can be believable so then his backstory makes no sense in hindsight.

The characters that do have good development and are interesting (Waver+Rider, Kariya+Berserker, Sola+Kayneth+Lancer) are all too minor for Urobuchi to explore them as much as I imagined he wanted to, which is why you get the stupid memes about Kayneth being a fucking idiot because his plans make no sense because time wasn't devoted to making his character realistic.

It's kind of "dark" in the same way his other stuff is, but it's nothing you haven't really seen him do before which makes it feel much "safer" than all his other work. I have a feeling he wanted to explore the ideas of making Kiritsugu's ideals seem evil to him, but as a result it just makes Kerry seem like an indecisive idiot which is at complete odds with his description in earlier works and makes him much less intimidating that he is supposed to be.

The animation and music are top notch, but the story just really falls apart and makes the whole thing suffer. I've tried to avoid spoilers so I guess it will make what I typed make no sense, but that's probably a fitting metaphor for Fate Zero...

Also I don't like Urobuchi at all, I think he is a total hack, but I was trying very hard to be impartial here as Fate is a franchise I'm a big fan of.
>> No. 15472 [Edit]

>I don't like Urobuchi at all, I think he is a total hack

Yup, I've got to agree with that, have to yet see him work on a decent project. F/Z, Madoka and Psycho Pass all had something good going but ultimately fell apart mostly because of the poor script.
I liked Saya but that's it, looks like he should stick to VNs (although the medium really shouldn't be much of an issue).
>> No. 15486 [Edit]

If you enjoyed reading F/SN, you'll enjoy watching F/Z.

If you enjoyed Saya, you'll enjoy several other nitro+ works, possibly shaggoth and forest as well.

>He was kind of stuck writing a story that someone else (Nasu) had wrote, so he didn't have much free reign and the whole thing kind of falls apart because of it.
It's because urobutcher did NOT have free reign over the story that it ended up so well. His influence on an aspect of a story is quite obvious, and while the premise from his input is great (and I'm a bit of a sucker for the darker themes he usually tries to go for), the execution ends up significantly lacking. He really needs a short leash around his neck and the rest of the staff need to know when to duct tape his mouth shut and toss him in the closet after he's had his 3 mins. of conference speaking time to really be more of a benefit than a hindrance on the story, something which F/Z did quite well with for the most part.
F/Z being a novel might have something to do with that.
>> No. 15544 [Edit]
File 136844534884.gif - (111.32KB , 183x198 , potemayo.gif )
Honi honiiiii
>> No. 15554 [Edit]
File 136850312898.jpg - (96.22KB , 1280x720 , ebin.jpg )
I finally decided that it's time I got over the art style change in Moyashimon and watch the second season. I just finished marathoning it and it was OK I guess. Misato and Kawahama contributed most to not let the second season get sunk.

Most disappointing were the heavy Sawaki/Yuuki yaoi implications. Especially when the characters at the same time were outright denying the possibility of a relationship between Sawaki and Oikawa.

Strangely enough, I didn't really mind the yaoi kiss last season. I could take that as a joke. While watching this season however I felt like throwing up at times because of that stuff.
>> No. 15555 [Edit]
>I felt like throwing up at times because of that stuff.
>> No. 15582 [Edit]
Were we watching the same show? I don't recall seeing any signs of rampant homosexuality.

Kei is the best girl, though.
>> No. 15583 [Edit]
Oikawa mentions Kei as Sawaki's "girlfriend". They meet Marie and Sawaki immediately sees her as the French Kei. Upon hearing that Sawaki saw Marie naked, Kei immediately punches Sawaki and then gets confused about his own sudden violence. Homosexuality. In the last episode characters are wondering will Sawaki go for Marie or Kei. Well, that's all I remember right now.

I have always thought of Kei as the biggest flaw in Moyashimon and I can't handle gays or traps, but I was exaggerating when I said it was the most disappointing part of the second season. Rather the whole France arc was just really bad. I never cared about the whole Haruka/Ryuuta storyline and I didn't care about Marie or her family. If Misato and Kawahama hadn't been there the latter half of Moyashimon would've been completely unwatchable.
>> No. 15584 [Edit]
latter half of the second season*
>> No. 15623 [Edit]
File 136870427557.jpg - (217.96KB , 1024x768 , motorDSC02892.jpg )
About to watch Mahoro-matic 2nd Season. What can I expect?
>> No. 15627 [Edit]
i thought that was /kig/ in the thumbnail, but upon opening the full image was disappointed.
>> No. 15628 [Edit]
you weren't the only one.
>> No. 15629 [Edit]
>What can I expect?
For it to lose all of the first season's charm in favor of cheap sexualization
>> No. 15630 [Edit]
Yeah, and don't forget one of the worst endings in anime history.
>> No. 15631 [Edit]
File 136874697418.jpg - (76.13KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 05v2 [C0EA.jpg )
Just finished catching up on Jinrui. It's impressively good.
Hopefully it gets another season once there's enough source material, though at slightly faster than 1 novel per year, that may take a while.

and here I thought mahoromatic was a classic gainax style 1-cour show that will only ever be one cour.
whelp, it looks like I'm watching this sometime soon as well, and as long as the ending doesn't make me feel like I just finished Texhnolyze, i'll live.
>> No. 15632 [Edit]

You stopped watching jinrui for almost a year then just picked it back up?

How are you enjoying your LN advertisement by the way? Is it tanoshi?
>> No. 15633 [Edit]
File 13687666663.jpg - (74.80KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 07v2 [54B4.jpg )
Perhaps I misphrased that a bit.
I downloaded the first two thirds of the show as it was airing and never watched any of them, and then half a year later deleted those and downloaded a batch and watched all of it over the course of a few days.
>> No. 15642 [Edit]

>How are you enjoying your LN advertisement by the way? Is it tanoshi?

Yup, had quite a bit of fun with it. Hope you'll enjoy your anime originals.
>> No. 15653 [Edit]

So, you did exactly what I said?


You're talking to someone that really liked Jinrui. I just have always felt the need to bash them for their "This was only a preview, if you want to know anything about anything, buy the light novels" ending.
>> No. 15656 [Edit]

Nevermind I just re-read your post.
>> No. 15658 [Edit]
File 136881176063.jpg - (140.87KB , 1280x720 , alone (2).jpg )
I just watched Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Far too much Miyazaki esque for my taste and not at all Makoto's best work, but it was OK. The girl was appealing.
>> No. 15681 [Edit]

>I just have always felt the need to bash them for their "This was only a preview, if you want to know anything about anything, buy the light novels" ending.

Welcome to anime.
>> No. 15682 [Edit]
>if you want to know anything about anything, buy the light novels
I think that's more to do with the episodes being aired in seemingly random order. The first ep takes place after the last ep.
>> No. 15683 [Edit]
A bit misplaced in your discussion, but I fail to see the episodes ordering being as bad or random as people claim it was.
If anything, I think the order chosen is what ultimately brought a sense of closure to the season, as IIRC only in the last 2 or 3 episodes the MC was shown as she was "pre-mediator job" and "pre-fairy interaction", raising some questions but partially clarifying her general stance towards humans and interactions with other characters.
I concede that it was confusing and remained so even after watching everything(haven't taken the time to rewatch in chronological order and examine everything though), and perhaps I'm only so acceptive towards it because I knew beforehand it was going to be confusing at some points. But at the end of the day I don't really think it was considerably more "buy the LNs" or "now pray we ever get around doing a S2" than any other LN adaptation out there.
>> No. 15718 [Edit]
File 136901995491.jpg - (30.55KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 12v2 [EEDF.jpg )
> But at the end of the day I don't really think it was considerably more "buy the LNs" or "now pray we ever get around doing a S2" than any other LN adaptation out there.

Sure, it wasn't a chrome shelled regios FUCK YOU ANIME-ONLY CROWD, and nearly every LN adaptation of an on-going series ends that way, but that doesn't mean it's something that shouldn't be pointed out.
>> No. 15748 [Edit]
File 136917709744.jpg - (93.48KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lzno6fd6gl1qequos.jpg )
/kig/? I don't get what you mean...
>> No. 15751 [Edit]
It's a form of cosplay.
>> No. 15757 [Edit]
It's a form of ban.
>> No. 15762 [Edit]
File 136925981485.jpg - (90.43KB , 1280x720 , polar bear cafe.jpg )
I have never loved and hated a show as much as this. There are many things I love, for example polar bear is such a likable character, the SOL relaxation moments are great, and the show can be very charming and amusing at times. But there are also so many things I hate. It is obviously a Ford Driver anime, and it shows extremely strongly too. Just the way of speech and talking between characters manage to get on my nerves pretty often, for example the whole girlfriend dilemma with handa, panda being a general asshole at times (he is still a likeable and relatable character a lot of times) and characters being generally uncaring towards each other but still trying to act like they are nice guys anyways (Polar bear is normally an exception in the sense that he is actually a nice guy which is one thing I love about him) but most of this stuff was ignorable up to now, and I just had to accept this came from a Josei manga so it's not going to be pandering to me.

Episode 31 managed to rub me the wrong way pretty good though. One thing that annoys the shit out of me in western comedies is when they create a character just to be hated on for the sake of laughs. Meg from Family Guy or Butters from South Park are good examples of this. It's just such a fucking waste of imagination and character that panders to every inner bullies sense of humor (unfortunately most of us have a inner bully) well Polar Bear Cafe has done this with a lot of characters (Full time panda, Rin Rin, Llama) but most noticeably now penguin. I truly despise these kinds of jokes especially when I am trying to watch something to escape from this kind of depressing way of thinking from people. Does the show get better in this sense or should I just drop it? Because stuff like Polar bear, panda being a general lazy bum, and SOL moments at the cafe make this show great. But the things I listed among other things really rub me the wrong way and it is not worth it if it just keeps up this way. I know I am being somewhat oversensitive, but it is hard when I am watching anime for escapism and come across the kind of shit I despise about reality.

Post edited on 22nd May 2013, 2:58pm
>> No. 15783 [Edit]
I started rewatching Shugo Chara yesterday.
There is no sense to what that show does to me, I don't particularly care for the story, I don't like that kind of comedy, the animation is nothing special, I mean I love Amus character (and her hair) and the music is pretty decent but that is not enough to explain how much I love the show, even the most pointless filler episodes moves me to tears.
It reminds me of that scene in The Animatrix where the machines have a bunch of humans stringed up and manipulates their emotions from one state to another like with the push of a button.

