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File 136517389198.jpg - (29.72KB , 636x356 , what the fuck happened_jpg.jpg )
14729 No. 14729 [Edit]
So uh...this happened.
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>> No. 14730 [Edit]

>> No. 14732 [Edit]
File 136518175864.jpg - (263.57KB , 943x852 , tehepero.jpg )
Funny joke. I'm sure it'll be normal in episode 2.
>> No. 14752 [Edit]
I haven't even watched it or read the manga, can I still join the hate train?

Post edited on 5th Apr 2013, 7:26pm
>> No. 14753 [Edit]

Of course, most of us on board haven't either.
>> No. 14762 [Edit]
File 136522281741.jpg - (135.83KB , 1118x468 , Les fleurs du mal.jpg )
This guy reminds me of when I started reading Rimbaud, during middle school. Of course I didn't really understand it either, if I ever have: all I did was spitting crap as well as I deluded myself into believing I had found some revelation (as I still do). But it wasn't just 8th grade syndrome: it was enough to start heading my life into a very different direction, as I kept reading and revisiting those ideas ever since. It is, in any case, what leaded me into being here and post this...

Anyway: daring premise, remarkable art and unsettling music. This started off pretty damn well. Hope it doesn't fall into cliche right away (I haven't read the manga).
>> No. 14763 [Edit]

That's not exactly what I meant. I was talking about how hideously ugly the character designs are and how they don't even look close to the manga. That isn't supposed to be a cross-dressing man in the OP pic just so you know.
>> No. 14767 [Edit]
File 136524296917.png - (437.19KB , 1280x720 , weeaboo reading a book.png )
nice animation style.
i've seen stuff like this in some anime shorts, baby blue springs to mind, but i don't think i've seen in a full length production.
this is a momentous occasion. we're witnessing the future, ladies and gentlemen.
i could practically small the fat kid's halitosis when he was trying to get his book back.
we're going to lol our asses off when they switch to chibi style in ep 6 too, it will have a lot more impact.
>> No. 14768 [Edit]
Can you name any other anime where Japanese people actually look like Japanese?
>> No. 14773 [Edit]
File 136525428286.jpg - (50.09KB , 662x355 , GITS IN.jpg )
GITS Innocence. They didn't look like shit, though.
>> No. 14774 [Edit]
File 136526025669.jpg - (93.42KB , 1100x626 , Aku-no-hana 1.jpg )
You heard him.
>> No. 14778 [Edit]
I hope that the future isn't animation that would look dated 20 years ago.
>> No. 14779 [Edit]
File 136527281321.jpg - (104.87KB , 968x429 , animatrix - a kid's story.jpg )
The art reminded me a little to this...
>> No. 14791 [Edit]
>> No. 14794 [Edit]
Art: 10
Music: 10
Story: 10
Characters: 10

This anime is beautifully intense. There is some sublime element that makes it a unique show. I can tell that this will be anime of the season. Eagerly awaiting future episodes.
>> No. 14795 [Edit]
File 136532663516.jpg - (132.72KB , 796x626 , aku.jpg )
One thing I like about this anime is that not every character is cute. Did you know that most 3D Japanese are actually rather unattractive? This anime deserves points for intellectual honesty. When you make some characters ugly, it makes the real stars shine all the brighter.
>> No. 14798 [Edit]
I think you might be forgetting why we watch anime and not 3DPD tv instead. we don't need to be reminded real people are ugly, some of us are trying to forget what they look like...
>> No. 14801 [Edit]
I enjoyed watching this. I like the art style and I like the pace.

I'm intrigued as of what's going to follow.
>> No. 14812 [Edit]
Once I watched some anime on TV. Some giant robots or some shit.

One of the girls said "I may not look attractive at all, but boys really start to like me sometimes."

And she's like, not unattractive at all.

Characters in semi-realistic styled anime (Girl Who Leapt Through Time and such) shouldn't be good looking if they're not good looking. In fact, a lot of anime that aren't even remotely realistically styled can take a note from this. I'm tired of ugly or unattractive characters being drawn either in a way that makes them look good, or in some sort of comically grotesque cartoony style.
>> No. 14816 [Edit]
I don't mind this style at all. In fact, it's a breather from generic moe designs we've been getting plenty of these past years.
If you don't care for the anime designs, read the manga instead. If you don't care for the manga either, the writer and production staff could worry less about your opinion.
>> No. 14843 [Edit]
This show personally offends me. Not because it's ugly, but because the rotoscoping was absolutely crap. You can like the atmosphere all you want, but you can't hide from the fact that this was cheaply made. Faces popping out of nowhere and all.

