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File 149049484749.png - (77.82KB , 375x444 , 1489133474996.png )
125 No. 125 [Edit]
If this board is to be "like /pol/", we absolutely must have a thread about Jews.

What do you think about Jews? Is the extent of their wealth and control over media troubling to you? Do you think they're actually behind the promotion of things like miscegenation and a poor education system (ie: Common Core) to keep the population at large easier to control, or do you think that's just a Stormfront conspiracy theory?

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>> No. 131 [Edit]
File 149059324446.jpg - (62.05KB , 493x700 , mYFyM.jpg )
I'll start the fire and reply.

I don't really care for them. I was raised in a Christian school so I came into contact with some of their... beliefs in detail. When I rejected Christianity I rejected all the desert religions since they're very closely related. But it didn't really hit me to reject Islam and Judaism as hard as Christianity until a few years ago though. And it's funny that it took so long. Most of the really bad, really dumb stuff in Christianity comes from the old testament. Something the Jews still largely abide by while Christians have (mostly) left it behind.

Then you look at what can be seen in the modern world. The way Jews treat the Palestinians, the way they warmonger, squandering American money and American blood. How the exact same Jew will call for opposing policies in Israel and America. For us mass immigration is some kind of blessing from god that works miracles on economy. So wonderful that all these countries are competing for unskilled workers... not. For Israel mass migration is a threat to their "Jewish essence". And just look at the way they treat foreigners. You'd think a group that went through the holocaust would be a bit kinder.

Then you look at all the "coincidences". All these Jewish groups and individuals supporting policy and practices that have eroded our culture, drained our wealth. Sent our soldiers to die for nothing in return. A lot of it's noise but how many do there have to be for at least some claims of conspiracy to seem credible?

It's interesting how much things change with time. Years ago if you told me I'd be entertaining the idea of Jewish conspiracies I'd laugh. I am not laughing anymore.
>> No. 221 [Edit]
File 149582127289.jpg - (285.21KB , 1030x716 , 1389605131930.jpg )
They appear to have quite the influence on America, I hear the President of Israel often makes speeches to USA GOP which something I find very bizzare as it never happens anywhere else.
>> No. 222 [Edit]
Someone is definitely behind it, well endowed nose or otherwise.
>> No. 223 [Edit]
I think we can make a distinction between Zionists (Jewish supremacists) and layjews.
>> No. 224 [Edit]
The problem with that is, given the option most Jews who are in-touch with their cultural identity would identify as Zionist. They need to love Israel. It's definitely a pride thing, if they don't love it it isn't worth the conflict.

I'm obviously the outsider here, but I have very few issues with Jews, even if they have nationalistic tendencies. I do have a bit of an issue with the so-called holocaust exploitation but that seems to have died down.

I don't expect to convince people that there are far bigger problems and it's weird to blame an ethnic group for the flaws in a flawed world, but it bothers me because it prevents people from recognizing the real causes behind the problem.

I see hatred of Jews as a reaction by people who desperately need a cause behind things that clash with their worldview. When you can't get a job, blame the Jews for ruining our economy. When you see our culture disintegrating, it's gotta be those damn Jews. When a child is murdered (that's an old one) or war breaks out why not blame the Jews? "They're insular and judgmental, and surely nobody in our wonderful righteous community could commit such acts without being manipulated by these beasts!" It's a tale as old as time but I personally think Jews are pretty low on the list of things to be worried about or angry at. I'd even go as far to say they've been scapegoats for people in positions of power until relatively recently. I think it's fucked, but I can't convince people who are simply not able to be convinced and would stop at nothing to prove me wrong.

Basically, I can't condone Jew hatred when it's been a dubious worldview appealing to some of the most base, violent and idiotic aspects of man for the sake of diverting attention from some very questionable acts by people in power for centuries.
>> No. 225 [Edit]
'The scapegoat was a goat that was designated (Hebrew לַעֲזָאזֵֽל ) la-aza'zeyl; "for absolute removal", (for symbolic removal of the people's sins with the literal removal of the goat) and outcast in the desert as part of the ceremonies of the Day of Atonement, that began during the Exodus with the original Tabernacle and continued through the times of the temples in Jerusalem.'
>> No. 226 [Edit]
I used to hold the belief that these "conspiracies" aren't as malicious as people think them to be. I thought that yes there were kikes behind everything, but not because they're Marvel super villains that rub their hands together and cackle with evil glee while they wreak havoc among the white man and pit their puppets against each other. I thought they were organic. Jews have the highest IQ in the world. That's why they're at the top, nothing more. And their dastardly deeds were an inevitability that would have been proposed by the next highest IQ on the totem pole if not them.
Really, even IQ aside, if you put a group of men in control of something--no, even without direct control over anything specific, just men hanging out in a room together talking, that group will form power dynamics and there will always be someone above the rest and one of the men will have the short end of the stick. That's just the way things are. I thought that this simple concept perfectly explained Jews and that there was nothing particularly sinister about it, only humanity at work.