Other than that Im also watching Vampire Knight, enjoying it more than I expected, if the main character had better animated hair I would love it to death but you dont get very far in my world without good hair.
>> No. 15876 [Edit]
File 136989250189.png - (877.89KB , 1280x720 , PWN-2013-05-29-22h23m56s18.png )
Azu no yoi
>> No. 16048 [Edit]
File 137111945613.jpg - (11.45KB , 259x194 , chobits.jpg )
Going to watch Chobits the anime. How closely does it stick to manga? I'm going to find out soon.
>> No. 16131 [Edit]
File 137172766290.png - (196.04KB , 1000x700 , CL.png )
Director of Petite Cossette eventually joined SHAFT with his signature style;
>> No. 16142 [Edit]
I'm going through an artsy&obscuse recommendation chart, a lot of nice shows I didn't know.
>> No. 16268 [Edit]
File 137232768726.jpg - (107.07KB , 1024x800 , rWeb 3.jpg )
Watching GunGrave now. I'm told to look past episode one.
>> No. 16273 [Edit]
Yep, good idea.
>> No. 16292 [Edit]
Once you finish the show and go back you'll understand why. It's essentially the same ep from much latter in the series and is completely out of place.
>> No. 16332 [Edit]
File 137276751817.jpg - (372.62KB , 1129x1200 , testing.jpg )
How is Seirei no Moribitou?
>> No. 16337 [Edit]
File 137278854624.jpg - (64.87KB , 1280x720 , 11 - Flower Wine for Tanda_mkv_snapshot_14_44_[201.jpg )

absolutely beautiful.
Don't let the first ep. fool you though, it's not an action/fight series.
>> No. 16343 [Edit]
File 137283972562.png - (1.22MB , 888x480 , Genshiken.png )
Finally gotten around to watching Genshiken. Initially put it off until I learned more about anime and whatnot, then just sort of forgot about it. Really good show, although I can't stand Saki.

and I'm not sure, but I think they have a parody version of my waifu up on their wall.
>> No. 16344 [Edit]
> I can't stand Saki.

why not?
she has wonderful nose hair
>> No. 16347 [Edit]
Keep in mind I've only seen a few ep so far.

She has no interest in any otaku interests and is just there to be with her boyfriend, and if she had it her way she'd probably force him to give up his interests. She's violent rude and judgmental. She reminds me of a typical 3DPD.
>> No. 16348 [Edit]
Well you know thats the difference between your fantasy world and the Genshiken crew living their real lives.
The real world has imperfections in it and you have to be flexible and creative and work around them.
Kousaka is a good society member and he likes him some poon so the rest of the fellows have to stomach Saki because they like having Kousaka around.
Anyway, you 'll be pleased to know that in episode 9this is a spoiler so don't read it Madrame rapes Saki to death and then tries to conceal his misdeed be eating her corpse, but the meat spoils before he is done with the limbs and so he dumps the remaining rotten torso in the burnable trash out from of his apartment, but someone discovers the remains before the garbage truck picks up the bin and Madrame ends up doing a life sentence and there is an article about him on sankakucomplex. Its actually based on an IRL event.
>> No. 16349 [Edit]
she ends up being a more sympathetic character later on.

her scenes with Madarame are my favourite parts of the anime and manga.
>> No. 16350 [Edit]
you're really kind of shit about spoilers
>> No. 16362 [Edit]
File 137290750762.jpg - (264.71KB , 1133x1670 , myelfkeepsmakingthisfuckingface.jpg )
Just finished watching episode 8 of Record of the Lodoss War. I saw Ghim's death coming a mile away, but it was still a bummer. However, I couldn't have predicted that Wood would have ended becoming possessed by Karla in Leylia's steed. So much has happened in the last two episodes that it makes the slow start to the series worth it.
>> No. 16363 [Edit]
you cant spoil an anime that doesnt have a plot
>> No. 16364 [Edit]
yes you can
>> No. 16439 [Edit]
File 137318151122.jpg - (48.87KB , 889x481 , yes yes you are you stupid whore.jpg )
I understand that, but that doesn't mean I've got to like it.
It's like being forced to put up with a normal-fag who hangs out on a otaku website and gives everyone a hard time about their otaku interests but who wont go away because she's friends with the one of the mods or something.
She's a fucking kill joy. All she does is sit there smoking, reading tabloids or whatever and verbally/physically abusing the other members for enjoying their interests too much in a club that is for those interests.
I get how she can be useful at times, especially when it comes to dealing with other 3dpd cunts, or just giving the show some conflict to keep things interesting... but I have a hard time seeing how I'm supposed to feel sympathetic for a character when her problems include stuff like her boyfriend watching anime while fucking her in the ass.
I mean Jesus ep8 with the model making, when she broke ohno's first completed figure and made her cry... man, what a bitch...
>> No. 16448 [Edit]
File 137318620163.jpg - (249.33KB , 985x681 , e23d4dda365261e44a01ac29e99e27b5.jpg )
I watched Sorcerer Hunters. It was very good in the beginning and in the end, but everything in the middle was really boring. Seiyuu cast and characters were positive surprise and ost got me pumped up during some parts. The end left very positive feeling, but I still remember how I was yawning during some parts. For me this was one of the shows which are actually worth of watching till the end even if it might seem bad during some points.

Lodoss is actually one of the few serious high fantasy anime shows. I can't think anything else except Lodoss and Berserk. Most of fantasy anime tend to be parody or comedy, like Sorcerer Hunters.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2013, 1:44am
>> No. 16454 [Edit]
Women ain't nothin but hoes and tricks nigga. In all seriousness putting women in a realistic anime is always a bad idea, because making the anime realistic means making the women realistic therefore turning them into half 2D half 3D atrocities. Not only that but Genshiken appears to be centered around the girls in a big way.
>> No. 16474 [Edit]
Just finished watching Strawberry Panic. Despite the fact that it turned out rather more serious than I was expecting (especially the whole thing with the "other" étoile), I found it to be absolutely beautiful throughout; instantly one of my favourites.
>> No. 16476 [Edit]
>> No. 16609 [Edit]
File 137374533840.jpg - (30.53KB , 600x525 , akseleraattori pohtii ketä äänestäisi eduskunt.jpg )
I picked up Gintama after a few years break at episode 120 and it has surpassed my expectations. As far as I remember, Gintama was really stale for quite a while before I dropped it back then. Did it become good just after I dropped it or was the problem in me?

>> No. 16621 [Edit]
File 137377632140.jpg - (113.42KB , 600x735 , Fire.jpg )
Gintama is just an advertising vehicle to get you to buy oppai mouse pads. HAHA
>> No. 16770 [Edit]
I want
>> No. 16786 [Edit]
Watching ouran host club.
Should have watched it before, it's great, really the best shoujo I've ever seen.
>> No. 16788 [Edit]
Watching the original Gundam. It's really, really good, I have no idea why it's taken me so long to watch it. Outside of the terrible reuse of footage and QUALITY it is just a great anime.
>> No. 16795 [Edit]

I certainly wouldn't call it the best shoujo but it's definitely my favorite reverse harem. Great show overall.


Not a fan of UC Gundam. The only thing I really like about it are OVAs (0080, 0083, 8th MS, Unicorn). As far as the TV series go I think I enjoyed Zeta the most (Isn't that a girl's name?).
>> No. 16796 [Edit]
>I certainly wouldn't call it the best shoujo
True, I exaggerated.
>> No. 16797 [Edit]
What don't you like about UC if you don't mind me asking? I haven't seen anything in this timeline, just G Gundam and SEED which was terrible, so but UC seems to be more like what I wanted SEED to be, at least so far.
>> No. 16809 [Edit]

>What don't you like about UC if you don't mind me asking?

It feels halfbaked. It sets out to do a lot of things and as a result it loses sight of it's goals and just floats through the limbo for 130-something eps of 0079/Zeta/ZZ. It doesn't just lack clear direction, it lacks any direction whatsoever. They say a jack of all trades is master of none but in UC Gundam's case it's even worse - the results felt miserable in all departments.
Also all protags are insufferable whiny bitches who had to get Brightslapped into oblivion before they turned halfway-reliable (well, Judau was a bit better in that regard I guess).

Regrettably Zeta is probably the closest thing to my ideal Gundam in many instances. It's the only Gundam series that actually tries to portray a role of Gundams and it's pilots as a small force in a large scale conflict.
0079 is pretty retarded in this aspect when they just have a ship full of civilian kids who wreak havoc through battlefields everywhere.

>I haven't seen anything in this timeline, just G Gundam and SEED which was terrible, so but UC seems to be more like what I wanted SEED to be, at least so far.

I used to be an /m/ regular and /m/ - full of enthusiasts who can be labeled as many things but 'casuals' isn't one of them (at least it wasn't half a decade ago) - agree that SEED is the worst Gundam out there (AGE doesn't even count and the new gunpla fest won't either). G Gundam is actually somewhat fun as a super robot show but it's totally un-Gundam-like.

/m/ used to have a hard time agreeing on this but despite it's fujoshi pandering 00 is pretty much the best (TV) Gundam out there. Which still doesn't necessarily mean 'good' but it's watchable I'd say.
IF not 00 then it's Turn-A but I don't like Turn-A (just my biased perspective though and my complaints aren't really related to the quality of the show itself).

But hey, if you have fun with UC good for you. I recommend checking out VOTOMs if you don't mind old stuff.
>> No. 16813 [Edit]
Alright, thanks. I've been trying to increase my /m/ power level so that's kind of why I started. I've heard VOTOMs is something I'd like, so I'll check it out. Older anime from the 70's tends to be what I mostly enjoy these days anyway.
>> No. 16838 [Edit]
File 137500736221.jpg - (2.81MB , 2500x2800 , Chart.jpg )

Use this. Entry level chart but that's what you seem to be looking for.
>> No. 16925 [Edit]
Thinking of watching Fist of the North Star.
You wa SHOCK!
>> No. 16930 [Edit]
i found that houkoto no Ken didn't age very well.

It just gets really repetitive and boring to watch Kenishiro, for the nteenth time brutally slaughter all who even think of opposing him as if they were lambs. Not much a fan of the jackass kid in the main supporting cast, either.
>> No. 16931 [Edit]
Why would you watch it? It's one of the worst anime adapations of all time.

Read the manga then watch Legends of the Dark Kings: A Fist of the North Star Story and the Toki OVA.