And please stop talking about character designs, there is no such thing in this show.
>> No. 14852 [Edit]
He makes a valid point though. Also really how did you get whining about being fat from that?
>> No. 14875 [Edit]
File 136559390032.jpg - (150.77KB , 537x703 , 2rod1365556169081.jpg )
>> No. 14903 [Edit]
Poorly animating a series doesn't make the story any less boring and generic, but negative attention is still attention.
Hope they take complaints to heart and give the animation more care, this is just embarrassing.
>> No. 14904 [Edit]
Fucking unbelievable: the actual people look way better than the drawings. Rotoscoping or not, I do think now this went awfully wrong.
>> No. 14905 [Edit]
File 136567120227.jpg - (182.53KB , 600x1069 , 218e6864ef79a47c08c63b90ca0d547e1365540321_full.jpg )
>> No. 14908 [Edit]
i like this show, it had a foreboding about the first ep that reminded me of lain.
its retarded how you "anime experts" get bent out of shape when you see something that isn't that exact same familiar style thats been pretty much unchanged for the past decade.
its nice to see that at least on production group in japan is still actually attempting to be creative instead of making the 9000th moe harem anime
>> No. 14911 [Edit]
File 13656740683.jpg - (49.73KB , 474x400 , dasitmane.jpg )
In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.
>> No. 14912 [Edit]

>its nice to see that at least on production group in japan is still actually attempting to be creative instead of making the 9000th moe harem anime

As much as I'd like to agree with you I can't. They aren't trying to be creative, they are cutting the corners. Using this kind of animation is probably way cheaper, that's all there is to it.
Also, if the manga has a certain art style I think it's better to leave it be instead of trying to be 'creative'. Respect the original author's work.

I too agonize over the fact that nowadays everything is animated in the same generic cutesy artstyle but it's largely mangaka's fault. It's them who let the shoujo sip through and invade all the seinen series. Ironically enough nowadays if you'd like to experience a unique art style that doesn't simply copy everything that's been done for the last decade you'd pick up one the shitty shounen weekly magazines. Makes me wanna cry, really.
>> No. 14914 [Edit]
>Using this kind of animation is probably way cheaper, that's all there is to it.

yeah, using a slew of japanese actors and cameramen is probably a lot cheaper than outsourcing your animation to thailand, that why everyone is doing it.
>> No. 14915 [Edit]

Yup, that's what I imagine. If not cheaper than at least it costs roughly as much and they expect it to be cheaper in the long run.

But I'm pretty sure it's cheaper even at this point in time, as of April 2013. If not then there's not reason whatsoever to use that.
>> No. 14916 [Edit]
File 136567761721.jpg - (17.08KB , 400x309 , 576c13e978254827dce0f208178fe129.jpg )
So what you're saying is that anime all looks the same and that you wish they would be more creative with how the shows look, but that in the case of this particular show using an unusual look for the animation is bad and wrong and they should have stuck with the typical style, which is a style that you're sick of?
>> No. 14917 [Edit]

If you really want to put it that way then sure, whatever.

I think I made it pretty clear that rather than being the fault of the anime industry it's the fault of the manga industry. Anime originals have no excuse however.
>> No. 14922 [Edit]
File 136571735912.jpg - (44.52KB , 400x300 , irresponsible-captain-tylor.jpg )

ok, so if the mangaka is uncreative then the anime production team has no place in correcting that shortcoming in the manga?
is it wrong for and anime production group to take a manga with a good story and shit tier art and make it into an anime with a good story and good animation?
are you offended that anime producers add color to grayscale manga?
do you greyscale your screen to watch anime when it is manga-based anime, but watch in color if the source material is a VN?
>> No. 14928 [Edit]
File 13657935194.jpg - (31.68KB , 384x402 , 1365635487561.jpg )
>> No. 14929 [Edit]
Maybe this ugly Rotoscoping thing was actually a clever publicity stunt to get more people talking about the show.
>> No. 14930 [Edit]

We'll see how clever it was after vol.1 will be out. Maybe I'm wrong but I honestly doubt this was a good idea.
>> No. 14939 [Edit]
File 136582135326.jpg - (82.40KB , 1118x624 , its settled.jpg )
guess what
>> No. 14942 [Edit]
File 136582485727.jpg - (60.08KB , 1122x628 , uh.jpg )
OK. I'm officially hooked by the story. The backgrounds are nice. I utterly love the music... But I really think I'm gonna switch to the manga, now.

