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File 149491024517.jpg - (72.23KB , 640x625 , IMG_1287.jpg )
548 No. 548 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Marijuana (smoked, vaped, BHO, hash)
Tobacco (cigarette, cigar, pipe)
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>> No. 615 [Edit]
Sometimes it takes a long time to work
And honestly, it's different for everyone, maybe you're just not someone who can get high on it
I'm not sure, maybe you didn't take enough? I don't know, man.
But honestly I started DXM again recently and it's so much better than nutmeg, if you want a legal high DXM is the way to go.
>> No. 640 [Edit]
File 15927095658.gif - (21.96KB , 500x500 , c2a71100e979b11dedcaf7ff63ef05c43d7e9146.gif )
I tried out psilocybin for the first time.
In the form of a 2.5g of chocolate.

It was definitely a more mental experience than I was expecting.

Long story short; for two hours a room full of shadow people in party hats and ethereal jesters decorated my room with cheap party banners and distracted me from exploring logical concepts with my mind by telling jokes and trying to have a conversation with me.

Then I spent 4 hours drinking iced tea and pissing / shitting while feeling terrible and the high went away.
>> No. 649 [Edit]
File 160995220788.jpg - (105.78KB , 1280x720 , 150733113661.jpg )
I tried LSD for the first time yesterday. My only other experience with drugs was alchohol and a bit of weed. Both of which I've only found mildly enjoyable. I was nervous so I started out with half a tab and took the other half 2 hours in once I knew I was safe and found things enjoyable.

I just chilled around my apartment and watched Evangelion. Parts of it were really funny because I kept getting stuck in loops. I'd go into the kitchen for a soda or something and come back, walk past where I sit, and then turn around and walk back into the kitchen. I realized what was happening at the time but I just didn't care and let myself enjoy it. Then I'd sit down and still feel like I was spinning in circles but in an enjoyable way.

It felt like I slept with every girl in Eva and I didn't even touch myself the entire time. Just seeing them sad made me want to hug them which turned into more. Didn't hallucinate them but it was enough to give me very clear minds eye. Normally I'm very detached from my body but lsd, especially this part made me feel much more present in the world. Drugs are something I've been curious about for a long time and I'm glad I finally worked up the balls to try some. Highly recommended to anyone curious. Looking forward to trying more.
>> No. 650 [Edit]
DXM. Meh.

Has anyone tried delta 8 THC? How does it compare to the real stuff?

File 158913861624.png - (1.58MB , 714x1030 , Sumpfkraut.png )
638 No. 638 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
You guys grow your own stuff? If you can't do it indoor, try a outdoor guerilla grow. Now with the Corona quarantine and fewer people being outside is the best time. You can still buy seeds online and sow em out now!

This year I'll grow Royal Critical and Retarded Monkey Kush.

Fuck normie dealers!
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>> No. 644 [Edit]
File 159737016168.png - (1.90MB , 1238x1871 , 1564910663422 (1).png )
The board has like 4 people lurking from my estimates.
I've read every post.

Careful doxxing yourself with newspapers as a background.
>> No. 645 [Edit]
How much info can you realistically get off news papers in the background? Date and general location?
>> No. 647 [Edit]
Nice grow, anon.
>> No. 648 [Edit]
File 160367454762.png - (2.98MB , 1905x956 , trimy1.png )
>Nice grow, anon.
Thanks my man. Last year I fucked up but it's actually quite simple.

>Careful doxxing yourself with newspapers as a background.
Actually right. My luck that Tohno and especially the /420/ board is probably full of bros.

You won't believe it but my neighbour actually stole 2 of my plants from the balcony on the first floor! I doubt it was the 50 year old accountant who lives here aswell.

But now I harvested the last one. Sadly I had to cut of a handfull of buds that started to rot from the weather...

File 135796969392.jpg - (41.96KB , 207x247 , 07-1361-diet-vitamins-childrens-gummy-lil-critters.jpg )
426 No. 426 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What type of multivitamins does tohnochan take?
I've stuck with taking 3 gummy bears a day, since it gets dangerous swallowing the larger pills.

Nothing like a nice cup of caffeinated coffee with a few vitamins to kickstart my day.
>> No. 427 [Edit]
Can vitamin really be considered to be a drug?

