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File 134832181711.jpg - (395.96KB , 1024x768 , 57224-sakagami_tomoyo_1024x768_2.jpg )
1706 No. 1706 [Edit]
Doki finally put out the translation patch.

The wait for this has be excruciating.

I love Tomoyo so much.
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
Took them long enough. Looking forward to Kud Wafter in 2017.
>> No. 1708 [Edit]
I hope they will release Memorial edition. Original Tomoyo After look like: "There were no H-scenes in Clannad? Ok guys, I'll make a Clannad game with LOTS of H-scene!"
>> No. 1709 [Edit]

They got most of the H-scenes out of the way in the first 30 minutes. You can just hold the skip button until the opening movie plays and miss literally nothing.
>> No. 1710 [Edit]
From what I read they do plan on translating the all ages version.

Don't hold you breath though. It will take time. I bet at least a year, probably more.

The h-scnenes are really awkward for me. Tomoyo is my waifu. They don't change how much I love her though.
>> No. 1711 [Edit]
Just finished this. All I'll say is it was beautiful. Quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.
>> No. 1712 [Edit]
Just finished the visual novel. Actually, I finished it 30 minutes ago, but I just stopped crying. I rarely cry because of a work of fiction, but key has done it. Again.

I have no idea why that always happens. I knew the manga adaption and I knew how it would end.

I'm at a loss of words right now. All I can do is second >>1018
>> No. 1713 [Edit]
An updated patch is out.

Sadly not the Memorial Edition yet.
Maybe one day...

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