Nothing against artsy stuff here, not at all. And the problem is not the purported realism (I'm certain now that I'd even enjoy this show better if it was plain and honest live action). The problem is actually the opposite: the situations are pretty intense (the voice acting is good; the camera work is catching) but the animation of characters and expressions is so poorly done that it throws it all off; it's just not believable at all, let alone sexy, and I am not ruining my viewing of what appears to be a damned sexy story with this dry animation.

I might keep on seeing it for the rest of the good things, but I'll go read the manga first.

EDIT: checked it out and the manga character designs ain't that good either. Darn.

Post edited on 12th Apr 2013, 9:28pm
>> No. 14944 [Edit]
I also switched to the manga about halfway through episode two. The anime's art style is just unbearable to me.
>> No. 14945 [Edit]
3DPD anime
>> No. 14958 [Edit]
I lol'd.

The problem is, it's not even truly "realistic" (see >>14875). The eyes are far smaller than even an average Japanese person's eyes would be, and the exaggerated nostrils without any semblance of a nose shape to go with them just look silly. As you mentioned too, the expressions are bad too...it's like they went out of their way to give the characters derp faces at all times.
>> No. 14996 [Edit]
I think that one thing that the animators are trying to do is make viewers contemplate the age-old problem of evil while they watch this show. Many philosophers equated the "good" with the "beautiful" and the "bad" with the "ugly," so one question that could be asked about this show is "Why are there ugly characters in it? Why can't they all be attractive?"

And the answer of course, is: God (the creators) could have made all of the characters beautiful, but if he makes some ugly, it makes the beautiful ones all the more beautiful.

The designers are so intelligent and deep. This is truly AOTY 2013.
>> No. 14997 [Edit]
You can always count on people from tohno-chan to read too much into things and give them more credit than they deserve.
>> No. 14998 [Edit]
It sounds like he his being sarcastic.

>The designers are so intelligent and deep.

Who says something like that besides pretentious teens and actually is being serious? This isn't like 4chan where you can get away with saying ''anyone who hates the series is a moe loving loser who doesn't want to look at reality!'' since that is basically the kind of people this site is full of.
>> No. 14999 [Edit]

You can always count on people from tohno-chan to read too much into obvious jokes and take them seriously.
>> No. 15037 [Edit]
File 136642560125.jpg - (12.39KB , 200x194 , 2_FnB.jpg )
Soooo... who is going to buy it?
>> No. 15038 [Edit]
Americans love ugly shit, maybe they'll be all over it.
>> No. 15039 [Edit]
please keep your politics bullshit outside of tohno-chan.
that ford driver crap is on every website on the fucking planet and some of us enjoy the fact that there is at least one place where we can escape from it.
>> No. 15040 [Edit]
>> No. 15049 [Edit]

This is really fucking stupid, stop saying it please
>> No. 15050 [Edit]
Are you mad that someone insulted your favorite website or something? In all seriousness hardly anyone here really likes that place. Although I will admit saying 4fag makes me sound like someone from 4chan so I'll stop, even though this is the first time.
>> No. 15051 [Edit]
I think he just said that because it sounds really fucking stupid, just as he said.
>> No. 15057 [Edit]
I guess I just felt like insulting that place somehow regardless how it sounds.
>> No. 15061 [Edit]
File 136649750127.jpg - (158.75KB , 1163x651 , school.jpg )
Man, those alleys and corridors. Backgrounds sure are gorgeous. And the ED! I won't get over it anytime soon. Such a waste...

I've read the up to date manga: it's seriously the best thing I've seen in a long time (my heart ached so much); I can't wait for the next issue to be released. So, although the animation of faces got slightly better on this episode, I just confirmed how unfortunate of a move this plain and too literal rotoscoping was; these fat amoeba things are nowhere near the level of perversity and sensuality that characters should display for this story to work: to make us believe that some people would go so far for each other (and see how much of a dreadful force love can be).