But later I learned that they are indeed Marvel super villains. Quotes like this pic attached and people like the Rothschild family and George Soros convinced me of that.

Post edited on 28th May 2017, 1:13am

Please refrain from posting 3D images.
>> No. 234 [Edit]
File 149598504350.png - (2.60MB , 1586x1586 , jew explains.png )
Apologies, here's the quote but with the man's head removed.

batman villain IRL
>> No. 1437 [Edit]
You were somewhat right before you started believing in comic book villains. It's not thanks to their IQ though, they're not very intelligent at all. They fake the statistics to justify their overrepresentation.
The one crucial advantage jews have over whites is that they follow an insanely evil ancient religion which from the earliest age teaches them to build nepotistic, kleptocratic, ethnically pure cliques and mafias that only benefit their own and gatekeep everyone else. When a community or a society starts out the jews get a head start in doing organized evil of all kinds. While other schemers are getting their bearings and only starting to plan, the jews already have all the frameworks ready to go. They get to be the first in the game so they always maintain a lot of influence for the rest of it.
The jew-like behavior will unfortunately never go away, lots of evil and cunning non-jews would immediately move to take their place if we made them "disappear."
There is no single great and efficient kike conspiracy though. As a whole they have lots of power but it's not very well organized. Instead there's a myriad of petty and spiteful jewish 'conspiracies,' and they all agree on some broad ideas but on a more granular level it's all a chaotic shitshow. They pull in different directions and interfere with each other all the time. The cumulative effect of their efforts still pushes us towards calamity and destruction but it's not really a controlled process. It's more like a hive mind, which in a way makes it more dangerous because while inefficient it can't be easily pinpointed, attacked and dismantled.