After that read the spin-offs manga.
>> No. 16945 [Edit]
I thought Fist of the North Star was pretty awesome for the first 3-5 ep in a way that made me feel like a 8 year old kid again who just discovered mortal kombat. But it got old quick and I lost interest. took me like two years to eventually finish the series off, and by the end I was watching episodes on a second screen while barely paying any attention to it. the paper thin plot isn't exactly hard to follow but even so there's tons of recap eps anyway. the show would have been a lot better were it half the length, they dragged out everything to the point where the show itself felt like a drag to watch.
>> No. 16946 [Edit]
Yeah totally. It takes 26 episodes to cover the first volume of the manga, it's fucking silly. That said I still have a soft spot for it.
>> No. 17006 [Edit]
File 137638881561.gif - (158.71KB , 250x150 , detouch.gif )
Best part of Fist of the North Star is 1st OP "Ai wo Torimodose (You wa Shock)"
>> No. 17010 [Edit]
Working on LoGH. About 40 or so episodes in.
>> No. 17027 [Edit]
File 137654786426.jpg - (518.96KB , 1200x900 , god knows.jpg )
Been watching The World God Only Knows and doing so on my psp. It feels very appropriate.
>> No. 17110 [Edit]
File 137724767314.png - (5.95MB , 1920x1080 , CRAAAAWWWWWLLLING INNNN MYYY SKIIIIIISS.png )
Just saw The Sky Crawlers.
The contrast between the damn nice background art and the horrible character designs was really jarring at times. When I see anime like that it gives off the impression it was made with the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.
So much of it was strange and confusing and hard to follow.for most of the movie I was confused as hell.

they didn't go into much detail, but there are these kids(who don't look or act anything at all like kids, more like people in their early 20s) who can't die unless killed in battle. I guess they get reborn or something which is what happened to the main character who was killed outside of combat, but then there's this silver haired pilot who did get killed in battle and was also reborn, so wtf?
I was also confused why 'the teacher' being an adult male was such a big deal, the movie had plenty of adult male, but thinking about it now I'm guessing maybe it's becuase all the pilots are these (non)kids but they still emphasize the male part a lot for some reason. That along with robot chick having a daughter and the big deal the other squad's ace made about it I couldn't get. There were a bunch of other things but I can't remember them too well.

Stuff like the backwards facing fighters was really hard to get used to even though I know shinden planes really existed I'm just so used to seeing forward facing propellers...
I spent most of the movie trying to figure out when/where the movie even takes place, along with what the war was about and who was fighting and why I should even care but I got the impression it wasn't about the war so much as the characters cough up in this war. that said though I didn't find the characters all that interesting. The main characters were like a stoner and a robot, an especially creepy robot I should add.
In the end this movie really left me not knowing what to think of it.
>> No. 17191 [Edit]
File 137826352514.jpg - (86.25KB , 1280x720 , this is how deserts are made.jpg )
Marathoned Zettai Bouei Leviathan over the last few days.

This isn't exactly an old anime but it's finished airing and I don't think there's a thread for it and no one gave a crap about this anime anyway so whatever.

This anime felt like the epitome of average. there was nothing about it that I can say was really note worthy at all. at best I'd say guys who are into monster girls might take some vain interest in it
While the anime felt very low budget it didn't really look it, the art was consistent as far as I could tell and they didn't abuse the CGI too much, although all the monsters and dragons were in 3d I didn't mind that much. I think I can only remember maybe two times near the end when the main characters went cgi.

the plot seems really straight forward and simple for the most part, but some of the the back story/lour seemed a bit convoluted. For one I kept wondering who exactly this fairy is and where does she come from, you just get a name no one can remember and her goal of forming this group to defend the world or something, but I kept wondering who sent her on this mission why her why we never see more of her kind and so on. specking of, I also kept wondering why they establish that men evolved to be big and strong and unable to use magic, while women grew wings and the ability to use magic... but one of the main girls seems pretty strong, has no wings and doesn't use magic while that one girl's father is able to use magic. Stuff like that kinda gave me the impression this isn't an you're meant to think to much about so I tried to just say 'whatever fuck it' and just roll with it. I had heard it was a prequel to a cellphone game but had forgot about that fact while watching it, being reminded of that really made a lot of stuff in the anime make a lot more sense. like one scene in particular where a character levels up out of nowhere. that leveling up also felt a bit half asses. it might have been better if the character got stronger on their own from their own self confidence built up from her experiences, rather than being handed a box with a level upper and being told they're stronger now. I also gotta say, the blond hair and red eyes is not a very good look on her.

This wasn't a 'bad' anime, but it also wasn't a good anime. it's very middle of the road I thought. there's nothing in the anime that hasn't been done a million times before. but again that doesn't mean it's bad. In a way it feels like a side story to something I've already seen long ago.
If nothing else I thought it worked pretty well as something to marathon, been a while since I've seen an adventure type anime with a moderately continuous story line, as opposed to being episodic. even if there wasn't much of a story to it.
>> No. 17498 [Edit]
File 138131507547.jpg - (17.72KB , 200x205 , ww.jpg )
Watching Slayers Evolution-R
It's like the 1990s again.. with slightly more CG effects.
>> No. 17502 [Edit]

S4 and S5 suck. Not even nostalgia goggles, I watched the whole franchise for the first time ~3 years ago. It gets progressively worse with each season actually but the biggest quality drop happens between S3 and S4.
>> No. 17511 [Edit]
I'm currently working on getting through season two of Birdy and season 2 of K-ON. There's a ton of stuff I need to finish since I have a habit of getting behind on things, but it's too much to list.
>> No. 17539 [Edit]
File 13816850592.jpg - (74.55KB , 400x679 , 6bf432fc14d1da23a2b825dce00cd202bc0fe423.jpg )
Finished Noein. Damn good show, kinda surprising it's not more popular.
>> No. 17561 [Edit]
File 138187651236.png - (494.03KB , 800x600 , realplayer-2013-10-15-15h30m05s7.png )
I've been watching this recently, its pretty excellent.
Anyone else seen it?
Eyecatch is super cute. Anyone have an all-time favorite eyecatch? I use the music from the Azumaga one for my ringtone so i don't hear it very often, but i like it anyway.
>> No. 17562 [Edit]
That takes me back, I watched it about a decade ago. Very funny if I recall.

Never heard the term "eyecatch" before, had to look it up.
>> No. 17563 [Edit]
i learned it when i asked wakachan/azu to give me the azumanga eyecatch
>> No. 17565 [Edit]
posted it in the wrong place
>incorrect password for deletion
>> No. 17573 [Edit]

>Anyone have an all-time favorite eyecatch?

I was very impressed with how useful eyecatches were in GaoGaiGar. Great idea. Some show probably did the same before GGG but I haven't seen anything like it before.

Aside from that... I don't know, nothing comes to mind. I kinda liked Suite Precure's I guess?
>> No. 17581 [Edit]
File 138204894648.png - (445.89KB , 800x600 , IMMSE-2013-10-17-15h17m34s155.png )
>> No. 17753 [Edit]
Catching up on Angel Beats.
>> No. 17760 [Edit]
Watching Kuroko no Basuke and Ixion Saga DT.
The former has a great protagonist and the latter is genuinely hilarious. I haven't laughed or smiled this much in a long time.
>> No. 17853 [Edit]
File 138407877770.png - (605.43KB , 800x600 , vlcsnap-2013-11-10-02h17m05s11.png )
so cute
>> No. 17854 [Edit]
sorry, what series is it?
is it romantic?
>> No. 17906 [Edit]
strawberry eggs
>> No. 17920 [Edit]
should i watch koikoi7?
>> No. 17961 [Edit]
File 138450634634.jpg - (176.88KB , 1280x720 , 720p anime.jpg )
>> No. 18007 [Edit]
File 13848111613.png - (663.52KB , 704x522 , vlcsnap-2013-11-18-13h41m24s1.png )
i'm about 4 minutes into the 1st ep of tokyo mew mew.
should i keep on watching or does it suck?
>> No. 18008 [Edit]
I'd say keep watching and find out, but if you're unable to watch more than four minutes of an anime before asking if you should keep watching means you've probably already made up your mind that you don't like it. At least not enough to sit still and watch the rest of the ep.
>> No. 18009 [Edit]
File 138483043413.jpg - (146.31KB , 1280x720 , [Nutbladder]_Hidamari_Sketch_×☆☆☆_-_02v2_[F.jpg )
I wish I could get fiber optic internet where I lived.

And remembering how many years ago this aired really turns that knife.
>> No. 18012 [Edit]
Galaxy Express 999 ep 78, Jesus. I'll just keep everything in one big spoiler because I'm too lazy to use the tags 129382 times.

So let me get this straight... Some guy throws another man into water to steal his money and said man drowns because he cannot swim. Then a grandpa also drowns after hitting his head and falling into water. The guy who stole the money unknowingly drinks his girlfriend's flame of life (thus killing her) and after realizing it he simply jumps out of the window. The queen doesn't realize her servant made a mistake and ends up thinking she wanted to poison her and she proceeds to strangle her. Then she dies after being crushed by falling rubble. And then the whole fucking planet explodes.

Fucking hell, I got used to 999 unhappy endings but this is really pushing the grimdarkness. I thought the series reached an all time high in the ep where they launch a rebellion and it fails, everybody dies and they amount to fucking nothing but this tops it easily. The body count isn't that high maybe but the way people die...
>> No. 18044 [Edit]
File 138520138110.jpg - (256.69KB , 1280x1024 , green.jpg )
Just finished the first two Kite OVAs. That ending sure came out of left field. It's probably not to the tastes of everyone here, but I thought it was a fun watch.
>> No. 18294 [Edit]
File 138835925038.png - (559.51KB , 853x480 , hfp.png )
I just finished rewatching Paranoia Agent. It's been a while and I understand it a lot better than I did the first time.

What a shame that even though I saw what it was trying to say, I can't fight what it prophesied. Although I suppose that was the point, too. I love the sinking sense of doom at the end when you realize everything is cyclical - in the anime, and in the world it is imitating. Happy new year.

Also Happy Family Planning is a really well-constructed, self-contained story on its own right; it might be one of my favorite anime episodes ever, despite the (comparatively) lackluster animation.
>> No. 18298 [Edit]
File 138837691651.jpg - (60.10KB , 305x432 , ffffffffffff.jpg )
ああっ女神さまっ ~それぞれの翼~
>> No. 18379 [Edit]
File 138924882366.jpg - (43.68KB , 704x480 , snapshot20100521222554.jpg )
I really should rewatch this too, I remember loving it when it aired, but I don't remember much at all about the series itself. I'm still kind of mourning Satoshi Kon's passing, I really believe he had a lot of great works left in him.

One of my resolutions for this year is to not watch anything I haven't seen before. Which I'm excited to finally be forcing myself to do, as out of all the series I've watched over the years I've rewatched maybe ten or so. This week I rewatched Kino no Tabi, which I always considered one of my absolute favorites. And I still like it, but the show's insights that once struck me as profound now seemed kind of quaint. This series had a pretty big impact on my life, in part inspiring me to sell all my possessions, travel my country, and have a totally self-indulgent quarter-life crisis, so it's pretty weird to just watch it now and shrug. I also really don't like the character designs and art, and am still wondering how they never bothered me before. The last episode is great, though, and does a good job of culminating the feeling of ultimate transience that runs through the series.