Maybe the production values will get better as the story progresses? Meh.
>> No. 15062 [Edit]
File 136649767130.jpg - (53.46KB , 720x405 , aku-no-hana-comparison-11.jpg )
This would have been appropriate.
>> No. 15064 [Edit]
This shoots over the mark. There's some beauty in an anime that portrays people as ugly sacks of shit that get sexually aroused by other people that clearly look like ugly sacks of shit and eventually even fall in love with said sacks of shit. The part the anime art misses is that the ugly sacks of shit really have to look like humans for it to work well.
>> No. 15082 [Edit]
>ugly sacks of shit that get sexually aroused by other people that clearly look like ugly sacks of shit and eventually even fall in love with said sacks of shit.

Real life in one sentence.
>> No. 15166 [Edit]
File 136705367992.jpg - (150.32KB , 1120x626 , aku no OP.jpg )
New OP is pretty good.
>> No. 15206 [Edit]

this is the best description of normalcy ever.
>> No. 15261 [Edit]
File 136747843179.png - (374.12KB , 1279x720 , Evil Susuwatari.png )
This show is just fantastic. Its so refreshing to see someone break out of the cycle of repetition the industry has fallen in to (as predicted by Miyazaki) lately.
That ED is probably the most unique one I've encountered yet.
>> No. 15265 [Edit]
Real life is just fantastic. Its so refreshing to see God create deep realistic people with three dimensional personalities instead of making everything perfect and repetitive.(as predicted by Satan)
That girl who wanted to whore her body for sex is probably the most unique one I've encountered yet because her personality is just so deep and complex man.

Post edited on 2nd May 2013, 6:24am
>> No. 15266 [Edit]
I also hate people who do that. I mean, there's nothing wrong with trying to look for deep things in everything, but it really gets annoying after a while.
>> No. 15275 [Edit]
It's okay, I'd type up passive aggressive comments and rant about pointless things while making up scenarios and taking bits from your life into them to make them sound "realistic", too, but to that I say: Tsk, rude lout.
>> No. 15283 [Edit]
It was just a joke...
>> No. 15286 [Edit]
Yeah that 'should' have been blatantly obvious.
>> No. 15288 [Edit]
Well my post got deleted, and I wasn't the one who did it so...
>> No. 15300 [Edit]
File 136765845616.jpg - (772.32KB , 1024x2304 , 35220230.jpg )
At least some people are having fun with it.
>> No. 15310 [Edit]
File 136770986521.png - (130.47KB , 640x360 , mIGpY16.png )
If only their animators knew how to draw...

>> No. 15314 [Edit]
I seriously don't know what you're talking about in regard of the series, which is not at all about bitches n' whores or lousy morals but on the contrary. I neither like the animation style but the story's far more than that. You're ridiculing no stereotypical thought but your own.
>> No. 15315 [Edit]
you know something is wrong when 3D looks better than 2D.
>> No. 15316 [Edit]
File 136771179049.jpg - (102.51KB , 800x1330 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
so sexy...
>> No. 15338 [Edit]
File 136779029923.jpg - (129.59KB , 1120x625 , Saeki.jpg )
Man, lots of scenery porn this episode... Anyway:

It's a shame indeed, but she looked almost pretty in here [pic]; pulling out 2DPD: that's how solid the story and Saeki are. Although the dialogues they added during the rest of the date made her sound like an airhead (which isn't fair at all). Nakamura, for all I can say, is just as disgusting as she seems.
>> No. 15340 [Edit]
I was thinking the exact same thing.
>> No. 15350 [Edit]
Should I watch this for shits and giggles or should I try reading the manga? I heard it's pretty stupid in an entertaining kinda way.
>> No. 15353 [Edit]
>I heard it's pretty stupid in an entertaining kinda way.
Not at all; rather, it's very passionate stuff. Personally, I prefer the manga; not just the character design is way sexier (from a certain point, when they stopped looking like kids) but the general style is more surreal/lyrical/poetic, which delivers a much more faithful image of that feeling when you're a teen dreamer (if that makes any sense to you). Plotwise, though, the anime has followed the manga decently enough during this early stage; and the background art and music are remarkable...

