it's like /pol/, but with more /tat/.
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File 149049484749.png - (77.82KB , 375x444 , 1489133474996.png )
125 No. 125 [Edit]
If this board is to be "like /pol/", we absolutely must have a thread about Jews.

What do you think about Jews? Is the extent of their wealth and control over media troubling to you? Do you think they're actually behind the promotion of things like miscegenation and a poor education system (ie: Common Core) to keep the population at large easier to control, or do you think that's just a Stormfront conspiracy theory?

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>> No. 131 [Edit]
File 149059324446.jpg - (62.05KB , 493x700 , mYFyM.jpg )
I'll start the fire and reply.

I don't really care for them. I was raised in a Christian school so I came into contact with some of their... beliefs in detail. When I rejected Christianity I rejected all the desert religions since they're very closely related. But it didn't really hit me to reject Islam and Judaism as hard as Christianity until a few years ago though. And it's funny that it took so long. Most of the really bad, really dumb stuff in Christianity comes from the old testament. Something the Jews still largely abide by while Christians have (mostly) left it behind.

Then you look at what can be seen in the modern world. The way Jews treat the Palestinians, the way they warmonger, squandering American money and American blood. How the exact same Jew will call for opposing policies in Israel and America. For us mass immigration is some kind of blessing from god that works miracles on economy. So wonderful that all these countries are competing for unskilled workers... not. For Israel mass migration is a threat to their "Jewish essence". And just look at the way they treat foreigners. You'd think a group that went through the holocaust would be a bit kinder.

Then you look at all the "coincidences". All these Jewish groups and individuals supporting policy and practices that have eroded our culture, drained our wealth. Sent our soldiers to die for nothing in return. A lot of it's noise but how many do there have to be for at least some claims of conspiracy to seem credible?

It's interesting how much things change with time. Years ago if you told me I'd be entertaining the idea of Jewish conspiracies I'd laugh. I am not laughing anymore.
>> No. 221 [Edit]
File 149582127289.jpg - (285.21KB , 1030x716 , 1389605131930.jpg )
They appear to have quite the influence on America, I hear the President of Israel often makes speeches to USA GOP which something I find very bizzare as it never happens anywhere else.
>> No. 222 [Edit]
Someone is definitely behind it, well endowed nose or otherwise.

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