But we should send them all to Madagascar and build a wall around it anyway. The jews aren't the only problem in the world and it wouldn't immediately solve the issue of corruption at all but it would be a good start.
>> No. 1438 [Edit]
File 16348595933.png - (1.09MB , 1696x1026 , 510978f4682f38b1b4c4e09cb87a2827.png )
>they're not very intelligent at all. They fake the statistics
>they follow an insanely evil ancient religion
>we should send them all to Madagascar and build a wall around it
>> No. 1440 [Edit]
File 163493929937.jpg - (480.78KB , 771x1100 , a4d3fbb16fcc0b7e9b7a7eb0fc7ab2a9.jpg )
>> No. 1441 [Edit]
I can now get behind this thread.
>> No. 1443 [Edit]
I don't have a problem with them.
>> No. 1444 [Edit]
>Is the extent of their wealth and control over media troubling to you?
sure. what does it demonstrate? that wealth under our current system is generational. so if Jewish ancestors being wealthy, leads to Jews being wealthy today - what does this suggest about a nation that formerly favored white interests above all others? why, plainly it would demonstrate that whites would inherit a similar boon to their wealth that would give them an unfair advantage over others. it would also indicate that crackdowns on the efforts of minorities during reconstruction (who got further in their efforts then than they have to this day, by the way: yes, whites pushed blacks further back in progress deliberately after the civil war and they STILL have not fully recovered), for example, also has continuing effects on the lineage of generational wealth. that is to say, the relative wealth of Jewish people is an absolute proof of the real, material existence of this society being racist, and white supremacist.
>Do you think they're actually behind the promotion of things like miscegenation and a poor education system (ie: Common Core)
Insofar as any corporate interest would be - but then, in that we are referring more to corporations than to the Jewish people. For example, I find it monumentally hard to imagine what interest a homeless Jewish man would have in these things, though your ilk don't seem to believe such exist, they do. So in reality it's merely the self-interest of a system constructed to serve production for exchange - Common Core gives a singular standard for Employers to hire from, whereas homeschooling across the board would lead to a colossal outcry as CEOs piss and shit themselves screaming that they can't trust the qualifications of parents. and so the Corporate Arm of the Law stretches forth to create an early-life job training program, funded by taxes that impact lower classes more than them (after all, they have only to invest all their savings into their firm, and move their firm to the Bahamas, and not only would this not be tax evasion, it'd be called "job creation".) as for "promotion of miscegenation", if you have to promote a family product, and you know that advertisements have a stronger effect subconsciously when depicting people who look like the watching demographic, how would you assume you'd solve this problem? No duh, you'd have an interracial couple. it's not some great mystery, it's a simple advertising tactic.
>or do you think that's just a Stormfront conspiracy theory?
I don't have anything against conspiracy theories (incidentally, 9/11 was an inside job and O.J was innocent) but I don't think Stormfront is invested in conspiracy theories so much as ideological purity, even where reality is concerned - that is, they don't believe in conspiracies so much as they believe that they're simply always correct regardless of what others say. take for example the holocaust - if one were to deny it, say by using the "allies bombed supply lines causing starvation" line, wouldn't that logic also apply to the holodomor, where much of Siberia was reliant on a single railroad during a time where the Japanese were threatening Russian Manchuria from the East and Germany was engaging in scorched earth in the West? But far from this being the case, instead Stormfront insists that supply problems only result in unintended starvation in Germany, whereas Stalin, naturally, actually wanted his enemies to cause mass starvation in his country, and indeed they don't even minimize the deaths like with the Holocaust, indeed insisting that the deathcount went into the hundreds of millions - where any decimal might be found with the Holocaust, I bet they would round that down and the Holodomor's up, that is to say. so, the conspiracy only applies against the correct side, and so as I say, I think they believe in the "correct" side more than they do in the conspiracy.
>> No. 1445 [Edit]
File 163552974012.jpg - (538.70KB , 2560x1600 , nosechan is my waifu.jpg )
>> No. 1458 [Edit]
File 164337169653.png - (3.67MB , 3000x2000 , ZZC 0937 E.png )
The Jewish people are the rightful owners and protectors of the levant, the Arab has no place there and should be sent back to his desert peninsular. Likewise, they have no place in Carthaginian territory, nor do Germans for that matter, North Africa and Spain should be taken back from them.
>> No. 1467 [Edit]
As far as the Jews go, I'd say the modern far-right is kind of behind on the times. They're largely facing the same kind of problems Europeans and White Americans are, with declining birthrates, increasing secularization, and lots of attempts to introduce "fashionable" race-mixing. There's a big thing with progressive groups trying to force black Jews into Israel or other Jewish communities, and any group that actually interacts with the common Jew will see that they're having a hard time dealing with the dilution of their own group. I would say they haven't been very relevant in general since the bolshevik revolution and the Wiemar republic, and on the whole the average Jew has been at worst a obnoxious outsider with no self-reflection or assimilation when in European societies. It's hard for me to not be cynical and think that the vast majority of what has happened to our civilization is just greed mixed with a little bit of resentment from minority groups, some of them being no more than Europeans who are anti-anglosphere/anti-protestant. But I guess it's harder to understand and believe in the breakdown of a complex system and multiple points of failure than it is to believe that a single group with an easy identification was responsible. People don't like to think that the problem, and solution, is going to contain the fact that they themselves fucked up along the way.

I mean, you can't ever deny that Jews do tend to dislike Europeans and that they've had some major power in several important corporations, but that power is largely waning and was never the all-powerful kabbal that it's been flanderized to be.
>> No. 1469 [Edit]
>They're largely facing the same kind of problems Europeans and White Americans are
Their counterargument to this is that Jews intentionally harm themselves as a strategy. How that makes any sense is beyond me. Maybe it adverts suspicion? Or it cleans their ranks genetically, so only the most shrewd remain. It's a bizarre perspective.
>> No. 1472 [Edit]
then who is pushing blacks in to everyones butts?
>> No. 1473 [Edit]
Tribal identification is inefficient in globalized industrial society. To that end, Europeans are attacked because their culture is too puristic and they aren't easily assimilated into a massive global population/workforce. It's simply and honestly in my opinion regular old greed. International mega-corporations do not have it in their long term or short term interest to maintain or tolerate a population that doesn't want to cooperate with it or become another segment of the squirming, slaving brown masses.