However: people can tell you lots of different things on both depending on their taste; so, if it peeked your curiosity, you might as well check either and judge by yourself.
>> No. 15354 [Edit]
Does the rotoscoped animation distract from the story? I mean some of the screencaps look pretty ridiculous. It would be difficult to immerse in the story if I'm trying not to laugh at the animation defects.
>> No. 15356 [Edit]
It does, absolutely. Not just because of the metadrama around the 2DPD but because they don't look at all like middle (or even high) schoolers, which throws out considerably the subjects of subverted innocence and coming of age.
>> No. 15373 [Edit]
They don't really look human, 3D or 2D, to be honest. This should be referred to as 4D.
>> No. 15392 [Edit]
They've become time itself?!
>> No. 15398 [Edit]
Yes, because Aku no Hana is just that deep and intelligent and if you don't like you just don't understand it.
>> No. 15401 [Edit]
File 136805036052.gif - (2.18MB , 480x270 , aku-no-hana-5-2.gif )
They are entropy itself.

>> No. 15422 [Edit]
I can't be the only one here reminded of this.
>> No. 15425 [Edit]
File 136816327290.jpg - (82.09KB , 730x700 , hipsters.jpg )
The people who enjoy Aku no Hana are basically 14 year olds who think its cool to be different. The same ones that say theyre bisexual or pansexual or the scene kids. They are the same kids who think theyre 'so cool' for drinking underaged or pretending they like things no one else likes. Seriously, no one gives a fuck that you think you're some 'special snowflake' and you enjoy eating shit. Get the fuck out hipster scum
Pic related, its the average Aku no Hana fan
>> No. 15426 [Edit]
It's kind of hard to like Aku no Hana and not be ironic. It's the DmC of anime.
>> No. 15427 [Edit]
I more or less agree. I don't know why they aren't watching 3DPD TV if they want to watch something with realistically ugly looking people with realistically ugly lives and drama. 3DTV has tons of that stuff. It comes across to me as redundant to watch a anime which is essentially a live tv show with the actors traced over for a anime look. It truly is 3DPD anime.

That said (sorry to go into meta but someone's gotta tell this stuff to new people) this might have been better placed in the Aku no Hana thread rather than it's own thread, and this threadyour post might even get deleted due to the 3DPD image
>> No. 15428 [Edit]
>your post might even get deleted due to the 3DPD image
>> No. 15429 [Edit]
Every Aku no Hana picture in this thread is more or less 3DPD.
>> No. 15454 [Edit]
Please don't post 3D here unless its absolutely neccesary. This place may have similar format to 4chan but it is not 4chan.
>> No. 15456 [Edit]
That post was on topic. This new guy is shamelessly derailing with name calling metadrama which is terrible etiquette on any board. To him: please reconsider your posts.

Post edited on 10th May 2013, 2:09am
>> No. 15457 [Edit]
This whole thread is full of 3D, retro-scoped 3D but still 3D.
>> No. 15477 [Edit]
Almost every anime you ever liked used 3D reference material for it's art, most of the time via tracings. For example:
Why do you think ABe has over 30,000 photos in his flickr?
>> No. 15478 [Edit]
The 2D version still looks better to me.
>> No. 15482 [Edit]
Yeah, they wouldn't make it into 2D if they liked the 3D better.
>> No. 15484 [Edit]
But that's just backgrounds. No one cares about 3DPD when it's inanimate objects. What we're talking about is 3D people. not referenced 3d or based on 3d, but actual 3D people who were filmed and traced over.
>> No. 15532 [Edit]
this really is the best anime i've seen in a long time.
i don't know how some many people could get upset just because the art isn't the type they like.
even if the art is deficient, the show makes up for it in spades.
>> No. 15543 [Edit]
If I wanted a story and didn't care about visuals, I'll read a book.
Like it or not, the anime of Aku no Hana is as much a visual art as it is a story-telling method.
>> No. 15548 [Edit]
File 136846546410.jpg - (218.85KB , 1440x810 , 1368460839360.jpg )
>> No. 15612 [Edit]
What the hell are you guys saying, hiring real actors to play THEN making an animation with the material is way more expensive. Even the director said at his twitter that the project was way more expensive than anything he did until now.
The director was confident it would be a success like Mushishi. Let's just hope his career is not over after this because this bomb will explode BADLY. He threw away lots of money.
>> No. 15613 [Edit]
Is it really safe to call it a bomb? The poor decisions made for this anime seem to have garnered it a good deal of popularity, even if it's just people poking fun at the freak show. If someone buys the dvds because they like the anime or because they want to see an infamous train wreck, it's still a sale right?
>> No. 15615 [Edit]
To be honest, it's impossible to say until one week after the release date, when they release the numbers.
But everything is pointing to a "bomb" release right now. And i don't think many people will be willing to pay the price of the BDs to keep something like this. But then that's just my impression.
>> No. 15616 [Edit]
>that's just my pipe dream

its the most popular new show this season, by far
>> No. 15618 [Edit]
There are a lot of popular shows that end selling bad. Just from the past season i can remember how Sugiura-san was the hot thing at nicovideo but it ended with less than 1,000 volumes sold, which is poor.
>> No. 15624 [Edit]