Post edited on 8th Jan 2014, 10:30pm
>> No. 18428 [Edit]
Watching ROD (Paper Sisters Detective Agency)
>> No. 18429 [Edit]
The TV anime or the OVA?
>> No. 18430 [Edit]
Paper Sisters weren't in the OVA, so obviously the series.
>> No. 18453 [Edit]
Watching the Daughter of Twenty Faces.
>> No. 18458 [Edit]
Watched the Saint Onii-san movie last week. Some parts make it more than worth, but it still feels too damn long to watch in one sitting(like iesu-sama wanted movies to be watched).
Made me interesting in picking up the manga. Also wonder how many blasphemous yaoi was made after that series.
>> No. 18477 [Edit]
Yes, I want to see it after reading the manga.
>> No. 18563 [Edit]
File 139071896382.jpg - (146.75KB , 608x928 , Serial Experiments Lain 10 - ssx_avi_snapshot_18_4.jpg )
Just got done with Eve no Jikan. Absolutely beautiful, even if it doesn't get anywhere near resolving anything, or exploring all of what the setting provides, at all. Feels a lot like a series of 15-minute trailers for something that isn't finished yet.
Going to hit up on the movie tomorrow.

On other news I also finished rewatching Serial Experiments Lain. It's the first time I rewatch it(completely) in 7 years.
After reading Pierre Lévy's Collective Intelligence and Cyberculture I was pretty skeptical of whoever told me his work was "Lain in a nutshell", turns out I remembered Lain all wrong. It really resonates with his ideas on the former, specially collective intelligence(in a weaker sense), the nature of anthropological spaces and the knowledge space, and I feel there's something going on between his atheology and conceptions of God in Lain, but that chapter really vanished from my memory. Not much going on for Cyberculture though, I began scribbling something equating Lain to a piece of cyberart as defined by him but it all turned out to be pure bullshit.
Now I can read all the stuff that's been written about the series out there.
>> No. 18571 [Edit]
>Going to hit up on the movie tomorrow
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the movie basically the six ONAs put together?
>> No. 18573 [Edit]
more or less, but I believe the movie has some extra content.
>> No. 18575 [Edit]
I remember that show. Nothing much happens, but it's a great show to just lean back and feel all warm and fuzzy.
>> No. 19275 [Edit]
So I finished...

• Natsu no Arashi S2

I watched S1 years ago (aroud the time S2 was airing so Autumn 2009 I guess) but somehow I didn't feel like watching S2 until now. I miss the old SHAFT. I like some of their newer shows (Mekaku is really enjoyable so far) but it's a damn shame they stopped producing those signature comedies of theirs (which is why I ended up longing for one in the first place). It used to be pretty much the only thing they made but after Maria Holic S2 they stopped making them altogether.

Had some fun with S2, not like they could really surprise me with anything since it was a 'more of the same' sequel. The biggest difference was my attitude towards Shiraishi Ryouko. I remember arguing about her being poor at voicing girls (some 3 years ago; couldn't find the thread on /arc/, though). Since then I have heard her voice a number of girls and overall I still don't think she's suited for such roles but time around I really, really liked her as Arashi. It just felt right for some reason. Maybe because Arashi is a tomboy at heart?

I've got to say they managed to pull off a satisfying ending which is commendable, especially since the manga was still ongoing when S2 aired.

With this it seems I have seen every show with and OP/ED sung by Yakushimaru Etsuko. Most of them were pretty good, too.
>> No. 19276 [Edit]
File 139989367416.jpg - (104.51KB , 833x1200 , 6341%2F1_JGUAO%2F%2FMokke_v01_ch01_00a%20%5BCosa%2.jpg )
• Mokke

A pretty nice show. I feel like mentioning it largely because I didn't even know it existed just a couple of weeks ago. It's a Natsume clone and while it's (obviously) not as good as Natsume it's an enjoyable watch. I liked it more than Hanada Shounen-shi as far as other similar shows are concerned (although Hanada Shounen-sh had dem Backstreet Boys songs). Not much to say about this one I guess. Interesting last ep.
>> No. 19277 [Edit]
File 139989370851.jpg - (148.60KB , 1024x768 , Scrapped_Princess_full_203771.jpg )
• Scrapped Princess

This one has been on my backlog for ages, took me years to finally watch it. The reason I kept putting it off for this long should be obvious - it's an adaption of an LN series which was still on-going at the time the anime aired. The show ended up being exactly what I expected - a really good anime with a botched, rushed ending. And despite the fact that the ending was really lackluster I totally recommend this one, the goal may seem like it wasn't worth getting there but the ride is a lot of fun. The production values were pretty good I thought but then again early 00s had much better production values than anything that airs nowadays period so maybe it's not that surpirising.

The guy who wrote the LNs is probably pretty well known. He also wrote Macademy Wasshoi, Outbreak Company and that Chaika thing from this season.
>> No. 19315 [Edit]
> Going to hit up on the (Eve no Jikan)movie tomorrow.
Doesn't the movie consist of the EnJ episodes stitched together?
>> No. 19317 [Edit]
>> No. 19322 [Edit]
For some reason I never watched Akira, until ca a week ago. It was really cool. It's just that it had been building up in my mind this preconception that Akira was the staple of Anime, period. It just manifested over the years, I guess, subconsciously. Of course I can't say it lived up to such a ludicrous expectation; then again, what can? I enjoyed it very much and was at the edge of my seat, so to say. Can't really ask for more than that... Also, now I can slowpoke up on all the references I've noticed but not connected. Alright.

As far as I know there's no point watching the episodes over the movie. The original poster mentioned a lack of closure; from memory I wouldn't say that the movie has this problem. That is, I was satisfied with it - start to finish.
>> No. 19325 [Edit]
File 140035976544.jpg - (54.63KB , 720x480 , badwithgirls.jpg )
Recently finished watching To Heart 2. It... really wasn't very good. Since each character gets one episode (except at the end), everything felt rushed and not executed very well. Another thing that bothered me was how the MC apparently had "trouble with girls" or something, which is brought up a few times throughout the show. This bothered me because I mean, how can you have trouble with girls when you befriend one every day and have them all over you? Otherwise, the MC was as generic as generic MCs get. The character designs were pretty bland and cheap feeling as well. Overall bad and disappointed after the first to heart, which I enjoyed.
>> No. 19326 [Edit]
yeah it really was pretty shitty, especially compared to the first. No idea why 2 was so much more popular. guess the vns better, but even then most of the characters were fucking annoying.
>> No. 19465 [Edit]
File 140125204767.jpg - (308.12KB , 1280x720 , Tesagure!_Bukatsu-mono_-_ep01_005.jpg )
Been watching Tesagure Bukatsumono after someone bugged me to do so. Whole show is done in mmd, which is something that would put most people off. The show seems about as low budget as you can get. Even when trying to keep an open mind it can be hard to not notice the poor animation at times almost looking robotic really.The show is very similar to gdgd fairys, in how episodes are structured, use of mmd, and has a few returning staff members. That stuff aside I felt it was still worth checking out. As people have said it's a very meta show. The first segment of each ep seems to be devoted to pointing out cliches in anime, but they don't really do much past that. The OP also seems to be meta, and is kind of poking fun at the sort of things you see in all anime OPs. Rather interesting segment near the end of each ep is when they let the VAs improv. The improv bits are neat becuase it's kind of interesting to hear the typical group of school girls have more natural conversations. another thing thats interesting is the subtle changing of the end dance. I didn't even notice it at first till I paid more attention to one becuase of how amusingly bad it was, then noticed during the ep after that it slightly improved. Can't say I can really recommend it to most people, as stated the mmd animation can be heavily off putting and the humor can be hit or miss.
>> No. 19473 [Edit]
>At times the characters may act seriously, but I see this as a facade, because the show never takes itself seriously.
I wish I could have seen it that way. When you've got a little girl who has to constantly hide her wrists becuase she used to slice them up while being physically and emotionally abused by a sister who tried to get a homeless guy to rape and kill her sister in the woods, it's a little hard to say the show is never serious.
>> No. 19476 [Edit]
My problem with that show was how the tone was all over the place. It comes off as wacky crazy fun but then incorporates some fucked up themes with characters that forget they're in a show with a magic jellyfish alien and talking lion like you said. They've also got a homo who's supposed to be funny becuase he's gay I guess? That'd I'd over look if they didn't have a women violently forcing herself on him, That shit sure as hell wouldn't fly if the genders were reversed. All the characters have emotional baggage that they should have left at the airport before signing onto that show. I've seen enough anime to know that many out there take themselves way to seriously for their own good and this happens to be one of them.
>> No. 19510 [Edit]
File 140153475238.gif - (124.39KB , 350x321 , ze_Ash.gif )
Time of Eve
>> No. 19525 [Edit]
File 140161846688.gif - (12.70KB , 310x128 , z3-end-blanka.gif )
>> No. 19612 [Edit]
File 140207860550.jpg - (480.37KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_HeartCatch_PreCure!_01_[1280x720]_[D5C82B.jpg )
Just started watching heartcatch precure. It became apparent right away why people like it so much. Unlike with some of the other seasons the characters don't start off perfect and have room to grow. Helps that the characters aren't automatically friends. It also became clear happiness charge is copying a lot of stuff from it, and not doing a very good job with it.
>> No. 19667 [Edit]
Watching Robotic Notes.
>> No. 19673 [Edit]
I've been watching Monogatari, Nise through Second Season, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I cannot wait for the summer season.