We live in the delusion that humans behave and form ideas, philosophy, and civilisation because it works well, but the reality is that no human social behavior can be known to have the most optimal results in the long run. Sometimes a system that works well for thousands of years suddenly runs up against a problem it wasn't developed to solve, and it disintegrates under the pressure of it's new environment. I believe that industrial society, or more importantly global economic society, was that obstacle for European civilization. It ended up pitted against groups, largely run by individuals from it's own culture and genetic background, that simply didn't care about loftier ideals like race, culture, religion, etc. and used their acquired economic power to blot out opposition. To that end, European societies are being destroyed simply because they are too costly to maintain. Europeans expect too much of their resources for themselves, and too much autonomy over their own land, and within recent history ( say 30,000 years ) they have been the most opposed to mixing or cooperating with groups outside their own, as is evidenced by their genetic situation. By the way you should read about that kind of thing, Europeans form such an insanely tight cluster on the global scale and are one of only two super-populations to have effectively zero modern mixing.

Although greed may be the wrong idea here. I can't see human society past a certain point as the result of individualistic human ideals, desires, and motivations, like for example "the Jews want to ( personally ) destroy the white race". I see things as a big system sort of deal, where the combined resource needs of many hundreds or thousands or millions of people drive the motions of a machine that ends up taking on it's own unconscious desire for control. No one individual is responsible for this attack, and possibly no one with any real power even truly desires it, although there are growing numbers of anti-whites due to the personal and population wide resentment of a single group seeming to dominate, or thrive when they did not. I honestly think colonisation was a mistake, in the nature in which it happened. Too much contact in too little time to control, Europe should have been unified into a solid and coherent block before it tackled the rest of the world. The result was a series of weaker tendrils that ultimately lost power, and allowed the entire world to catch up with Europe and worst of all start demanding from it. When Europeans started to decline in reproduction it was the death knell, because with no monolithic goal organisations were free to simply do as they pleased and bring in anyone, whenever they wanted, if it was cheaper than providing employment to Europeans, whose rising standards of living ironically doomed themselves to being obsolete as a workforce. I personally, with foresight, would have to say that if you wanted your own race to survive unmixed into the space age, you would have to destroy everyone else you met on the planet before settling down again. Because given enough time the average person will simply fuck what they want. You cannot rely on the plans of individuals if they require constant and very long term maintenance. It has to be something that has a definite endpoint after which the effects are permanent by their nature.

Ultimately I just don't believe the core of these groups now attacking whites/europeans are Jews, not on the grand scale at least. It could be anyone human. They probably don't even have a unified goal or desire. They are just driven by the simple instincts of any human being who has found themselves in a position outside the experience of normal human life, and probably don't even view the average person as being the same as them anymore. I would guess the greater movement in this direction isn't even planned by just a natural reaction like "hey, I was trying to consolidate my control of global resources and this particular group of people were throwing a wrench in my gears, so I used some weedkiller on the aspects of it that pushed back against me and made it suitable to be used by my machine". The way you'd deal with a flat tire by throwing it out and putting a new one in its place. In that sense they might see that a white population is too resistant to changing to suit its needs, so they throw in a bunch of propaganda, restrictions, and educational poison to clean them out and stop their disruption of the attempt to assimilate that particular country into their assets. Like burning a diseased crop, I think that's honestly how they might see this if you had to make a comparison.

It's just how I've come to see things after spending several years studying history.
>> No. 1474 [Edit]
>a population that doesn't want to cooperate with it or become another segment of the squirming, slaving brown masses
Isn't physical and low-skilled labour becoming increasingly obsolete?
>> No. 1489 [Edit]
The context doesn't really matter, the refusal to integrate into a globalised system is a major threat to the control of the people who are consciously or unconsciously sending us in this direction. Even if they got rid of manual labor today it would be a major threat to have an entire chunk of civilisation that doesn't want to go your way. Their pursuit of a mono-civilisation that they control may even be some twisted form of self-defense. After all no individuals with power can stay on top forever, I think that no matter who they are or what their desires are, it would just make sense that if you had reached the top, with the power a major global corporation has, and you could visualise it's destruction, you'd want to destroy that threat or assimilate it into your own resources.
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