It was at the very bottom of the preorders charts last time I checked them, I won't be the least bit surprised if it'll sell less than 2000 units in the first week.
>> No. 15639 [Edit]
Didn't a lot of 2channers preorder a shit ton of copies only to cancel it at the last moment?
>> No. 15641 [Edit]

Let's just wait for the actual sales numbers, speculating won't get us far since we're more or less guessing.
>> No. 15706 [Edit]
File 136899853771.jpg - (135.37KB , 1110x1250 , truth.jpg )
Yes, you are shit: Saeki is spectacular and you so don't deserve her in the least. But I must say: you also have some integrity in you. You'll keep fucking everything up, making the worst possible decisions right til the end; but, while Nakamura just used you as a tool for her voracious hate, you did it to punish yourself, to be true to your ideology and yourself: you haven't given up and, however disgusting, it's also uplifting to see you go that path...

Anyway: cinematics in this episode were outstanding. This surely is something different from the manga, but it might work after all.
>> No. 15712 [Edit]
God damn. This fucking piece of shit show, I can't believe it works this well. I love it.
>> No. 15721 [Edit]
File 136904882282.jpg - (106.49KB , 640x720 , FoE.jpg )
>> No. 15761 [Edit]
the only had to draw some lines on their faces.
she looks like pic related.
>> No. 15855 [Edit]
File 136962599758.jpg - (124.22KB , 1120x626 , alley.jpg )
Love those alleys; it reminds me of when I used to pick up random japanese places at Google Earth to switch on street view and go for walk.

However: painfully slow episode, in relation with the previous pace; but I guess they tried to make this the turning point, and/or to adjust their times to end the season at the summer festival (maybe).
>> No. 15856 [Edit]
This episode reflects the first episode. The long oppressive shots of people walking, several shots of that mirror, and so on. Kasuga mentioned his normal life was over; the first episode set up the monotony of his normal life that ended for good in this episode.
>> No. 15890 [Edit]
I actually thoroughly enjoyed these scenes. Some of the shots had a very interesting sense of depth.
>> No. 15929 [Edit]
File 137022670971.jpg - (147.50KB , 672x1131 , three of a kind.jpg )
1. You, young lady, are worth a thousand worlds.
2. You, heinous kink, should have died an abortion.
3. You... boy: you're gonna carry that weight (a long time).

This episode was rather informative than exploring.
>> No. 16006 [Edit]
File 137079862481.jpg - (251.96KB , 1280x3600 , andthatshowitis.jpg )
I feel like someone grabbed me by the neck, pulled me into this scene and tried to choke me for a while.
>> No. 16012 [Edit]
File 137084260463.jpg - (72.45KB , 1117x609 , I see.jpg )
I know: fucking history of my life and the reason why I rather have a waifu now.
Best thing is, this episode was just the beginning. The true hell ride starts now.
>> No. 16108 [Edit]
File 137149704023.jpg - (271.21KB , 1280x2160 , thesimilaritiesaretoomany.jpg )
>> No. 16110 [Edit]
File 137150212079.jpg - (250.97KB , 1116x1252 , not bad.jpg )
I can't believe they turned this episode into another silent walk when there's so little air time left. I mean: where the fuck they plan to end the season at?

Anyway: it has to be my huge bias towards her, but... ain't this Saeki fairly good looking in swimsuit?
>> No. 16111 [Edit]
File 137150226653.jpg - (510.59KB , 800x1228 , r18_12.jpg )
For your reference.
>> No. 16112 [Edit]
All these screen caps make me wish I could meet these kids in person so I could point and laugh at them and call them stupid little whiny faggots like they are.
>> No. 16126 [Edit]
Episode 10 made me cry.
>> No. 16134 [Edit]
Good for you. Things fell into place, didn't they?
>> No. 16135 [Edit]
Yeah. It was a good ep but it just tugged at my heartstrings for some reason. Poor Saeki... poor Kasuga. They belong together but Kasuga is such a weak boy.
>> No. 16141 [Edit]
File 137181296057.png - (827.99KB , 704x400 , shot0006.png )
The last half was such an emotional rollercoaster. I was more engaged in the show than I ever thought I would be when I picked it up.