Anyway, I eat Gummy Vites sour vitamin bears since I never brush my teeth but don't want them to fall out. A handful when I wake up, a handful for lunch. Great shit dawg.
>> No. 429 [Edit]
I do harder stuff (caffeine), reread the post. Anyways, I don't really think taking vitamins will help you with your oral health. Try gargling some salt water for a while to clean out your teeth, or use baking soda. I don't recommend fluoride for obvious reasons (JEWS), but baking soda and salt water work just fine anyhow. Chew some mint gum for fresh breath afterwards.
>> No. 430 [Edit]
Today I drank some decaf tea and then dosed on some Advil.

I didn't chose the thug life, the thug life chose me.
>> No. 646 [Edit]
problem with vitamin gummies is that the sugar is too addictive. I'd probably end up eating the whole jar and die of vitamin A poisoning.

File 137157841898.jpg - (47.82KB , 333x299 , 1254878879290.jpg )
460 No. 460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
im aaso hi lol
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>> No. 631 [Edit]
File 157861827497.jpg - (65.51KB , 440x369 , F9A8D478-3F50-43D5-B8E8-C9AB62093072.jpg )
Getting high and playing Steins;Gate. Cozy weeb time
>> No. 632 [Edit]
File 157880739670.jpg - (159.17KB , 563x675 , Amakura_Twins_full_787095.jpg )
smoking a bowl and playing Fatal Frame 2

really appreciate a legit scary game with a fun arcade gameplay when I'm high
>> No. 633 [Edit]
File 157940410626.jpg - (430.39KB , 607x867 , 04a6d57ec635a3f66bb03015a0f18b04.jpg )
immediately smoke weed and look at cute anime girls after work. gotta wash my brain after being forced interact with normalfags.
>> No. 637 [Edit]
File 158913848621.png - (857.98KB , 1600x1597 , hotaru lacht.png )
Hi, I'm high

File 158733450870.jpg - (46.53KB , 512x351 , 43221.jpg )
634 No. 634 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
My drug dealer told me that he had Corona..
>> No. 635 [Edit]
File 158746582597.jpg - (1.99MB , 2480x3508 , __original_drawn_by_zknxart99__4091f988000f5f5d637.jpg )
Well atleast they had the foresight to tell you.

I hope you're not strung on something and without a supply now.
Clearnet's still open. Dunno about the darknet. Everything looks like a scam right now.
>> No. 636 [Edit]
I used to order Heroin from the Netherlands but now I'm too afraid since they control the border more. No idea if they control packages aswell.

The stuff here in Germany is way more expensive but at least I found a decent dealer. Nothings gonna stop me from a good sesh with my wafu

File 157051534278.jpg - (41.37KB , 1280x720 , anzuweed.jpg )
625 No. 625 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is the best anime to watch while high?
>> No. 627 [Edit]
File 157420516790.jpg - (5.77MB , 3433x2330 , 2019-11-19 18_11_28.jpg )
I tried watching madoka on LSD last night leading into my 21st birthday. I couldn't even get past the first episode but it cemented even more the fact that Madoka Magica is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things humans have ever created.
>> No. 629 [Edit]
File 157766115571.jpg - (240.79KB , 1600x2048 , D1D9246D-9468-425B-89C8-96B525B59ED8.jpg )
Non Non Biyori or Serial Experiments Lain

File 154442164847.png - (247.88KB , 472x428 , 3ef9fb9e1cd3a9a6220a25b5d28e3fab82d2b7b5.png )
608 No. 608 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've almost overdosed twice this ywar
anyone else had experiences? probably for the best
>> No. 609 [Edit]
What did you almost OD on?
Do you have harm reduction? Would you consider yourself addicted to whatever it is?

I haven't had anything interesting lately, nevermind all year. I've wanted that to change, but there's not really a pleasant substance on what's left of the clearnet lately.
It baffles me, the stupidity people tend to embark on when they have OD / near-OD events.
>> No. 611 [Edit]
Coke and alcohol respectively
Don't know what you mean by harm reduction, but I usually do the basics of keeping it as safe as possible. I Don't consider myself addicted to any substance specifically but I think I probably have a dependence on being altered.
OD/near-ODing I think breaks your brain in a way that people are more suscept to act retarded after, im definitely not an exception
>> No. 626 [Edit]
File 15707319305.png - (183.93KB , 400x400 , yakui3.png )
> anyone else had experiences?
Almost overdosed on K2 and choked on my own vomit several times, had a trip to the hospital after mixing 1.5g of diphenhydramine with long lasting bezodiazepines, alcohol and depressive post-rock, and another less serious one with injecting methoxphenidine into my butthole. Remember guys, you can (not) have a conversation with your mother after a celestial rocket to the void!