Also, I have have been watching PaniPoni Dash and Cardcaptor Sakura, but to a much lesser extent.
>> No. 19749 [Edit]
File 140312919697.png - (317.53KB , 652x372 , 40k.png )
4ep into Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku.
Wanted to see it as it aired but was put off by the lack of subs, with some horrible subs being all that's available. Ended up caving and just going with them since that's not something that's ever gonna change.
Not too surprising that this show didn't seem to be very popular. Doesn't take long to notice the subpar voice acting. Almost all the VAs are noobs that haven't voiced any other anime before or since with the exception of the main protagonist. The main character easily being the least interesting and forgettable character. The show tends to be very meta and tries to be self aware. breaking the forth wall is a common occurrence. As with any other sol it's got it's charm, after all there's always something nice about watching friends have fun together as someone who doesn't get to experience that. OP is isn't bad, kinda catchy. Production values aren't great but they're not as bad as you'd expect from something that skimped on the VAs, although it could be they didn't have the budget for better VAs. Humor can be hit or miss but whats new about that. kinda odd that the insanely strong athletic training obsessed combat master type is also a hardcore gamer. I can kinda see the connection they're going for, but it just hard to picture it really working. I guess it's nice there's more than one side to that coin all the same, although other characters in the show don't even have the one side to Begin with. rich girl is rich, cute girl is cute, mc is.. nothing and Sakura is just Sakura. Not something I'd quickly recommend unless you've already seen every anime about cute girls doing cute things and are starved for more. It's 'okay'
>> No. 19752 [Edit]
I found the girls to be obnoxious. Don't know how you put up with them. I can't really deal with a retarded and unfunny cast in general.
>> No. 19755 [Edit]

The only thing I still remember about Kamichu is that it was by far the worst MAKO role. She was so bad there it was almost physically painful for me. The thing is I actually really like MAKO and I was looking forward to listening to her. For shame.
>> No. 19756 [Edit]
Fourth episode is when it starts to get good.
>> No. 19767 [Edit]
I rather liked Kamichu, I don't get why people hate it so much. It's easy to call it boring but then the same can be said for a lot of sol shows. Not sure how you can think of them as obnoxious when they're not much different than the average girls in any given anime.
>> No. 19786 [Edit]
a lot of sol shows don't have whole episodes that are literately nothing but a girl sitting at a kotatsu.
>> No. 19787 [Edit]
Obnoxious as in obnoxiously dumb, whimsical and insignificant. It's a line, you know. It's a line between being that and being cute. It's subjectively conceived where this line goes. It's not like I hate SoL, but for me this show crossed that line with flying colors.

Sorry, I don't mean to make a big deal out of this. I just expected more from this show at the time.

Post edited on 20th Jun 2014, 7:40pm
>> No. 19788 [Edit]
I for one went into it knowing everyone hates it so I didn't really expect much. I thought it was at least tolerable.
>> No. 19814 [Edit]
File 140341640988.png - (1.41MB , 1366x768 , mack_attack.png )
I finished Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyo today. For something that initially felt like it was trying too hard to sell itself as a dark magical girl show, it had a surprising upbeat ending. Akari finally got to be at peace with the death of her cousin. While the major threat caused by the circumstances of her birth was successfully contained, the Daemonia thread wasn't completely eliminated either. It felt like a more moderate answer to the ONE PERSON'S SACRIFICE FIXES EVERYTHING shtick that has been done to hell and back. It was a story about coping with loss, the fact that they were magical girls who occasionally went out to kill the demon possessed was entirely incidental. There were still some plot hooks that were left unexplored, so I can't help but wonder if they had initially expected to have a longer run time. Regardless, I enjoyed the it. Ginka is the best girl for reasons entirely unrelated to the fact that she is also the cutest.

I also marathoned the entirety of Neo Getter Robo Vs. Shin Getter Robo. It wasn't as good as Getter Robo: Armageddon or New Getter Robo, but it a fun little watch; and it contained one of the greatest American stereotypes I have ever seen.
>> No. 19902 [Edit]
File 14045141281.jpg - (45.96KB , 424x600 , yNot.jpg )
Catching up on the World Cup matches that I recorded..
(大馬場十三) World Cup-tan Image set!
>> No. 20367 [Edit]
File 140772754120.jpg - (47.42KB , 640x480 , [Froth-Bite]Magical_Pokan_-_05[36A46E31]_mp4_snaps.jpg )
I've been watching Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan. So far it's been pretty great. Right now I have watched 9 episodes. I also just found out it is only 12 episodes, for some reason I was under the impression it was 24 to 26 long. So depressing, I really like this show...
>> No. 20370 [Edit]
That's one of my favorite shows. The fact that it never got another season is a crime against humanity
>> No. 20622 [Edit]
Gin no Saji
>> No. 20623 [Edit]
File 141082979581.jpg - (60.91KB , 1280x720 , [Elysium]Toshokan_Sensou_v3_EP02(BD_720p_AAC)_mkv_.jpg )
It's a story about the first woman in the armed forces. The only thing even remotely resembling realistic about it is that the woman is a tomboy.

The premise is retarded, 3/4 of the events don't make sense from either a sociological or a physics standpoint (especially when they involve guns in any way, shape, or form), and still the author goes forth to make a 3-kingdoms-esque subplot with the Libraries, the military, and the police.

That said, the tomboy is very, very pure and incredibly cute.
The art is very well done, especially the lips on this girl. Her VA is delightful as well, though I'm too used to her other roles and this girl's personality only half matches what I end up projecting onto her.
>> No. 20626 [Edit]
Yeah, Magipoka is my favorite anime. I'm still waiting for a season 2. There is still some new content being made for it. Seismic's Liru game is coming in October and someone just released a brand new Liru dakimakura you may still be able to pre-order.

Just a word of warning... The last episode may leave you in tears. Also don't forget to watch the 3 ova's.
>> No. 20679 [Edit]
File 141126967787.jpg - (295.40KB , 580x1489 , Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki.jpg )
Why nobody told me this was serialized??
It's Hideaki Anno - The anime, literally.
Marathoning it now.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2014, 9:20pm
>> No. 20682 [Edit]
Not very old but I just watched the first episode of Mushishi's S2.
I shouldn't have read the manga, the animation and soundtrack are a great part of what made me love the first season.
>> No. 20683 [Edit]

I tried reading the manga back in the day but it just didn't work for me, Mushishi's OST is superb and it really 'makes' the show.
>> No. 20685 [Edit]
Just finished both GDGD Fairies seasons and Straight Title Robot Anime. I really hope we get more shows like those or at least more MMD anime.
>> No. 20687 [Edit]
we are getting more, there was a new project by the same guy announced a week or 2 ago
>> No. 20705 [Edit]
I tried watching Straight Title but I wasn't very impressed at all. I think the format doesn't work nearly as well as it did in gdgd. especially during the adlib scenes. The whole thing felt too much like a (-very-)cheap copy of fireball, and I wasn't even crazy about fireball in the first place.

I noticed you didn't mention Tesagure. you may want to check that out if you haven't already.
>> No. 20723 [Edit]
File 141175143281.jpg - (2.82MB , 3840x1200 , absurdres.jpg )
I started watching Mushishi yesterday. So far I've seen only three episodes but I'm not very impressed. My favorite part is the audio design.
>> No. 20744 [Edit]
File 141196759795.jpg - (117.25KB , 1280x717 , Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime.jpg )
Here's a hint: disregard Japanese media.
>> No. 20746 [Edit]
Thanks, I hadn't heard of Tesagure. I'll give it a try.
>> No. 20775 [Edit]
Made it up to Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai(season III)
Stopped after the first ep becuase it seemed like I missed something. Forgot about it for a while but then got in some more recently. They'd reference events that never happened and characters who were never introduced. Think I might just drop it and forget about this series. I've heard the MC turns into a 3dpd lover in the end anyways so whatever.

I really hate the way the anime industry just assumes everyone's already read the manga so it's okay if they skip over large chunks of the story. People will often tell you most anime is made to advertize the manga it's based on, but then at times like this when it's made with the idea that people have already read the manga anyway... what the fuck is the point? Are they trying to sell manga to people who they think already bought it or what? It's no wonder so many people barely watch anything with shitty practices like this.
>> No. 20776 [Edit]
File 141231313497.jpg - (48.10KB , 1000x563 , 1381464743519.jpg )
I've never read the manga but I thought things were pretty well explained in the anime, what events or characters are you talking about? Some characters were skipped from the manga, but they're not really important for the overall plot. I'd recommend finishing S3, it's one of the best shows in my opinion and ties together the plot for a good conclusion. At least watch the Shiori episode if nothing else.
>> No. 20777 [Edit]
Well it did dump a lot of exposition in the first ep, which is piss poor screenwriting if you ask me. Some of the characters do seem unimportant, but they keep making a lot of references to some doll girl and some tyranny. I'd say skipping over an event in which the main character apparently switches bodies with another character who turns the tables and makes him fall in love with her is kind of a big thing to skip and quickly recap.
>> No. 20778 [Edit]
The first episode is the "dump the skipped parts" episode, like Rozen Maiden 2013's terrible first episode. The rest of the adaptation is considerably more coherent and I think it's good.

There was an OVA that adapted some of the events between S2 and S3:

It introduces one of the skipped heroines, though the moon girl and the bodyswap girl remain unknown in the anime.
>> No. 20801 [Edit]
File 141241998359.jpg - (142.74KB , 1366x768 , howtoalienateyourviewerbaseinthirtysecondsorless_.jpg )
I just finished cruising through Himegoto yesterday. Never before have I wanted to drop something in the last thirty seconds. I didn't waste a half hour of my life for this.
>> No. 20809 [Edit]
Might be because no one made a thread for that turd yet.
>> No. 20860 [Edit]
I looked into these a bit and found that the guy behind Straight Tittle gdgd and Tesagure also did two other shows 'Backstage Idol Story' and 'Minarai Diva'
>> No. 20912 [Edit]
File 141320170889.jpg - (366.81KB , 842x1190 , 8bae71f27747b9cca58393110e7768e1.jpg )
Finished .hack//SIGN. Average series and I wouldn't really say it's worth watching. It's best part is definitely the deliciously, deliciously brown Mimiru.
>> No. 20915 [Edit]
I finished that recently too, it sounds like I enjoyed it quite a bit more than you did. Yeah, it obviously only exists to promote the game, but I really enjoyed the focus on character interactions and atmosphere instead of the 'game' elements. There were some pretty good character arcs like Subaru's and it's obvious a lot of work went into the set design. Also the soundtrack was absolutely killer.
>> No. 20916 [Edit]
File 141321246356.jpg - (50.55KB , 300x450 , 52127l.jpg )
Dark and mysterious guy kills this girl's whole village, makes her bury everyone, spouts some edgy pretentious bullshit while pointing his revolver at her and after 2 episodes she's fine being around him, talking to him and even starts following him.
I already want to drop it.
>> No. 20917 [Edit]
You have a stronger will than me, I couldn't even get through the first episode. I think that was the fastest show I've ever dropped.
>> No. 20918 [Edit]

Ugh, I typed a really long reply but it got eaten because of wrong embed. Fuck everything.

Overall I'll cut it extra short and I'll just say I liked what they did with the characters and how they focus on why they are playing the game (because focusing on the whys is always good) but I felt the anime spread itself thin and the plot was felt downright silly.
Oh yeah, the embed. I was actually disappointed by the OST considering it's Kajiura Yuki. Reminded me why you should never use vocals in songs you plan to reuse. There were some good things (embed related) but overall I didn't like it.
Overall it reminded me a lot of Noir, it's like they are twins really. Both made by Bee Train, both directed by Mashimo Kouichi, both OST by Kajiura Yuki. Same artstyle, same amtposhere, similar soundtrack. I didn't like either, heh.