Only 2 more episodes!! I can't believe it. From what I understand they're lagging behind the manga by a lot. Maybe there'll be a season 2? It can't possibly sell well enough.

I skimmed episode 11. Didn't like how they did the time skip. I should rewatch it.
>> No. 16233 [Edit]
File 137219321454.jpg - (115.81KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Aku no Hana - 12 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
Some friends these turned out to be.

Already moved on to a new beta nerd to complete their trio.


I very much doubt there will be a second season. The anime had a terrible reception in Japan and has been awful in the sales ranking. Not the kind of things which bode well for shows which could do for another season.

Overall I've found the show to be OK, watchable but not gripping. The rotoscoping seems to be the biggest blunder and it's not something that can be easily overlooked considering that anime is first and foremost a visual medium and thus such things need to be considered as a sum of it's parts which I feel the rotoscoping detracts from and is very difficult to ignore when watching.

I am intrigued to know where and how it will finish which has been my biggest motivation for watching it through.
>> No. 16242 [Edit]

I'm torn, honestly. In general, I like the idea of anime studios trying new things and pushing boundaries. I'd hate to see that become discouraged by this one instance of it spectacularly backfiring.

On the other hand, the uncanny valley is still a thing, and it's going to continue to be a thing. I remember a thread on 4chan that was making fun of anime by photoshopping 3D people to have giant, wide-set eyes, crazy technicolor hair, no nose, etc., to "prove" how horrifying 2D girls would look in "real life". In a milder way, Aku no Hana is sort of the reverse of that, and it's unfortunate but probably inevitable.
>> No. 16243 [Edit]
File 137223219021.jpg - (198.95KB , 600x1069 , 1365775358683.jpg )

Yeah. Anime must be considered as a sum of it's parts and all aspects must be taken into consideration when watching it - voice acting, art style, animation, plot, OST etc.

Seeing faces appear and disappear completely, faceless people talking, taking immense liberty with the 'suspense' (8 minutes of walking !), choice to use rotocoping and so on.

It has been an interesting drama to watch and the characters though totally unlikeable aren't offputting to make you not want to watch the show. It's OK to watch overall but these niggles which can't be overlooked because they're literally shoved in your face are somewhat unforgivable.

I do wonder how it will end. Lot's of people were speculating whether they'd get as far as the 'perfect rape' part but obviously that's not going to happen.
>> No. 16244 [Edit]
>The anime had a terrible reception in Japan and has been awful in the sales ranking.
good riddance to bad rubbish!
>> No. 16246 [Edit]
They took on AnH expecting it to sell 2000 BD's. That's very poor sales. The director has said that he'd be somewhat interested in making a season 2, actually! It was just an experiment for the most part.

I think it's an interesting show that's better than the bland, mass-produced moelove that's being churned out of Japan. Visually, at least. The story is still complete nonsense, but it very obviously takes itself seriously to a fault. As in, it's not meant to be seen as ``deep'' or anything - It's written in an interesting fashion that makes the most ridiculous things seem like a huge deal. A lot like how a middle schooler would see them.

The characters are interesting, too. To be honest, their dynamic reminds me a lot of Evangelion, just with Asuka being more hateful and destructive and Rei being much more expressive, Shinji being pretentious with a Madonna/whore complex, and Touji has an afro.

The rotoscoping just isn't a big thing, honestly. It's visually interesting, at least. You think "Oh this is weird" at first but you'll probably get used to it. People just like to make fun of it because it's "different". I bet if Serial Experiments Lain was released in 2013, it'd be treated exactly like AnH. But because SEL was put out at just the right moment in time, SEL is acclaimed and AnH is panned. If Aku no Hana was released at a time when moe is not the ``in'' thing it'd be regarded as a classic, another wonderful adaptation from the guy who directed Mushishi.

That's my take on it. It's a really fun show! It just makes me sad that people are going to push away anything even remotely challenging and not give it a chance.