File 136809783086.jpg - (92.35KB , 700x518 , wedding+8a.jpg )
445 No. 445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I came up with a politically correct alternative to the conventional - and very negative - term "drug addict"

medicine otaku

good or great?
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 455 [Edit]
That's great.
>> No. 456 [Edit]
I'm taking my medicine right now. Feels great.
>> No. 457 [Edit]
File 136886175240.png - (583.41KB , 640x1002 , xXn7NI0.png )
I was high all of last week, and I'm sort of glad it's over.

It won't stop me from doing it all over again next time I get paid, though.
>> No. 624 [Edit]
Makes sense. Things considered "nerdy" and drugs are considered counterculture, so it seems to go hand in hand

This. There's alot of hippy types who are as interested in drug culture and education as much or more than the drugs themselves. Myself included

File 156426653989.png - (56.40KB , 640x480 , 1562471812230-0.png )
622 No. 622 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I can't decide if I should use the last of my money on DXM or not
It's not like I need the money for anything, but I live with my parents and I don't want them finding it. Im going to buy an All Might plush so I can make an excuse to a package coming but is it worth it?
>> No. 623 [Edit]
File 156448453037.jpg - (135.69KB , 573x809 , 1550157447302.jpg )
Depends what you really want. You didn't say what form of DXM you'd be ordering. You know you can find this stuff at pharmacies and supermarkets right? It's certainly a lot easier to sneak a bottle of gelcaps or a bottle into the house than try to subterfuge a package through.

File 149401432411.png - (189.71KB , 519x533 , polar-ice-vodka-product-bottles[1].png )
541 No. 541 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Unfortunately I got none of that 420 stuff but I do have plenty of vodka. Whats your drink of choice TC? Screwdrivers are love.

Whats the NEET life without the occasional affair with alcoholism?
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 547 [Edit]
I really want to try some nip beer just to see how it compares to the crap I normally drink, last night went out for a pack of 30 budlites they now sell here.

Its water, but it works. Although I've never been much a snob when it comes to beers, I want the effect then the rest.
>> No. 557 [Edit]
File 149505533632.png - (2.71MB , 1440x2160 , the alcohol lie.png )
>> No. 605 [Edit]
File 152589384654.jpg - (75.36KB , 700x700 , 12026801_reddsappleale_main.jpg )
I love Redd's, Raspberry is my favorite.
>> No. 620 [Edit]
Vodka, straight. I love it.
Not everyone knows how to drink it but it's easy.
Here's the traditional method practiced by us slavs:
First inhale through the nose and hold your breath. Swallow your drink, than exhale through the mouth only, keeping your nasal passage closed the whole time.
Repeat the cycle of inhaling through nose only and exhaling through mouth a couple of times.

It might sound awkward and forced but it's easy to get used to.
It's not a sudden, manual interruption of normal and relaxed respiration, just a different natural rhythm added to the cycle.

Drank like this the spirit tastes smoother, better. The intoxication feels somewhat different too (more pleasant in my opinion) as you don't inhale as much alcohol vapour.

File 149262367594.gif - (777.69KB , 637x868 , 1474402236001.gif )
523 No. 523 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Since most posts here are shitposts, why can't we just collect anime related trippy gifs and tell on which drug we are right now?

100µg 1P-LSD afterglow reporting in.
34 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 616 [Edit]
File 155465661039.jpg - (68.58KB , 500x636 , 3af2d9820ef7766800bf63d984bf0020.jpg )
DXM currently. I drank a bottle of delsym and im feeling pretty good, just laying in bed. Very tired, but in a good way I guess. Anyone lurking?
>> No. 617 [Edit]
File 155476968294.jpg - (91.75KB , 500x502 , 1553722402288.jpg )
I check in now and again.

Delsym huh? I've heard good things. They don't seem to sell it here though.
>> No. 618 [Edit]
File 155927823859.gif - (3.47MB , 300x300 , MOSHED-2019-5-27-17-29-18.gif )
First time using morphine
Gotta say, not as good as hydrocodone
I only took it because I don't have any hydro left
I'm very glad I'm getting more tomorrow
Anyway, I made some trippy gifs of my waifu to look at while tripping a couple days ago
>> No. 619 [Edit]
kek i'm high on dxm

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