Did I mention Mimiru was deliciously brown?
>> No. 20920 [Edit]
File 141321579051.jpg - (86.05KB , 550x1100 , 11274900.jpg )
I'll agree on that, the overall plot was pretty dumb and Mimiru was indeed quite deliciously brown. Anime needs more characters like her.
>> No. 21105 [Edit]
File 141399336692.png - (653.55KB , 625x810 , 19811c63bee72fe25331383d78b01adc.png )
Finished Otome Youkai Zakuro. I was specficially told to stay way from it ever since it aired (sounded like it could be neat based on Autumn chart). It was nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be. Not like it's a masterpiece either but it's decent enough.

Part of what I liked about it is how it panders to my tastes with it's Meiji-esque setting and general shinto stuff so I'm hardly objective here. But I've got to say that I dig the setting and found the characters to be very likeable. The production values are pretty good and it has a great cast.
Unfortunately I didn't care for the plot. At all. I wonder how much of it is just anime writer's fanwank seeing as the manga is still ongoing and the series isn't exactly new. The show was very casual about some really grimdark stuff, felt kinda weird.

Good series overall, though, can't say I regret spending my time on it.
>> No. 21106 [Edit]
File 141399391675.jpg - (130.86KB , 379x543 , 3c9d5221c2142d6478fad10fee1253a5.jpg )
Finished Ristorante Paradiso, too. This one was on my backlog for a longer while. I was pretty sure it's a noitaminA series, turns out in aired on Fuji TV's short-lived Noise block, though (the only other two series which aired in that block were Michiko to Hatchin and Aoi Hana).

Great show. Liked it a lot. A perfect example that a good OST can make a show by itself. Especially if it's coupled with an OP which sets the perfect mood before the ep even starts. The show seemed to lose focus for ~two eps midway through the series but it's nothing major. It's a tad naive and the characters aren't very complex but that's for the best in this case - trying to force some serious drama would ruin it.
I don't have much to say about this one other than the fact that I recommend it. I'll probably pick up Antique Bakery next.
>> No. 21127 [Edit]
I watched the first 5 episodes of Haruhi in broadcast order. I was not impressed, though I don't think I've ever seen a comedy anime that I like. Also, why are most anime comedies called slice-of-life? Is the idea that less stuff happens in a slice-of-life?
>> No. 21159 [Edit]

>Also, why are most anime comedies called slice-of-life?

Because they aren't the least bit funny so why call them 'comedy'?
>> No. 21323 [Edit]
Slice-of-life is called "healing". In a food analogy, it's the lazy sunday breakfast of anime; ends up happy at the end.
>> No. 21325 [Edit]
The difference between comedies and slice-of-life is that comedies focus on comedy while slice-of-life mostly focuses on the average day to day lives of the characters. However these are not mutually exclusive. It's common place for slice-of-life to include comedic elements. slice-of-life in general would be too dull for most people without at least some humor.
>> No. 21326 [Edit]
It's often some sort of sub-genre, a mix of both in one way or another.
>> No. 21327 [Edit]
I watched Nadesico recently, and I definitely got to burning.
>> No. 21354 [Edit]
I see, thanks for explaining for me.
>> No. 21654 [Edit]
File 142025522745.jpg - (81.44KB , 825x618 , too bad its not.jpg )
I 'tried' watching Mamotte! Lollipop.
After making it trough the second ep I was fed up, but I tried giving it 3 eps and that pretty much settled things so I dropped it like a brick.

The plot is stupid, gist of the story is some dumb girl swallows a mcguffin marble and these two guys gotta protect her from other people trying to get the mcguffin marble till they can cook up some medicine to get it out of her (becuase no one in this show ever heard of laxatives I guess?)

Art is lazy and makes characters look unintentionally creepy or ugly at times. Not to mention everything is flat and lacking in detail. That might work for some shows but here it just gives off the impression of being rushed and that they couldn't be bothered.

Animation flat out sucks. If they have battles with minute long looping animations in the first 2 ep, I don't even dare imagine what the rest of the show is like.

voice acting is half assed. I've heard much worse, but still it's like they barely put in any effort. During action scenes and scenes that are meant to be a tad more emotional it becomes painfully obvious they're just reading lines. This is mostly just the main character though.

The characters are cliche and uninteresting. some are kinda cute sure, but that's not enough to save this show.
>> No. 21655 [Edit]
File 14202556383.jpg - (51.93KB , 640x480 , [Exiled-Destiny]_Save_Me_Lollipop_Ep03_(E0E6E12A)_.jpg )
Also, I can't tell if this character was meant to be a parody or a complete ripoff of Ranpha from Galaxy angel. I thought they looked similar but didn't think much of it till their name came up. It's too close to be a coincidence.
>> No. 21656 [Edit]
I watched like half of Azumanga like 10 years ago. I am now going to finish it.
>> No. 21657 [Edit]
File 142026051123.jpg - (147.64KB , 850x600 , c70a5220e0db32d07f44b88227ac78d.jpg )
Currently catching up on Hanasaku Iroha and Letter Bee. Also, rewatching Mai Otome.
>> No. 21858 [Edit]
File 142188579841.png - (1.17MB , 1280x720 , shot0169.png )
I finished all three seasons of this show the other day, and I can confidently say that it is the best thing ever.
>> No. 21859 [Edit]
Hell fucking yes it is.
>> No. 21926 [Edit]
I've been watching shirokuma cafe for more than a year and I'm still on episode 30. I like it though, it's pretty cute but I guess it's not the kind of anime I'd enjoy watching every day.
Also I just noticed someone recently uploaded a subbed BD release on animebytes.
I was almost giving up on that, I thought we were stuck with the shitty HS rip.
Maybe this will give me a push to finally finish it.
>> No. 21934 [Edit]
I've been watching it since it first came out and am still on like episode 4. Not giving up though.
>> No. 22216 [Edit]
I finally finished the Eve no Jikan movie version. Didn't understand much because I gave up on translating every single line.
I'm slightly disappointed that despite the additional scenes shedding some light on some stuff that was left unclear in the series they introduced some more too, not to mention it didn't really advance Rikuo and Sami's relationship at all.
Fuck that shit, really. I've got more feels than I know what to do with, I still have no idea what all the shady organizations are all about and there are no sequels, prequels, edgy reboots or licensed f2p mobile phone games to this stupid piece of crap so I can get even more feels.
>> No. 22217 [Edit]
They add some very important stuff.
Most notably, the ending, during the credits. The picture montage story.
>> No. 22220 [Edit]
I think my wording came up a mess because I rewrote that post a lot of times. What I meant is that while they do add scenes that add to the "lore" and/or answer questions left untouched in the series most of those also introduce new questions and/or don't go as deep as I'd like into their subject.
Maybe they are not as bad and I'll be less disappointed once I rewatch translating everything, but I'm not feeling too hopeful going from what I did understand.
>> No. 22262 [Edit]
File 142518034512.jpg - (59.30KB , 599x451 , z2015227.jpg )
Catching up on Nanoha
>> No. 22279 [Edit]
HOLY BONKERS, I didn't realize I hadn't watched Hidamari Sketch x SP yet. This is a fucking great. YES. A lot of people would give their right arm for extra episodes, and I've got two of them!
>> No. 22328 [Edit]
Just finished Fushigi yuugi, the first 52 episodes. Very very good and close to a masterpiece but the ending the guys who were killed came back because yes, Tamahome was reincarnated with no real explanation (even if I assume him following her to her world was foreshadowing of his love through time and worlds) felt like a deus ex machina to me.

Post edited on 7th Mar 2015, 3:06pm
>> No. 22429 [Edit]
Alright I'm picking up the pace, going strong at 39 episodes right now.
>> No. 22430 [Edit]
Mahōjin Guru Guru might be in the top 10 of anime let downs for me, I used to love it as kid but now I find it so boring.
>> No. 22715 [Edit]
File 142855342284.gif - (947.88KB , 288x162 , 1361074787109.gif )
Alright I finally finished it a few days ago, after a year and half.
Even if it took me that much time to watch 50 episodes I enjoyed it. Really nice and cute cartoon, near the end there are also a few slightly more serious stories. One of them even made me tear up.
>> No. 22858 [Edit]
File 142950986229.jpg - (67.68KB , 864x480 , [TSuNDeRe]_Tsuyokiss_-_02_[DVDRip_Xvid_864x480_AC3.jpg )
Started watching Tsuyokiss off and on not too long ago. Right off the bat I gotta say this show has some really bizarre use of eyecatches. They'd inject eyecatchs randomly for scene transitions, and some of them can be really bizarre given the situation it might be interrupting. Like for example with a scene involving a character who's struggling with their father's death and replacement which cuts to a girl dressed as a cowboy ridding a mechanical bull for a few seconds.
On that note, it seemed like there were some really bizarre and completely out of context scenes at times, like with two characters signing about peanutbutter out of nowhere for some reason in a forth wall breaking style. Took me a few ep to realize it but it seems the show tries to employ some fake/joke advertizement. I didn't notice at first because the eyecatchs get used constantly so without keeping an eye on the time track you could easily mistake the placement of the CM break.

Anyways, show itself is decent in a kinda old school way. Really feels like a mid 2000's anime and has that charm that comes with stuff from that time period. At first I couldn't stand the antagonist and really couldn't understand how someone like that could retain their position as student council president while acting the way they do. I mean, she completely refuses to allow a drama club and torments the character trying to get it approved, but had no problem having a stage and set made just for a trail performance which means budget isn't the issue. Then it hit me that she's trying to get the club approved without having anyone else interested in being a member, which kinda makes the student council president in the right... even if they are a massive cunt. That aside the show is very much 'fine'. The animation is 'fine' the voice acting is 'fine' the art is 'fine' etc. The show isin't horrible, but it's not great either, it's just.. fine.
>> No. 22901 [Edit]
File 142999757559.jpg - (20.71KB , 640x480 , Princess Tutu - 01 [DVD][480p][AAC].jpg )
I've been watching Princess Tutu; partway through the second half and I'm loving it so far.
This is actually the first magical girl series I've watched, and if the rest of the genre is anything like this I'm kicking myself for not having dipped into it sooner. Interestingly, since I'm not really knowledgeble with the genre, I often find myself thinking "Wait, this is a 'kid's' show, right?", and then completely forgetting that the next scene.
I really love the OP, both the animation and music; it's gorgeous.
>> No. 22914 [Edit]
File 143004644432.png - (650.29KB , 651x900 , a0bca5b9c6f206815b58131ffd322ac7.png )

>This is actually the first magical girl series I've watched, and if the rest of the genre is anything like this I'm kicking myself for not having dipped into it sooner.