I guess the best part is that the next episode is the last and I can finally stop trying to defend it and people can stop taking it's very existence as an affront to anime itself.
>> No. 16254 [Edit]
> better than the bland, mass-produced moelove that's being churned out of Japan.
How ignorant can you be? we get maybe 3 or 4 moe anime each season at most. If you can point out some mass-produced moe I'd love to see it.

Where do you even get off acting like shit show is any better than moe? You shit on shows about cute girls doing cute things but act like a show about ugly people doing ugly things is saving anime? fuck you. go watch 3DPD TV if thats what you want and stop trying to ruin anime. 3DPD is full of ugly as fuck people (inside and out) doing ugly things just like this anime, there's no need to turn anime into live action emo smut.

This is just as mass produced as the next anime. This isn't anything original, they mass produced it by basing it off a manga like everything else out there. This 'edgy' shit is whats 'in' now, not moe. like I said we get maybe 3-4 truly moe anime a season these days but the market is flooded with this edgy grimdark shit for pretentious faggot teenagers who like to cut their wrists and cry about how life sucks so they only watch beck and sad anime just like you. I hate you and people like you, you're ruining everything nice in this world.

> People just like to make fun of it because it's "different"
No people just like to make fun of it because it's stupid and ugly, and people would have made fun of this shit 30 years ago as well. and if lain was this butt ugly people would have made fun of it back then too.
>> No. 16255 [Edit]
File 137229293583.jpg - (282.14KB , 1366x768 , shitface.jpg )
>People just like to make fun of it because it's "different".

No because it is a fucking eyesore. This is even worse than 3D, which is saying a lot because I can't stand looking at 3D for too long. Making characters look ugly in a visual medium like this is retarded, especially one that is known for having cutsey character designs. (even though a shit ton of anime these days are unfortunately grim and edgy, I guess they get by with this by making the girls look cute, then making them go through horrible things.)

But no, this picture is just an example of how deep and misunderstood Aku no Hana is, amiright?
>> No. 16263 [Edit]
>taking immense liberty with the 'suspense' (8 minutes of walking !)
The only explanation I can come up for this absurd waste indeed is that producers planned from the beginning to go on with a 2nd season either to cover the middle school stuff at their heart's content or to give Oshimi more time to go on with the high school stuff to eventually catch up with...

I mean, I think I've seen it happening more often lately, that anime 1st seasons are more likely introductory and the real conflict/development (and thus more interesting parts) of the original sources comes only in further seasons, if ever (like, say, with Usagi Drop).

I'd still say Lain was faaaaaar better (sophisticated and insightful) than this and I'm a fan of both.

The rotoscoping itself wasn't really the problem: Tatami Galaxy used it as well with excelent results. It was, of course, just the fat and ugly looking of the characters and lackluster animation (safe from a couple remarkable exceptions, like the classroom messing up scene) what put many people off, me included. However, in the end, my main problem with series was the pace: it started pretty good and suddenly fell down, with the aforementioned endless walks and a general "nothing ever happens here" feel (like some sort of subverted/crapsackworld SoL) that wasn't present in the manga at all. So I sincerely do not expect anything but an open-end final episode, to announce the close and even more disastrous relation with Nakamura that is about to follow (I don't think they'll get to even hint the huge shit that's going to happen too on Saeki's side) for it's all this final timing can amount to.

Post edited on 26th Jun 2013, 11:16pm
>> No. 16314 [Edit]
File 137257816659.jpg - (135.46KB , 1123x626 , her room.jpg )
<----Yup. It's empty. Like Nakamura's head and this series's director's heart...

In the end they somehow did finish it at the summer festival; meaning that, after taking entire episodes for walks, they collapsed and viciously spoilered some of the best following parts into a flashforward fast sequence of nonsense; not even Hideaki Anno (the master troll of montage) ever did a thing so vile.

Honestly, I don't know if this was insulting or brilliant, since all in all they not just promoted the work but actually made us go check the manga and hinted that there might be a lot of remaining rotoscoped material, either for a 2nd season or for the BDs that people will have to pay for... but who the hell would.

The saddest part of it all is that a proper Saeki figure would have being just amazing; now there'll never be such thing.

Anyway: troll anime; great story.
>> No. 17128 [Edit]
File 137741594024.png - (175.62KB , 300x300 , be_rivals_by_viraliptg-d53266s.png )
How many copies will it sell?
>> No. 17129 [Edit]
why do people keep talking about this j-drama on anime boards?

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