it's like /pol/, but with more /tat/.
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File 149518235772.jpg - (95.76KB , 730x449 , 1294688322136.jpg )
198 No. 198 [Edit]
what to do when unwanted immigrants (ntggers from /pol/) move into your country, refuse to assimilate and instead try and force their shitty ntggertits culture on TC through sheer weight of numbers?
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>> No. 203 [Edit]
File 149522138933.jpg - (17.16KB , 640x480 , 1345687005842.jpg )
ban them
>> No. 206 [Edit]
Oh look, it's "everyone I don't like is from /pol/"-kun again. You seem to have an obsession with that board for some reason.

Why don't you just post this on /fb/ instead of making multiple posts about it here and elsewhere?
>> No. 210 [Edit]
Build a wall.
>> No. 217 [Edit]
File 149560524293.jpg - (144.12KB , 1079x720 , 1378281055595.jpg )
nobody ever uses the report function though
>> No. 251 [Edit]
its not all that useful when the moderators don't hand out any significant punishment to the rule violators. its almost as if they're subtly trying to push the few remaining otaku on this site to leave for /bun/ so they can have a big alt-right circlejerk all to themselves.

its not as if there aren't already a million imageboards like that already & i don't see why they feel the need to ruin this site with it as well, but its not my website so there ain't much i can do about it.
>> No. 332 [Edit]
"alt right" doesn't exist. it's literally just a spook invented by media shills to serve as a distracting boogeyman figure with which they can pretend to discredit any opposition.
"alt right" only exists in the media and the minds of brainwashed retards from reddit.

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