I'll just crush your dreams right now, it'll hurt less than finding out the hard way yourself: Tutu is the very best the genre has to offer.
A typical mahou shoujo follows a sentai-esque 'monster of the week' formula. Tutu tried to implement something similar at the beginning of the first half - she even had some special attack, didn't she? You know, like 'Rose Petal Storm!' or whatever (sorry, it's been over half a decade since I last saw Tutu). That's more mahou shoujo but even then the couple eps where Tutu was collecting pieces of Mytho's are better than any 'normal' mahou shoujo out there.

What makes Tutu even more amazing is how deep the ballet theme really goes. A person who knows nothing about ballet won't notice any of that but even a 'ballet casual' like me can spot a couple of references (like Meowzinksy); halfway through I noticed they actually use the Swan Lake (and Nutcracker possibly, I don't remember) choreography.

The ending is very interesting as well but I'll let you find out yourself I guess.
>> No. 22916 [Edit]
>>22430 here
I'm finally close to finishing it. Holy fuck what a let down, everything happens so quickly and 90% of it is filler without real consequences that I'm not even paying attention anymore. If I wasn't watching it dubbed I would have dropped it.
>> No. 22917 [Edit]
>If I wasn't watching it dubbed I would have dropped it.
Do you seriously watch dub?
>> No. 22923 [Edit]
watching dubbed anime is an entirely legitimate trolling technique, theres nothing wrong with it. in some few cases it can even be a legitimate anime watching technique (i.e. ep1 of tatami qalaxy when the subs go by far too fast to read them all).
>> No. 22929 [Edit]
For old stuff I watched as a kid, yes. And well, obviously when I can't choose, like for Princess Knight.
>> No. 22931 [Edit]
I appreciate the reply, and now I'm curious to know if you'd recommend at least one or two other mahou shoujo titles to try after finishing Tutu.

I am, unfortunately, completely clueless when it comes to ballet. This series is kindling an interest, though. I'm reminded of when I watched Nodame Cantabile back in '07 and spent the better part of a year steeping myself in classical music. I doubt the interest will reach that level, but...

>Tutu tried to implement something similar at the beginning of the first half - she even had some special attack, didn't she? You know, like 'Rose Petal Storm!' or whatever

Tutu did her "Flower Waltz!" once in the first episode; I'd even already forgotten what it was called, and had to go back and check.

>even then the couple eps where Tutu was collecting pieces of Mytho's are better than any 'normal' mahou shoujo out there.

That's what I love so much about this series; even at moments when the plot itself is pretty shallow, the use of symbolism and allegory is, to me at least, compelling and dare I say a bit sophisticated. It's an interesting blend of innocence and depth.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2015, 4:59pm
>> No. 22935 [Edit]
File 143022569936.jpg - (394.07KB , 600x600 , 3x3 Tutu.jpg )

>now I'm curious to know if you'd recommend at least one or two other mahou shoujo titles to try after finishing Tutu

Sure, I can try at least.
Utena is not a mahou shoujo anime in the strictest sense but neither is Tutu. Since you liked 'the use of symbolism and allegory' in Tutu I think Utena could be right up your alley. It's a somewhat polarizing series, though. Most people either love it or hate it. I'm in the former camp.
Truth to be told calling Utena mahou shoujo is a bit of a stretch. I don't know how I feel about trying to fit Utena into the mahou shoujo narrative but, well, it's not me who came up with that idea. It does use some typical mahou shoujo elements but it doesn't really focus on them.
One way or another it's a good series and it's worth watching, regardless of it being mahou shoujo or not. You watched Tutu first but I think you'll realize that Utena must've been on of the inspirations for Tutu if you'll give Utena a shot.

That's probably the only other mahou shoujo-esque series I can recommend with clear conscience. The third best non-monster-of-the-week series the genre has to offer is probably Madoka. It's a pastiche of several older series but the individual pieces don't fit together very well. It's not a bad show nonetheless but neither is it a great one. Madoka sticks to a mahou-shoujo-esque formula much closer than Tutu and Utena. You should stay away from it if ~suffering~ and ~despair~ are not your thing, though.

'Classic' mahou shoujo are made for kids and they're basically sentai shows for little girls. Every ep starts with some SoL stuff, then a monster appears, they defeat it with their finishing move and you get some more SoL at the end. If you'd like to check out one 'classic' mahou shoujo series just to get a hang of how the formula works your best bets are Shugo Chara, (original) Sailor Moon or PreCure. PreCure is probably the most 'accessible' of the bunch for a number of reasons. Most PreCure series are unrelated to each other and they take place in a completely new universe (aside from two direct sequels, Max Heart and Gogo). You could pick any of those but for newcomers starting with either Futari or Hearcatch is usually recommended. Personally I'd recommend Suite instead - it has a fun theme, the artstyle will be a bit easier to digest and it has likeable characters I like.

>I am, unfortunately, completely clueless when it comes to ballet. This series is kindling an interest, though.

Well, I can't say I know any sites/articles that explain all the ballet things in Tutu but they should exist somewhere. Good luck.
Here's a freebie I'll throw your way right off the bat: the most common Nutcracker theme you hear in Tutu is called... Waltz of the Flowers. Pretty similar to a certain finishing move, wouldn't you say? (I wonder if I realized this when I first watched the show; I no longer remember. Would be odd if I hadn't but at the same time I couldn't recall what the finishing move was called so...)
>> No. 22938 [Edit]

IF you're going to bring in semi-magical girl shows like Madoka, at least include the Nanoha franchise (just Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and A's; then stop there, it then deviates to pure fantasy setting/story with everything that came after) and fate/prisma illya.

Also, I recommend Heartcatch Precure if you want a great traditional mahou shoujo.

Lastly, it's good to note that there are two subgenres for magical girl shows. The first, and one we are all discussing, are the mahou shoujo fighters, which should be self evident as to what that means, and the other is the mahou shoujo idol, where the main girls are ~8-10 years old and transform into ~14-16 year olds and sing and dance. The classic example is Magical Angel Creamy Mami, though there are newer series such as jewelpet (each series is unreleated to the next, similar to how Pretty Cure works). I'd recommend Jewelpet Twinkle if you want to give it a go.
>> No. 22939 [Edit]
>just Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and A's; then stop there
I don't disagree with this but would like to say that the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha movie is a much better version of the first season and I'd recomend that over the tv version. A's TV version was fine though.
>> No. 22942 [Edit]
I actually started watching Utena a couple months ago, having learned it was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara; I was enjoying Yuri Kuma at the time, and loved Mawaru Penguindrum. I found it exciting at first, but started to lose interest around episode 8. Committing to finishing it wouldn't be that big a deal if it weren't 39 episodes, and if I didn't have such a huge backlog of things to watch. I'll give it another go when I'm finished with Tutu.

I didn't want to be the guy to bring it up, but I have seen Madoka, and loved it. ~Suffering~ and ~despair~ are definitely my thing, for better or worse. And, watching Tutu now, I can really understand why a lot of mahou shoujo fans were a bit hostile towards Madoka when it was airing and getting all sorts of attention.

I'm going to go ahead and bet that I probably won't care much for the classic series, but it might be fun to try one, especially going in with low expectations.

>> No. 22943 [Edit]
>the other is the mahou shoujo idol, where the main girls are ~8-10 years old and transform into ~14-16 year olds and sing and dance.

I was not even aware such things existed! That sounds so absurd and girly that I'm going to have to check out at least the title you recommended.
>> No. 22945 [Edit]
There's a lot of them out there. Mermaid melody, aikatsu, pretty rythem, Lilpri, just to name a few.
>> No. 22956 [Edit]
File 14303069798.jpg - (133.69KB , 909x1286 , de41ea40fd807caed92c23099369c0cf.jpg )

>IF you're going to bring in semi-magical girl shows like Madoka, at least include the Nanoha franchise (just Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and A's; then stop there, it then deviates to pure fantasy setting/story with everything that came after) and fate/prisma illya.

Tutu is less mahou shoujo than Madoka in my opinion so I don't see why I wouldn't include it.
I did say 'that's probably the only mahou shoujo-esque series I can recommend with clear conscience'. I could list heaps of them, sure, but most of them are only relevant for fans of genre. I'd never recommend Nanoha or Illya to a layman.


>Jewelpet Twinkle

It's Jewelpet Tinkle, uguu.


>I'm going to go ahead and bet that I probably won't care much for the classic series, but it might be fun to try one, especially going in with low expectations.

I know, which is why I said 'personally I'd recommend Suite instead' - I never expected you to be able to finish it. Hearcatch is a better starting point but I believe Suite to be the better series overall. Can't go wrong with either, though, so maybe you should follow the popular opinion here and give Heartcatch a try.


Aikatsu is a rather straight-forward idol show, the 'mahou' part is missing entirely. Pretty Rhythm as well kinda, we could argue whether the 'techniques' they use are meant to be magical - I don't believe so.
Pichi Pichi Pitch is probably the most straightforward 'mahou idol' example - it's basically mahou shoujo with singing instead of punching things.
>> No. 22959 [Edit]
What do you mean by semi-magical show? Madoka is a mahou shoujo anime. Period.

And it's a pretty good one, a show doesn't have to be all about it's genre to be good, in fact those that have nothing original to offer are the repetitive, average, full of cliche ones that end up selling poorly because they're too plain.
>> No. 22960 [Edit]
File 143031764320.jpg - (139.87KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kiniro Mosaic - 03 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
Last anime I watched was Kiniro S1 and Claymore prior to that, liked them both a lot.
>> No. 22961 [Edit]

How well a show sells has nothing to do with neither how original it is nor how good it is.
>> No. 22962 [Edit]
Says who? not every anime is otaku pandering.
>> No. 22963 [Edit]

>Says who?

I just did.

>not every anime is otaku pandering.

Perfect timing - IM@S Cinderella, Kancolle and SAO II all placed in last week's Top 5 best selling anime with over 10k units sold each.
And while I can't comment on the quality of Gundam Origin it's the epitome of pandering - a prequel featuing Char. Almost 50k sold.

I won't really complain about how Yuri Kuma Arashi failed to sell 1k again because I do realize it's very niche. But it does break my heart and I'm sure >>22942 will share that sentiment. Then again I'm used to it. Silver Link should've made a random 'cute girls doing cute things' show instead, that would've made good money.
>> No. 22965 [Edit]
Not really. It clearly tries to ridicule many elements of the genre rather than simply openly participating in it. Because of this it's more in the field of satire. I believe this is why the other person called it 'semi-magical' and I'd agree with them.
>> No. 22967 [Edit]
>IM@S Cinderella, Kancolle and SAO II all placed in last week's Top 5 best selling anime
Japanese dvd buyer's great taste in anime never fails to disappoint.
>> No. 22975 [Edit]
We were talking about a show that was released years ago, seasonal stuff has nothing to do with it.

And even if some stuff that is obvious otaku pandering sells well in Japan, there are many good shows that did well in the past without pandering to anyone.

Satire is going way too far, I would say it's not cliche, but anyhow what's ''classical'' mahou shoujo to you ? Sakura?
>> No. 22981 [Edit]

>We were talking about a show that was released years ago, seasonal stuff has nothing to do with it.

We were talking about sales so I'd say sales have a whole lot to do with it.

>there are many good shows that did well in the past without pandering to anyone

Sure. But I'm claiming the exact opposite to what you said - carefully planned, well-executed pandering is very likely to boost your sales substantially. Trying to deviate too much from the norm rarely pays off.
>> No. 23134 [Edit]
File 143161903973.jpg - (16.75KB , 512x384 , Ep26.jpg )
I finished Tutu the other day; beautiful, beautiful series. Couldn't have asked for a better ending! What still strikes me as unique about this series is Fakir and Tutu's displays of naive heroism mixed with surprisingly mature awareness of their personal limitations. I'm probably reading into it too deeply, but it's almost like the story's target audience could be both preternaturally wise children and adults who haven't repressed their inner child.

Back to the Mahou Shoujo subject, I'm four episodes into Shugo Chara and while the premise and protagonist appeal to me, I'm just not feeling it overall. Might give PreCure a try next before moving on.
>> No. 23137 [Edit]

>Couldn't have asked for a better ending!

The ending is probably my favorite part about Tutu. Ahiru doesn't turn into a human and doesn't wish to turn into a human. She's back to her true duckling form. And that's okay - it's a happy ending. She didn't have to turn into a 'beatiful swan'. Being herself was more than good enough. That's a very nice message.

>I'm four episodes into Shugo Chara and while the premise and protagonist appeal to me, I'm just not feeling it overall.

Yeah, Amu is a cool protagonist and probably the best part of the show period.
>> No. 23151 [Edit]
>The ending is probably my favorite part about Tutu. Ahiru doesn't turn into a human and doesn't wish to turn into a human. She's back to her true duckling form. And that's okay - it's a happy ending. She didn't have to turn into a 'beatiful swan'. Being herself was more than good enough. That's a very nice message.
Absolutely; that, along with Fakir readily trading his sword in for a pen and asking Autor for guidance, is what made the series come across as surprisingly mature to me.
>> No. 23165 [Edit]
I just finished Demonbane. I liked it a lot, I'm a sucker for Lovecraft stuff, but for some reason I found it very forgetful, lot of things entering from one ear and leaving from the other. Must be because of all the characters being presented and killed without being much more than a monster of the week.
>> No. 23178 [Edit]
Sad news. If you liked Princess Tutu OP/ED music, the musician for that is dead.
>> No. 23180 [Edit]
It's what I was planning to do, as soon as I finish Senran Kagura I'll play it.
>> No. 23200 [Edit]
File 143247357450.jpg - (43.32KB , 712x466 , 16.jpg )
Finished Re: Cutie Honey. I watched the original TV series and Shin before. Re: was Cutey Honey's best iteration yet, although it's not much of an accomplishment I guess.

It was decent enough I guess. The production values aren't mind-blowing but they are pretty good nonetheless. Okay animation, I really dig the artstyle (pic related, although the aspect ratio looks borked for some reason), good voice acting, very nice soundtrack. Also once again I caught myself thinking that the OP is damn catchy.

Hocchan does a pretty good job as Honey. I thought she fit the role better than Neya Michiko (from Shin). Being Hocchan she lacks the range to get the angsty parts right but she fits the 'Cutie' part to a tee.

Unfortunately it gets worse witch each ep - ep 1 is the best of the bunch.
I caught myself thinking 'hey, this feels kinda like Kill la Kill' very early on and sure enough, after looking it up I found that Imaishi Hiroyuki was the director of ep 1 and he directed Kill la Kill as well. I noticed the Dead Leaves-que vibe right away, too, and he directed that as well. I never thought of Dead Leaves while watching KlK, though. I guess Re:CH is somewhere in the middle between KlK and Dead Leaves.

Thinking about this made me realize that KlK and Cutey Honey have the same premise basically - a daughter is out there to avenge her father's death. Both use, uh, 'white weaponary' - Honey has her Silver Fleuret and Ryuuko had that what-was-it-called scissors. They both transform, too. There are many other minor similarities. Considering part of the KlK staff worked on R:CH the insipiration is pretty obvious (and yet it didn't occur to me while I was watching KlK, even though I watch Cutey Honey before that).

Overall I was a tad disappointed by it, mostly because ep 1 was pretty fun and it kept getting worse afterwards. I had no expectations when I picked it up and I got my hopes up a little after a good start. Too bad.
>> No. 23201 [Edit]
File 143247363280.jpg - (113.14KB , 1280x720 , 15.jpg )
I watched Mazinkaiser SKL at roughly the same time, too. When I downloaded them somehow the thought that they are both Go Nagai OVAs didn't occur to me, I only made that connection when I was about to watch first ep of SKL.

I heard the rumors but goddamn this sure was edgy, starting with the OP (Immortal God machine sets the world free!) and ending with the ED. Good thing I wasn't wearing my shoulder pads while watching it because I'm sure they would've grown spikes otherwise.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, heh. One of the edgiest things I've ever watched. Even the damn Pilder is a freaking skull, they sure don't fuck around. It's basically Mazinkaiser destroying 10 billions of enemies for 25 straight minutes. ... Or at least that's what I hoped for but it suffered from the R:CH syndrome - the first ep was nice, fast paced and action packed but it slowed down later on. It didn't plummet as hard as R:CH though so it was still moderately enjoyable for those ~75 minutes. The ending was pretty crap, though.

It's worth mentioning that the production values are really top notch. Pretty smooth animation, super edgy heavy metal OST and Hiyama. Fuck yeah Hiyama. Unfortunately I picked a screenshot that looks crap but trust me, this is one of the really rare QUALITY moments.

I can kinda recommend this if you like Go Nagai and feel like slitting your wrists.
>> No. 23202 [Edit]
I finished L'Animation indépendante japonaise volume 1 and 2. Some were amazing, some where meh, with how short most of them were it was worth it anyway.
>> No. 23215 [Edit]
File 143277017799.png - (649.51KB , 720x480 , [Exiled-Destiny]_Noir_Ep16_(44E89532)_mkv_snapshot.png )
This anime is some serious fucking bullshit jesus christ
Is there anything with an at least semi-realistic approach to firearm combat? Anime, manga or whatever doesn't matter

Post edited on 27th May 2015, 4:46pm
>> No. 23219 [Edit]
File 143293498279.png - (110.38KB , 640x640 , 1418671763916.png )
I started reading Gunslinger Girl, I watched the first season a few years ago but didn't continue with the 2nd because people kept saying everything after S1 was bad and that it would ruin the image of the whole series. I don't remember anyone saying any valid reasons though.
But as expected the manga has much less effect than the anime, I noticed this especially with chapter 2.
So exactly why is S2 considered bad? Should I really continue with the manga?
>> No. 23220 [Edit]
Give it a go. Discover for yourself how much of the "effect" it carries over from the 1st season. Maybe you'll also discover why no one has ever bothered to give you any reasons not to.
>> No. 23221 [Edit]
File 143305775718.jpg - (237.97KB , 714x1000 , z20150517.jpg )
Amagi Brillant Park
It's fun fluff.
>> No. 23224 [Edit]
Oh the cute girls,
What would be anime without you, cute girls.
Without all the cute girls
I'd rather not watch any anime at all.
>> No. 23227 [Edit]
the 2nd season of Gunslinger Girl is hated because the action scenes were done by an animator shaking a still image in front of the camera.
>> No. 23271 [Edit]
I'm watching the first episode and they definitely fucked up the old perfect style and I'm already seeing a lot of still images being shaken up. I don't know if I'll be able to keep watching this after having seen the first season.
If the firefights are also still images being shaken then I'll probably drop it
>> No. 23276 [Edit]
I finished Boogiepop phantom. I'm not sure I know exactly what happened, I mean I can make sense of things but every name and face is confused and mixed in my head. I should rewatch, or read the LN.
>> No. 23279 [Edit]
File 143406479772.png - (831.12KB , 1280x720 , Gunslinger Girl ~IL TEATRINO~ Ep 01 'Distance.png )
Well there seems to be a good attention to detail and enough gun porn
But the shaking images, new voice actors and new completely different art style are still weird as hell
>> No. 23281 [Edit]
I can't take discontinuous bullshit like this seriously.
>> No. 23282 [Edit]
What do you mean
>> No. 23284 [Edit]
I mean the 2nd season is discontinuous to the 1st season, and not in a good way. In fact it's the worst. Shitty, pointless, soulless sequels are the worst.
>> No. 23291 [Edit]
I'm watching Sasameki Koto, and it's making me want to be a cute 2d lesbian with a lot of friends.
>> No. 23336 [Edit]
File 143476190049.png - (756.13KB , 1280x720 , Gunslinger Girl ~IL TEATRINO~ Ep 13 'And So P.png )
I love this girl god fucking damn
>> No. 23337 [Edit]
File 143476504541.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , -.png )
>> No. 23486 [Edit]
File 143673318687.png - (33.18KB , 716x534 , Untitled.png )
I want to watch Jormungand, which release should I download? I'm not really familiar with any of these groups and the filesizes are all so huge for 12 episodes.
This anime is also banned on bakabt so I can't just go there and download whatever the site chose, I don't know what to do. Ratio is precious

I tried asking on 8/a/ before hoping for faster replies but those pretentious fucking fags just deleted my thread, I didn't even like them anyway.
>> No. 23496 [Edit]
File 143686863479.jpg - (34.17KB , 640x480 , 16.jpg )

Looking at the names of the groups alone Asenshi sounds like the safest choice. If not - Dmonhiro.
>> No. 23523 [Edit]
why are u paying 1yen an hour to download torrents?
>> No. 23526 [Edit]
He's using AnimeBytes. Yen on that site is basically just an incentive to seed torrents. You can use it to buy stuff like upload credit and custom titles/badges. The ¥/h thing is just showing how much he will get for seeding each torrent.